Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SNP Deputy leader Billy McAllister pleds guilty to threatening a disabled man, fined £200, he should resign immediately as Deputy leader, given unpopular Nicola Sturgeon controls Glasgow SNP through her proxies, she shares the blame for McAllister’s behaviour, SNP Group are a rabble out of control

Dear All

It was the tale of the tape, but the verdict has finally arrived on the 'Battle of Possilpark', a senior SNP councillor Billy McAllister has been found guilty of acting in a threatening or abusive manner and shouting, swearing and gesticulating aggressively towards Mr Park on May 29, last year.

So, what were circumstances that have led to the SNP Crimebusting Councillor being busted himself?

He shouted and swore at a disabled man at a bedroom tax meeting.

SNP councillor at Glasgow City Council allegedly told John Park to "f*** off" and said "You're f****** rumbled."

Well the end of the 'rumble in the jungle' was that Billy McAllister got done bang to rights.

Both Park and McAllister were at a bedroom tax meeting where Tommy Sheridan was speaking; in Ardoch Street, Possilpark.

Possilpark is an area associated with crime, unemployment, deprivation and people trapped on benefits because of the drugs problems, however like anywhere, there is a hell of a lot nice people kicking about the place. Trouble is they don't really get the press for that, it is the crime stories that get pushed to the fore.

Billy McAllister is the current SNP deputy leader in Glasgow.

It is a responsible job but he he seems to think that this gives him some kind of licence to act the cunt.

His problem stems from a lack of leadership qualities not just in himself but in previous SNP Council Group leaders particular the last two leaders, Allison Hunter and Graeme Hendry.

His failure of leadership is on a par with their failures, but it doesn't stop there, because Team Sturgeon are in a power struggle for control but without wanting to take responsibility unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is part of the problem surrounding Glasgow SNP.

McAllister was said to be so aggressive when he shouted to Mr Park that he was "almost spitting" and had to be forcefully held back.

And was eventually dragged away from the disabled man he was having a go at.

A shaken Mr Park, who is a member of the Tommy Sheridan party called Solidarity after the incident went to the reception area of the Millenium centre and the police were called.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, SNP Deputy leader Billy McAllister pled guilty, another charge of assault by pressing a key into Mr Park's face was dropped by the Crown.

McAllister was fined £200 by Sheriff Lindsay Wood.

So, what is the future of Billy McAllister, 'Soldier of Salmond', well, after being pleading guilty he should also be sanctioned by the SNP Group leader Graeme Hendry and suspended form the group pending a formal hearing by the SNP.

Having a go at a disabled man who has metal plates in his leg and a crushed vertebrae, doesn't look good at all.

And looks even worse when the accused is in public office, given the way politics works his next stop might be the Standards Commissioner.

Park also alleges that he was threatened by McAllister and felt that he was being goaded by him outside the meeting.

He claimed McAllister told him "You think you're a f****** hard man with a scar, I will show you what a scar is."

Mr Park also alleged said that he was told by McAllister "You won't be walking out of here tonight" and that the area was "his patch".

No shit!

Park says he had gone to the bedroom tax meeting with Tommy Sheridan to show him how to get there.

Presumably Mr. Sheridan is unable to read a map or directions from a piece of paper.

Park's version is that he had gone outside for a cigarette where he saw a group of people, including McAllister although he didn't know who he was at the time.

SNP Councillor Billy McAllister isn't exactly unknown in Glasgow.

The court was told McAllister shouted at Mr Park:

"Are we talking loud enough for you big man. Can you hear us alright?"

Procurator fiscal depute Brendan Devaney said Mr Park replied:

"I'm not out here to listen to you, I'm having a cigarette."

Mr Devaney then said:

"Thereafter the accused stated to the witness that he should go away and 'f*** off'. Mr Park stated he was there to support the meeting. At this point the accused walked towards Mr Park, he was adopting an aggressive manner and pointing towards Mr Park.

"Mr Park said he was almost spitting."

McAllister told father-of-four Mr Park to leave the area and was very aggressive towards him and was pulled back by a friend that was with him.

The court heard McAllister then called Mr Park by his name and said "You're f****** rumbled now."

Mr Devaney added:

"The accused then came back towards Mr Park pointing at him and being forcefully held back. The accused was physically dragged away as he continued to shout."

Then the police were called and the rest is the stuff of legend.

Of course this doesn't look good for Billy McAllister who was the SNP MP Candidate, elected on the ticket like the rest on a ticket as a 'people's champion'.

Is he still a 'people's champion' after this episode?

Well, I will leave that for others to decide, one thing should happen, Glasgow SNP is infected by what I dubbed the 'Hunter Virus', which is arrogance coupled with a big mouth and poor social management skills.

Billy McAllister should be suspended by the end of week, as to further punishment, well, I would say that 6 months is about right and a severe warning that 'acting the cunt' will not be tolerated any longer and his resignation as Deputy is required with immediate effect.

Will Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon take a lead and act or will she be impotent and not act?

She has her own problems chiefly among them the lack of leadership displayed by Billy McAllister.

She like McAllister wants power without responsibility, what a pity for both that this attitude doesn't work.

Given the dreadful state of the Glasgow SNP Group it is doubtful anyone can emerge other than a Sturgeon crony from the shadows.

It was said on behalf of McAllister as mitigation that Mr Park allegedly made a comment about McAllister's brother who committed suicide.

Leaving court, an emotional McAllister said that he does not make personal comments about people in politics.

He said:

"My brother committed suicide and someone made a comment about that and I think that's a bit below the belt. That was the only way they could get to me. Maybe I responded the wrong way. I'm sure if people understand the emotional side of it. I'm not made of stone."

As I said above, he needs to be suspended with immediate effect.

Responding to the allegation Mr Park said he was "disgusted" and denied making any comment.

He said:

"I'm disgusted that someone would use the death of a family member to try and justify their behaviour."

It may of not escaped your notice but recently several senior SNP figures have adopted the stance of 'victim hood' when they are the party in the wrong, it didn't work for them and it will not work for Billy McAllister either.

No wonder the Scottish independence bid is such a shambles!

Too many prima donnas that need a fucking rocket up their arse, and that goes all the way right to the top of the party!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

I've met Cllr Franny Scally in the flesh. I could only think "FUCKS SAKE" We actually pay arseholes like him to represent us. How come such a collection of dicks can all congregate in the City Chambers?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

You have met the famous Francis Scally?

What a treat for you and something you can treasure for all time.

Yes, we do pay him, and worth every penny!

Where else could we find someone like him to take on such responsibility!

"How come such a collection of dicks can all congregate in the City Chambers?"

It called voting.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University