Friday, March 7, 2014

Scottish independence: John Swinney repeats the SNP threat to saddle taxpayers in rest of the UK with all of national debt, trust is a major issue for Nats, if England closes the border to all land traffic, how long before Scotland would be brought to its knees?

Dear All

It maybe Friday but Scotland’s Finance Minister has decided to finish off the week by repeating his threat to saddle taxpayers south of the border with all of the UK’s national debt.

Bless his cotton socks, who thought that would be a good idea!

The threat is ill judged, ill timed and rather foolish; either Scotland keeps the pound in the unlikely event of independence or no repaying Scotland’s fair share of the UK debt.

You almost cannot grasp the stupidity of going down this road; it is hugely and utterly wrong.

The independence bid is collapsing each day; it is becoming more and more bizarre as Alex Salmond attempts to make Scotland a financial pariah nation.

Would you be mad enough to buy a Scottish Government bond when these people plainly state that they will renege on paying their debts?

If you are mad enough to back these people you really do deserve to get stuffed.

John Swinney is ruining his reputation as the independence campaign goes on to its bitter end.

Despite a warning from Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, ruling out sharing the pound as “final”, the SNP minister refused to outline a Plan B on currency.

Bizarrely Swinney claimed a vote for independence would put Scotland "in the driving seat".

What would happen if England closed their borders to land traffic from Scotland?

Think about that one for a minute and ask yourself who exactly is in the driving seat.

Swinney added:

"We have always accepted there will have to be a negotiation. The reason the people of England would say yes (to a currency zone) is because it is in the inherent interests of the rest of the UK”.

A recent poll came out against a currency union with Scotland.

Swinney added:

“If the UK Government sustains its current line of argument, and the line of argument pursued by George Osborne, then what would happen is the UK would be assuming all of the responsibility for the debt of the UK. An independent Scotland would not be saddled with the proportionate share of debt that we freely accepted we would have to take on. The UK Government would be walking into assuming all of the debt of the UK, and that is another compelling reason why the circumstances I have set...of the rest of the UK agreeing to a currency zone with an independent Scotland is a strong and credible position.”

So, an indy Scotland wouldn’t have any defence assets either.

No warship, planes, helicopters, army, navy or air force, bomb, bullets or weapons.

Who is in the driving seat Mr. Swinney?

Do you intend to form a ‘Volkstrom’?

And what would the ‘people’s army’ fight with bare hands and rocks! 

Mr Swinney, speaking to BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme, added that it was unlikely that Mr Osborne, or whoever was chancellor after the 2015 general election, was going to “voluntarily absolve the people of Scotland of over a £100 billion worth of debt.”

No, they wouldn’t be absolving, but if they close the border then everything would have to be brought in by air and sea.

How long could that last as the price of goods and materials skyrocket leading to riots as people couldn’t get food stuff?

Meanwhile, another plank of the indy campaign fell apart, ‘white collar flight’ is the new ‘happening’ as Alex Salmond’s economic case for independence suffered another blow when the Alliance Trust, an investment and savings business, became the latest major company to express concern over the independence referendum.

Everyone is deserting Salmond an unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

It is now time for John Swinney to consider that following these two buffoons is damaging his political career.

Best to start work on Plan B, a Scottish currency as soon as possible, if you can find anyone sensible to do the leg work, I would bypass Alex’s ‘experts’ on the Fiscal Commission as the joke rubber stamp they actually are.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

SNP = Sorry No Pound.

Anonymous said...

George -

You've hit upon what I have thought from the outset has been the main danger of separation: if negotiations descend into acrimony - and, given the SNP's moronic negotiating position, this seems to be a highly probable outcome - rUK will hold the ultimate sanction of being able to erect a physical border between the two countries. And if this happens, our economy will collapse, and we'll all be screwed!


Oh Dee said...

fair points, Swinney must be spitting nails at how his rep is being eroded, day in day out by the fools leading this indy campaign. It is a busted flush. Don't know why they continue this farce.

Anonymous said...

The SNP's position on a currency union is truly bizarre...

On the one hand Wastemonster, is heading a failed economy with a massive debt, run by evil right wing Tories....

Yet despite this after getting divorced the SNP want to climb back into bed with the UK, telling them that it is for their own good....

Don't think about that for too long as your head will hurt.

As for Swinney running around shouting that Scotland will not pay it's debt's, well that is the equivalent of shouting 'Fire' in a skyscraper, no one can ignore it.

By now the major players, big corporations, banks, financiers, investors, and so on will have all noticed, and Scotland will end up paying for it.

Heaven alone knows what the Bundesbank make of it, as the last thing they will want is another small nation, that cannot pay it's bills, and threatens 'default' it cannot get it's way...