Wednesday, January 6, 2016

EU Referendum: Prime Minister David Cameron plays a smart game allowing his Ministers to campaign either way in the European referendum, in local news, SNP demand a ‘guarantee’ that Scotland will not be dragged out of EU against its will, new year but old grievance style politics from the politically irrelevant SNP at Westminster, someone take them out for a happy meal!

Dear All

Yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron dodged a bullet on Europe by saying that Conservative Minister could campaign for a vote to leave the European Union.

That was quite smart, why have a needless fight when you don’t have to, the official UK Government position is of course to vote to remain.

Conservatives have always had an uneasy relationship with Europe dating back decades; the infighting has always been bitter and now and then spills onto the front pages of the press.

And who could forget the John Major interview when he referred to the ‘three bastards’ sitting in the Cabinet.

As well all know, Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom in 2014, Scots voted decisively to stay part of the union.

I actively campaigned for a No vote, it was the right thing to do because it saved jobs and services, and then there was the rather thorny issue of trust which the SNP couldn’t overcome.

Now, the next big fight is Europe, the referendum to remain part of 28 member states, the decision isn’t clear cut that there will be a Yes vote to stay. People look at Europe and see trouble, and more importantly they see no real political will to fix and produce change.

And if anything is more needed it is a reformed Europe.

As the Battle of Britain was fought and won, the Battle for Europe is just starting, tagging along in the rear is the Scottish National Party who are seen as ‘pro Europe’ or as I see it pro Euro, pro access to the European Central Bank. During the Scottish independence campaign, they made claims of automatic membership which as we all know was all lies!

Now the ‘defenders of the faith’ are back, this time to demand guarantees Scotland will not be forced out of the European Union against its will. The problem with that nonsense is that Scotland will not be voting as a country in much the same way that England will not be voting as a country.

It’s the old ‘one man, one vote’; situation when totalled up, the majority of the people of ‘one united kingdom’ will decide, that is democracy in action. The SNP in the shape of fake Scot Angus Robertson think he has the right demand that if the vote is to leave overall but there is a majority in Scotland that the wishes of everyone else in the United Kingdom must be ignored.

Again, this is just grudge, grievance and malcontent; it is all about talking nonsense and doing nothing while trying to justify his existence.

If the majority of people vote to leave the European Union then the United Kingdom should leave.

There is a case for staying but there is also a case which can be made for leaving, you will have to decide that as an individual.

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union would be a major event in European politics, it may be the catalyst that is needed to kickstart the long overdue reforms and help the EU to evolve.

Something needs to happen; Europe is paralysed politically by dogma.

If we vote to go, it is reckoned by some people that we would be about 8% better off, but money isn’t everything, what is concerning is the lack of control of borders for many people. This is something which doesn’t appear to have worried many people in Europe until the migrant crisis, now border controls are back.

The ordinary Britain is much like the ordinary German or Frenchman; we all have the same problems and concerns.

I have no time for Angus Robertson, to me he is a clown, and an unfunny one at that, to ask David Cameron to “give a guarantee that, if Scotland votes to remain within the EU, it will stay” is nonsense.

Legally it cannot and wouldn’t be allowed, we are either all in or all out; the treaty is with the United Kingdom, not individual parts of the UK.

Some people are either simple or they are trying to con the Scottish people.

Robertson said:

“The people of Scotland want to know if they will be taken out of the European Union against their will.”

I don’t, and Robertson doesn’t speak for me.

If it happens then I will respect the result either way, I have always been pro Europe but it is difficult to continue to hold that position in the face of intransigence by the Franco/German alliance, particularly Merkel.

Angela Merkel has done tremendous damage to Europe, she is a roadblock to a reformed European Union; Europe really does need to change to fix problems. Nothing is ever perfect but things could be made so much better.

Muslim list SNP MSP Humza Yousaf said the decision to have a free vote among UK Government ministers was “deeply worrying and could potentially move the UK closer to the EU exit”.

People allowed to exercise the democratic right to speak out, to campaign and to vote is deeply worrying?

As people know David Cameron is playing a smart game and adopting a policy used by Labour premier Harold Wilson way back in 1975 to avoid damaging resignations by his senior UK Government colleagues in Cabinet.

Since the SNP is a cult and its members are told what to think by what some term as the ‘Yestapo’ you don’t get a difference of opinion.

And the European vote is too important to listen to an endless diatribe of SNP 'brainwashed' morons all saying the same thing from a prepared crib sheet.

The SNP are politically irrelevant at Westminster, this fool’s errand by the SNP trying to hoodwink Scots that Scotland can get a guarantee to remain part of the EU and that we are voting as ‘Scotland’ is completely disingenuous.

It stinks of contempt for the people of Scotland.

If you think the UK should remain in the European Union then vote Yes, if you think it should leave then vote No, but take the time to read up for yourself.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of voting Yes at the moment George, but I'm also open to suggestions. Mainly because in Europe I think that the UK is needed to stop the French and the Germans messing about like Merkel has, really.

But hey, if Brexit is the way forward - I'm just not entirely convinced yet.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I think many people are the same as yourself, really unsure but as events unfold in Europe, you might come down more on one side of the argument.

This issue isn't straight forward.

You have to ask what does the EU mean to you, what does it do to affect you and your community, and what do you believe are the plus and negative points.


Freddy said...

I'm relatively pro Europe George but like everyone else I'm horrified by the situation at the moment especially vis a vis the refugee situation and the de facto collapse of the Schengen area. That aint to say i won't throw my hat in with the leaving camp if it looks like going that way just to poke a small part of the stick in Sturgeons face. Looking at the news from Germany especially from Cologne there's lots of trouble ahead.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on one the drones explaining the difference between Westminster rule and Brussels rule?
Maybe Conan could explain it to someone such as me?
Another thing. ... how could Cameron possibly guarantee Scottish membership? Especially as we are
not members at time of referendum.
We've never been members of the EU.
And never will be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks George - I'll think carefully rest assured, and you're absolutely right, it is a complex situation. For now though, I have yet to be convinced by the 'Out' camp.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

You are seeing things spiral upwards.

The situation in Cologne is terribly bad, and it isn't just confined to Cologne which is a lovely city, its happening elsewhere in Germany too.

As you know Merkel made a huge mistake and now Europe will be swept with violence.


Anonymous said...

Merkel just killed the European experiment stone dead


Anonymous said...

S said...

After Scotland, (through the SNP) insulted France big time, by not backing air strikes in Syria, France, along with Spain, and possibly others, would veto any attempt by the SNP to allow Scotland entry into the EU. The SNP insulted the memory of those killed in the Paris terror attack, many wont forget that. Sturgeon and her "BRAINWASHED CULT" really are a dangerous disgrace to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Also, just occurred to me: the SNP tried to break up a country in 2014, probably against the will of most people living there, and yet they have the nerve to complain about the shoe being on the other foot as regards to Europe?