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Scottish independence: Kenny MacAskill lets the ‘cat out of the bag’ as Republican SNP want a referendum on the Monarchy, ‘Sein Fein lite’ republicians make up the hardcore of ‘hate the British’ in Nat ranks, trust is still a major issue concerning Alex Salmond with Scots

Dear All

It seems that the routine of Alex Salmond's 'jolly fat man', everything will be wonderful, Scots can keep the Monarchy has been shown up to be another farce.

Within the SNP, the leadership line is that they are pro the Queen, Salmond has repeatedly said the SNP policy is for 50 years to keep the monarchy in an independent Scotland.

That is Alex Salmond's official policy, because he doesn't want to rock the boat while Scotland remains within the UK.

Kenny MacAskill is now saying the Queen may not be head of state of an independent Scotland.

Apparently the Queen would face the prospect of a referendum on retaining the monarchy.

MacAskill is currently the Scottish "Justice Minister", he argues that "it will be for the people of Scotland to decide" on the Queen’s role if they vote to leave the UK.

His comments totally undermine Alex Salmond's official policy that the monarchy would automatically be retained.

Unlike Salmond, the Queen's popularity endures, his popularity is based on popularism and a council tax freeze.

Although, the SNP claim to be pro Monarchy, much of the pro–independence Yes Scotland campaign are republicans.

In the SNP there are differnet types of republicans, one such group is the 'Sein Fein lite' brigade, they aren't Nationalists as far as I am concerned, they just hate the British. While in the party, I would run into these bastards occasionally who are just scum trash mental pygmies with huge chips on their shoulder.

Other types of 'lites' are Salmond's colleagues at the Scottish Parliament who are republicans.

Aileen Campbell, the Scottish Children's Minister, and Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish Culture Minister, and Christine Grahame, Justice Convenor, she wants rid of the Queen because she thinks this will stop inequality.

I challenged that nonsense on the BBC when she spouted that, I said the Queen isn't responsible for inequality, politicians are, apparently that didn't go down too well.

So, given so many groups are anti Monarchy, would a referendum be held?


Dennis Canavan, the Yes Scotland chairman, says Prince George should never be King of Scots.

Add to this, the Greens, Scottish Socialists and many SNP members and MSPs have climbed onboard.

With MacAskill letting the 'cat out of the bag', the Scottish Government did some fighting citing the SNP policy of 50 years.

And that "Kenny MacAskill backs that policy totally."

In 2002 the SNP published a draft written constitution for an independent Scotland that included a referendum on the issue.

When looking at what MacAskill said:

"we will inherit the situation we have with the Queen as head of state in the ceremonial capacity that she has."


"But it will be for the people of Scotland to decide. If and when that would occur, if they wished to have a referendum, and we would hope we would become the government post-2016, it will be for whoever is in office then".

Given there is concern over the personal integrity of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon regarding issues of trust, how much weight can be placed on the SNP keeping the Queen?


Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Tory deputy leader, said:

"You have to wonder whether there is truly anyone in Yes Scotland’s leadership or the SNP, other than the First Minister, who is in tune with the Scottish public’s continuing affection and support for the monarchy. There is surely little doubt that whatever promises and assertions are made before the referendum they would count for nothing if Scotland were to be seduced into voting Yes. This motley alliance, including Kenny MacAskill, would then be doing all they could to pursue their minority republican views and it would be tiger whose tail even Alex Salmond would struggle to hold".

Given the SNP cannot be trusted, given the party is made up of various groups of malcontents, the best way to proceed rather than take the word of Salmond and Sturgeon which is worthless anyway is to vote No to independence.

Problem solved.

One thing which would have to happen at the Scottish National Party is a clear out of the various cliques which don't have any Nationalist agenda other than their personal self advancement.

Scottish independence is off!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Hamish said...

So the real Glaswegian working class voice is in favour of an unelected head of state, as well as prescription charges and tuition fees.
I'm more than ever convinced that you are a real toff, George.