Friday, January 29, 2016

Odious SNP MP Natalie McGarry forced into an apology to JK Rowling after accusing the bestselling author of 'supporting misogynist trolls', McGarry is known for using the misogynist label at people she doesn't like, this time she used it once too often, her twitter account is locked again, how many times does that make now Nicola Sturgeon?

Dear All

You are familiar with the old saying that ‘buses come in three’s’?

It seems that the elected odious SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been having a bad time of late, firstly, named in a criminal witness statement by me for linking my blog to a hate account setup by her friend Tommy Ball who pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court in October 2015.

Next up, Natalie McGarry is reported to Police Scotland by her comrades in Women for Independence after a huge sum of money cannot be located from a paypal account controlled by McGarry and linked to her personal bank account. 

McGarry denies any wrongdoing. 

Now, we have the third ‘bus’ or busted up leading to Natalie McGarry yet again locking her twitter account up after JK Rowling threatened legal action against her for accusing the author of supporting a “misogynist Twitter troll”. One of the standby accusations that McGarry likes to throw about is the label ‘misogynist’ at people, her friend Tommy Ball, he likes to use the word ‘paedophile’.

Rather than taking McGarry’s crap, the Harry Potter author repeatedly challenged the MP to explain how she has "defended misogyny and abuse" in a twitter row most of yesterday. One wonders how someone like Natalie McGarry managed to pass SNP selection, but when you understand her mother is an SNP Cllr, her auntie is the Presiding Officer at Holyrood, and McGarry is a personal friend of Nicola Sturgeon, it might become clearer.

Nicola Sturgeon personally backed Natalie McGarry who is part of Sturgeon’s nasty vicious southside clique in Glasgow. 

JK Rowling sent a "good man" message to a Tweeter called Brian Spanner who had said he had contributed to children's charity Lumos. ‘Brian’ is a unionist tweeter known for his use of biting comedy aimed at the Nationalists. I am a follower of him on twitter, he is generally very witty and pointed but he does sometimes use bad language for dramatic effect.

Ms McGarry accused apparently Ms Rowling of allegedly “bullying her” after the author demanded that McGarry provide the evidence of supporting misogyny and abuse but it seems that McGarry couldn’t find any to hand.

Instead McGarry decided to apologise by saying:  

“On reflection, I shouldn't have accused Joanne Rowling of anything based on folk she tweets or retweets, and sends supportive tweets to."

And to some, how much of a bad choice the SNP made by the selection of Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, McGarry came back to do a traditional SNP ‘cut and paste’ job. You may remember that I once said that if the photocopiers in the SNP ever breakdown the SNP would run out of other people’s ideas.

She repeated the accusation with another screen grab of the donor’s foul tweet with Ms Rowling “good man” tweet tacked on.

Rowling retorted: 

“*sighs* OK, Natalie, that's cut and pasted to suggest I said 'good man' to that tweet, not to fundraising for charity. This 'proof' is cut and pasted. I assume you want to retract the apology you made 3 mins ago?”

Oh, good question by JK Rowling, it seems that social justice campaigner rather than keeping her trap shut decided to do a Perry Mason and present smoking gun evidence which rather backfired on her.

In the interests of fairness, I decided to contact JK Rowling and offer help to her legal team if the author wishes to sue SNP MP Natalie McGarry. 

I kept the tweet by Natalie McGarry linking my blog to the hate account setup by Tommy Ball, if Rowling seeks damages, this tweet will show Natalie McGarry as she actually is an odious nasty vile little individual.

By doing so, JK Rowling’s legal team will be able to demonstrate what McGarry’s twitter history is like, I am not in it for the money, but to highlight what passes as an SNP MP in Westminster.

It appears that Natalie McGarry far from being part of the ‘best of the best’ is rather stupid, as her constant opening and locking of her twitter account shows.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Panic and Fear; European leaders want to abandon Greece due to the migrant crisis, the idea of creating an inner Schengen free travel area is an act of desperation, the situation can only be remedied by tough action, the political class need to say migrants will be deported back across the Med or Europe will be plunged into violence on its streets

Dear All

Lots of people come up with lots of different ideas, the unfortunately thing is that an ‘idea’ that creates another problem to solve a set of circumstances isn’t really a good idea at all.

During the migrant crisis, I said that border controls and checks needed to be established right across the EU. It was fairly obvious early on that the Schengen agreement was to become unworkable, and would be effectively dead at some point. The situation across Europe has markedly deteriorated to such an extent that ordinary people, running businesses across the EU have decided to implement a policy of migrants not welcome.

In the entertainment sector such as clubs and bars, migrants have decided this is a place to sexually harass women, even to the extent of using ‘date-rape’ drugs on them. In Germany and Denmark, clubs and bars have started the process of banning migrants. What I wish to put across is that Europe is heading towards chaos and violence, the flare ups of incidents can be seen in the online media by alternative media, the mainstream media is still making a pled to emotion to ‘guilt trip’ people into following their agenda.

Paris attack, Cologne sex attacks, murder in Sweden and a huge list of incidents leave little room for understanding while nothing is done to address the situation.

I have said it before and I will say it again, German Chancellor Angela Merkel must go.

Some time ago, the idea was floated that there should be what some people called an ‘inner’ Schengen area within the EU involving about 6 or so countries. The idea is a bad idea because the problem of the migrant crisis has already travelled to these countries. It seems some of the political class want to throw Greece to the wolves as more migrants pour into Europe. To that end the rest of the continent to fortify its northern land borders with fences and troops; incidentally you will know I called for military action right at the start.

We need a naval presence in the Med to turn round migrant boats just outside territorial waters of Africa; ideally this should be done in conjunction with countries which border the Med.

Greece is a member of the EU, it is also a member of NATO; we cannot allow Greece to be sacrificed for a scheme which would be doomed to failure even before it gets off the ground. People talk about fences, what is needed is a permanent wall, fortified on both sides by troops. The desperate plan has been hatched by Belgium, Austria and Sweden, who which to lay blame on Greece of not doing enough to secure its sea border with neighbouring Turkey. Given the scale of the problem, Greece has been engulfed; to lay blame to Greece is nonsense. Where was the offer to have Belgium, Austrian and Swedish military support available to the Greek Government?

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said:

“If we cannot protect the external EU border, the Greek-Turkish border, then the Schengen external border will move towards central Europe. It is a myth that the Greek-Turkish border cannot be protected. The Greek navy has enough capacities to secure this border. It is one of the biggest navies in Europe.”

Navies run on money, and the military isn’t run on a shoestring budget, what is coming out of the mouths of some European leaders is panic fuelled hysteria because voters aren’t just turning against the migrants; they are also turning against the political class who have overstepped the mark. In an earlier post I commented on how Dutch politicians had to flee for their safety in a Dutch from an angry mob of town’s people.

Swedish interior minister Anders Ygeman said:

“We have seven countries with border controls. In the end, if a country doesn't live up to its obligations, we will have to restrict its connections to the Schengen area. If you don't have control of your borders, it will have consequences for the free movement.”

Jan Jambon, Belgium's interior minister, added his support for kicking Greece out of Schengen.

Schengen as it stands now, doesn’t exist; and ‘inner’ Schengen is a pipe dream, and a dangerous one at that, Isis already has placed terrorists in Europe, and these quacks want to give them the ability to travel about freely.

Does that make the slightest bit of sense to you?

All 28 member states should introduce border controls, even if they are not seen as front line states in the migrant crisis. We need a new EU border identification card scheme; migrants should be put into detention camps, those who have families should be strictly vetted to see if they can be placed into society. Anyone who breaches conditions for criminal activity should be returned to a detention camp, serious criminal activity should mean expulsion back to their home country.

As well as Belgium, Austria and Sweden, two other ‘hotspots’ are backing the idea of ‘inner’ Schengen, Germany and Denmark have climbed onboard this idea, which cannot work, this is the worst crisis since WW2, and the solutions put forward by some Europeans are risible.

5,000 migrants are pouring into Europe every day over the so-called Balkan migrant corridor of Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia, rather than allowing them to simply walk through; they should be stopped by the military. The quota system idea floated by Angela Merkel has like a ship ran aground very quickly with other countries, the Poles becoming the latest to take an increasingly tough stance on migration. The stance is similar to the line taken by Hungary which built a 110-mile fence to keep people out. France also is now in favour of tougher border security after it emerged that Islamic State terrorists posing as refugees to exploit free movement zone to travel to Paris.

Can you blame the French?

There is going to be more terrorist attacks in Europe, ‘inner’ Schengen helps to facilitate this activity, as I said previously, no migrant registered in an EU country should be legally allowed to travel within the EU. EU Governments should also not issue money to those already here, this issue needs addressed and discussion to take place.

Billionaire businessman George Soros who is known to dabble in politics warned that the EU is on the "verge of collapse". His taken is based on what he calls the muddled response to the migrant crisis by EU leaders.

So, we have a Billionaire businessman George Soros and at the other end of society George Laird coming to the same conclusion, but it should be noted Soros didn’t get there first.

I have laid out 5 measures to assist the EU in previous posts, more are needed, but with the EU leaders seeing the collapse of the European Union unfold in front of their eyes, their time and grip of power is also coming to an end.

They have overstepped the mark; ordinary people are turning away from them, as things worsen, I expect calls for the removal of Merkel inside Germany to increase significantly. Whether she goes because of an ‘event’ or series of ‘events’ remains to be seen, one thing is certain, there will be a trail of corpses prior to her exit.

What comes next in Europe….. well we will have to wait and see.

Today, I found this published on the BBC.

This is a Dutch plan to return migrants out of Greece back to Turkey, everyone should support this move, it is the only logical way to save the European Union.

Eventually everyone comes around to the George Laird view, it just takes them a bit longer.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Constitutional expert Matt Qvortrup predicates that the people of Britain will vote No in the European referendum, David Cameron is trying to get a deal, but it is unlikely he will get enough to satisfy the British people, with Europe heading towards violence and chaos some might argue where is the sense going down with the sinking ship?

Dear All

The next ‘big’ political bunfight on the horizon is whether Britain should leave the European Union. As someone who grew when Britain went into the European Union, I approached the issue as this was a good thing. Over the years the EU has enlarged to what we know today, but along with enlargement came real problems.

In the past the big stories were the ‘butter mountains’, the ‘wine lakes’, the Common Agricultural policy making the French farmers rich, MEPs robbing the place blind and the EU being unable to balance the books, year in year out.

In some ways you might think back and view these as the ‘happy times’!

But we aren’t living in the happy times anymore, we are living in possibly the most dangerous times to part of the EU in its history, we see that the organisation needs reformed, we see it’s undemocratic and we see the Euro has a mistake, the migrant crisis threats the stability of the entire European Union.

If you are sitting in Britain, you can research the chaos of Europe in detail from many sources on the web. The footage on youtube of ‘events’ give a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the ground, and what is happening is disturbing.

Are you familiar with the old saying, ‘you don’t buy a condom unless you want to fuck’?

In Europe, right across Europe, people are buying firearms; sales are through the roof, in places like Germany and Austria. The migrant crisis hasn’t been a success, it has been a disaster for Europe, and it has damaged the reputation of Angela Merkel.

Merkel is the woman who destroyed Europe.

In Europe, the wishes of voters have been ignored by the political class, this has led to the current crisis, the far right is growing, the people want and demand action; so while people like Merkel do nothing; the right will extend their influence politically.  The public backlash in Europe has already started, what Europe is waiting for is the person who people will rally around to restore order.

How is order restored?


In Britain, we have our own problems, and those problems are getting worse and worse, being in the EU once seen as a great benefit has lost its shine. We can’t control our own borders, we are economically unsafe, social cohesion is breaking down. As people see that they are not being listened to, there is an out, the Brexit. The referendum is a way out of Europe which voters may decide represents the best way to save Britain.

Once Britain leaves Europe, I would suggest that this would also be the trigger for European reform which is sorely needed.  

According to research, voters in the UK might just decide that David Cameron’s offer to the British people isn’t enough; personally I never thought his European adventure stood much chance. And the fact he had to barter for a deal over benefits was never going to satisfy the British public, we want control of our borders.

The only way to do this is lies with a No vote.

Matt Qvortrup has predicted the public will vote No, he is a Coventry University political science professor, he also reckons the vote will be close about 4% between the two camps.

If matters in Europe aren’t dealt with and new measures put in place to start a deportation programme in Europe, among other measures, we can expect violence to be widespread across the continent over the next decade. The English Channel was always seen as a buffer between Europe and Britain, that isn’t enough now, we appear to be heading towards the exit at an alarming rate.

Polling expert John Curtice said the result could hinge on whether Cameron wins new terms for Britain’s EU membership at a meeting of the European Council next month, although he will get something, he might as well come back with nothing.

David Cameron isn’t come back what voters want, although he will make a big deal about this in the press, everything politically is stacked against the British public with every mainstream political party with the exception of Ukip backing staying in.

The EU referendum may just turn out to be the expression of people power in the UK which really makes a difference to everyone’s lives.

Europe is broken, the political leaders don’t care, they don’t have the will to act, they ignore their own people, and they also don’t act in their best interests.

Finally Matt said:

“Based on statistical evidence from the previous 43 referendums, the opponents of EU membership will win the Brexit referendum.”

If it is a No vote, it will be a sad end to Britain’s membership, but on the plus side it could simulate the British public to become more politically active as the traditional parties see their popularity decline.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    

Monday, January 25, 2016

‘The Govanhill effect’, It seem Nicola Sturgeon has rejected her poverty adviser's call to strip fuel payments from rich pensioners, Nicola rolls out ‘fuck the poor’ right across Scotland after successful trial in Govanhill ghetto, the poorest in society to be kept poor, 'civic nationalism', the curse of the working class, offer hope where none exists!

Dear All

The SNP is the greatest barrier at present to poor working class Scots, the Champagne Nationalists have embraced the idea of middle class welfare-ism to buy the vote, the poor are thrown to the dogs.

Nicola Sturgeon's poverty advisor is a joke, why Naomi Eisenstadt wishes to stay in the job is beyond me, she was hired by Sturgeon to scrutinise Scottish Government policies and come up with new ways of reducing inequality.

Inequality is growing between the rich and poor, not just from a financial point of view but right across the board.

Education seen as a route out of poverty has been drastically cut by the SNP especially the college sector, a traditional route for young working class people. As to getting into Universities, people from the lowest financial backgrounds struggle to get in the door.

You could do a joke here, what do you call a working class person at University…… a cleaner.

University in the main is for the rich, run by the rich, staffed by the rich to help the rich, don’t think because you read a story about a working class young person making it into the Herald saying that they want to do medicine; that change is going on.

Please don’t delude yourself.

Naomi Eisenstadt wants fuel poverty programmes to be targeted at helping the poor but the SNP don’t, the Scottish Government has ‘no plans’ to strip the £300 a year handed out to wealthy pensioners. Is it wrong that wealthy pensioners get £300 a year when they are better off?


But what this actually shows is that the SNP do not embrace what has been described as the ‘new politics’, they are sticking with the old failed policies that seen the collapse of other political parties fortunes in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to rock the boat and lose votes, in the main neither do most parties which is why nothing gets done for the poor.

If you ask an SNP punter for a progressive policy voluntarily put in place, they can’t tell you one, instead they cite free prescriptions, and the council tax freeze as stock answers. The poor get nothing unless it is also given to the rich.

Do you think the SNP is a centre left party?

It isn’t, the SNP is a centre right party with a warped viewed because everything is centred round their independence fights.

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, said the rejection of Ms Eisenstadt's position showed that the SNP "talk big but act small" on poverty.

This is actually a fair comment, isn’t surprising that in opposition a political party can come up with the right solutions which one they enter power they then ignore.
Rennie added:

"Days after receiving a report from an independent expert on alleviating poverty in Scotland, the SNP are set to reject her recommendations out of hand. The SNP told us they needed power over welfare and benefits to make Scotland fairer but yet again it seems they have no plans to use the powers coming to Holyrood”.

Independence by stealth, the SNP have no plans to make things better for poor people in Scotland, if they did, people would have no reason to want to change their circumstances, so the SNP’s interest isn’t in helping people, it is to keep people poor and fuel grievance and lay the blame at Westminster.

Rennie also said:

"For those at the bottom, the winter fuel allowance is the difference between being able to heat their homes or not but for many wealthier pensioners it is simply a nice little bonus to be spent on other things. There is a genuine debate to be had over whether this cash could be better spent elsewhere but the SNP don’t want to hear it."

Many people at the bottom of society know about fuel poverty, it means staying in a freezing cold flat, unable to turn the heating on because you are worried that you will not be able to find the money to pay the bills.

Years ago, I wrote on the blog, the benefits of going to prison compared to being unemployed.

It costs society about £42k a year to lock you up but just look what you can access, the downside, no swimming pool, no female companionship and the social class may not be to your taste.

The Lib Dems say they will campaign in May for taking away the £300 from wealthy people, they lib Dems have suffered electorally due to Nick Clegg being a liar; he sunk the entire party in 2010. 2015, the Lib Dems paid the price for it, 8 seats at Westminster with one in Scotland.

If you make a promise then keep your promise!

The Scottish Labour Party’s position needs to be the same as the Lib Dems, but it appears they haven’t proposed changes to the eligibility criteria.

Scottish Labour had the worse result in 2015 in about 100 years, whose fault was that, it was their fault, the Labour Party needs new vision; the questions are; who is going to give it and what that vision will be.

If the party wishes to stick to ‘carping on the side lines’ thinking this will help them, they will get a re-run of the bitter defeat of 2015, in politics you have to choose a side.

Trying to be all things to all people usually means being relevant to none.

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said:

"First they admitted they were considering cuts; then they denied it when the public got wind of it. Now their own poverty advisor has recommended it be cut and yet again the government has had to deny it. It's an absolute mess."

Here is a policy, ‘vote for me because I complain about how crap the other side is…… but I don’t want to change things’.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said:

"Scottish Ministers have made it clear that they do not plan to cut or means-test winter fuel payments when the relevant powers are devolved. We are currently looking at how we can best use the limited devolved powers we are getting and to see if there are any areas where benefits can be used more effectively. The Scottish and UK Governments need to reach agreement on the fiscal framework and the extent of devolved powers in the Scotland Bill before we can make any decisions."

What does this mean?

Short version is ‘fuck the poor’.

So, come May 2016, who will you vote for?

Will your vote go to the least objectionable, will it be tribal, will you try tactical voting, will you just sit at home and not bother?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

One thing is certain; no one is winning any political arguments because no one is willing to change their policies to help the poorest in society.

Quite simply this country deserves better.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, January 22, 2016

The road to Civil War: Germany should close its borders to refugees, Angela Merkel's own transport minister, new political will is needed in Europe as Angela Merkel fails to protect her own country, view the video of 16 year old Bibi Wilhailm, she speaks of rape of children by migrants

Dear All

I have always been a fan of the European Union, you can find countless articles on the blog which I stated my views on this, I know that the European Union isn’t perfect but then what is.

When the migrant crisis started, many people in politics were quick to jump on the #refugeeswelcome bandwagon, they had found a cause, people seemly in peril, the wish to do good deeds and it looked like a ‘win win’ situation.

I didn’t jump on the refuges welcome bandwagon; I stood back because the major issue which was ignored was national security. Angela Merkel’s open borders gaffe was the most damaging statement ever produced by an EU leader.

The mood in Germany has been changing as the stream of migrants just poured into the country like an invading army. The recent game changer was the sex attacks in Cologne, but that forced its way onto the pages on the mainstream media. But let’s not forget the Paris attacks, the rapes in Sweden by migrants, and the countless other incidents both big and small you can readily see online by doing a bit of digging.

Who would have thought that someone has senior as Donald Tusk would have said that migrants need to be put into detention camps? I adopted this as a position right from the start again, if you do the research on the blog, you will many of the ideas I floated have now come into mainstream thinking in Europe. Eventually people do come to the George Laird view, prior to getting there the situation gets worse and worse.

The European Union needs to totally close it borders to migrant traffic, the building of detention camps is now a priority, we cannot tolerate any longer the nonsense and inaction due to lack of political will to act.

I will spell it out, Angela Merkel has to go.

Now, Angela Merkel's own transport minister says Germany should close its borders to migrants, he added that the country can no longer show its "friendly face" if the number of refugees arriving doesn't fall soon. The wish for a fall off is naïve; the flow will not stop, unless action is taken to do so physically. The German civil authorities cannot cope, so what does that mean?

It means moblising the military, not just in Germany but right across the EU, in 28 member states, since we are all in NATO, a command structure already exists to co-ordinate such an operation. We have to remove these people from society until such time as they are vetted, it may mean that some migrants will not be let out of detention camps except to return to their own country.

Alexander Dobrindt wants the German chancellor to prepare to shut the country’s borders unless other European countries agreed to help reduce migrant numbers.

Quick question, how would you like to see the sex attacks of Cologne come to the streets of the UK?

Just because people are migrants doesn’t automatically mean they are nice people, the rapes in Germany and Sweden show what happens when commonsense and national security are overridden by people who seize the political agenda for their own ends.

Mr Dobrindt said:

“I urgently advise: we must prepare ourselves for not being able to avoid border closures. I would advise us all to prepare a plan B.”

Plan B is dumping the problem onto others, this isn’t a plan, and is entirely unacceptable to the leaders of other EU countries, Germany created their own problem, their solution is detention camps and deportation.

This is the only way to secure Europe.

To show how badly Merkel is doing, she has promised to reduce the number of arrivals this year, but has refused to impose an upper limit as she said it would be impossible to enforce without closing Germany's borders.

Worthless rhetoric, she has lost control of the situation, to attempt to force other European countries to take in quotas of migrants is wrong, and will alienate her position further, she isn’t working with people she is trying to dictate. 

Someone else who doesn’t get it appears to be Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a member of the Social Democrats, said it would not solve Europe's refugee crisis closing borders.

You couldn’t make this up, he waffles on about it was essential to address the conflict in Syria, as well as working with Syria's neighbours to manage the refugee flow, he should be talking about a military blockade in the Med, building of a permanent border which access is only allowed as key checkpoints so illegal migrants can’t just boogie across the borders as they wish.

One thing which is also on the rise is unhappiness that politicians aren’t listening to people, across Europe, people are buying firearms, there is genuine fear, and that we will see more violence and a rise in the fortunes of the far right, who will gain seats.

Once the far right gets into power, they will do so via the ballot box, by popular demand, the Europe we know will suffer, the migrant crisis must be halted and that can only be done by the military and that means force.

In popular culture in times of crisis, the people look to a hero; it may come a time when the opposite is needed, someone has to be the ‘bad guy’ or the European Union will be finished, strong leadership is needed in Europe.

That person will come with a simple message; the word to migrants will be…… No!

If you want a sense of what the situation is like on the ground read this:

Apparently it is being censored by Facebook, what happened to free speech?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 21, 2016

End of the political road for Alex Salmond; former First Minister tries to goad US Presidential hopefully Donald Trump onto his radio show by calling him a "chicken", deluded Salmond sinks further down the political food chain, he has totally lost the plot thinking he has become a great wit, a blind man sees more

Dear All

Have you ever watched a movie and one of the bad guys falls into quicksand and you watch as he thrashes about desperately trying to save himself?

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is in political quicksand, he is sinking, and as he realizes his time is nearly over, he thrashes about trying to claim the attention he once had as First Minister of Scotland.

When Alex Salmond got a slot on a radio show to promote himself, he took his first step onto thin ice. Claiming he would shoot from the hip, so far he keeps hitting his foot. Salmond is using the LBC network to ramp up his war of words with Donald Trump. From best buddies one minute; mortal enemies the next, where and why did this all start?

It started when Alex Salmond wanted Donald Trump to sign off on a prewritten letter saying that Trump supported the release of the Lockerbie Bomber Al Megrahi. The SNP were roundly condemned in the US, and by the American Government for the releasing Al Megrahi and as such the SNP sought allies to less the bad PR hit on them.

Donald Trump refused, and I can understand totally his reasons for doing so, his business would have suffered a serious loss of reputation, in fact, it was a stupid move by Alex Salmond and the SNP highlighting how lacking in ‘statesmanship’ they actually are. Salmond thought the world revolved round him when in fact he was just a political non entity in the US. He wanted to snub the British Government who had done an agreement with Libya, a classic two fingers up to them, petty is the norm in the SNP under his leadership.

So, we have Salmond a falling star, trying to hitch his star to Donald Trump, whose star is on the rise, it looks increasingly likely that the republican race is turning into a one horse race, and with the Democrats looking weak, could we be seeing President Trump walk into the White House?

Stranger things happen at sea!

Salmond has branded Trump a “chicken” and threatening to “kick his ass” if the US presidential ever called into his weekly radio show.

Would I call if I was Trump?

Not a chance, as Triump aptly put it, Salmond is a “has-been,” who has been “an embarrassment for Scotland”.

Truth hurts doesn’t it, there is Salmond trying to set up his Court in London and use the radio station to promote himself, and in reality he has nothing left to offer.

Alex Salmond marched Scotland up the hill telling his legions he was leading them to independence only to have the embarrassment of turning them all around and walking back down the hill with his tail between his legs.

Total humiliation, next morning after his defeat, he resigned as SNP leader, in the huff, and looking miserable and dejected.

Earlier this week, Salmond jumped on the bandwagon to support calls to ban Trump from Britain over outspoken controversial remarks regarding a total ban on Muslims entering the United States. This would mean, regardless of country, if you are a Muslim, you can’t enter America. This is said to be similar to a ban by President Jimmy Carter who banned Iranians, Trump said his ban would be a temporary measure while America worked out how to deal with the increasing threat posed by Islamic Terror Groups such as Isis.

Salmond said that Trump’s exclusion from the UK would “do him good”.

If elected, I suspect many of the Scottish National Party might find themselves excluded from the US as Trump may consider that this will do ‘them’ good as well.

Salmond previously branded Trump “three times a loser”, I suspect if a list is drawn up then Salmond would feature top of the list.

With Trump’s bandwagon rolling along quite nicely, he has been endorsed by ex-Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, Salmond says that this is the kiss of death to his candidacy, no, it is not; Trump is going from strength to strength.

The fall of Salmond will be slow and painful, each time he takes to the air to try and keep his ‘popularity’, he will drive people away, his rants will get wilder, and this slope he won’t climb back up from, one way all the way!

Who calls someone ‘chicken’, Donald Trump is a successful businessman, I don’t like his style as I have said before, he like Salmond likes to bully his way to get what he wants, and people like Salmond helped in re the golf course. Ordinary people were ignored when the Trump organization wanted their land, where was Alex Salmond then to protect their rights?

The coward kept his mouth shut.  

On Monday a three-hour parliamentary debate was held on whether or not Mr Trump should be banned from the UK after more than 570,000 people signed a petition, that petition wasn’t binding on the Government to ban him, and it failed.

Salmond has spoken out to ban Trump; he got that wrong, much in the same way he got the mood for Scottish independence wrong, he has lost the feel for politics, lost the plot and lost the feel for what is right.

You could make a case for asking has Salmond lost his marbles!

A spokesman for The Trump Organisation said: 

“Mr. Salmond has become increasingly unpopular and should find something better to do with his time.”

I think if Salmond wants to visit the US, he should do so prior to the US Presidential election, post election he might have a tricky time getting passed US Customs.

I am almost tempted to declare for Donald Trump myself to see how Alex Salmond reacts to getting his own ban on entering the US.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thrown under the Bus, SNP councillor Craig Melville, aide to SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie is reported to council watchdog over allegedly ‘racist’ text sent to female SNP Muslim employee, rising star Melville appears to be falling very quickly

Dear All

How do you save a problem like Craig Melville?

Craig Melville is the SNP Councillor and aide to SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie who is in rather hot water at present over what some describe as a racist text scandal.

It now seems that things have now turned sour as the Dundee City Council leader Ken Guild has decided to report Melville to the Standards Commission.

Is this more sleaze Nicola Sturgeon?

Well, it looks like the SNP has possibly decided to throw Melville under the bus as they dob him in.

Nothing like having buddies is there?

Councillor Guild said:

“If true these allegations are extremely shocking, and are not the sort of behaviour acceptable for a Member of Dundee City Council. I have written to the Standards Commission requesting that they carry out a full investigation.”

The SNP are under pressure in Dundee in the shape of the Labour Party’s Councillor called Georgia Cruikshank.

Ms. Cruikshank said:

“Given that Maryfield... is a diverse community representing a high proportion of the Asian community and all denominations, it would be an insult to allow him to continue to represent our constituents until all investigations have been completed.”

Dundee is seen by many as the ‘powerhouse’ of the SNP because of the electorate success in the pass and the fact that several senior SNP come from there.

The fact that Melville worked for Stewart Hosie makes this a great story for the press, add to Melville was a rising star, he could have worked his way into Holyrood at some point to boot. Of course Holyrood isn’t full of wonderful people as we all know. Yesterday on the blog I published video of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who has left ordinary people to rot in the ghetto she represents.

How do you solve a problem like Craig Melville, well, you do what the SNP always do, you get rid of them from the party.

Given the nature of the text messages, one can only wonder will we see in the ‘third act’ the presence of Police Scotland who might wish to have a word about the texts sent.

I assume that Labour Councillor Georgia Cruikshank will be like a dog with a bone regarding this story; this is her big chance to get her famous for 15 minutes spot. Maybe project her onto the national stage.

Finally, now that his own SNP boss has reported Craig Melville, is this his idea, or a command from party bosses?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Great Escape: SNP Councillor Mhairi Hunter leaves residents of Govanhill in no doubt that they voted in a major dullard as she does a body swerve to bypass residents in the ghetto that she represents, ‘I am in a hurry’ she says as she scuttles off, residents want to talk about the living conditions from hell

Dear All

Have you ever heard the expression ‘chip off the old block’?

It is generally used to complement someone who has rising to the occasion.

Some time ago, I did a blog post on the Sunny Govan radio hustings for the Glasgow City Council elections in 2012 in my capacity as a ‘roving reporter’. Basically, I got on the bus, went a few stops and wandered into a meeting.

In my blog post I highlighted that the SNP Govan Councillor Allison Hunter was a complete dud, she never represented the area properly, she was a nasty vile woman, and her lack of activism in the area stretched over years in other posts was the norm.

I also pointed out how rather petty she was as an individual by relating my personal experience when dealing with her, highlighting actual incidents between the two of us such as:

‘Here is a story, I always remember, on one occasion I was abandoned in the street after an SNP event as Allison Hunter, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. There was an empty seat in the vehicle, and they were going back towards where I lived’.

And on another occasion, I was verbally abused by Allison Hunter at the Glasgow Council for the 2010 election. So much for Allison Hunter being the ‘great leader’ as described by Alex Salmond!

As I understand it the SNP decided to brand her ‘auntie’ Allison after her death to make her look all warn and cuddly as they dedicated and named an SNP training school after her.

What a joke.

Having met the mother, I have also met the daughter, in the shape of Mhairi Hunter, she isn’t any better. At one SNP meeting I had to look up as she read off a piece of paper, the SNP manifesto for the Council election.

I thought I had stumbled into an 8 year olds reading class.

It was so painful to listen to that I wanted to shout out ‘for fucksake read faster’ but I didn’t, I sat in silence, then came the Q&A which for the most part both Mhairi Hunter and her mother couldn’t answer the questions put to them despite saying they had worked on this manifesto for some time.

“I will get back to you” was the stock answer.

Mhairi Hunter went on to become the SNP Councillor for Ward 8 which is Glasgow Southside, and if you check the register of interests, she is listed as a Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

I was sent a video of Mhairi Hunter which I feel I have to share on the blog, as you know the residents of Govanhill are living in a ghetto; Nicola Sturgeon is the MSP who is missing in action, as you can see by the previous blog post. When asked to speak to Mhairi Hunter, she replied, ‘I am in a hurry’ and bolted like a rat out of a drainpipe.  

What is interesting is how the people of Govanhill are speaking to her as if she is mentally challenged after she fobs them off.

The mother was a political loser and so is the daughter, in 2017, the people of Govanhill should get their own representatives to fix their community or candidates in parties willing to do the graft.

Govanhill is a ghetto, it is a slum that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t care about; no SNP Cllr, MP or MSP lives in the area so they don’t care, but the people are rising, it is time that they upped the ante with a series of protests outside SNP events, SNP Surgeries and even outside Nicola Sturgeon’s Office.

It’s time for what the SNP call ‘community justice’ measures to create the kind of stink that the mainstream press cannot ignore. The SNP Government has starved Glasgow of resources, failed to stand up for the people, and allowed a ghetto to thrive by neglect.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The reality of having SNP Leader as your First Minster and MSP revealed, Govanhill is a ghetto, the place is filthy and stinks like a sewer, no SNP Councillor, MP or MSP lives in the pigsty, they stay in the posh trendy areas of Glasgow, the residents live in squalor

Crisis at the SNP ‘ratship’, SNP councillor Craig Melville, an aide to SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie suspended from his job and the party, after allegedly describing Islam as ‘filth’, it appears that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the great unification leader after all, ‘civic nationalism’ is an utter fraud on the people of Scotland

Dear All

It is sometimes said that you never truly know anyone until they do something which changes your opinion. At present the Scottish National Party which is likened to a cult is suffering major blowback due to the behaviour particularly of their elected MPs, Councillors and members.

The ‘best of the best’ is providing what I have constantly said, that the SNP is a ‘rat ship’; the party of ‘civic nationalism’ packaged up to look all cuddly and acceptable is an utter sham.

What is civic nationalism?

Well, civic nationalism isn’t nationalism, it is also ‘changeable’, that means it tries to be fluid, portrayed as ‘all things to all people’ regardless of nationality. It is a con on the people of Scotland, it is bogus, and it is the politics without principle.

The SNP’s claims of standing up for Scotland could be viewed through the prism of the Alex Salmond Vs Donald Trump saga. Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond had called for Donald Trump to be barred for the United Kingdom after Trump proposed a block on all Muslims entering the United States. In some respects this is similar to a ban on Iranians which President Jimmy Carter brought in during his term of Office. The ban proposed is a blanket ban which I don’t agree with, denial of entry has to be intelligence led.

If the Trump ban was pushed through Alex Salmond would have cost £700 million in investments, do you see now how fake ‘civic nationalism’?

In Scotland, some people say that ‘civic nationalism’ is all about getting donations and votes from the Muslim community of Pakistanis extraction and in return, members of their community get a percentage of seats and special treatment.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are not supporting Alex Salmond’s call for a ban, and if you read the blog on a regular basis you will have noticed that I wasn’t willing to support it either. People are entitled to free speech, and free speech will always find someone who objects to the person using it.

The term the ‘regressive left’ is used as the people most associated with attempting to suppress free speech, however Alex Salmond doesn’t fit the criteria as I see him not being a socialist. Alex Salmond in my opinion is an opportunist, a small man with a nasty vicious petty streak. Under Salmond, the SNP stopped being a political party and became a model which some recognise as a cult. The ‘cult of personality’ is well known in political history, most commonly with despots and dictators.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t moved the SNP back into what people recognise as a political party either. Scandal after scandal is plaguing the SNP because again as I have stated ahead of time, there is a serious lack of talent in the Nationalist camp, in a cult, only a small about of the ‘leadership class’ are entitled to espouse an opinion which the cult members can then adopt.

The latest scandal which follows on from the SNP Holyrood candidate allegedly involved in shoplifting scandal in Asda is an aide to SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie is in trouble. SNP Councillor Craig Melville has been accused of sending foul-mouthed, bigoted texts to a Muslim colleague.

Since the event, Melville who was considered a rising star has been suspended from his job as Hosie’s assistant, and from the party. Melville allegedly texted after the Muslim terror attacks in Paris to a female SNP employee:

“It’s not personal I just f****** hate your religion and I’ll do all in I’m life do defeat your filth.”

Another said:

“And in your favour we live in an uneducated left lift loopy left wing society who is more interested in claiming benefits and being ignorant to the threat of your horrible disease which is a make believe c*** in the sky. Horrible murdering Islamic c***s.”

A text also appeared to refer the SNP Glasgow Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf who visited the Greek island of Lesbos in October to see the plight of Syrian refugees.

It allegedly said:

“And Muslim politicians in the UK have a duty to speak out and educate. That should be their number one priority, not staged photos taking refugees off boats and writing patronising messages of support. Had to unfollow that c***.”

At the height of the migrant crisis, several politicians jumped on the issue and all run off and do photo ops. This was to show they ‘cared’. Since the Cologne sex attacks; you will be hard pushed to see Humza Yousaf and Nicola Sturgeon hugging an economic migrant after the rapes of white women. The public mood in Europe has changed, however politicians are still attempting to run with #refugeeswelcome when in fact, the opposite mood is growing among people.
The SNP is as I have said made up of various groups who use the party to further their own ends which have nothing to do with nationalism or the betterment of Scotland.

The main groups controlling the SNP have been described as

1/ Rich
2/ Homosexual
3/ Muslim
4/ Sein Fein lite

This can be mostly seen by the make up of candidate selection.

Melville wasn’t just a councillor; he was an aide to Stewart Hosie and a Dundee City Council’s environment convener. He made the papers a little while ago after he was given a police warning over an alleged assault at an SNP parliamentary office. Sources say that after the incident he was from the Dundee office to Hosie’s constituency office in Carnoustie.

A spokesman said:

“The SNP condemns Islamophobia in the strongest possible terms. We will not tolerate it in our party.”

I wonder is this a ‘new’ policy, awhile ago I highlighted how an Asian man was very badly treated in Pollok SNP, and nothing got done about that incident.

It seems for the SNP to act, an incident must make the national press.

What the Melville incident shows is that the SNP isn’t the happy united ship that Nicola Sturgeon appears to be desperately trying to convince the public that it is, it is a ‘rat ship’ and on a ‘rat ship’ the rats will eventually turn on each other.

Who will be the last rat standing you may wonder?

I have my money on Nicola Sturgeon!

She isn’t a natural leader of men or indeed anyone else, and she knows it, time and time again, she has failed to show leadership. She can’t even control Alex Salmond who is like a bull in a china shop, and he has a platform in the shape of a radio to do spectacular crashes of the PR kind. Instead of retiring with grace and dignity, Alex Salmond wants to hog the limelight in London while being a running sore for Nicola Sturgeon. I would say ‘poor Nicola’ but as so many people dislike her as a person, it would be entirely inappropriate.

Salmond’s Trump spat is risible, Trump’s star is on the rise, and he looks not just that he could get the republican nomination but also the Presidency of the United States. One wonders what toadying Nicola Sturgeon will have to go through after removing Trump as a ‘Scottish ambassador’, it was made up nothing title, but the SNP decided to put their collective foot in it. Nicola Sturgeon needed in the past the Pakistani Muslim votes in Glasgow Southside to hold off a Labour challenge.

Can SNP Councillor Craig Melville survive, firstly, I doubt anyone cares, as to the SNP employee who reported him, strangely she wishes to remain anonymous, however I am sure everyone will wish her well if she decides to seek further job opportunities elsewhere.

Especially Craig Melville’s friends!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, January 15, 2016

Déjà vu: unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has questions to answer as to why Scottish taxpayer’s cash used to launch SNP MP's charity, some people alleged that the charity was setup as vehicle just to get Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh elected, after she got elected she dumped the organisation, how long before people start questioning is there a pattern on how Scottish Government cash goes to people close to Nicola Sturgeon for their ventures?

Dear all

Do you remember the Scottish Islamic Foundation?

The SNP Government spent months doing press release after press release with the senior SNP leadership talking about social cohesion.

It so happened that people connected to Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond were involved in running it namely Osama Saeed and Humza Yousaf. Some people as I recall opined that the SIF was nothing more than an SNP vehicle to give Saeed and Yousaf a higher public profile, paid for using Scottish taxpayer’s money.

The saga of the SIF goes way back, here is a post from the blog of March 2010:

Basically tax payer’s cash was provided and the organisation failed to deliver.

Here is another post about the less than startling work of the SIF under the control of Saeed:

Yousaf went on to become a list MSP for the SNP, Saeed after failing to get elected disappeared to a job aboard.

Both Saeed and Yousaf were close to Nicola Sturgeon, particularly Yousaf.

Now we have another member of Sturgeon’s clique, this one is called Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a former Tory candidate and prior to that a member of the Labour Party. She campaigned for Sturgeon in 2011; I actually campaigned with her on one occasion in Glasgow Southside despite not having a history of activism Ahmed-Sheikh rose every quickly through the SNP ranks.

Prior to helping out the Sturgeon campaign she told me she had never done activism for 5 years.

Now, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh who some people at Westminster describe as ‘tedious’ because of her constantly standing up to get heard at Westminster has the spotlight fixed on her as people want to know why public money was used to launch her charity which was all about promoting allegedly Asian women.

Ahmed-Sheikh registers her SAWA as a charity and 48 hours later the charity receives money from the Scottish Government.

Does anyone know of a charity who was funded so quickly in Scotland or anywhere else?
After getting Scottish taxpayer’s cash, the Scottish Asian Women’s Association put on an event costing £9,000 on catering and entertainment for 160 guests at the launch, attended by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

The reason the SAWA is in the news this week is because the press has decided to do a bit of digging, and guess what, they found that in the first three years, the charity wasn’t very charitable at all.

It donated just £700 in its first three years.

What it did do however was put on and organised £100-a-plate award ceremonies for two years then the event wasn’t put on in the third year, this has lead people to say that the charity was effectively a state-backed publicity vehicle for kickstart Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh’s career.

In 2014, when Ms Ahmed-Sheikh was a European election candidate, I was quite opposed to this and urged people to use tactical voting to deny her a third spot on the list for the European Parliament.

She had done nothing to deserve it.

Her charity’s SAWA Facebook page posted a message urging people to vote SNP in order to get her elected, this raises questions about why a charity isn’t remaining political neutral in my opinion. If individual members express the view she is ideal or suitable for MEP, that’s fine, but a charity in receipt of public funds, I think this stinks to high heaven.

After using the charity to raise her profile which wasn’t great in my opinion beforehand, she quit SAWA the day after being elected as MP for Ochil and South Perthshire.

Some people have said to me in passing that the SNP are using Scottish Government funds to finance Asian Candidates to give them a higher profile than they actually deserve, and that this is an abuse of public funds.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie has decided to write Nicola Sturgeon, asking her to support an inquiry by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

I don’t she will get it given how close Sturgeon is to Ahmed-Shiekh, and the fact yet again a member of her southside clique has been outed in the press regarding the use of taxpayer funds.

Baillie is asking why taxpayers’ money was used to kickstart SAWA before it was a charity, and what auditing was done to ensure public funds were used “appropriately”.

And I think a lot of people will be interested in the answers, especially coming out of Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth.

A Scottish Government spokesman said:

“The Scottish Government supported the launch of the Scottish Asian Women’s Association in 2012 but has not provided any financial support since. We are yet to receive Ms Baillie’s letter but will respond to it in due course.”

Now that Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh has become an MP, I don’t think we will be hearing any more about it from the SNP Government, much in the same way as they never mention the Scottish Islamic Foundation.

Isn’t rather interesting that Asians close to Nicola Sturgeon set up Asian charities prior to standing for election buoyed up from a raise profile with some say they didn’t deserved, some people might opine that there is a pattern here emerging around Nicola Sturgeon’s clique and how they operate politically.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Contempt for democracy: Police Scotland officers refuse to appear at spy probe called by Holyrood Justice Committee, justice committee should compel these people to attend, everyone needs to operate under the rule of law, and no exceptions should be made for Police Scotland personnel, no matter how special they think they are

Dear All

In a democracy, the rule of law is important, and especially among those who are employed in law enforcement. It seems that three police officers have refused to attend a Holyrood hearing on the scandal of unlawfully spying on journalists’ sources.

In effect they have stuck two fingers up to the parliament; however, it appears that the Justice Committee have the powers to compel witnesses to appear before the Parliament.

The force’s Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) unlawfully used its powers to find out if serving and former officers had been involved in helping the Sunday Mail.

This begs a question, did the members of the CCU have authority to do this, or where they just making it up as they went along?

You would think that they would realise that doing what they were doing required oversight and being signed off by higher authority, after all when the music stops who wants to be the last one with a chair.

Was it wrong what the members of the CCU did, yes it was and not from a morality standpoint but by a legal standpoint.

The Holyrood committee invited four officers linked to the row: Detective Superintendent David Donaldson; Detective Inspector Joanne Grant; Detective Superintendent Brenda Smith; and Chief Superintendent Clark Cuzen to appear. However it appears that DI Grant only is prepared to assist the Committee.

Under Human Rights law, these people have the right to remain silent, because the law says so.

After Police Scotland started stalling about these people appearing, the Justice Committee wrote directly to the staff associations about asking the four to attend and got a less than impressive response.

Niven Rennie, the President of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents, which represents Cuzen, Donaldson and Smith, wrote back:

“Having been in dialogue with all three, however, I have been asked to inform you that they would prefer not to attend a committee session at this time. None of our members believe that they have any information to share with the committee which would add to the evidence which has already been provided. Moreover, they believe that the pending inspection that is to be conducted by HMICS will provide further clarity on this issue, as will potential legal proceedings such as an Investigatory Powers Tribunal.”

Rennie added:

“We very much hope that you will accept the position of our members in this respect.”

You have to laugh at this end bit, a load of people break the law and they want to fall back on a respect agenda, any chance that they will come out and say they are real victims in this sorry tale?

I also think it would be for the Committee to decide what they think it is relevant to ask, and perhaps they might have additional questions.

What about those who were spied on, well it appears that they are unhappy and have decided to seek redress from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, after all a few quid might come in handy.

No one is above the law, not the government or the police, but it doesn’t bode well that some people think they can operate as they wish within a democracy and within a police force.

I think that demotions are the order of the day and removal from the Counter Corruption Unit; it makes no sense to have these people remain in post now. This sorry affair came to light under the watch of Sir Stephen House who has now gone, it was said this might have hasten his departure out the door, not sure about that, it was a mountain of criticism that done for him.

Although I am not a fan of the current crop in Holyrood regarding their abilities, they were elected to public office, so the police officers should attend, and if it has to be a closed session then that is the way to go.

We don’t have political interference on operational matters regarding policing because we assume that those doing the job operate to the rule of law and in good faith, it seems that some don’t do either.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Outplayed and outsmarted: SNP anger explodes as Evel is rolled out in the House of Commons, SNP MP Pete Wishart get his knickers in a twist, the SNP went to Westminster to cause trouble, well they found it, now they want to claim victimhood, bless those little outsmarted lambs!

Dear All

Some time ago, I was a member of the Scottish National Party, while in the party I object to the policy that the SNP had adopted that SNP MPs didn’t play a full role and voted on matters that affected people in the rest of the United Kingdom.

My view was if someone had a good idea from Scotland; why not ‘share’ the idea in Parliament, and let others decide the merits of it.

The SNP spent decades snubbing Westminster, and the end result was they were disliked, in fact some of the new SNP MPs have commented that they are mostly ignored. Of course their behaviour which is a matter of public record speaks for itself; some of them are ignorant crass small minded people.

When Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond fell on his rubber sword after losing the Scottish independence referendum; in comes unpopular Nicola Sturgeon with a fresh policy. In the years prior to this, a massive amount of bad will had been brewing, and others such as Ukip made political capital of Scots getting ‘freebies’, in fact Scots weren’t getting freebies, the block grant was being spent differently.

But in politics, some people don’t let the truth get in the way of garnering votes. A storm of injustice was whipped up which resulted in Evel.

What is Evel?

English votes for English laws.

A sop to massage bruised egos and address English unhappiness, Evel is wrong, a Member of Parliament no matter where elected should have the same rights as any other MP. This is how a democracy should work, same rights at each and every turn of the democratic process. By now you can guess I don’t agree with Evel, and never will, so the SNP like a busted watch has a point here.

The answer to the famous West Lothian Question is…. to ignore it.

A Scottish MP can no more vote on Scottish matters devolved to Holyrood than English one.

The Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has brought this in to steady his ship as there has been unrest of his backbenches. Whether Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would bring this to an end is anyone’s guess, but I would imagine if he needed the rule swept aside for his political purposes it would be done. I think if I was to bet on it, I think he would want to scrap if elected PM.

So, after not giving a toss what is happening in England, the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon done a U turn. I assume that the idea was to cause as much trouble as possible and foster discontent; however the Conservatives have done their Evel plan regardless. We know have the ‘fury’ of SNP MPs getting their knickers in a twist as new rules preventing them from voting on English matters which are being used in Parliament for the first time  

‘Leading the charge’ is Pete Wishart, Mr. Wishart is a joke MP, he says things which are nonsense, and down the line says the opposite equally with false indignation to make out he is a serious thinker.

Although he is just swept along by events, he does have a certain comic value which can be amusing.

Can you think of anyone else who has spent as much time as him making ridiculous statements in the House of Commons?

I grant you there are a few warmers out of the rest of the 650 MPs so you might need a minute. Wishart says that the Westminster government is "driving Scotland out of the door".

This is the same guy who campaigned for independence to voluntary leave the Commons and wasn’t exactly a stalwart for change from what I have seen.

Now that Evel has come into effect it means Scottish MPs will be barred from voting on English elements of the housing bill during a legislative grand committee. This will be the first time the new measures will be used in the House of Commons and the Speaker John Bercow had to halt proceedings to check things were okay, it was a rather shaky start.

And I expect a running saga on points of order and anything else the SNP can come up with to be petty, yes, we will be entertained, knickers will be twisted, voices will be raised, outraged will be expressed etc etc etc.

And then they will swan off the Member’s bar to congratulate themselves.

We now have signs have been posted in the voting lobbies barring MPs from Scotland from sneaking past to vote, while officials will carry iPads to catch out any ‘risk takers’.

Chris Bryant, shadow leader of the House of Commons said:

“English MPs need a strong voice in parliament, but Grayling’s damp squib EVEL proposals will be historic for all the wrong reasons. Instead of spending time trying to actually do something about the housing problems facing thousands of people across the country, the government will be wasting time on needless bureaucratic procedures. Labour won’t be playing their game; we’ll expose EVEL for the procedural nonsense it is by not participating so we can get on and use parliamentary time to deal with people's real concerns about unaffordable rents, rip-off landlords and lack of hope on home ownership”.

He added:

“Expert after expert warned Chris Grayling that his proposals weren’t the way to give English MPs a stronger voice in parliament, but this almost incomprehensible mess was rammed through anyway. The public expect us to be taking action on the big issues facing the country not wasting time on a procedure that the government’s own expert report rejected.”

In a Parliament which is noted for promoting inclusion and equality, Evel sits as an anomaly to those values.

The way things are going, although it seems ‘popular’ now, it is because the Conservatives control the House of Commons with a majority.

Would we end with a situation that Evel only comes in if there is a Conservative victory?

I expect this to run until at least the next election, depending on who wins that will determine if it gets an extension.

I don’t like it, and I don’t like the unfair way that it was brought in by a procedural change to the House of Commons rules.

As I previously blogged deliver us from Evel because it will only form part of the grievance platform the SNP uses to distract from their appalling record in public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Europe in Crisis, the mass migrant attacks in Germany will plunge Europe towards greater violence, Angela Merkel opened the floodgates but the ‘regressive left’ held them open, now people are arming themselves for protection, a new policy of detention and deportation is needed across the EU if civil war is to be avoided

Dear All

The sex attacks in Germany and elsewhere have shocked the European Union, the scale of the attacks and numbers involved has stunned people into disbelief. When the migrant crisis was emerging as a major topic, politicians fell over themselves in a bidding war of ‘who cares the most’.

To that end, there was a concentrated campaign to hold up signs saying ‘refugees welcome’.

The same people post Cologne aren’t talking much about refugees, this isn’t surprising given the rapes, sexual assaults, violence and robberies which have come to light.

Decades ago, I visited Cologne, it is a great city, a beautiful city to visit and the people were very friendly. If there was a German city I had to pick to live in then Cologne would be near the top of the list alongside Berlin. It is worth going to just visit the Cathedral which is spectacular both inside and out.

Yesterday, I came across a video online which I am posting with this story; it was an incident with migrants and some French people. What is interesting is the fact that I said sooner or later people would be arming themselves with firearms. Pay close attention to the Frenchman, he was carrying a concealed pistol, and his demeanour clearly showed he had firearms training. What you are looking for was the fact he didn’t pull out his weapon, but he was ready to use it, classic threat analysis and calm despite the situation.

I expect a steep rise in the sales of firearms across the entire EU, this is already happening in Germany and Austria, and it will continue elsewhere, and people will die.

A Syrian man has been shot dead by French police last week, he may have taken part in the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve; previously he was arrested in Cologne for sexual assault in 2014. Angela Merkel is making noises about deportations for people who don’t respect German law, too little, too late. I see German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s position as being untenable, much like the position the Police Chief of Cologne found himself in.

He had to go and he did.

Do you remember my idea of that both civil and military force was needed to ensure national security in the European Union? It appears the Swedes are considering conscription, interesting, but again like Germany, too little, too late. Stand offs, face offs don’t solve the problem, detainment and deportation out of the European Union to a possible third location is needed.

Although warfare is a dirty business by its nature, rape isn’t a common tactic, even among terrorists. Given this happening across Europe, it may have been designed to stir up the indigenous population to escalate into a civil war type situation. Gang violence that becomes gang warfare which then becomes open warfare seems to a logic course. If that does happen, then you will see detention camps and deportations but also a new political class emerging across the continent, perhaps not what you are commonly used to seeing or hearing if you are a trendy liberal.  

The Isis supporter Walid Salihi previously arrested in Cologne for sexual assault rather puts an end to refugees welcome in my opinion. Britain has been lucky; this is because whether some like it or not the Prime Minister David Cameron went for taking people from refugee camps and only after they were vetted. It was a sensible view to take, because what happened in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities could happen here.

And the Police would similarly be unprepared for such criminal activity.

According to a German police report, it seems that Walid Salihi is said to have 'rubbed the behinds of females' and touched their 'intimate parts. Another thing about Walid Salihi was his use of several aliases. In 2014, the German authorities should have locked him up, and made ready to deport him.

Uwe Jacob, director of the local state criminal office in Germany said:

'We don't know who the man really is.'

And that is really the problem which wasn’t addressed by politicians in Europe, the press filled up everyone’s head with pictures of children to present an image which completely ignoring the seriousness of the national security issues.

And of course we have what some term the ‘regressive left’ who used the race card to silence dissent; they are in part to blame for what has happened in Europe.

To recap, that would be rape, sexual assault, violence and robbery, after helping to cause these problems, these people have disappeared, gone very quiet, because they are waiting for something to happen to use it to further their agenda to seize power, influence and control the narrative to fit their agenda.

Salihi is dead; he died when he tried to enter a police station in Barbes, northern Paris, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' and threatening officers with a knife. This was to mark the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. He had been apprehended by German police three times in the past during his stay in Germany for drug possession, causing bodily harm, threats, thefts and unlawful weapons possession.

When he was shot he was wearing a fake bomb vest and carrying a piece of paper pledging allegiance to ISIS. By the testimony of his room mate sharing with him in an asylum home, he said:

'He became aggressive very quickly, especially when it came to matters of religious belief. All non-believers were 'worthless' to him and had to die.'

The question which needs to be address among others is how many other people like Walid Salihi are currently wandering around cities in Europe? These types of people are predators, they cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be integrated and they represent a threat to life, social cohesion and community.

And by community, I mean everyone, regardless of colour, religion, gender or sexuality.

There is a highly charged debate in Germany about Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door policy on refugees and migrants, she got it wrong, she was unprepared and she was short sighted. The Mayor of Cologne was ridiculed for suggesting that German women should follow a ‘code of conduct’ to stop being raped and sexually assaulted, she has since backtracked on this stupidity. What advice does she have for homosexuals, Isis fighters like to throw them off high buildings, never enter a building above a single storey? In truth everyone is in danger, and with people forming into large groups, how long before violence is the norm?

I expect the illegal firearm trade in Europe to do a roaring trade, especially among those who don’t do diplomacy.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 11, 2016

Time to learn the art of ‘making a deal’ Labour MP Alison McGovern quits poverty review in row with Labour leadership, you can’t win a country if you can’t unite your party, Jeremy Corbyn needs a moment of pause, and a new direction, and sooner the better

Dear All

One word appears to sum up Jeremy Corbyn at present; that word is embattled, in politics it isn’t unusual that someone who is promoted to be leader gets off to a shaky start. Over time people tend to come around and get an understanding of their responsibilities.

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t Jeremy Corbyn anymore, he is a leading a party and that requires him to put the interests of the party before any interests of self. One thing which the Labour Party needs at present is unity; some people say that there is civil war in the party. The vote on airstrikes on Syria opened up a wound which continued with the Labour reshuffle.

Jeremy Corbyn as I saw it didn’t need to do a reshuffle, it has called a revenge reshuffle by some, many expected Hilary Benn to get the chop, but apparently many in the shadow cabinet were about to vote with their feet and leave it if he was sacked.

Whether Hilary Benn is in or out of the shadow cabinet, he may end up as a lightning rod for dissent by those who aren’t signed to Corbyn’s agenda. Jeremy Corbyn’s win came with so much hope for a new beginning for the Labour Party, but it seems the party is lost.

Unity needs to happen, and a good place to start is the Parliamentary Labour Party.  

Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a fresh resignation after the chair of a proposed party poverty review quit because she cannot work with the leadership.

This isn’t good politics, Wirral South MP Alison McGovern after she was unhappy after criticism by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. McGovern is chair of the Blairite Progress group within the party.

I see the end of the Blairite faction as long overdue, the Blairite faction were a group of careerists who thought that people were there to be ‘managed’ but not represented.

Times have changed for the Labour Party and especially in Scotland, the status quo is gone and it isn’t coming back, Labour cannot wait and hope that the SNP lose support, then scream they have now ‘won the argument’.  Labour has to work for the people like it used to do in the past, Labour needs a purge to regain a sense of credibility.

But a purge for the sake of it isn’t what is needed, it needs to be specific.

Does that work?

In Glasgow in 2012, the Labour Party did it in Glasgow; it saved the party from losing the council.

The episode between Alison McGovern and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell isn’t a good sign, as bad as it was to stand her up, but to do so in order to make media appearances and bad mouth the organization that she chairs is a bit like contempt.

McGovern said:

“So I’m there waiting to meet him to talk about it and all the while he’d gone to the TV studio to call the organisation that I am chair of ‘hard-right Conservative’, of having a hard-right Conservative agenda. That’s not OK. We are all Labour members and we believe in having a Labour government – that’s what we are, nothing more nothing less. And, as I say, I don’t want to be on the telly talking about this but I have been backed into a corner and I have got no other choice now but to stand up and say ‘this is who we are’ and we should just get on with the business of getting a Labour government.”

It is probably more than likely that Jeremy Corbyn will have only one crack at being Prime Minister, either he wins the next election or he misses his window altogether.

I am wondering, given that Jeremy Corbyn spent so much time as a rebel, does he know how to be a leader?

Corbyn is facing further internal problems with two members of his shadow cabinet hinting they will quit if the party changes its policy to scrapping Trident.

I am pro Trident, the idea that we scrap the nuclear deterrent is plausible, and the argument of a windfall for public services if it is bogus.

If Owen Smith, the shadow work and pensions secretary, and Lord Falconer, the shadow justice secretary both leave, it won’t look good, why have a fight when you don’t need to, David Cameron successful side slipped one on his ministers being allowed to campaign against being in the EU.

The Labour Party needs a steady hand at present, stability, so that Jeremy Corbyn can get the entire party to rally round him.

Personally, I wouldn’t have sacked pro-Trident Maria Eagle from shadow defence secretary, and I am not a fan of her at all, but she is right, and to replace her with some like Emily Thornberry who knows nothing but defence is surreal.

It is time that Jeremy Corbyn learned the art of ‘making a deal’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University