Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nicola Sturgeon does a U turn on Europe, SNP Youth does a U turn on expelling member, now Alex Salmond does a U turn on Raasay shooting and fishing rights as they are returned to crofters, George Laird right again lack of talent in the SNP!

Dear All

After the big U turn on the EU by Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, we have another U turn, or maybe we should call it a ‘wee turn’.

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

The people of Scotland and of Raasay would probably dispute that claim.

Scottish National Party is full of talentless people.

It seems that after the SNP Government screwed up, Raasay shooting and fishing rights have been returned to crofters, this means they get back the lease to manage shooting and fishing rights on Raasay.

The rights were sold out from under them to an Ayrshire company which sparked a row.

Does this mean an end to the farce of standing up for Scotland?

No, the SNP Government will continue to use that ‘gag’, always someone who is gullible in society.

The Scottish government had been accused of behaving like an absentee landlord; the reality is they just didn’t care; now the media is on the case, they do ‘care’!

Pathetic, another self inflicted wound, brought on by sheer rank stupidty.

Announcing the U turn, First Minister Alex Salmond told MSPs that the contract had now been withdrawn by mutual consent and the crofters' lease would be extended for another year.

What was the pitch that the people best placed to run Scotland are the ones who live here?

The Raasay Crofters' Association has managed the lease for 18 years, after paying £3k, the company; South Ayrshire Stalking will receive £9,000 in costs towards expenses already incurred.

Salmond said Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse would be meeting crofters on Friday.

Mr Wheelhouse said:

"Raasay is a fragile island community and ministers recognise the sporting rights are very important to the islanders. I share the concerns expressed locally about the way in which the contract was awarded and will ensure, as I have indicated previously, that in future appropriate ministerial consideration is given when such decisions are being made. That is why I have taken steps to resolve the situation and I hope the Raasay islanders will be content with this solution."

Didn’t appear to put much stock in their opinions before stabbing them in the back tho!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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