Friday, January 22, 2016

The road to Civil War: Germany should close its borders to refugees, Angela Merkel's own transport minister, new political will is needed in Europe as Angela Merkel fails to protect her own country, view the video of 16 year old Bibi Wilhailm, she speaks of rape of children by migrants

Dear All

I have always been a fan of the European Union, you can find countless articles on the blog which I stated my views on this, I know that the European Union isn’t perfect but then what is.

When the migrant crisis started, many people in politics were quick to jump on the #refugeeswelcome bandwagon, they had found a cause, people seemly in peril, the wish to do good deeds and it looked like a ‘win win’ situation.

I didn’t jump on the refuges welcome bandwagon; I stood back because the major issue which was ignored was national security. Angela Merkel’s open borders gaffe was the most damaging statement ever produced by an EU leader.

The mood in Germany has been changing as the stream of migrants just poured into the country like an invading army. The recent game changer was the sex attacks in Cologne, but that forced its way onto the pages on the mainstream media. But let’s not forget the Paris attacks, the rapes in Sweden by migrants, and the countless other incidents both big and small you can readily see online by doing a bit of digging.

Who would have thought that someone has senior as Donald Tusk would have said that migrants need to be put into detention camps? I adopted this as a position right from the start again, if you do the research on the blog, you will many of the ideas I floated have now come into mainstream thinking in Europe. Eventually people do come to the George Laird view, prior to getting there the situation gets worse and worse.

The European Union needs to totally close it borders to migrant traffic, the building of detention camps is now a priority, we cannot tolerate any longer the nonsense and inaction due to lack of political will to act.

I will spell it out, Angela Merkel has to go.

Now, Angela Merkel's own transport minister says Germany should close its borders to migrants, he added that the country can no longer show its "friendly face" if the number of refugees arriving doesn't fall soon. The wish for a fall off is naïve; the flow will not stop, unless action is taken to do so physically. The German civil authorities cannot cope, so what does that mean?

It means moblising the military, not just in Germany but right across the EU, in 28 member states, since we are all in NATO, a command structure already exists to co-ordinate such an operation. We have to remove these people from society until such time as they are vetted, it may mean that some migrants will not be let out of detention camps except to return to their own country.

Alexander Dobrindt wants the German chancellor to prepare to shut the country’s borders unless other European countries agreed to help reduce migrant numbers.

Quick question, how would you like to see the sex attacks of Cologne come to the streets of the UK?

Just because people are migrants doesn’t automatically mean they are nice people, the rapes in Germany and Sweden show what happens when commonsense and national security are overridden by people who seize the political agenda for their own ends.

Mr Dobrindt said:

“I urgently advise: we must prepare ourselves for not being able to avoid border closures. I would advise us all to prepare a plan B.”

Plan B is dumping the problem onto others, this isn’t a plan, and is entirely unacceptable to the leaders of other EU countries, Germany created their own problem, their solution is detention camps and deportation.

This is the only way to secure Europe.

To show how badly Merkel is doing, she has promised to reduce the number of arrivals this year, but has refused to impose an upper limit as she said it would be impossible to enforce without closing Germany's borders.

Worthless rhetoric, she has lost control of the situation, to attempt to force other European countries to take in quotas of migrants is wrong, and will alienate her position further, she isn’t working with people she is trying to dictate. 

Someone else who doesn’t get it appears to be Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a member of the Social Democrats, said it would not solve Europe's refugee crisis closing borders.

You couldn’t make this up, he waffles on about it was essential to address the conflict in Syria, as well as working with Syria's neighbours to manage the refugee flow, he should be talking about a military blockade in the Med, building of a permanent border which access is only allowed as key checkpoints so illegal migrants can’t just boogie across the borders as they wish.

One thing which is also on the rise is unhappiness that politicians aren’t listening to people, across Europe, people are buying firearms, there is genuine fear, and that we will see more violence and a rise in the fortunes of the far right, who will gain seats.

Once the far right gets into power, they will do so via the ballot box, by popular demand, the Europe we know will suffer, the migrant crisis must be halted and that can only be done by the military and that means force.

In popular culture in times of crisis, the people look to a hero; it may come a time when the opposite is needed, someone has to be the ‘bad guy’ or the European Union will be finished, strong leadership is needed in Europe.

That person will come with a simple message; the word to migrants will be…… No!

If you want a sense of what the situation is like on the ground read this:

Apparently it is being censored by Facebook, what happened to free speech?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

The reason the video of the German girl keeps being removed is simple to explain;

Angela Merkel want things like this censored!

"Surely it is news reports like this that ought to be stopped? For they are just the sort of thing that might make people less than 100% ‘yay’ about the transformation of their continent. And some of them may then write about their feelings on social media.

So Chancellor Merkel won’t be able to sort out her Facebook problem until she’s sorted out her press problem. But she won’t be able to sort out her press problem until she finds some way to sort out her facts problem. And what – apart from opening Europe’s doors to the world – is Frau Merkel doing about that?"

There in a nutshell is your answer folks.

Anonymous said...

Gratitude to Europe won't last long soon "refugees" will become resentful that the dream of high wages big car and the dream are just that. A dream.
I agree with you George too many have arrived.

Freddy said...

Well said George just seen Merkel on telly virtually wringing her hands fiddling whilst the EU burns.

Anonymous said...

The utter stupidity of that woman (Merkel) knows no bounds. And my fellow leftists have taken their eye off the ball and only seem to be complaining about the right wing 'gleefully' saying "we told you so" and yet they cannot admit that this gleefulness was only made possible by their bungling, and allowing a terrible situation to unfold out of being 'nice'. Deep down they are panicking because while we all love a good scrap metaphorically speaking with our political opponents, the floating voters are getting angry, and they and Merkel are desperately trying to slam the stable door shut when in actual fact, the horse has not only bolted, but broken its leg and had its brains blown out by the vet. What's more, the harder they try to keep the lid on this the worse it will get and more likely to blow up in their faces.

For the record, I know what it's like to be sexually assaulted, and I once had the unenviable task of protecting a girl from a serial rapist, so I know what it is like to face garbage like that, and my heart goes out to anyone who has encountered that in Germany (and Sweden, and anywhere else for that matter).

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile Sturgeon blethers on about the EU referendum. "Not fair" to hold it in June. Well, about time she woke up an listened to the genuine concerns people have, but this is a woman who boasted how oil prices would be sky high........

Migration has to stop - now. Services are already overstretched as it is. I'm in favour of humanitarian aid etc, but we cannot save the world. The problem that I can see is that many of migrants are not refugees at all, and we saw this in Germany not so long ago. Merkel is a bloody idiot who has completely misread the situation.