Monday, January 18, 2016

The Great Escape: SNP Councillor Mhairi Hunter leaves residents of Govanhill in no doubt that they voted in a major dullard as she does a body swerve to bypass residents in the ghetto that she represents, ‘I am in a hurry’ she says as she scuttles off, residents want to talk about the living conditions from hell

Dear All

Have you ever heard the expression ‘chip off the old block’?

It is generally used to complement someone who has rising to the occasion.

Some time ago, I did a blog post on the Sunny Govan radio hustings for the Glasgow City Council elections in 2012 in my capacity as a ‘roving reporter’. Basically, I got on the bus, went a few stops and wandered into a meeting.

In my blog post I highlighted that the SNP Govan Councillor Allison Hunter was a complete dud, she never represented the area properly, she was a nasty vile woman, and her lack of activism in the area stretched over years in other posts was the norm.

I also pointed out how rather petty she was as an individual by relating my personal experience when dealing with her, highlighting actual incidents between the two of us such as:

‘Here is a story, I always remember, on one occasion I was abandoned in the street after an SNP event as Allison Hunter, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. There was an empty seat in the vehicle, and they were going back towards where I lived’.

And on another occasion, I was verbally abused by Allison Hunter at the Glasgow Council for the 2010 election. So much for Allison Hunter being the ‘great leader’ as described by Alex Salmond!

As I understand it the SNP decided to brand her ‘auntie’ Allison after her death to make her look all warn and cuddly as they dedicated and named an SNP training school after her.

What a joke.

Having met the mother, I have also met the daughter, in the shape of Mhairi Hunter, she isn’t any better. At one SNP meeting I had to look up as she read off a piece of paper, the SNP manifesto for the Council election.

I thought I had stumbled into an 8 year olds reading class.

It was so painful to listen to that I wanted to shout out ‘for fucksake read faster’ but I didn’t, I sat in silence, then came the Q&A which for the most part both Mhairi Hunter and her mother couldn’t answer the questions put to them despite saying they had worked on this manifesto for some time.

“I will get back to you” was the stock answer.

Mhairi Hunter went on to become the SNP Councillor for Ward 8 which is Glasgow Southside, and if you check the register of interests, she is listed as a Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

I was sent a video of Mhairi Hunter which I feel I have to share on the blog, as you know the residents of Govanhill are living in a ghetto; Nicola Sturgeon is the MSP who is missing in action, as you can see by the previous blog post. When asked to speak to Mhairi Hunter, she replied, ‘I am in a hurry’ and bolted like a rat out of a drainpipe.  

What is interesting is how the people of Govanhill are speaking to her as if she is mentally challenged after she fobs them off.

The mother was a political loser and so is the daughter, in 2017, the people of Govanhill should get their own representatives to fix their community or candidates in parties willing to do the graft.

Govanhill is a ghetto, it is a slum that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t care about; no SNP Cllr, MP or MSP lives in the area so they don’t care, but the people are rising, it is time that they upped the ante with a series of protests outside SNP events, SNP Surgeries and even outside Nicola Sturgeon’s Office.

It’s time for what the SNP call ‘community justice’ measures to create the kind of stink that the mainstream press cannot ignore. The SNP Government has starved Glasgow of resources, failed to stand up for the people, and allowed a ghetto to thrive by neglect.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Maybe some of the other people who pop into the blog could do a little work on it George :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I have had guest posts in the past on the blog.


Freddy said...

A full size expose is needed George and identifying the slum landlords, the council should be able to compulsory purchase from them and renovate them. Lets have a look at the people living in them as well.

Angus McKay said...

24 comments on todays Evening Times article: "Revealed: West End and South Side's 'messiest' streets". Comment from Fiona Jordan, heading the campaign for "Let’s Save Govanhill" deleted. Someone or some people don’t want the public to know what’s happening in Govanhill.

My reply (still there) to Fiona …

"Hi Fiona,

Your MSP isn’t listening. She’ll be starting out on her campaign to keep herself in as the overseer of Govanhill. Paying a visit, shaking your hands. Wonder if she’ll dare go through the closes, into the backgreens, climb the stairs, knock on your doors? Don’t listen to her - why vote for more of the same?"

Liz said...

Great Blog George
Thanks for putting it out there appreciated

G Laird said...

Dear Liz

Thank you for your comment, you should consider standing people for council in 2017 as independents, or if you can find a suitable candidate in a political party willing to do the work back them.

One thing you do know is that the current crop of 4 elected SNP members are duds, generally a First Minister's constituency is well taken care of by their staff, can you say of Govanhill?

I stood for election as an indy council candidate, the staff at City Chambers very helpful and knowledgeable, it costs nothing to stand, but you need to pay for leaflets, running a campaign can cost next to nothing as well, its mostly just your time, and those helping you.

To do it right you have to put in the effort but you're campaigning anyway.

If you get about £2,000 you can stand against Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood election and moblise the local residents as well to campaign against her, it would attract publicity and cause a stink against the SNP. Cost £500 deposit and you would need leaflets to do the entire constituency but it could be done.

If interested in further info can drop me a line on the blog.


Anonymous said...

If any resident from Govanhill wishes to stand against Sturgeon in the forthcoming elections I've got a couple of spare 20s to help fund them.
George is quite correct it's mostly a bit of effort to stand. And residents are campaigning already. Govanhill was an area that people aspired to. Then Nicola took you all for granted.
You are all being treated very badly.
As a small donation I'll pay 1/5 of your Candidate Deposit.

Anonymous said...

I've met Mhairi on dozens of occasions. You described her some time ago as a "Dullard".
Spot on George.
She is Nicolas best mate. Hence the reason she is a Councillor.
Thick as two very short planks.
Shorter than short.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"If any resident from Govanhill wishes to stand against Sturgeon in the forthcoming elections I've got a couple of spare 20s to help fund them".

I think this is a good idea.

"George is quite correct it's mostly a bit of effort to stand. And residents are campaigning already. Govanhill was an area that people aspired to. Then Nicola took you all for granted".

Nicola Sturgeon betrayed the people.

"You are all being treated very badly".

It's a ghetto of unbelieveable decline.

"As a small donation I'll pay 1/5 of your Candidate Deposit".

Hopefully one the residents will take up your offer.


G Laird said...

Hi Anon

"I've met Mhairi on dozens of occasions. You described her some time ago as a "Dullard".
Spot on George."

In politics I am well known for having the finger on the pulse.

"She is Nicolas best mate. Hence the reason she is a Councillor".

I didn't know Nicola had any 'pals' is this is a new thing?

"Thick as two very short planks".

I wonder what her IQ actually is?

"Shorter than short".

You must know her very well, apt description.


Anonymous said...

Hello George , read your post. Good stuff. Can you contact me PM on FB maybe? Michael Dooley

Michael Dooley said...

George sorry that you have not been on contact, I suppose people like you just vent on your blogs, I thought you had an interest in supporting the residents of the Govanhill slum.

G Laird said...

Hi Michael

I did what you asked and sent a message to Facebook, however, there are two Michael Dooley on Facebook from what I see, and I contacted both of them, also it would be handy if you had left an email contact on your previous post.

My mesaage

"28 SEPTEMBER 12:13

hi Michael my name is George Laird, did you happen to contact me on my blog? if not sorry for troubling you, as there are more than one person with your name on facebook".


I followed through and the messages I sent are still logging on my Facebook account.