Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Europe in Crisis, the mass migrant attacks in Germany will plunge Europe towards greater violence, Angela Merkel opened the floodgates but the ‘regressive left’ held them open, now people are arming themselves for protection, a new policy of detention and deportation is needed across the EU if civil war is to be avoided

Dear All

The sex attacks in Germany and elsewhere have shocked the European Union, the scale of the attacks and numbers involved has stunned people into disbelief. When the migrant crisis was emerging as a major topic, politicians fell over themselves in a bidding war of ‘who cares the most’.

To that end, there was a concentrated campaign to hold up signs saying ‘refugees welcome’.

The same people post Cologne aren’t talking much about refugees, this isn’t surprising given the rapes, sexual assaults, violence and robberies which have come to light.

Decades ago, I visited Cologne, it is a great city, a beautiful city to visit and the people were very friendly. If there was a German city I had to pick to live in then Cologne would be near the top of the list alongside Berlin. It is worth going to just visit the Cathedral which is spectacular both inside and out.

Yesterday, I came across a video online which I am posting with this story; it was an incident with migrants and some French people. What is interesting is the fact that I said sooner or later people would be arming themselves with firearms. Pay close attention to the Frenchman, he was carrying a concealed pistol, and his demeanour clearly showed he had firearms training. What you are looking for was the fact he didn’t pull out his weapon, but he was ready to use it, classic threat analysis and calm despite the situation.

I expect a steep rise in the sales of firearms across the entire EU, this is already happening in Germany and Austria, and it will continue elsewhere, and people will die.

A Syrian man has been shot dead by French police last week, he may have taken part in the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve; previously he was arrested in Cologne for sexual assault in 2014. Angela Merkel is making noises about deportations for people who don’t respect German law, too little, too late. I see German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s position as being untenable, much like the position the Police Chief of Cologne found himself in.

He had to go and he did.

Do you remember my idea of that both civil and military force was needed to ensure national security in the European Union? It appears the Swedes are considering conscription, interesting, but again like Germany, too little, too late. Stand offs, face offs don’t solve the problem, detainment and deportation out of the European Union to a possible third location is needed.

Although warfare is a dirty business by its nature, rape isn’t a common tactic, even among terrorists. Given this happening across Europe, it may have been designed to stir up the indigenous population to escalate into a civil war type situation. Gang violence that becomes gang warfare which then becomes open warfare seems to a logic course. If that does happen, then you will see detention camps and deportations but also a new political class emerging across the continent, perhaps not what you are commonly used to seeing or hearing if you are a trendy liberal.  

The Isis supporter Walid Salihi previously arrested in Cologne for sexual assault rather puts an end to refugees welcome in my opinion. Britain has been lucky; this is because whether some like it or not the Prime Minister David Cameron went for taking people from refugee camps and only after they were vetted. It was a sensible view to take, because what happened in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities could happen here.

And the Police would similarly be unprepared for such criminal activity.

According to a German police report, it seems that Walid Salihi is said to have 'rubbed the behinds of females' and touched their 'intimate parts. Another thing about Walid Salihi was his use of several aliases. In 2014, the German authorities should have locked him up, and made ready to deport him.

Uwe Jacob, director of the local state criminal office in Germany said:

'We don't know who the man really is.'

And that is really the problem which wasn’t addressed by politicians in Europe, the press filled up everyone’s head with pictures of children to present an image which completely ignoring the seriousness of the national security issues.

And of course we have what some term the ‘regressive left’ who used the race card to silence dissent; they are in part to blame for what has happened in Europe.

To recap, that would be rape, sexual assault, violence and robbery, after helping to cause these problems, these people have disappeared, gone very quiet, because they are waiting for something to happen to use it to further their agenda to seize power, influence and control the narrative to fit their agenda.

Salihi is dead; he died when he tried to enter a police station in Barbes, northern Paris, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' and threatening officers with a knife. This was to mark the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. He had been apprehended by German police three times in the past during his stay in Germany for drug possession, causing bodily harm, threats, thefts and unlawful weapons possession.

When he was shot he was wearing a fake bomb vest and carrying a piece of paper pledging allegiance to ISIS. By the testimony of his room mate sharing with him in an asylum home, he said:

'He became aggressive very quickly, especially when it came to matters of religious belief. All non-believers were 'worthless' to him and had to die.'

The question which needs to be address among others is how many other people like Walid Salihi are currently wandering around cities in Europe? These types of people are predators, they cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be integrated and they represent a threat to life, social cohesion and community.

And by community, I mean everyone, regardless of colour, religion, gender or sexuality.

There is a highly charged debate in Germany about Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door policy on refugees and migrants, she got it wrong, she was unprepared and she was short sighted. The Mayor of Cologne was ridiculed for suggesting that German women should follow a ‘code of conduct’ to stop being raped and sexually assaulted, she has since backtracked on this stupidity. What advice does she have for homosexuals, Isis fighters like to throw them off high buildings, never enter a building above a single storey? In truth everyone is in danger, and with people forming into large groups, how long before violence is the norm?

I expect the illegal firearm trade in Europe to do a roaring trade, especially among those who don’t do diplomacy.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Thank You.

Freddy said...

I think Merkel's goose is cooked George thank goodness we live on an island. The backlash from this is going to be immense not that it will bother the ordinary politicians they are insulated. Cue a right wing populist demagougue and we are all in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing George, I said to a few of my liberal friends in September during the crisis and they were saying all sorts of nonsense of how we British should be ashamed of ourselves for not taking in as many as Merkel because these people need help. Now, I'm pretty liberal and pro-immigration myself (providing that the immigrants aren't race baiters, mafiosos or terrorism loving religious nuts) but I gently pointed out that not only are many of these migrants and refugees ill prepared for a liberal culture, but they're probably psychologically traumatised by war (just think of the effect it can have on fighting men, and imagine what that'd do to civilians), and an unprepared acceptance of refugees on that scale would be cruel to them because they'd end up living in squalor. As it happens it turns out that I was right, unfortunately.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I think Merkel has to go, certainly new leadership is needed in Europe, and it will be centre right because people will demand action.


Anonymous said...

All sadly true. Vigilante groups (to protect women) will develop into militias. There will be at least 4: patriotic Germans, Muslims, Leftists and the State. If the State realise their folly and side with the people things could possibly work out okay . If they side with the other two, as seems likely, civil war, or something like it looms.

Anonymous said...

Designer clothes, iPhones and willingness to fight (over here, not in the home country) that's why I don't have sympathy for them.

Stuart 64W said...

Merkel is toast now, there is no way back for her after Cologne...

As for the immigrants, unless firm action is taken quickly to deal with those behind these attacks, then law and order will break down.

People need to see law enforcement works.

It's telling that on the night of the attacks in Cologne there were only 70 police officers available.

When Germans in Cologne protested against what had happened they were met with 1700 police and water cannon!

If you were a German citizen in Cologne, what does that tell you?

No wonder they are forming militia's.

It's only going to take a few more incidents of this ilk to undermine the established order.

Perhaps that is what is needed, as the existing establishment is complacent and out of touch.

Clearly as these attacks took place all over Europe, then the EU has a major problem on it's hands.

I'm not sure it is capable of dealing with it.

Anonymous said...

Nearly a million of military age have "invaded" Europe.
How long til they see us as the oppressor and a touch soft?
Uniform , drill, discipline and sent back to fight for their homeland.
It won't be long for the apologists to claim "it's their culture".
What to treat women to sexual abuse?
I argue really strongly to help refugees having grandparents who fled their countries but now there are too many with grievances and too immersed in religious and cultural dogma with revenge in mind.

JF said...

And Sturgeon wanted to open the floodgates to Scotland!!

Smudge said...

I totally agree with Anonymous at 2.23 pm. We don't want them over here,,, trouble is brewing big time. Donald Trump tell the truth,, the rest are all liars and chancers. Go home and sort your own country out. I wonder how the inhabitants on the Isle of Bute are getting on, I wonder how the housing list has been altered in favour on Bute's new incomers.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon still wants to open the floodgates. Think of all those extra votes once the indigenous population finally wake up to the fact that the SNP are going nowhere.

Anyone arrested and convicted of a sexual offence who is a migrant / refugee should be shipped back to where they came from. Screw human rights - what about the rights of their victims?

Anonymous said...

nailed it georgieboy

Anonymous said...


worth a look georgieboy