Monday, March 31, 2014

Scottish independence: unpopular Nicola Sturgeon seizes on the stupidity of one unnamed UK Government Minister to say there will be a ‘currency union’, there won’t be, Sturgeon can ‘milk this on all four tits’ if she wants, events haven’t changed, she is just reacting to ‘noise’, angry wee Nat barking away like mad to be heard

Dear All

Some fool in the UK Government coalition said that in the event of Scotland becoming independent, a deal would be done on sharing Sterling, perhaps in exchange for possibly allowing Faslane to continue.

The remark was ill judged and rather stupid, there are no deals to be had. When George Osborne said no to a Sterling Zone, he wasn’t just giving a personal view; he spoke with the authority of David Cameron.

And Cameron has entered into a pact with Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.

If anyone was to renege on the pact, in 2015 at the Westminster election, the party that did so would face getting slaughtered at the polls and be out of Government for a generation.

The blunder was immediately seized on by the Nationalists to say that their lie of getting a deal was ‘bluff and bluster’ on the part of the Unionists.

The Independence vote is later in the year but the Westminster election falls immediately after so, not only has the coalition minister spoke out of turn, they are promising something which isn’t in their power to grant.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has seized on the remarks to try and milk it for all that it is worth.

She trots out the falsehood there will be a currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Why because the SNP are economically illiterate, their tactic over Sterling is a vote cache vehicle, there is nothing more to it. Later on, you would see the SNP then take Scotland into the European Union and accept the Euro currency.

Why accept the Euro?

Two reasons, one drive a further wedge between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and secondly, lender of last resort facility.  

Although Nicola Sturgeon thinks that there is a chance, it is false hope, Tory Chancellor George Osborne, his Labour and Liberal Democrat counterparts have already ruled out the currency union.

And for what it is worth so joins the chorus, Nick Clegg, the unionist camp suffered a bad weekend due to the stupidity of one person.

The Minister said:

 ''of course'' there would be a decision to share the pound if voters north of the border decide to leave the UK. Saying no to a currency union is obviously a vital part of the No campaign. But everything would change in the negotiations if there were a Yes vote."

This person should be sacked.

You have to wonder what their IQ is, and did they think out what they blurted out.

Sturgeon in trying to ‘big’ this up says the "shambles" from the UK Government would have a "long and lasting" impact on the NO campaign.

How she loves the sound of her own voice talking rubbish.

Short term damage has been done, but not long term.

George Osborne and the Liberal Democrat Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander rejected the anonymous minister's claims by doing a spot of firefighting over the weekend, but we have now hit Monday.

The reason we also know that there will be no Sterling Zone is that the UK had to respond to the threat by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond to renege on the debt.

A Downing Street spokesman stating:

''There will not be a currency union in the event of independence."

In trying to make out the unnamed minister speaks for Westminster, Sturgeon said:

"The legacy of Westminster's unintended outburst of honesty on sharing the pound with an independent Scotland is that no-one will believe a word the No campaign say about anything anymore. The legacy of this shambles for the No campaign will be long and lasting - we now know that what they say in public is just campaign talk to try to stop the people of Scotland voting Yes. As the UK Government minister said: 'everything would change' once we achieve a Yes vote. What has become apparent over the past 72 hours is that not even the No campaign believe their own absurd charges. They are just things dreamed up and said by the self-styled 'project fear' to try to stop an independent Scotland. But they know - as we know - that they aren't true. The bluff and bluster by the Westminster establishment on currency isn't true either - the pound is Scotland's currency every bit as much as the rest of the UK's, and a currency union is in the interests of both, which is why it will happen. What the No campaign say in public and what they know to be the case in private are two completely different things - the reason they are furious with this UK Government minister is because he or she had the temerity to tell the truth about the pound. That is the conclusion of this particular issue - and it will give even more people the confidence to put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands by voting Yes in September."

If you look at this logically, is she seriously claiming that one unnamed minister who isn’t willing to go on the record speaks Westminster?

What is going to happen in September is that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are going to lose rather badly, the ‘fight’ isn’t between Scotland and England, it is between Salmond and the Scottish people.

In politics, you will always get some idiot putting their foot in it, this was a shambles, but events will move on, the story will be milked by the SNP probably for the rest of the week and continually brought up; one way to kill it is to find the unnamed minister and publicly sack them.

One thing which wouldn’t be happening is that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat.

September 2014, those jaws will snap shut so hard that Alex Salmond will be finished as a political force; he fired his last bullet in November 2013 when he launched the disastrous ‘white paper’.

A paper utterly devoid of substance!

Finally, this isn’t a ‘game changer’ because nothing Salmond and Sturgeon done moved events; they are just commentating on stupidity.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scottish independence: ‘Generation Political Suicide’ takes to the streets of Glasgow as SNP members run a new Yes group launched to persuade Scotland's young to vote, SNP MEP candidate employed at Yes Scotland launches a new flop, is this based on Generation X, if so, he is the ‘Cut and Paste’ Generation?

Dear All

It seems that the Yes Scotland, seen by many as just an ‘SNP front’ has set up another phoney little group to try and convince people that there is a groundswell of opinion backing Alex Salmond.

There isn’t!

So, who is involved in Generation Yes which should be called Generation SNP?

Toni Giugliano, he is the SNP MEP candidate at the Euro elections this year.

He is also a sectoral groups adviser at Yes Scotland, previously I said that Yes Scotland is crony ridden.

Surely one SNP isn’t enough to call this a phoney little group?

No, next up there is Angus Millar, 20, an international relations student of International Relations at St Andrews University.

Who is he?

Angus Millar is National Organiser of SNP Students. 

The ‘new’ SNP member run group is to try and persuade Scotland's young people to vote Yes in the independence referendum despite the fact the majority of young people would rather be in the UK.

In true, style without substance, organisers say Generation Yes will be the "largest youth movement that Scotland has ever seen".

So, why Generation Yes as a name, well, it’s a publicity gag and a hook, probably modeled on Generation X.

Generation X is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom who wanted to change the world from the old order.

Like I said, the SNP is just style over substance, cheap gimmicks and party tricks.

Does anyone think Alex Salmond, a man married to a woman old enough to be his mother is the young dynamic force that young people should attach themselves to?

I think not, his day in the Sun is over; he stands for nothing, represents nothing and is an opportunist.

The SNP launched this SNP group in Glasgow city centre today targeting 16 and 17-year-olds who will be able to vote in the September 18 referendum.

The big surprise tactic, handing out a leaflet!!!!!

Edinburgh SNP MEP Candidate Toni Giugliano said:

“With less than six months to go, we're launching the most dynamic and vibrant group of our campaign. Generation Yes will be the largest youth movement Scotland has ever seen. Young people have grown up with Holyrood - that's what they're used to - and they know that the Scottish Parliament will always make the best decisions for Scotland."

Like destroying the right to a fair trial?

How is that in the best interests of Scotland?

More like in the best interests of Salmond to try and get the women’s vote.

He added:

"Independence is what we all want in life. That's why young people will grasp the opportunity to take charge of their country, as they would do with their own lives and their own future. Young people have the opportunity to reject Westminster's inequality, illegal wars and nuclear weapons, and become the generation that creates a fairer country."

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has said he wants to stay on if Scotland becomes independent.

Edinburgh SNP member Angus Millar said:

"The biggest gains of a Yes vote will be felt by my generation, and it's the teens and twenty-somethings who have the biggest stake in building a better Scotland with independence."

He added:

"A Yes is for our future - an opportunity to realise this country's potential and ensure we have the best possible prospects, individually and as a nation."

In an independent Scotland, Scots will have less opportunities not more, young kids face being shut out of education as English students would flock to Scotland, and out of jobs as the Scottish National Party plan to swamp Scotland by allowing out of control immigration, plus they plan to give away £1 billion in foreign aid which means cuts to services and budgets.

Saffron Dickson who utterly fails to have a grasp on politics said:

"September's referendum is a hugely exciting opportunity for young people in Scotland - it's our chance to be the generation that takes our future into our own hands and stands up to inequality and unfairness in our society."

Joe Higgins someone else from Edinburgh at the Glasgow launch said:

"With 16 and 17-year-olds having a vote, it's absolutely vital that Scotland's young people get involved in the referendum debate. The decision Scotland makes will have the biggest bearing on our futures, and our generation has the most to gain from a Yes vote. We want to reach young people all over Scotland, and we'll be holding events around the country to get people involved and explain the fantastic opportunity that we have to build a fairer, more successful country with independence."

So, no jobs; young Scots unable to get in higher education, SNP giving away £1 billion in aid and destroying the right to a fair trial is building a “fairer, more successful country”?

I think the unthinking ‘Salmond Youth’ hasn’t a grasp on reality.

The Pro-UK Better Together campaign said of the latest SNP stunt:

"This is typical of the nationalists. They launch a group and claim it is going to be the biggest thing in the world ever. They don't need to evidence this. If they said it, then it must be so. It is ludicrous. We launched our youth programme well over a year ago and we already have hundreds of young people taking part in events across the country."

Judging by the pictures online, the SNP student wing turned in such low numbers and then marched down Buchanan Street, if it wasn’t for the fact they carried big letters spelling out Yes, no one would have known they were doing a ‘march’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 28, 2014

Scottish independence: EU will not review pensions directive thus undermining a key plank of SNP’s independence campaign, to vote Yes would endanger your pension, the lack of a work ethic and forward planning shows the real lack of talent in the SNP as party run as a one man band!

Dear All

Have you ever had a flutter on the Euro Lottery?

You stick on £2, a small risk for the chance of a big reward.

As a bet it is very good value.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond wants you to play the lottery, but instead of sticking up £2, he wants you to bet your job, home, mortgage, pension and savings. If it comes up for taking a massive risk, you get no reward and he keeps the ‘winnings’.

You bet everything, he bets nothing!

Sound fair?

Well, it isn’t, it is an unacceptable risk because he has done nothing to shorten the odds of failure or even give you a sniff at a reward.

You may have noticed I have constantly said that the Scottish independence bid is a massive SNP fraud. How do we know this, no work done, no Scottish Government reform, no local Government reform, the white paper is pulp fiction and there is no vision, assumptions are presented as facts and the calibre of the ‘A TEAM‘  leading it is certainly not A Team.

The whole bid is a shambles of epic proportions, reduced to grudge, grievance and malcontent, the latest piece of bad news is that the SNP are angry and say European leaders may have questions to answer after a pensions ruling which was widely expected to boost the case for independence failed to materialise.

Another plank of the SNP’s strategy has now gone; your pension is now not safe under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

The European Commission said it will not review rules which require cross-border pension schemes to be fully funded. This directive is another gift to the unionist camp who sayS Scotland would be faced with a large pension bill if it leaves the UK.

Where’s Plan B for pensions?

Worthwhile checking the white paper for plan B, C, D, E and F!


The SNP keep using assumptions and speculation to press their case, when the whole bid should have been done of the basis of facts. In the SNP the use of lying was too good to pass up; it covered up the cracks of doing no work.

There was some sort of talk running around for some considerable time that the EC was due to relax solvency rules. This relaxation would potentially allowing schemes operating in Scotland and the rest of the UK to continue running a deficit in the event of a Yes vote.

The door on that is now slammed shut.

The Europrean Commission has said it will not review "existing quantitative solvency rules for occupational pension funds" in a directive released today.

Today is Friday, officialdom loves to release bad news on  Friday to spoil your weekend, and this weekend, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon won’t be having  a laugh!

Salmond’s spokesman said:

"If there appears to be a disconnect between what was being briefed heavily just a couple of weeks ago, as you rightly say, and what now appears to be a case you will have to ask the Commission what their reasons for that are."

Grudge, grievance and malcontent, the usual fallback position every time the Alex Salmond Party within the SNP doesn’t get their own way!

The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) said the decision to uphold cross-border solvency rules came as a "big surprise".

Life is all about surprises, but the EC said it has consistently maintained the issue was not up for review. Living in hope appears to be going out of fashion.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has previously told pension fund managers that pensions would not be protected in an independent Scotland.

And in don’t have a plan mode, the Scottish Government accused him of "scaremongering in the full knowledge that the EU is on the point of resolving the issue of cross-border pensions".

Who looks like fools now Salmond?

Better Together must love this, today's directive "confirms that cross-border pension schemes must be fully funded".

Labour's shadow pensions minister Gregg McClymont said:

"The EU has today confirmed that Scottish company pension schemes must overnight, if we leave the UK, fill a huge funding black hole. It's now clear beyond doubt that independence puts the pensions of hard working Scots at risk”.

NAPF chief executive Joanne Segars said:
"Today's announcement of a new EU pensions directive has major implications for pension schemes as part of the debate on independence for Scotland. The big surprise is that the EU will continue to require cross-border schemes to be fully funded - a significantly more demanding level of funding than is expected of single-country schemes. The EC had been expected to relax these special cross-border requirements, but it has disappointed many observers by leaving this part of the pensions directive unreformed. The knock-on effect of this is that schemes with members both north and south of the border would become much more expensive to run if Scotland were to vote for independence."

Where’s the A Team to fix this?

Time for a quote:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond.

“Rather than 'The A Team' it looked more like 'The GAY Team' in nature”.”

George Laird.

Oh; and George Laird right again about planning!

A European Commission spokeswoman said:

"In his statement in May last year, Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier said the proposal for a directive would not cover the issue of the solvency of pension funds. He commented that in light of the differing situations in member states regarding retirement products and pension funds, it would be necessary to continue technical work on the issue of solvency."

In trying to spin, Salmond spokesman chose the rather bizarre, route of saying there are still "very strong indications" that the solvency rules remain under review.

Under review doesn’t mean to be changed.

And laughingly said the current European Commission is on the way out, so are Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola sturgeon, it’s just a matter of time.

He added:

"It's not the first European Union directive on pensions. Far from it. It's an updated directive, the point being that these things get updated all the time and presumably doubtless will be updated again in the future”.

And it will still not be in favour of the SNP’s proposals.

"The point still stands that there are very strong indications from Brussels that this issue is being looked at seriously and they are looking at resolving the cross border issue. There's a new Commission taking office in October and we will continue to make the case to the new incoming Commission."

In other words, ‘we are screwed but will still try and sell the lie’ that there is ‘engagement’ happening which is positive. Everything will be alright on the night; this barmy army attitude of denial is the hall mark of the entire debunked campaign for Scottish independence.

Academics will have a field going through the Scottish independence campaign post defeat; the thing to home in on is the complete lack of substance and a work ethic! The issue of stupidity, gross stupidity is another central theme worth exploring along with the serious lack of vision.

Today is a disaster for Alex Salmond; the good news is that it came just in time for the weekend!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scottish independence: under Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond, Scotland’s top universities have failed to widen access to the poor, Tartan Tory Salmond has no interest in helping the poorest advance in society, figures expose the ‘big lie’!

Dear All

In case you don’t know, this is worth reminding you, Scotland is a corrupt country under the Scottish National Party.

One of the tricks used by the SNP is to talk about ‘fairness, equality and social justice’ and band about the word "aspiration".

Bullshit that you can be anything you can be anything you want to be!

Well, the truth is, you can’t, and no more so is this true than at Scotland’s elite universities. 

Scotland’s elite universities have failed to significantly increase the proportion of students recruited from deprived areas.

When the issue of discrimination pops up; the SNP get vexed and make noise to distract people from the fact that they aren’t going to do anything.

The Poor face a hard time of getting into university from a deprived background than the rich, and there are barriers, one such barrier is the interview system, this is used in subjects such as dentistry and medicine.

The reality is that this screens out pretty much all of the deprived making it.

Having spent 20 years at Glasgow University, I saw the odd person from a working class background get into subject like medicine and dentistry.

Figures released today by the Scottish Funding Council show that 9.7 per cent of Scottish entrants came from the most challenging socio-economic backgrounds in 2012/13, up from 9.1 per cent the previous year.

The poor make up the bulk of the population.

Laughingly, the press has been suckered into believing that there has been concerted effort by the Scottish Government.

If you are poor, the best option for you is college.

You stand more chance of getting in because rich kids go to uni but given the SNP has cut over 80,000 colleges places, how can the press believe that there has been a ‘concerted effort’?

Talk about being socially unaware.

The fact is that the SNP haven’t challenged elite universities on admission in any real sense, they don’t want to rock the boat with the rich.

The SFC figures showed that overall entrants from the most deprived areas remain over-represented in Scotland’s colleges and under-represented in universities, which is what I said above.

Gordon Maloney, president of the National Union of Students in Scotland, said:

“While any increase in the numbers of students coming from our most deprived communities should be welcome, the reality is that these figures show little progress on previous years”.

And we will be having the same discussion in 5 years time, and in a decade after that, there is no political will to help the poor, either pre or post Holyrood.

Maloney added:

“We know universities can’t do it all on fair access, but they can, and must, do more than this. On the basis of UK-wide figures, Scotland remains the worst on access in the whole of the UK, and while that doesn’t take account of the excellent work our colleges do on fair access to higher education, it is a record we simply cannot tolerate any more. What’s even more disappointing is that, for all their warm words, many of our most ‘elite’ institutions have stalled, if not gone backwards.”

Alastair Sim, director of Universities Scotland (ex Glasgow Uni), said:

“Every university is deeply committed to widening access to all students with the potential to benefit from higher education”.

Sim has been talking the same fucking rubbish on this topic for years; Universities Scotland is just an apologist mouthpiece.

Sim added:

“Today’s figures are real proof of that as close to half of the increase in last year’s undergraduate intake are students from the 40 per cent most deprived areas of Scotland. That is an additional 290 additional students from deprived neighbourhoods. It’s important to remember that this increase comes a year before the additional access places created by the Scottish Government come into effect. We can expect to see a step change in next year’s data.”

Let me home in to the real point, he is talking about 290 additional poor students getting in.


Sound like “real proof” of a concerted effort?

One thing is certain, things for the poor aren’t getting any better under the Scottish National Party with Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, they won’t stand up for working class Scots. This story illustrates that there is more reason to vote No and thus keep access to opportunities in the rest of the UK for the poor. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Open letter to Hamish, SNP Deputy Leader Billy McAllister does a runner to Oz, is he off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, in local news, a prominent member of the ‘bloggeratti’ has been asked to do an article for a website which uses high profile politicians, political commentators and the press as writers

Dear Hamish

Firstly, I have to ask, did you ever get around to singing “hair out of a bottle” to the tune by the Police?

I urge you to try it, scientific evidence shows that singing can enhance health.

“Dammit George, I have no objection to you calling me middle-class”.

Well Hamish by the use of “dammit” apparently you do, also I am sure you tagged yourself.

I think the problem is that you cannot get your head around the fact that you are conversing with someone who is ‘working class’ and thus feel the need to elevate me to ‘middle class’ status. Does that make you feel comfortable?

“That is probably how sociologists would classify me”.

Hold that horse, is this an attempt to re-invent yourself as working class?

Why because you had a bit of education and have ventured out into the big wide world, or maybe you have a few quid, I am wearing my working class hat today!

What's that all about?

“You are the one who keeps banging on about being working-class, despite the evidence to the contrary”.

You are the one who keeps trying to re-brand me as middle class; naturally I choose to stick to the facts.

“Such as being a prominent member of the bloggeratti”.

By “prominent” do you refer to the large number of the SNP who hate my guts but drop by my blog then get together to bitch and whine about me?

“Or promising in your election manifesto to be a full-time councilor”.

Is there something wrong in being principled?

Do people have part time problems Hamish?

No, they have full time problems and therefore need a full time councillor. Speaking of councillors, what do you think of SNP Deputy leader Billy McAllister running off to Oz to hide for a month after getting done down at Glasgow Sheriff Court? That is bad enough, he should have resigned as Deputy, but worse than that, he leaves his constituents in the lurch and disappears. If I was head of the SNP Cllr Group, he would be suspended immediately. Seems I was right Glasgow SNP an out of control rabble. But to return to ‘full time’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon works as a full time MSP, are you suggesting she get a second job, maybe in a local Baillieston chip shop?

Or are you suggesting just me, do councillor rather like a hobby much like most SNP Councillors I met done activism?   

“Not something anyone holding down a job could do”.

I made an election promise, unlike some people who lie to get into public office I won’t.

“As for being a ninety minute nationalist, I am a life-long supporter of Scottish Independence”.

Is this ‘code’ for I don’t do activism?

Do you know what a 90 minute Nationalist is?

These are the people who don’t do any work but crawl up Sturgeon’s arse to get candidacies in Glasgow.

Most of them couldn’t fuck a doorknob and are of limited ability, perhaps Nicola likes to surround herself with the mentally dim but not nice to secure her position.

The SNP is a 'rat ship' under her leadership, as I said she is common!

“How long did your enthusiasm for the cause last?”

Which ‘cause’ is that?

Haven’t you been keeping up with current events, the Scottish independence campaign is a rich man’s campaign run by the rich for the benefit of the rich, Salmond dropped the act some time ago.

You can’t seriously suggest to me that you have failed to notice that it is crony ridden?

Real problem in the SNP due to a serious lack of talent, and cronyism, chickens coming home to roost now, apparently the ‘cult of personality’ used by Salmond doesn’t transfer to the big wide world either.

Famously the ‘cult of personality’ is used by despots.

Have you also noticed that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon completely lacks class and is common?

While she was bravely scratching a living in Drumchapel Law Centre, I was teaching at Glasgow University but unlike her I was cursed by being the best in my field, teaching the elite, she was stuck doing grudge, grievance and malcontent with badly dressed Nationalists screaming angry wee Nat stuff.

Do you think cardigans and flared trousers will make a comeback?

I have to get back to bloggeratti as you call it, I was asked to do an article for another website which has high profile politicians, political commentators and the press as writers, presumably I was asked because Francis Scally, the heir to Sturgeon was too busy ‘saving the whale’ or something.

Finally, listen to the video, I chose this one because it repeats the words ‘so lonely’ which is what Salmond and Sturgeon will experience on the grassy knoll when no one comes to vote for them in September.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Police Scotland’s Chief Constable says that some crime stats are being ‘made up’, corroborated by Scottish Police Federation general secretary Calum Steel, Kenny MacAskill says to Lib Dem MSP, “I don’t recognise the world that Ms McInnes paints”, can’t recognise the truth either!

Dear All

The purpose of the Police is law and order.

Catching and arresting criminals is the bread and butter of what their existence should be.

However, the SNP Government is fixated by targets to show that they are active.

We employ serious officers to make sure that rank and file officers are active; therefore we really don’t need targets which can stop real police work being carried out.

Now there has been an apparent admission by Scotland’s top police officer that some stop and search results are “made up”.

Scotland’s deadbeat Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill says that the comment has been “taken out of context”.

Does anyone not understand what “made up” means?

It means bogus!!!!!!

Kenny MacAskill said he does not recognise a world where detection rates “are being manipulated”.

So, says the man who released the biggest mass murderer in modern society history and then allowed him to leave Scotland’s jurisdiction.

So, says the man who brought us the disgraceful Fitba law.

So, says the man who is destroying the right to a fair trial.

In an interview on stop and search in the Sunday Herald, Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said:

“Well, yeah, some of them are being made up. You’re not suggesting the majority are. Of course it concerns me.”

Any officer caught reporting misleading figures will “get sacked”.

Reprimanded would be a more suitable punishment.

House’s comments were corroborated by Scottish Police Federation general secretary Calum Steel, who said officers “are making numbers up”.

Presumably Steel’s comments will be recognized by MacAskill as being taken out of context as well.

MacAskill said:

“It is regrettable if there are occasions when police officers are not carrying out stop and searches to the usual high standards of the police. This is an operational matter for the police, but I will support the chief constable in the actions he is taking.”

So says our lame duck Minister, who qualification for ‘Justice Minister’ is that he is Alex Salmond’s pals.

Labour MSP Graeme Pearson said:

“The chief constable’s admission is corroborated by Calum Steel from the Scottish Police Federation who said: ‘Because we have this bizarre approach in terms of stopping and searching, we have police officers that are making numbers up’.

519,213 stop and searches were conducted between April and December 2013, according to Police Scotland figures.

This seems high in a country of 5 million people.

Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes said:

“The Justice Secretary has regularly, and done it again today, defended stop and search by citing offensive weapons, but we know little of what constitutes positive searches and there is a real risk that the detection rates are being manipulated.”

Kenny MacAskill has outlived his uselessness and has to go.

MacAskill said:

“I don’t recognise the world that Ms McInnes paints. It seems to me that the clear outcome of a positive search is where a firearm is discovered, which is 37%. Alcohol was taken off youngsters, 37%, and indeed the significant progress and success that they have had in making Scotland a safer place from the issues that have blighted so much of our country in the carrying of offensive weapons.”

Stop and search appear to be more about targeting alcohol than serious Policing, out of 519,213 stop and searches only 166 “firearms or associated items” recovered.

So how many actual firearms were recovered leaving out associated items?

MacAskill appears to be saying that all of the 166 cases were firearms.

Time for a quote:

“I don’t recognise the world that Ms McInnes paints”.

And it also appears that he doesn’t recognize how to do his job either!

Finally, some time ago, I said that Justice requires two deputy justice ministers, one for every day law and order and the other assigned to special projects. Given MacAskill is such a liability, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond should take on board my suggestion.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Open letter to Hamish: you doubt the final victory now that the latest poll is 28% for a Yes vote; Alex Salmond is no William Wallace, the SNP is a ‘rat ship’, listen to the song and sing, ‘hair out of a bottle’ next time you see unpopular Nicola Sturgeon

Dear Hamish

“So the real Glaswegian working class voice is in favour of an unelected head of state”.

Would you like Pat Kane?

Annie Lennox?

Alex Salmond?

Gordon Brown?

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon?

How about a competition modeled on the X Factor?

This bit you tucked on the end;

“as well as prescription charges and tuition fees”.

I never said I was in favour of abolishing either free prescriptions or free tuition.

Do you have a link?

Incidentally, in case you aren’t aware, both prescriptions and higher education tuition aren’t free, the taxpayer foots the bill.

“I'm more than ever convinced that you are a real toff, George”.

Oh dear, it seems that you think that you can’t be “the real Glaswegian working class voice” unless you sign up to a crank’s charter of grudge and grievance 24/7.

Is unpopular Nicola Sturgeon the real working class voice?

She has the disability of being wealthy and unable to shake off being common, mutton dressed as mutton!

So, do you like the group The Police, imagine them singing to Ms. Sturgeon, ‘hair out of a bottle’.

Tragic stuff!

Little Ms. ‘I am in a party that practices discrimination and my husband is a rat’ Sturgeon, is she your shop soiled white hope on £100k plus expenses a year heroine?

Her and her 47% pay rise husband, the real champagne socialists in the independence debate more to your taste?

Since you have appeared to have had some education, you should pop back and do the ethics course.

Get the max value of it, its free!

Would it help you if I walked about wearing a ridiculous cloth cap, a black donkey jacket, and started calling everyone brother, sister and comrade?

Would acting like Tommy Sheridan help me?

If so how?

Latest indy poll Yes 28%.

And here is you finding the time to have a pop at me, I guess you must have ran out of ideas and decided to take a break.

Someone else who recently had a break, Joan McAlpine, list SNP MSP but instead of having a break, having a kit kat, she opted for the bounce up and down approach on a guy’s manhood which happened to belong to another woman!

She won’t be making the transition from ‘Manhoods’ to ‘Nationhood’ in politics.

Finally, I am beginning to suspect that you don’t believe in the final victory, why is that, did you work out that Scotlands ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is no William Wallace?

The guy is married to a woman old enough to be his mother!

Break’s over now Hamish, grab a bag of leaflets and off you go do some Braveheart stuff, and keep me updated on how you get on.

Hamish, the real 90 minute Nationalist middle class voice in the independence debate!  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scots born Tory MP John Stevenson tries to use the 10 minute rule to propose remove Scots MPs if there is Yes vote, this is completely rejected by the House of Commons by a massive majority, 236 to 16, he says he is a ‘proud Scot’, try being a ‘smart one’, that Bill had no traction

Dear All

Scots-born Tory MP for Carlisle, John Stevenson has caused a slight ripple by suggesting a proposal to remove Scottish MPs being elected to Westminster after a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

Although interesting and raising questions, the fact of the matter is that his Bill is not needed.

Scotland is going to vote to remain part of the UK.

The House of Commons has completely rejected his proposal by a margin of 236 to 16 to throw out the plan on its ear.

In the House of Commons, MPs can get the opportunity using what is called the 10 minute rule to get up on their hind legs and propose a law.

This ten minute rule bill would have removed Scottish seats from those elected at the 2015 Westminster ballot.

If independence was successful for the SNP in September, legally Scottish MPs would be eligible to stand up to the proposed 2016 date of independence.

At that point, a Bill might have to be produced, however, it isn’t quite as clear cut and dry as that, there could be a legal challenge for continuation to the end of the Parliament.

Personally, I rather think that the Westminster authorities wouldn’t wish to challenge rather they would be pragmatic and simply let the clock run out.

Mr Stevenson told MPs that he is “a proud Scot.”

Well done Mr. Stevenson, couple that with being a ‘bright Scot’ and you might go somewhere.

He hopes his bill would “never need to take effect” as he wants a “resounding No vote in September.”

It will be.

As to his point that it would be “perverse” for MPs representing Scottish constituencies to continue to be represented in parliament, potentially negotiating on independence on behalf of the rest of the UK!

That wouldn’t really happen, and it is doubtful that the current crop of Westminster SNP MPs would play a role of any real significance. I would seriously doubt that Scottish Labour MPs would want to be involved in the negotiations team. I think Labour would want to stand back and ‘play the blame game’ in 2016 election to the Scottish Parliament.
Stevenson says that “people in in Northern Ireland, Wales and England would find the situation unacceptable if laws were being passed on their behalf by MPs who would soon be part of a foreign country.”


We seem to have people from foreign countries making law already by virtue of living here and of course there is law produced by the EU.

Given people are use to that; it would do no good to whip up an anti Scots feeling.

Speaking against his bill Dunfermline Labour MP Thomas Docherty said that Mr Stevenson’s “argument is flawed”.

Docherty points out that spending and defence decisions would be made before independence, but if there were no Scottish MPs then Scots would not be represented in decisions which affected them.

Game, set and match Docherty.

And as a clincher he pointed out that when southern Ireland broke away, MPs representing Irish constituencies continued to sit in Westminster until independence was confirmed.

Obviously someone has learned the lessons of history.

Although interesting and raising questions, the rejection of the Stevenson Bill is correct, legally it would be a sticky wicket which would probably end up in the UK Supreme Court and they would come out against it under human rights law.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, March 24, 2014

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon travels to Cardiff to get someone to listen to her, she moans about Scots being “second class citizens”, her husband, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell already treats working class Scots that way, SNP discrimination rife under Sturgeon and Murrell

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Scots are “second class citizens” in the eyes of the Westminster “decision makers”.

And she should know, her husband, the Scottish National Party Chief Executive Peter Murrell certainly has experience in discrimination of working class people.

In the SNP, people who are working class members are very much “second class citizens” with the third world rights of a banana republic.

Anyway Sturgeon says the No campaign is “destroying the idea” that the UK is an equal partnership.

There are 5 million people living in Scotland and about 55 million in England and Wales, so based on that those living in England have more political representation.

We should also note that at Westminster, the SNP are very much a fringe party not just in terms of numbers but in how they act.

Scots by and large don’t send SNP candidates to Westminster as a general rule.

Because as we have seen time and time again, they aren’t people’s champions!

Nicola Sturgeon added:

“In its attempts to scare, and now threaten, voters in Scotland, the No campaign is destroying the very idea that the UK is an equal partnership.”

Sturgeon is now like Gordon Brown speaking elsewhere because she can’t get ordinary working class Scots to listen to her.

Apparently no one wants to sign up to Fascist Scotland under Alex Salmond, the ‘jolly fat man’ act has played itself out.

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is trying to convince people by proxy, the jist is that as ‘others’ are listening to her so should Scots.

Nicola Sturgeon is a rat; that is what she is, that is what her husband is, the actions they undertake are just the symptoms of rat behaviour expressing itself.

She thinks she has a case because Scotland would not be allowed to share the pound after independence, or have access to the BBC and other UK institutions which Scots have “contributed to the development of”.

When I had membership of a gym, when I left I didn’t have any claim to helping myself to a running machine or a set of barbells because I had “contributed to the development of”.

Likewise she treats Scots with contempt by trying to hoodwink us; maybe Ms. Sturgeon should get her vote rigging party in order before she goes around talking about fairness, equality and social justice.

In short, what an ‘arsehole’, yes; that is what women said to me in Govan, her ‘representation’ wasn’t up to much.

Incidentally, have you noticed that Govanhill looks like a shithole?

Who represents Govanhill?

Nicola Sturgeon and her poisonous vile Southside Clique!

Govanhill = shithole!

What's Nicola doing?

Other than staying in Baillieston?

Nothing, she is such a star!

Sturgeon added:

“Those opposed to independence used to claim that the UK as it currently stands is an equal partnership of nations and of people”.

It is worthwhile pointing out, that there is little difference in terms of discrimination of how Westminster and Holyrood treat Scots.

What about the Council tax freeze and free prescriptions?

That’s called bribes for votes.

Sturgeon also said:

“The leaders of the No campaign are going out of their way to demonstrate where they think power really lies. In the event of independence we are told we have the obligation to pay a share of the debt run up by successive Westminster Chancellors. But we have no right to a share of the assets that we have helped to construct, build and pay for.”

The pound isn’t an asset, and if Scotland refuses to pay its fair share of debt, then people in Scotland face a whooping £5,000 on their mortgages, plus extended austerity courtesy of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

There will be no Nordic welfare, no matter how many episodes of Borgen, Sturgeon watches!

In her finally shot she added:

“Westminster sees itself as the decision-maker with Scotland relegated to second-class status. Why would anyone want to stay in a Union where we are treated in such a way?”

The hate and bile just drips off her, what she is talking about is really that Scots don’t want to vote SNP for Westminster because they stink, their policies stink and they are playing a proper role in Parliament.

Westminster like the European Parliament is just a gravy train for Salmond and Sturgeon’s clique to get a pay day.

You have to laugh about Sturgeon whining about “second class citizenship”, her party operates that way and have done for years.

Sturgeon ran off to Cardiff to whine but it is only because the people of Scotland want nothing to do with her and her vote rigging party of sycophant trash!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish independence: Kenny MacAskill lets the ‘cat out of the bag’ as Republican SNP want a referendum on the Monarchy, ‘Sein Fein lite’ republicians make up the hardcore of ‘hate the British’ in Nat ranks, trust is still a major issue concerning Alex Salmond with Scots

Dear All

It seems that the routine of Alex Salmond's 'jolly fat man', everything will be wonderful, Scots can keep the Monarchy has been shown up to be another farce.

Within the SNP, the leadership line is that they are pro the Queen, Salmond has repeatedly said the SNP policy is for 50 years to keep the monarchy in an independent Scotland.

That is Alex Salmond's official policy, because he doesn't want to rock the boat while Scotland remains within the UK.

Kenny MacAskill is now saying the Queen may not be head of state of an independent Scotland.

Apparently the Queen would face the prospect of a referendum on retaining the monarchy.

MacAskill is currently the Scottish "Justice Minister", he argues that "it will be for the people of Scotland to decide" on the Queen’s role if they vote to leave the UK.

His comments totally undermine Alex Salmond's official policy that the monarchy would automatically be retained.

Unlike Salmond, the Queen's popularity endures, his popularity is based on popularism and a council tax freeze.

Although, the SNP claim to be pro Monarchy, much of the pro–independence Yes Scotland campaign are republicans.

In the SNP there are differnet types of republicans, one such group is the 'Sein Fein lite' brigade, they aren't Nationalists as far as I am concerned, they just hate the British. While in the party, I would run into these bastards occasionally who are just scum trash mental pygmies with huge chips on their shoulder.

Other types of 'lites' are Salmond's colleagues at the Scottish Parliament who are republicans.

Aileen Campbell, the Scottish Children's Minister, and Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish Culture Minister, and Christine Grahame, Justice Convenor, she wants rid of the Queen because she thinks this will stop inequality.

I challenged that nonsense on the BBC when she spouted that, I said the Queen isn't responsible for inequality, politicians are, apparently that didn't go down too well.

So, given so many groups are anti Monarchy, would a referendum be held?


Dennis Canavan, the Yes Scotland chairman, says Prince George should never be King of Scots.

Add to this, the Greens, Scottish Socialists and many SNP members and MSPs have climbed onboard.

With MacAskill letting the 'cat out of the bag', the Scottish Government did some fighting citing the SNP policy of 50 years.

And that "Kenny MacAskill backs that policy totally."

In 2002 the SNP published a draft written constitution for an independent Scotland that included a referendum on the issue.

When looking at what MacAskill said:

"we will inherit the situation we have with the Queen as head of state in the ceremonial capacity that she has."


"But it will be for the people of Scotland to decide. If and when that would occur, if they wished to have a referendum, and we would hope we would become the government post-2016, it will be for whoever is in office then".

Given there is concern over the personal integrity of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon regarding issues of trust, how much weight can be placed on the SNP keeping the Queen?


Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Tory deputy leader, said:

"You have to wonder whether there is truly anyone in Yes Scotland’s leadership or the SNP, other than the First Minister, who is in tune with the Scottish public’s continuing affection and support for the monarchy. There is surely little doubt that whatever promises and assertions are made before the referendum they would count for nothing if Scotland were to be seduced into voting Yes. This motley alliance, including Kenny MacAskill, would then be doing all they could to pursue their minority republican views and it would be tiger whose tail even Alex Salmond would struggle to hold".

Given the SNP cannot be trusted, given the party is made up of various groups of malcontents, the best way to proceed rather than take the word of Salmond and Sturgeon which is worthless anyway is to vote No to independence.

Problem solved.

One thing which would have to happen at the Scottish National Party is a clear out of the various cliques which don't have any Nationalist agenda other than their personal self advancement.

Scottish independence is off!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 21, 2014

Smoke trails test

Westminster MP Eric Joyce fined £1,500 after his latest incident involving the Police, trouble flares as Joyce leaves his phone on a plane and starts an argument which ends rather badly, no way for someone in public office to act, particularly an MP from Westminster

Dear All

Falkirk MP Eric Joyce has been fined £1,500.

His latest brush with the forces of law and order centre around him admitting to using threatening or abusive behaviour at an airport last year.

In order to get a quick done and dusted, Joyce entered a guilty plea to one charge when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

Eric Joyce was once tipped to be a Cabinet Minister; his fall from grace has been one of the surprises of this Westminster Parliament.

So, should Eric Joyce stay?

Well given that standards have dropped in public life to near zero, why not!

Honour, personal integrity and all that stuff is just window dressing, fuck up, then go into hiding and then re-appear and claim victimhood;; the Scottish National Party elected members are using that approach at present.

The charge against Joyce related to an incident at Edinburgh Airport on May 19 2013 where he was drunk which seems to be a recurring problem for him.

Speaking outside court, Joyce said he would "reflect" on whether to continue as an MP until 2015.

He said: "My instinct is to stay but I don't know how I will feel in a few days."

Eric Joyce to the time to also apologised to the airport staff, police and his constituents.

He added:

"I am very embarrassed that this has happened."

Maybe he should go see someone about his drink problem, clearly when drinking he isn’t what is termed a happy drunk.

Joyce said:

"My constituents have seen this before, so they might think other apologies are not meant, but they are."

So what happened to prompt this situation, well being sloshed and leaving his phone behind on the plane from London!

Rather than handling the matter and using the Police for assistance, a running argument developed between him and airport baggage handlers.

Then the Police turned up and things didn’t get any better, they got worse, when Police officers became involved but he still continued to hurl insults.

Joyce repeatedly called a baggage handler and officers "fat, f****** w******" and goaded officers to "f****** arrest me".

£1500, I think he now regrets that statement.

He also referred to an officer of Afro-Caribbean origin as "f****** fat and black".

I am sure the Afro-Caribbean officer would be upset as being outed as ‘fat’, especially in a public place.

Not able to listen to reason, Joyce began to "flail his arms" when one officer attempted to put him in handcuffs, and he continued to resist until he was restrained on the floor.

So, everyone except Joyce lived happily ever after.

Sheriff Frank Crowe described his actions as a "deeply unfortunate, prolonged, drink-fuelled rant".

He said:

"At least you have taken this opportunity to apologise."

Defence lawyer Euan Gosney said Joyce was in a "high state of anxiety" because of the recent death of his brother and previous trouble with police.

So, what should he have done, he shuld have gotten a police officer, explained who he was and his position and request they recover the phone.

That is the cost effective way to save £1500!

No way to behave in public office, needs to get his head straight.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon close personal friend and Ex SNP MSP Bill Walker leaves jail after serving only six months for violence against women, Nicola didn’t turn up at the gate to meet him, she is still chasing the women’s vote!

Dear All

Today is a day of days, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon sees her old pal, colleague and ‘yours for Scotland’ independence fighter Bill Walker getting out of prison!

Presumably after Bill drops off his belongings he will be hitting the campaign trail for an independence Scotland run by the rich, for the rich to the betterment of the rich.

Although he leaves prison in disgrace, former MSP Bill Walker has been freed from jail after serving only half of his 12-month sentence.

So why did Nicola’s pal end up in prison?

30 years of smashing women’s faces in!

Bill wasn’t just a fighter, he was also a lover, on occasion; he gave women the back of his hand and sometimes a clenched fist.

Bill Walker was the Scottish National Party’s expert on domestic violence, apparently the SNP love ‘experts’.

His experience in abuse and offences is against three former wives and a stepdaughter.

Walker set about the step daughter with a pan.

Bill Walker was found guilty in August of 23 assaults and one breach of the peace which spanned decades.

When word leaked out, the SNP disowned Walker because although he was rich, Nicola was desperate to try and get the women’s vote.

That might be tricky as women I have spoken to describe her as an ‘arsehole’ in her own constituency.

Although Bill is 71-years old, and a keen campaigner, it isn’t likely that he will re-join the Scottish National Party, but that doesn’t mean in the future the door will be closed, recently the Glasgow SNP Deputy leader on Glasgow City Council pled guilty to threatening a disabled man.

The door is now open to the ‘men of violence’, who knows he could even regain his seat at Holyrood given the SNP isn’t a political party but a clique.

Sheriff Kathrine Mackie who jailed Walker for a year after the two-week trial, told Walker he had showed "contempt" for his victims as she imposed the maximum sentence available to the court.

Due to automatic early release rules by now Walker is probably gouging himself on fine food and wine and possibly waiting for a call from Nicola to return to the fold.

Leaving the nick, Bill decided to adopt an Alex Salmond type ‘statesman’ approach and left without making no comment as he casually strolled out of the jail at 8.10am!

Just think, if there wasn’t a referendum on Scottish independence and the SNP wanting the women’s vote, would the SNP have expelled Bill Walker?

Given their stance on Billy McAllister found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court for attacking a disabled man, the answer must be no!

Nicola and Bill back together again, the old dream team.

Still living in denial, Bill Walker plans to appeal his conviction, well what else has he to do with his time!  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University