Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Open letter to Hamish, SNP Deputy Leader Billy McAllister does a runner to Oz, is he off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, in local news, a prominent member of the ‘bloggeratti’ has been asked to do an article for a website which uses high profile politicians, political commentators and the press as writers

Dear Hamish

Firstly, I have to ask, did you ever get around to singing “hair out of a bottle” to the tune by the Police?

I urge you to try it, scientific evidence shows that singing can enhance health.

“Dammit George, I have no objection to you calling me middle-class”.

Well Hamish by the use of “dammit” apparently you do, also I am sure you tagged yourself.

I think the problem is that you cannot get your head around the fact that you are conversing with someone who is ‘working class’ and thus feel the need to elevate me to ‘middle class’ status. Does that make you feel comfortable?

“That is probably how sociologists would classify me”.

Hold that horse, is this an attempt to re-invent yourself as working class?

Why because you had a bit of education and have ventured out into the big wide world, or maybe you have a few quid, I am wearing my working class hat today!

What's that all about?

“You are the one who keeps banging on about being working-class, despite the evidence to the contrary”.

You are the one who keeps trying to re-brand me as middle class; naturally I choose to stick to the facts.

“Such as being a prominent member of the bloggeratti”.

By “prominent” do you refer to the large number of the SNP who hate my guts but drop by my blog then get together to bitch and whine about me?

“Or promising in your election manifesto to be a full-time councilor”.

Is there something wrong in being principled?

Do people have part time problems Hamish?

No, they have full time problems and therefore need a full time councillor. Speaking of councillors, what do you think of SNP Deputy leader Billy McAllister running off to Oz to hide for a month after getting done down at Glasgow Sheriff Court? That is bad enough, he should have resigned as Deputy, but worse than that, he leaves his constituents in the lurch and disappears. If I was head of the SNP Cllr Group, he would be suspended immediately. Seems I was right Glasgow SNP an out of control rabble. But to return to ‘full time’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon works as a full time MSP, are you suggesting she get a second job, maybe in a local Baillieston chip shop?

Or are you suggesting just me, do councillor rather like a hobby much like most SNP Councillors I met done activism?   

“Not something anyone holding down a job could do”.

I made an election promise, unlike some people who lie to get into public office I won’t.

“As for being a ninety minute nationalist, I am a life-long supporter of Scottish Independence”.

Is this ‘code’ for I don’t do activism?

Do you know what a 90 minute Nationalist is?

These are the people who don’t do any work but crawl up Sturgeon’s arse to get candidacies in Glasgow.

Most of them couldn’t fuck a doorknob and are of limited ability, perhaps Nicola likes to surround herself with the mentally dim but not nice to secure her position.

The SNP is a 'rat ship' under her leadership, as I said she is common!

“How long did your enthusiasm for the cause last?”

Which ‘cause’ is that?

Haven’t you been keeping up with current events, the Scottish independence campaign is a rich man’s campaign run by the rich for the benefit of the rich, Salmond dropped the act some time ago.

You can’t seriously suggest to me that you have failed to notice that it is crony ridden?

Real problem in the SNP due to a serious lack of talent, and cronyism, chickens coming home to roost now, apparently the ‘cult of personality’ used by Salmond doesn’t transfer to the big wide world either.

Famously the ‘cult of personality’ is used by despots.

Have you also noticed that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon completely lacks class and is common?

While she was bravely scratching a living in Drumchapel Law Centre, I was teaching at Glasgow University but unlike her I was cursed by being the best in my field, teaching the elite, she was stuck doing grudge, grievance and malcontent with badly dressed Nationalists screaming angry wee Nat stuff.

Do you think cardigans and flared trousers will make a comeback?

I have to get back to bloggeratti as you call it, I was asked to do an article for another website which has high profile politicians, political commentators and the press as writers, presumably I was asked because Francis Scally, the heir to Sturgeon was too busy ‘saving the whale’ or something.

Finally, listen to the video, I chose this one because it repeats the words ‘so lonely’ which is what Salmond and Sturgeon will experience on the grassy knoll when no one comes to vote for them in September.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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