Thursday, January 21, 2016

End of the political road for Alex Salmond; former First Minister tries to goad US Presidential hopefully Donald Trump onto his radio show by calling him a "chicken", deluded Salmond sinks further down the political food chain, he has totally lost the plot thinking he has become a great wit, a blind man sees more

Dear All

Have you ever watched a movie and one of the bad guys falls into quicksand and you watch as he thrashes about desperately trying to save himself?

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is in political quicksand, he is sinking, and as he realizes his time is nearly over, he thrashes about trying to claim the attention he once had as First Minister of Scotland.

When Alex Salmond got a slot on a radio show to promote himself, he took his first step onto thin ice. Claiming he would shoot from the hip, so far he keeps hitting his foot. Salmond is using the LBC network to ramp up his war of words with Donald Trump. From best buddies one minute; mortal enemies the next, where and why did this all start?

It started when Alex Salmond wanted Donald Trump to sign off on a prewritten letter saying that Trump supported the release of the Lockerbie Bomber Al Megrahi. The SNP were roundly condemned in the US, and by the American Government for the releasing Al Megrahi and as such the SNP sought allies to less the bad PR hit on them.

Donald Trump refused, and I can understand totally his reasons for doing so, his business would have suffered a serious loss of reputation, in fact, it was a stupid move by Alex Salmond and the SNP highlighting how lacking in ‘statesmanship’ they actually are. Salmond thought the world revolved round him when in fact he was just a political non entity in the US. He wanted to snub the British Government who had done an agreement with Libya, a classic two fingers up to them, petty is the norm in the SNP under his leadership.

So, we have Salmond a falling star, trying to hitch his star to Donald Trump, whose star is on the rise, it looks increasingly likely that the republican race is turning into a one horse race, and with the Democrats looking weak, could we be seeing President Trump walk into the White House?

Stranger things happen at sea!

Salmond has branded Trump a “chicken” and threatening to “kick his ass” if the US presidential ever called into his weekly radio show.

Would I call if I was Trump?

Not a chance, as Triump aptly put it, Salmond is a “has-been,” who has been “an embarrassment for Scotland”.

Truth hurts doesn’t it, there is Salmond trying to set up his Court in London and use the radio station to promote himself, and in reality he has nothing left to offer.

Alex Salmond marched Scotland up the hill telling his legions he was leading them to independence only to have the embarrassment of turning them all around and walking back down the hill with his tail between his legs.

Total humiliation, next morning after his defeat, he resigned as SNP leader, in the huff, and looking miserable and dejected.

Earlier this week, Salmond jumped on the bandwagon to support calls to ban Trump from Britain over outspoken controversial remarks regarding a total ban on Muslims entering the United States. This would mean, regardless of country, if you are a Muslim, you can’t enter America. This is said to be similar to a ban by President Jimmy Carter who banned Iranians, Trump said his ban would be a temporary measure while America worked out how to deal with the increasing threat posed by Islamic Terror Groups such as Isis.

Salmond said that Trump’s exclusion from the UK would “do him good”.

If elected, I suspect many of the Scottish National Party might find themselves excluded from the US as Trump may consider that this will do ‘them’ good as well.

Salmond previously branded Trump “three times a loser”, I suspect if a list is drawn up then Salmond would feature top of the list.

With Trump’s bandwagon rolling along quite nicely, he has been endorsed by ex-Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, Salmond says that this is the kiss of death to his candidacy, no, it is not; Trump is going from strength to strength.

The fall of Salmond will be slow and painful, each time he takes to the air to try and keep his ‘popularity’, he will drive people away, his rants will get wilder, and this slope he won’t climb back up from, one way all the way!

Who calls someone ‘chicken’, Donald Trump is a successful businessman, I don’t like his style as I have said before, he like Salmond likes to bully his way to get what he wants, and people like Salmond helped in re the golf course. Ordinary people were ignored when the Trump organization wanted their land, where was Alex Salmond then to protect their rights?

The coward kept his mouth shut.  

On Monday a three-hour parliamentary debate was held on whether or not Mr Trump should be banned from the UK after more than 570,000 people signed a petition, that petition wasn’t binding on the Government to ban him, and it failed.

Salmond has spoken out to ban Trump; he got that wrong, much in the same way he got the mood for Scottish independence wrong, he has lost the feel for politics, lost the plot and lost the feel for what is right.

You could make a case for asking has Salmond lost his marbles!

A spokesman for The Trump Organisation said: 

“Mr. Salmond has become increasingly unpopular and should find something better to do with his time.”

I think if Salmond wants to visit the US, he should do so prior to the US Presidential election, post election he might have a tricky time getting passed US Customs.

I am almost tempted to declare for Donald Trump myself to see how Alex Salmond reacts to getting his own ban on entering the US.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. I'd love to see SNP MSPs and MPs banned from USA. I'd quite like to ban them from UK.

Freddy said...

Reminds me of the John Bishop gig in glasgow in 2014 he did a bit where the punchline involved Salmond screaming at the end it should have been me , its a pity he didn't keep it in on the final release. I wonder how long the radio gig will last and if the listening figures have increased .

Anonymous said...

excellent piece Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

I personally despise them both, but I clock Trump's rise to stagnating wages of the middle class, and they're saying 'yeah, yeah, women's equality and a female president is all very well and good but what about my wages?' Although, I thoroughly enjoy the idea of the SNP being banned from the USA I still think Trump is too much of a nob to endorse.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder what the diplomatic atmosphere would have been like had Scotland voted for independence. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

One of the many annoying things about Eck is that,for some, he is the messiah. No matter what he says or does, they will support him. The snp break all the previously accepted rules and have no understanding of how they appear to normal people. They are, literally a law unto themselves. However, there is one rule which even they cannot set aside. That is that all politicians and political parties have a shelf life. If the snp were a normal political party, that shelf life would have expired by now. Their determination to flout all the rules will only carry them so far. Anyone with their record in government would normally expect to be obliterated at the polls. The prediction that the snp will do well at the upcoming election is incomprehensible to us but it may come true. In any event, as you have observed, independence is dead and we can comfort ourselves with that

nick said...

Excellent piece! Thank you.

Smudge said...

Maybe 570.000 signed the petition to have Donald Trump banned from the UK, but 62 million of us never signed it. I saw Flipper Tasmina Sheik shouting her neck off, but what did she have to say about SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie's aide, SNP councillor (ex) Craig Melville,,, nothing!! This hateful racist Craig Melville said EXTREME, VILE, HATEFUL COMMENT about Muslims in general, in some text messages he sent to a female colleague. These messages were so full of utter hatred towards Muslims, that i think the police should have been involved. What Donald Trump said in his comment included the words, muslims banned, "until we sort this out". Of course Tasmina Sheik was all over this like a rash, but guess what, she had NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT SNP COUNCILLOR CRAIG MELVILLE,, I wonder why. I hope the SNP are banned from the USA.

Anonymous said...

Great wit? Missed the "t" off the front ...

Aldo said...

Salmond thinks he's a great statesman.

Somehow I can't imagine Gladstone, Disraeli, Churchill, Roosevelt, or Thatcher threatening to kick someone's "ass".

The man has lost it.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

The jolly fat man may have more in common with Trumpetty trump than he knows. Trumpo is on record as claiming he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still not lose votes. Salmon seems to think that way too.

sicituradastra said...

Haha your right there... Its going to be interesting to see how far Trump will go but I would imagine the white house is a feasible scenario.. Don't pick fights with a future president of the USA.