Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scottish independence: Aberdeen City Council launchs Operation ‘Get the Bully’ to ban Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond from Council property, Labour Cllr Willie Young gets to grips with stamping out SNP ‘bullying’, other councils should follow suit, Salmond and his ministers not welcome

Dear All

Sometimes it is important to send a message to bullies.

The Alex Salmond Party within the Scottish National Party is full of bullies, lowlifes and untalented trash.

That is why they are getting their political arses humped senseless in this independence campaign as they are totally out of their depth.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hasn't delivered the goods, the ‘face of indy’ is doing terribly badly, can’t understand why you would put someone like her to front a campaign of Scotland becoming a young dynamic country.

She isn’t dynamic, she isn’t young and she isn’t happening!

But let’s get onto her boss, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond, he is facing a six-month ban from all council premises in Aberdeen for behaving "like a bully".

I guess the people of Aberdeen decided to dispense with the need for a trial and just go straight to the verdict.

A system used by the clique in the Scottish National Party.

As well as the ban on Salmond, it would also apply to his team of Scottish Government ministers thus preventing from carrying out any formal business in areas such as parks and offices.

The plan is said to being put to the full city council on Wednesday.

Let’s hope that they get a Yes Vote!

After all a bit of colour has been lacking in the indy debate and this move by Aberdeen could be rolled out across other councils in Scotland.

Labour councillor Willie Young, who proposed the move, said relations are at an all-time low with the Government.

Willie isn’t happy about the level of financial support from central government; he thinks Aberdeen is being done.

And on top of that Salmond recently suggested the city administration is "incompetent".

So payback is looking like it is on the cards, and the man in the crosshairs is Salmond.

Mr Young said:

"Mr Salmond has acted like a bully and spoken unacceptably about the city council. The only way to tackle a bully is to stand up to him”.

Quite so ma’am!

Young added:

"We'd obviously want to get the Scottish Government round the table and see if we can come to a better understanding, but I fully expect support for this action."

The ban, if backed, would only extend to official business rather than a complete ban but it is a start.

Taking the piss, Young said:

"If he wants to go for a walk with his wife in one of our lovely parks, no one will stop him."

Why would you stop a man married to a woman old enough to be his mother anyway?


A spokesman for the pathetic SNP Government Minister Derek Mackay said:

"Willie Young is the £7.3 million man”.

Obviously so wounding!

He added:

“His actions in voting against plans which would have seen a £7.3 million increase in funding for Aberdeen were bizarre as well as against the interests of the people of Aberdeen. The Scottish Government has good relations with all of Scotland's other 31 councils - despite those councils being of many different political colours. In that context it is the increasingly bizarre comments from the Labour-Tory alliance at Aberdeen City Council which stand out."

“good relations with all of Scotland's other 31 councils”, personally, I doubt that, they were threatened that if they didn’t put in place a council tax freeze their budgets would get cut, I don’t think anyone will be forgetting that in a hurry.

Let’s hope the ‘get the bully’ campaign in Aberdeen gets full backing and that others follow suit.

One thing is certain; bullies don’t like it up them!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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