Friday, March 21, 2014

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon close personal friend and Ex SNP MSP Bill Walker leaves jail after serving only six months for violence against women, Nicola didn’t turn up at the gate to meet him, she is still chasing the women’s vote!

Dear All

Today is a day of days, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon sees her old pal, colleague and ‘yours for Scotland’ independence fighter Bill Walker getting out of prison!

Presumably after Bill drops off his belongings he will be hitting the campaign trail for an independence Scotland run by the rich, for the rich to the betterment of the rich.

Although he leaves prison in disgrace, former MSP Bill Walker has been freed from jail after serving only half of his 12-month sentence.

So why did Nicola’s pal end up in prison?

30 years of smashing women’s faces in!

Bill wasn’t just a fighter, he was also a lover, on occasion; he gave women the back of his hand and sometimes a clenched fist.

Bill Walker was the Scottish National Party’s expert on domestic violence, apparently the SNP love ‘experts’.

His experience in abuse and offences is against three former wives and a stepdaughter.

Walker set about the step daughter with a pan.

Bill Walker was found guilty in August of 23 assaults and one breach of the peace which spanned decades.

When word leaked out, the SNP disowned Walker because although he was rich, Nicola was desperate to try and get the women’s vote.

That might be tricky as women I have spoken to describe her as an ‘arsehole’ in her own constituency.

Although Bill is 71-years old, and a keen campaigner, it isn’t likely that he will re-join the Scottish National Party, but that doesn’t mean in the future the door will be closed, recently the Glasgow SNP Deputy leader on Glasgow City Council pled guilty to threatening a disabled man.

The door is now open to the ‘men of violence’, who knows he could even regain his seat at Holyrood given the SNP isn’t a political party but a clique.

Sheriff Kathrine Mackie who jailed Walker for a year after the two-week trial, told Walker he had showed "contempt" for his victims as she imposed the maximum sentence available to the court.

Due to automatic early release rules by now Walker is probably gouging himself on fine food and wine and possibly waiting for a call from Nicola to return to the fold.

Leaving the nick, Bill decided to adopt an Alex Salmond type ‘statesman’ approach and left without making no comment as he casually strolled out of the jail at 8.10am!

Just think, if there wasn’t a referendum on Scottish independence and the SNP wanting the women’s vote, would the SNP have expelled Bill Walker?

Given their stance on Billy McAllister found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court for attacking a disabled man, the answer must be no!

Nicola and Bill back together again, the old dream team.

Still living in denial, Bill Walker plans to appeal his conviction, well what else has he to do with his time!  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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