Friday, January 29, 2016

Odious SNP MP Natalie McGarry forced into an apology to JK Rowling after accusing the bestselling author of 'supporting misogynist trolls', McGarry is known for using the misogynist label at people she doesn't like, this time she used it once too often, her twitter account is locked again, how many times does that make now Nicola Sturgeon?

Dear All

You are familiar with the old saying that ‘buses come in three’s’?

It seems that the elected odious SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been having a bad time of late, firstly, named in a criminal witness statement by me for linking my blog to a hate account setup by her friend Tommy Ball who pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court in October 2015.

Next up, Natalie McGarry is reported to Police Scotland by her comrades in Women for Independence after a huge sum of money cannot be located from a paypal account controlled by McGarry and linked to her personal bank account. 

McGarry denies any wrongdoing. 

Now, we have the third ‘bus’ or busted up leading to Natalie McGarry yet again locking her twitter account up after JK Rowling threatened legal action against her for accusing the author of supporting a “misogynist Twitter troll”. One of the standby accusations that McGarry likes to throw about is the label ‘misogynist’ at people, her friend Tommy Ball, he likes to use the word ‘paedophile’.

Rather than taking McGarry’s crap, the Harry Potter author repeatedly challenged the MP to explain how she has "defended misogyny and abuse" in a twitter row most of yesterday. One wonders how someone like Natalie McGarry managed to pass SNP selection, but when you understand her mother is an SNP Cllr, her auntie is the Presiding Officer at Holyrood, and McGarry is a personal friend of Nicola Sturgeon, it might become clearer.

Nicola Sturgeon personally backed Natalie McGarry who is part of Sturgeon’s nasty vicious southside clique in Glasgow. 

JK Rowling sent a "good man" message to a Tweeter called Brian Spanner who had said he had contributed to children's charity Lumos. ‘Brian’ is a unionist tweeter known for his use of biting comedy aimed at the Nationalists. I am a follower of him on twitter, he is generally very witty and pointed but he does sometimes use bad language for dramatic effect.

Ms McGarry accused apparently Ms Rowling of allegedly “bullying her” after the author demanded that McGarry provide the evidence of supporting misogyny and abuse but it seems that McGarry couldn’t find any to hand.

Instead McGarry decided to apologise by saying:  

“On reflection, I shouldn't have accused Joanne Rowling of anything based on folk she tweets or retweets, and sends supportive tweets to."

And to some, how much of a bad choice the SNP made by the selection of Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, McGarry came back to do a traditional SNP ‘cut and paste’ job. You may remember that I once said that if the photocopiers in the SNP ever breakdown the SNP would run out of other people’s ideas.

She repeated the accusation with another screen grab of the donor’s foul tweet with Ms Rowling “good man” tweet tacked on.

Rowling retorted: 

“*sighs* OK, Natalie, that's cut and pasted to suggest I said 'good man' to that tweet, not to fundraising for charity. This 'proof' is cut and pasted. I assume you want to retract the apology you made 3 mins ago?”

Oh, good question by JK Rowling, it seems that social justice campaigner rather than keeping her trap shut decided to do a Perry Mason and present smoking gun evidence which rather backfired on her.

In the interests of fairness, I decided to contact JK Rowling and offer help to her legal team if the author wishes to sue SNP MP Natalie McGarry. 

I kept the tweet by Natalie McGarry linking my blog to the hate account setup by Tommy Ball, if Rowling seeks damages, this tweet will show Natalie McGarry as she actually is an odious nasty vile little individual.

By doing so, JK Rowling’s legal team will be able to demonstrate what McGarry’s twitter history is like, I am not in it for the money, but to highlight what passes as an SNP MP in Westminster.

It appears that Natalie McGarry far from being part of the ‘best of the best’ is rather stupid, as her constant opening and locking of her twitter account shows.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Freddy said...

Seen that last night George here's hoping JK decides to go for it and goes for enough damages to charity that would effectively bankrupt her. You couldn't make it up what a moron .

Anonymous said...

Notice how Sturgeon is being very quiet on this matter. No doubt the "she had the whip withdrawn" excuse will be rolled out.

McGarry is not behaving in the manner we expect from an MP, of any party. The cybernats hate Ms Rowling, simply because she decided to donate to the BT campaign. The Weirs donated to the Yes campaign, and nothing wrong with that as they, like Ms Rowling, did so as it was what they believed in, rather than looking for political or financial gain.

I'd take a look at some of the more independence supporting sites, and see both the main articles and some of the comments. George, it may be worth contacting Ms Rowling again and pointing her in that direction. I'd love to see if she decided to sue, how the defence would be funded.

On the whole Twitter spat, the Spanner account is very offensive. However, what the fuck is a highly paid MP doing farting about on Twitter anyway? She's paid to work for her constituents - of ALL political leanings and none - not to piss around.

If Rowling goes ahead and sues, McGarry can kiss her political career goodbye. I'd love to know how many better qualified and suitable candidates were overlooked so she could be the MP.

Anonymous said...

she is a caltonhairy skank boot

Sherbie said...

How long does it take to investigate McGarry over this? Why are they taking so long? Is it because she's an, (ahuum),,,, MP? If this was you or me, it would have all been over by now, one way or another.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Ms McGarry seems to suffer from "yo yo syndrome". That is to say, she bobs up and makes an arse of herself, bobs down again for a while and then repeats the cycle. Sadly, there's more where she came from. I was interested to hear, last night, that COSLA have voted to ignore Swinney's threats of financial doom being visited upon Councils who don't sign up to his diktat on Council spending. It might not be a full on revolt yet, but it's not every day that the whole of Scottish Local Government tells the so called Scottish Government to piss off a few weeks before the Scottish Parliament elections. In the words of the song "this could be the start of something big"

Anonymous said...

One commentator on a pro-indy site (guess what one) has suggested Ms McGarry uses parliamentary privilege to say some things about JK Rowling without fear of retribution.
Now that's something I'd like to see.