Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Migrant crisis: Sweden introduces border checks in an attempt to deal with migrant crisis, the situation in Europe requires drastic action; a migrant has been shot when an unidentified assailant apparently opened fire on a centre for refugees in the German town of Dreieich, seems some people have lost faith in the political process

Dear All

First up, happy New Year 2016 to you and your family, hope all went well.

Now, let’s get back to politics, and as it is a new year, we still have the problems of last year on the European front.

Back in December 2015, I wrote this post:


The post was one of a series covering the migrant crisis, which has been a disaster for Europe.

One of the key points I mentioned is that border controls needed to be re-established right across Europe in all member states without exception. Although some people think that the Schengen area of free movement can be re-introduced or re modelled as a mini Schengen area, this is a non-starter.

The measures, I have blogged which are needed were:

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

It was only a matter of time before politicians would be forced to act and bring back border controls, but it seems that not everyone is happy about it, Germany has demanded talks after Sweden and Denmark introduced new ID checks at their borders to stop undocumented migrants fleeing the Middle East.

A spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said:

“We need one thing above all else, and that is a European solution.”

Having helped to escalate the crisis, and used threats to attempt to force through a quota system on member states, it seems that Angela Merkel now believes in co-operation and that a European solution is needed.

What a great pity she couldn't have arrived at such a notion prior to opening the flood gates and declaring open borders.

To address the migrant crisis a whole series of measures are needed and a new focus towards security is needed. The EU Border Force is needed to be brought online as soon as possible. This means that NATO will be needed as a temp measure working with civil authorities to stem the flow in the Med. A multi-national naval presence is needed to stop the flow into Europe. At the same time, by closing borders, all migrants need to be detained immediately.

It is understandable that the Swedish Government is demanded valid identification for those entering the country, after the Paris attacks, the mindset has changed. When the Swedes decided to take action, this resulted in a domino effect which saw Denmark retaliated by tightening its own border with Germany.

Although Germany has taken thousands of migrants in, the situation there as in the rest of Europe is changing, and it is being people led rather than politician led.

Why does Angela Merkel want a dialogue?

I would hazard that she knows or she has been told that violence is coming down the pipeline, and she thinks if she can disperse the problem across the whole of Europe that the problem somehow goes away.

It doesn’t!

Angela Merkel took in about 850,000 people, and given the tide isn’t stopping, she has created a massive problem, attempting to buy time isn’t an option, the situation requires immediate action. And, it has to be said she is sensitive to the criticism of the Centre-Right and far-right parties as are other European leaders.

Have a read of this post of 21st December as well:


Dutch Politicians fleeing out the back door into Police vans to escape not war, not hunger, not famine, not disease but their own electorate.

All of Europe needs to be locked down, the whole thing, this is the European solution that Merkel needs to start to look at, and as I wrote previously no non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country can travel to any other EU member state.

No exceptions.

There must be a consensus that these people will not be made EU citizens, this is the bitter pill which Merkel needs to face up to taking along with addressing other issues. Although she in part made the mess, Europe, all of Europe will be required to clean it up.

The EU’s Dublin treaty which stipulates that asylum should be claimed in the EU country a refugee first arrives in must be strictly enforced, and these people detained in camps. EU members as most people know are allowed to implement border checks for reasons of security, but wholesale restriction of travel for indefinite periods is not permitted. Given that a state of emergency exists across the entire EU, and due to the fact that Schengen is dead, it is clear that the rules need re-written as they are unable to cope.

I am not surprised that by the actions of the Swedes and Danish people, it seems that others by circumstance will have to follow suit. The new checks have had a significant effect on the ability of undocumented migrants to reach Swedish soil.

The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, who support the country’s minority conservative Government have welcomed the tightening of border controls.

Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl said that the regulation of borders “represented a step in the right direction”.

Having unregulated and undocumented migrants wandering about may seem all ‘warm and cuddly’, but remember this; they represent a threat to free of movement within the EU for citizens.

Something which needs to be talked about and will feature on the European agenda at some point is these people will need homes, jobs and other services of the state, and if they are getting them, then EU citizens aren’t, hence freedom of movement is in danger because of gridlock.

Big decisions are needed to be made, because the pressure is building, and it will be only be so long before it blows up in the faces of European leaders.

Maybe an item on the agenda should be the retirement of Angela Merkel, she is looking increasingly like she destroying the European Union, one thing is certain, her recent actions certainly did for European harmony.

Finally, a migrant has been shot at centre for 'refugee's in the German town of Dreieich near Frankfurt, remember when I said that protest would turn into violent protest, fists and stones will also turn into guns and knives, and people will end up dead.

We aren't at civil war, just yet, but we are on the road to possibly an increase in domestic terrorism which could ignite across Europe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Smudge said...

Angela Merkel is a treacherous fool. She is a danger to the whole of Europe. The people of Europe should rise up and throw the witch out.

G Laird said...

Hi Smudge

Merkel made Europe less safe which although wasn't her objective was a result of her actions.


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

You are right about Merkel, however your last bit is a bit ott.


Anonymous said...

Little known SNP policy if they had won the Day on Independence.
Allow 24,000 skilled immigrants per year to work here. Family members allowed after 1 year.
Doesn't Scotland have unemployed skilled workers?

Anonymous said...

On Merkel, look at what has happened in Cologne.

Anonymous said...

sorry Georgie boy, makes me so mad I become unreasonable , cheers mate for keeping me right, you are a gentleman