Friday, March 14, 2014

Scottish independence, Alistair Darling issues a fresh challenge to Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond over his refusal to debate on live TV, Salmond wants David Cameron, I see no point in allowing Salmond to demean the Office of Prime Minister to act out his farce of ‘standing up for Scots’

Dear All

Alex Salmond thinks he should debate with David Cameron.

The Scottish National Party which is a front for the Alex Salmond Party want a Scotland vs England, SNP against Tory match up. The thinking is simple, to try and kick start the indy campaign which is in terminal decline.

The Tories rightly see no gain in a match up, and wisely declined; nothing to win and everything to lose.

But there is another fight.

Alistair Darling vs Alex Salmond!

The alternative fight, it is the only fight on offer for the Nationalists.

Salmond's continued refusal to face him in a live TV debate about the country's future smacks of cowardice.

When people’s bottle crashes; you have to ask what’s the problem?

The problem is gravitas.

Alistair Darling has gravitas, something which Salmond does not, Salmond is a guy who people think could change a tenner for three £3 pound and a pound coin.  

The former Chancellor last night issued a fresh challenge to the ‘jolly fat man’ to stiffen his backbone and meet him.

Darling said:

"What does he have to be afraid of?"

Well, we all know; its details.

Salmond thinks he is in a position to lay down who he will debate with, he says he will debate with senior figures in the No campaign only on the condition that David Cameron first agrees to go head to head with him on live television.

That will never happen.

Darling said it would be extraordinary if the stalemate robbed voters of a chance to see campaign leaders face the cameras, it is also a question of time for the SNP, the pressure ramps up on them as the campaign draws to a close. If he leaves it to the last minute then Salmond will possibly not get a debate with anyone.

Darling also added:

"I think it's absolutely necessary for us to have a debate. There is no reason on Earth why we cannot have a debate between two people, both voters in Scotland and both very passionate about the country."

Salmond wants to portray himself as a statesman, he isn’t, and Cameron won’t elevate him up to that position.

We are entering the last six months, the SNP won’t win, and Salmond and Sturgeon don’t have the momentum behind them, the wind is out of their sails totally.

If Salmond doesn’t debate, it raises the spectre of whether he should continue as leader of the Scottish National Party.

He should resign, he had his chance and blew it.

Alex Salmond, master strategist, is merely a buffoon, it is time to clear his desk and take Joan McAlpine with him into the wilderness!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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