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Scottish independence: first Glasgow SNP deputy leader is convicted of attacking a disabled man now SNP leader Alex Salmond has a go at a man still recovering from a stroke in a TV studio, the Salmond of old emerges as ‘jolly fat man’ act is dropped, attacking people with disabilities, what a hero!

Dear All

The Scottish National Party has run with the idea that Scotland would enter in a currency union with the rest of the UK if independence.

Plan A.

Plan A got 'shot to shit' by all three main opposoition parties who formed a united pact to say No!

And in this case No really does mean No!

Then Salmond made the ill- judged threat to renege on Scotland’s share of the UK debt by Salmond.

These statements from the SNP who all jumped onboard and blindly followed Salmond’s disastrous lead show rather starkly you can’t trust Salmond, you can’t trust Sturgeon and you can’t trust the SNP.

The Greens in the shape of Patrick Harvie favour a Scottish pound, he got that one right, but in other areas such as defence, he isn’t credible at all.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond went on the BBC Andrew Marr show and said that not only do the SNP have Plan A, they also have plan B, C, D, E and F.

Are the plans in the white paper which is said to be the most comprehensive blue print ever produced?

Given currency is a major consideration; you would think this type of detail would be contained.

It doesn’t exist!

Having blurred out the A,B,C,D, E and F which all the SNP have to produce in detailed plans, the SNP have since the interview with Marr accused the BBC of breaching strict impartiality rules.

Alex Salmond is a laughing stock; no one believes a word he says except his devoted sycophants and the politically unaware who are blindly follow his lead.

After the disastrous show for Salmond, the SNP demand an explanation after Marr appeared to offer a personal view that an independent Scotland would find it "quite hard to get back in" to the EU.

This echos what many in the EU in positions of power are saying, Scotland would have to apply as a new state, and we lose all the UK opt outs as Westminster holds the EU contract, not Scotland.

In true SNP fashion of shouting down opponents, Stewart Maxwell MSP and Pete Wishart, the SNP MP and culture spokesman voiced their disproval.

Wishart went as far as issuing a threat on twitter that there would be ­"consequences" for Mr Marr.

The SNP want to deny others free speech and control and censor the debate, this is serious because it is the way that fascist parties have operated.

This row erupted as Salmond was quizzed about the SNP's claim that Scotland would be fast-tracked into the European Union on the same terms of membership as the UK.

It will never happen, and then before anything could take place, all the member states have to agree membership.

Last month, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso said he believed it would be nearly impossible for an independent Scotland to join smoothly as the SNP says will happen.

He compared the country's situation with Kosovo, which has not been recognised as a state by Spain.

During the interview Marr told Mr Salmond he had been "quite surprised by how incredibly steely and sure" Mr Barroso had been.

He said:

"He was absolutely adamant in private and in public on the sofa that it would not happen and he said he was ­speaking for many other big ­European heads. I wonder why you regard this as yet more unionist bluster - he had no particular dog in this fight."

Salmond said:

"I think perhaps he has", and repeated then claims Mr Barroso's remarks were part of a campaign to become Secretary General of NATO.

So Salmond is questioning the integrity of the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso without any evidence.

That rather shows the true nature of Salmond.

Salmond added that Barroso "was sucking up to London in order to advance that process".

Then came the bit the SNP objected to, as the exchange continued, Marr said:

"I think it would be quite hard to get back in, I have to say."

Then the angry Salmond of old emerged to confront Marr by digging him up for providing an "Andrew Marr analysis".

Salmond said:

"Is that an individual expression or is that an expression of the BBC?"

Marr said:

"No it's not. I've got no views on this, nor does the BBC."

A spokeswoman for the First Minister said:

"Though the specific comment made was surprising, the First Minister responded at the time and we do not intend to complain about a programme we were represented on. The BBC face a more generic issue in relation to referendum coverage that has been highlighted by independent academic research, and it is for the BBC to explain their overall approach."

Well, it appears after Salmond put his foot in it, the SNP want to backtrack, given Andrew Marr has recovered from a stroke, and the Scottish National Party members have a history of attacking people with disabilities, perhaps Salmond didn’t want to continue down the same road travelled by Glasgow SNP deputy leader Billy McAllister.

One thing is certain, the plans that are said to exist will have to be fully published and they will be gone through with a fine tooth comb.

Plan A is dead.

Last night a BBC spokeswoman said:

"Andrew himself made it clear on air that he had not been intending to express a personal opinion or that of the BBC, but was simply putting forward an argument from President Barroso who, as European Commission President, has an integral insight within the debate. The BBC's coverage of the Scottish Referendum debate has been fair and balanced and we will continue to report on the story without fear or favour."

Scottish buffoon Alex Salmond attacking a man who is still recovering from a stroke!

How badly Scots are served by Salmond but when he loses the indyref, his future doesn’t exist as a credible force.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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