Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scottish independence, SNP Minister Keith Brown challenges UK Defence Sec Philip Hammond to a debate on Scottish independence, if Brown has ‘spare time’ maybe he should do his job and get the roads fixed

Dear All

It seems that the SNP are trying yert again to play at being strategic masterminds.

The last latest attempt to ‘get a tory’ into a studio for a debate is Keith Brown challenging UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to a debate on Scottish independence.

If Cameron won’t play their silly petty games then why would the SNP think the UK defence Minister will?

Brown has accused Mr Hammond of short changing Scotland's defence sector.

Scotland doesn’t have a defence sector, it is a UK wide institution, as suaul Brown’s motive is grudge, grievance and malcontent as he whines about ‘incomplete information’.

Given the Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond could defend a hut in a paintball game, what do the SNP think they can achieve?

The SNP dolt who is their defence spokesman is Angus Robertson and what an arse he made of his job.

Meanwhile, Tartan Tory Fergus Ewing has levelled a similar accusation at his UK counterpart Ed Davey.

So, what will happen?

They SNP will just be ignored, clearly if you waste time humouring these people they think they are getting somewhere, best just to blank them, they won’t be getting a platform to stand as equals.

Keith Brown said:

"I have made a public request of Mr Hammond that rather than jetting into Scotland and then scurrying back away without answering any questions, he should stay and debate some of these really important issues”.

Why should he answer questions, Salmond doesn’t bother!

I have a question why does Alex Salmond have an adultress as an aide?

Think of it as a defence question, ‘defence of marriage’!

Brown added:

"It seems he is unaware that Scottish taxpayers pay around £3.3 billion towards defence and get around £2 billion spent in return."

An irrelevant question as defence is based on a UK wide strategy.

He added:

"We have contacted the MoD requesting factual information to support our consideration of the defence options that would be open to an independent Scotland. The MoD has been unable to provide the full detail requested."

Another boring failed attempt at pre- negotiations, didn’t work before isn’t going to work now!

Tartan Tory Ewing on the other hand said an independent Scotland would have "very substantial resources" to fund its renewable energy infrastructure.

Previously the SNP position was that England would continue to fund renewable energy infrastructure in Scotland, punted by an SNP MP who was obviously out of his depth and off his trolley.

Ewing said:

"Contrary to what we hear sometimes from Ed Davey and others, in order to maintain security of supply in England and keep the lights on in England, Scotland's electricity which is massively in greater supply would need to be exported. We will fund connectors to the northern and western isles from the very substantial resources available to the people of Scotland. There are perhaps around a third more renewables schemes in Scotland than south of the border, but there are no nuclear power stations proposed such as Hinkley Point where the taxpayer subsidy proposed is £35 billion over 35 years nor is there a bill for nuclear decommissioning of around £70 billion. So I think we need to look at all parts of the equation, not just those that suit certain political parties."

Blah, blah and blah, we need to be investing in the next stage of nuclear power stations for Scotland in order to have a secure supply.

So, two miserable failed attempts to get a tory into a debate, maybe rather than wasting time, these two chancers should be getting on with their government jobs.

Seems the madness of Eck is spreading, panic, fear and desperation, how much energy is that producing?

Finally, it isn't the Tories are scared, they just don't want to give oxygen to a party of deadbeats.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

was not the previous SNP transport minister rightly sacked?