Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time to Legalise Drugs, the phoney war on drugs is lost; it is pointless and doesn’t address the issues of people in a meaningful way

Dear All

I wrote a post awhile ago on the issue of drugs.

I am returning to the theme of that post because the debate to legalise drugs must and should be had now.

Drugs should be made legal.

We have seen that drugs are the blight on society but they have been with us from the dawn of time and despite several measures, the cycle has failed to be broken by authorities.

The war on drugs has been lost so a different strategy is needed.

There is a phrase;“in it to win it”.The reason for the failures is that most politicians lack the courage to be radical to tackle this issue effectively.

They tackle symptoms rather than causes; they are scared because if they are radical they won’t get re-elected.

Our problem is “Victorian” values which no longer exist except in the political arena.

The drugs market is like any business, and as such it can be bankrupted.

So, what happens if the market is bankrupted, people will still want and take drugs, so why not set up a quango which allows people to buy from the state, the alternative is the status quo where dealers continue to get rich.

Money collected used by the state to fund projects, treatment centres and anti drug measures.

If given a straight choice would the public rather put money into the hands of a drug dealer or the Government?

I would say the Government.

In Europe, particularly Holland the authorities take a liberal view on drugs with “coffee houses” where people can smoke cannabis openly.

The debate has shifted towards legalisation but courage is needed to start somewhere.

Therefore; “in it to win it” is a viable option.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SPT shredded expenses row receipts, the SNP Government should close SPT down now or is it that they just don’t care what happens in Glasgow?

Dear All

More scandal down at the SPT or as it is getting better known, the Glasgow Labour Party cash cow and Rangers supporters travel agent.

The latest outrage in the quango is that documents detailing thousands of pounds worth of spending racked up on business trips were shredded by the SPT.

I was only obeying orders mein herr!!!!

So, what more do these clowns have to do before they get closed down?

Or maybe a better question is why is the SNP Government putting up with this?

The independent report into the SPT finds serious fault with the way senior figures spent public money on a series of junkets.

Unexplained days in New York and an all-expenses-paid trip to Manchester that coincided with Rangers’ Uefa Cup Final appearance top the report.

So how much have the SPT shredded?

Receipts detailing £32,749 of spending are now been trashed, this is more than half the total corporate credit card bill over a two-year period.

Destroying financial records should send alarm bells ringing at the Scottish Government.

It seems that the Labour Party which operate the shadow government think quangos are perfect for overseas trips to exotic parts and extra cash.

Glasgow Labour councillor of shame Jonathan Findlay who was appointed to take the Chair of SPT said;

“Although vindicated by the majority of the findings – six out of nine complaints were unfounded – we fully accept there were failings.”

Failings by Labour Party elected politicians and PPCs.

The SNP Government should have the balls to close this down; it is time to get tough.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli at the University of Guantanamo Bay takes 5% pay cut as a gesture while 80 staff are to be sacked, truly pathetic

Dear All

It seems that Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli has started a PR exercise along the lines of, ‘I feel your pain’!

He is taking a 5% pay cut.

How unoriginal of him copying UK Government Ministers.

The amount is £12,500, which won’t save a single job.

This year the University of Guantanamo Bay is expected to make a £6 million surplus so clearly the 80 jobs could be saved but won’t.

Corrupt Foreigner Muscatelli will push this through rather than come up with ideas to generate more income.

He hasn’t any ideas and less we forget any clown can sack staff to cuts costs, Toilet bowl economics, easy, quick and requiring little thought.

Mary Senior, general secretary of the UCU Scotland union is representing lecturers, she is onto plums if she thinks she can save jobs; Guantanamo Bay is just copying other institutions.

The Glasgow branch of UCU Scotland is already voted in favour of a ballot on industrial action but to be effectively, they need to plan for a long and sustained strike if the threat of job cuts is to be lifted.

Senior says;

“We have argued all along there is no economic case for job cuts at the University of Glasgow and these figures really underline our position. The management must face up to the fact that there is no reason to slash jobs, with the inevitable damage to staff morale and the learning environment. The message from the union is clear – the university must withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies, or members will have no choice but to take action to defend their jobs and the quality of education.”

Laura Laws, the ineffective president of the University of Glasgow’s Student Representative Council, said students had to be “pragmatic” about the job losses.

Message to the staff, piss off, no help here, the SRC may have stuck in their 20 minute protest to boost their C.V. but that is the extent of their stint on the barricades.

Laws said;

“I would rather no jobs were cut, but we have been told to expect up to a 20% cut in government funding over the next two years. We have to be pragmatic and make sure that as few staff as possible are affected and education is protected, while not bankrupting the university”.

Like a sycophant she has taken the easy way out, any trouble is obvious too much trouble for her.

The idea being punted is that Muscatelli’s cut of 5% is understood the decision is a gesture to show the rest of the staff he is prepared to lead from the front when cuts are necessary.

Muscatelli is no leader of men .

When institutional bullying was going on at Glasgow University; Muscatelli took very much the role of the ‘coward in the foxhole’, he is no man of honour.

Read it here.

The people getting sacked will take no comfort that Muscatelli is giving up a measly 5%!

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable described the salaries of university principals as “out of touch with reality”.

As is Muscatelli’s moral compass, corrupt foreigners shouldn’t be running Scottish Universities.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, May 29, 2010

TiK ToK - Ke$ha

Baron Jack Wilson McConnell of the Motherwell Pigsty, of the Wishaw outhouse, in the North Lanarkshire Labour wasteland finally gets ermine

Dear All

The longest time to deliver a bribe in modern Scottish political history is now over.

Former first minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell, has been made a life peer.

McConnell who bribed out of office to make way for Wendy Alexander is “delighted”.

No peerage for Wendy Alexander a shame!!!!!

McConnell said;

“My first priority continues to be my constituency in the Scottish Parliament and I will balance my roles in both institutions”.

That must be news to the people of ‘pigsty’.

McConnell famously said that that Motherwell was a ‘pigsty’, it was dirty and untidy and he is the MSP.

So much for sticking up for the muckers!

McConnell added;

"My experience and understanding of devolution, coalition government, international development and peace building will prove useful in the House of Lords and I will do what I can there, standing up for Scotland but helping shape Britain too."


McConnell joins a long list of Labour hacks, John Reid, Helen Liddell, John McFall and Tommy McAvoy.

Even fake class warrior John ‘daft workie come good’ Prescott is getting ennobled and he described the Lords as ‘vermin with ermine’.

£335 a day in allowances and of course travel expenses just for signing in, must have changed his dullard mind.

So, what name will Lord Jack choose?

Baron Jack Wilson McConnell of the Motherwell Pigsty, of the Wishaw outhouse in the North Labour Lanarkshire wasteland!

The people in Motherwell must be so pleased, not!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Councillor of shame and Glasgow University product in expenses row, fury at Liz Cameron blowing £14,000 in expenses travelling the world

Dear All

A few days ago I rattled on a post on Culture and Sport dispute;

Now, Labour Councillor of shame Liz Cameron and Glasgow University product finds herself in an expenses row.

As chair of Culture and Sport and as city councillor she has ran up nearly £14,000 in expenses and overseas travel.

So, where has she been on your money?

New York, Rome, Paris, Norway, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore!

A Marketing Bureau spokeswoman said;

“Bailie Cameron is charged with selling Glasgow to the world. Convention business was worth £131m in the last year and more than 2.4 million tourists generated £620m for Glasgow’s economy. It is churlish to suggest that we can achieve this from within the confines of George Square.”

Are we to seriously believe that Liz Cameron brought 2.4 million tourists to Glasgow?

It seems that the Marketing Bureau is another travel agent for the Glasgow Labour Party as they jet around the world.

One can only wonder what the staff at Culture and Sport think of this, as she tells them to stomach a pay freeze and overtime cut.

It seems that nothing is too good for ‘Partick Lizzie’ and she is having it, paid for by us.

Yesterday, some of Culture and Sport was on strike, more are planed, as the city struggles under the heel of the Labour boot on the necks of the workers, but ‘Partick Lizzie’ is alright;

Vice Chair, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (remunerated) - £14,781.Vice Chair, Glasgow Cultural Enterprises (remunerated) - £6,335.
Councillor Glasgow City Councillor (remunerated) - £16234 salary

Plus perks and goodies.

A spokesman for Culture and Sport Glasgow said;

“We must make savings of £3.4 million in the current year.”

Here is a suggestion, get rid of ‘Partick Lizzie’ and get in a better chairman.

The Glasgow Labour Party really is taking the people of Glasgow for mugs!

Another Glasgow University product exposed, explains why she doen't give a toss about the workers' plight at Culture and Sport.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Lib Dem MP David Laws’ expenses scandal puts his job as Chief Treasury Secretary in an untenable position; David Cameron should sack him immediately

Dear All

Chief Treasury Secretary David Laws has been forced to apologised after it emerged he had been claiming MPs' expenses to rent rooms in homes owned by his partner.

His position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury is now completely untenable.

The total amount to be paid back is in the region of £40,000.

In ripping off the taxpayer and breaking the rules he said that his motivation was to keep the relationship with the man private and not to reveal his own sexuality.

Sorry that isn’t an excuse for cheating the public.

What is shameful is that this abuse was systematic stretching into years, since 2006 parliamentary rules have banned MPs from "leasing accommodation from a partner".

Laws claimed up to £950 a month for eight years to rent a room in two properties owned by his partner, James Lundie.

The rules in the Green Book are clear on this matter.

Housing allowance must not be used to meet the costs of renting a property from:

a partner or family member (including a spouse or civil partner);
a close business associate; or an organisation or company in which you or a family member have an interest (other than as an ordinary investor).
*Source: The Green Book

Laws said;

"At no point did I consider myself to be in breach of the rules which in 2009 defined partner as 'one of a couple… who although not married to each other or civil partners are living together and treat each other as spouses'. Although we were living together we did not treat each other as spouses - for example we do not share bank accounts and indeed have separate social lives”.

So, what should David Cameron do?

Fire him immediately or risk losing credibility and goodwill; it is not enough that Cameron should sit on the fence as Laws refers himself to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

Sir Alistair Graham, the former chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life said;

"I'm a genuinely shocked that somebody who is now chief secretary to the Treasury is faced with disclosure of this nature where he clearly hasn't told the full truth to the people dealing with expenses in the House of Commons. Given all the expenses farrago that has gone on over the past two or three years, the fact that it has come to light now when he is a key part of a coalition government is staggering really."

So, election on MAY 6th and already in a little over three weeks, the first high profile scandal of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition and it is a major scandal to boot.

I would expect Laws to stand down by next week, this is going to play out pretty badly; one of the men charged with handling the nation’s finances can’t be trusted.

It would be better if David Laws went voluntarily, if not Cameron has to sack him.

I said that the expenses scandal wasn’t over and Parliament hadn’t moved on in other posts, George Laird was right again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 27, 2010

FMQ's Alex Salmond kicks 'East Coast Weasel' Iain Gray around Holyrood again

Glasgow is open for business but not for bum, both cheeks must be kept tightly shut, po-face Labour Councillors of shame ban taxi ad

Dear All

The self styled moral guardians of the City of Glasgow, the Labour Council of shame have spoken.

They have no shame however when giving jobs and contracts to Labour Party members, family, friends and Labour donors.

Or using official cars to take them to football games!

But the sight of a woman’s ass on advert for new trainers makes the tribal Glasgow Labour Party fly into action.

Three Labour Councillors of shame banned a Reebok promotion that promised a better bottom and legs because it featured the word bum.

Yes, bum in Glasgow is off limits.

It seems that Glasgow is open for business but not for bum, both cheeks must be tightly shut.

But if bum is off limits why are the Labour Councillors of shame making such an arse of themselves?

Despite the fact that this is an international ad campaign shown all over the world, the po-faced moralists have passed Victorian judgement.

One bright spark said this;

‘why there were legs in an advert for running shoes and “why do they need to go right up to her backside?”

Why do legs go up to your backside?

Because if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be attached to the Torso and people would have to crawl along the floor.

And think of the mess that would create!

Committee member Ann Marie Millar playing the role of Marie Antoinette queried the relevance of the advert but when the ­proclaimed benefits were explained, she said that as she did not wear trainers, she “wouldn’t know”.

What about pie eating, does she know the benefits of that?

To put it in context of how backward Labour Councillors of shame are the EasyTone ad campaign is the biggest TV spend of any sports brand since 2004. You can see it displayed on billboards in New York, Boston, Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

Places of culture.

When the applicant for Greaves who wanted the ad to go through questioned about the double standards of allowing taxis to advertise lap dancing in the city, he was instructed to stop talking.

Then he was thrown out as the Glasgow Labour Councillors of shame had enough of him exercise free speech.

That is Glasgow Labour Mafia democracy in action.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Afghanistan death toll of UK Troops rises to 288, Labour's legacy of death continues, Troops out now, home and safe!

Dear All

We should remember that despite a change in the UK Government, we are still in Afghanistan and military personnel are getting killed in the line of duty.

A British marine has been killed in Afghanistan according a Ministry of Defence (MoD) report. An explosion in Helmand province killed the marine, from 40 Commando Royal Marines, while on foot patrol on Wednesday.

This is a tragedy for his family.

The number of British military personnel killed on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 stands now at 288.

We are fighting a war which is unwinnable; we can take ground because of superior firepower but nowhere near enough hearts and minds.

And we are propping up a corrupt government led by Hamid Karzai.

This war will not stop and the solution is not military but political.

Lt Col James Carr-Smith, a spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said the marine had been conducting a reassurance foot patrol in the Green Zone around Sangin when he was struck by an explosion.

Green Zones are supposed to be safe.

Carr-Smith said;

"His boldness and commitment to the mission will not be forgotten. He died a marine. He will be sorely missed and we will remember him."

Cold comfort for his family!

That sentiment has been said 288 times so far, when will the last time be?

It is time to get out and save our troops; occupation isn’t working and only provides the insurgents with opportunity to kill by remote control.

Occupation cannot be part of military thinking for future campaigns.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Media Queen Diane Abbott so far gets the wooden spoon in the Labour leadership race, a sign that in the Westminster Village she isn’t that popular

Dear All

The Labour Party is having a contest to find a new leader.

Diane Abbott has thrown her hat into the ring.

And it was promptly thrown back out.

Diane Abbott has received no nominations whatsoever.

She is in danger of getting the wooden spoon.

Nice to be popular!

But all is not lost; she still can continue with her telly career and of course MP salary and perks.

In 2008, she was named one of the ten most powerful black women in Britain.

But not in the Labour Party it seems.

Of the other contenders, the Milibands are neck and neck circa 50, Ed Balls is a distant third at 24, Burnham is on 14, John McDonnell has a measly 4.

But no one is even prepared to give Diane Abbott a sympathy vote of one.

The current state of the votes is

David Miliband: 51
Ed Miliband: 47
Ed Balls: 24
Andy Burnham: 14
John McDonnell: 4
Diane Abbott: 0

The next leader of Labour is looking at losing the next election as well, even although out of government, people know the pain is because of financial mismanagement of the Labour Government.

Diane Abbott is good on This Week but she is no leader of men, especially when she views British men as racist.

No votes, no surprise.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame Liz Cameron erupts in anger at workers wanting fair treatment at Culture and Sport

Dear All

It seems that the Glasgow Labour Party is upset about workers at Culture and Sport going on strike.

The failing charity that runs galleries and museums in Glasgow is run by Bridget McConnell.

And we should note, she pulls down a whopping £132k a year.

In return, she gives us a third rate provincial service.

So, into the breech steps Labour Councillor of shame, Liz Cameron, chairwoman of Culture and Sport Glasgow to accuse the unions of trying to maximise disruption to families and visitors to the city.

So, what’s the problem with that?

After, Cameron and McConnell, the ugly sisters in this panto are trying asking workers to work overtime for plain time and wanting them to stomach a pay freeze.

Brian Smith of Unison asks a couple of splendid questions;

“Why is this company in such financial strife? Is it because of financial mismanagement or is it that the organisation was set up badly in the first place?

Why is that Bridget?

Perhaps given the difficulties, the entire board and senior management should resign having lost the confidence of the staff.

Maybe the staff could be replaced with people with experience of running leisure facilities and no connections to the Labour Party.

Labour Councillor of shame said;

"Faced with a choice between changing the way we work, to reduce costs, such as overtime, or protecting jobs and services, the unions have decided to go on strike."

What she fails to grasp is that the people who are already on low pay will suffer most.

She added;

"In light of the financial crisis faced across the public sector, the time has come to ask the unions what they would prefer - job cuts and reductions in services, or changes to the way we work which help to protect both? The unions have made it clear that they want to disrupt services when the people of Glasgow value them most. They want to disrupt high-profile events which have helped to put Glasgow on the map. What they will not do is put forward proposals which will help to protect both jobs and services."

Given Culture and Sport have managed themselves into this position, why should staff trust them?

As to disrupting high profile events, this is a good idea because it sends a signal to Bridget McConnell, stop taking people for mugs and start working; you’re nothing special and won’t be missed.

Brian Smith finishes on a pertinent point;

"It is worth noting in all this that Culture and Sport Glasgow is the only part of the 'Glasgow family' (arms-length council bodies) that has said it will have a pay freeze”.

Perhaps this maybe because less members of the Glasgow Labour Party and their relatives are employed there!

As I previously blogged, Bridget McConnell is a liability that Culture and Sport can no longer carry.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

In tough economic times, St Andrews University spends £1.18 million doing up the Principal’s house, must be cosy in the palace

Dear All

The greed in the University Sector knows no bounds and is something I have blogged on before.

Enter the principal of the ‘English’ University of St Andrews who spent more than £1 million of university funds upgrading her official residence.

Scottish taxpayers’ money, the reason to justify this is in order to entertain visiting academics, dignitaries and potential sponsors.

There is always an excuse.

Prior to her appointment Richardson expressed concern that the university should provide a high-profile principal's house in a prime location "conducive to receiving and entertaining leading international academics, potential donors, sponsors and benefactors".

It seems she got her way and a life of luxury.

University has been criticised after it emerged she spent more than £1 million of university funds upgrading her official residence in order to entertain visiting academics, dignitaries and potential sponsors.

Labour MSP Claire Baker said;

"For any university in this current financial climate to spend that kind of money on what will be a private residence is concerning”.

But, because of the way the Labour Party operated, they effectively allowed universities to be rudderless from political oversight.

The Labour Party climbed into bed with academics because they wanted access to the university networks that could place their people in jobs and positions.
Just like local Councils.

There needs to be massive cuts in university greed and the place to start is by removing serving university staff that has a vested interest from the Scottish Funding Council.

You won't stop greed unless the Scottish Funding Council has a more impartial board.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Protest amid Donald Trump's arrival over golf plan, Tripping UP Trump create new stumbling block, they are fighting like Scotsmen, where's the SNP?

Dear All

The Trump saga goes on.

A group calling itself ‘Tripping up Trump’ is dedicated to stopping Donald Trump's golf project.

The latest tactic to upset the man with the worst haircut in the civilised world has been to buy some of the land belonging to Michael Forbes, one of the residents refusing to sell.

An epic time wasting idea and stumbling block to ensure that Donald Trump pays through the nose for every inch of Scottish soil in his land grab.

The group thinks that that by putting the names of hundreds of protesters on the title deeds, it would create a massive legal headache for the Trump Organisation and Aberdeenshire Council.

Everyone who is a land owner would have to be contacted by the Council if they were to pursue a compulsory purchase order for the site.

For a businessman, you would have thought that the Trump Organisation would be teaming with people who could turn this situation round.

So that everyone wins.

The cost of the Trump project is about £750 million to create what Trump describes as the "world's greatest golf course" in Aberdeenshire.

Protestor Michael Forbes said;

"Tripping Up Trump now own a piece of my land in an effort to help protect my family and the other families worried by the threat of compulsory purchase. Trump lost the battle for public opinion long ago, and he's now lost any chance of bulldozing our homes."

One can feel that public sympathy is very much with the home owners, no one should be forced off their land in the matter advocated by Trump.

I would call on the Scottish Government to act in this matter instead of burying its head in the Aberdeenshire sand.

This is something that Alex Salmond said when elected leader;

“As a national party our commitment to social justice is at the heart of our politics”.

The people of Menie aren’t getting social justice, legal justice or natural justice.

But they fight on.

It is time the SNP Government to help; it is time the many stood up for the few.

That is what being a local champion is all about, it’s like puppies not just for xmas or elections.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

‘East Coast Weasel’ MSP Iain Gray attempts to start fight in empty room so everyone knows he exists, Tory/Lib Dem and SNP Governments ignore him

Dear All

Slowly but surely, the Scottish Parliament getting new powers is leading to independence.

The Queen's Speech is a sign post of the future, Scots aren’t settling for being second class citizens in their own country.

The financial crash in some ways has righted some wrongs.

New tax powers for Holyrood give Scotland more levers to manage money but full fiscal autonomy is still a goal.

There will also be powers over drink-driving, speed limits and airguns.

SNP Westminster spokesman Angus Robertson said;

"While the legislative programme was light on detail, some of the ideas contained within it have potential to deliver improved economic decision making for Scotland. On financial responsibilities, we need the powers to grow the Scottish economy and to give Scottish business a competitive advantage - decisions relating to Scotland's finances should be taken in Scotland. This would settle the age-old disputes about funding, and allow both governments to focus on economic recovery."

He takes this as a positive but conscious opportunity of what the Tory/Lib Dem are going as they set out their stall.

‘East Coast Weasel’ Labour MSP Iain Gray wants the UK government to ensure the Calman recommendations are passed before next year's Holyrood election.

He forgets that there has to be discussions with the SNP Government to ensure Scotland gets the right recommendations for the present economic conditions.

The ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray wants to blunder in without thought.

Yet again, mouth before brain.

What should be welcome is the scrapping of ID Cards which rolls back the surveillance state which the Labour Party attempted to set up.

The Tory/Lib Dem Government is making the right noises but that has to be translated into deeds.

The Labour Party has left the UK in a right mess and not just financially.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The 'Hugo Chav' of Paisley, Labour Councillor Terry Kelly has a pop at George Laird on his blog, I upset the old fart by accident

Dear All

I have been tapping on keyboards for a while but they say you are not truly famous until someone writes about you.

I am the subject of a post by Labour Councillor Terry Kelly.

He calls himself a ‘socialist’ but is more like the Hugo Chav of Paisley.

As the ‘Labour Champion’ he has seen fit to have a pop at me.

So, fame at last.

His stock in trade is to call people who argue with him liars and on occasion racists, a term he uses to describe people who support the Scottish National Party. He also likes to call people fools and thugs.

Women, he calls ‘thick’.

Councillor ‘Hugo Chav’ proves beyond a shadow of doubt that any numb nut can stand and get elected to be a politician.

Take the time to visit his website, read the posts and also the comments.

You will see; he is a complete warmer!

Checking the web also produces results of his ‘wisdom’.

I will not being doing autographs now that I am famous.

Just so you know.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Staff at University of Guantanamo Bay read about corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Principal of human rights abusing organisation

Dear All

It seems that staff at the University of Guantanamo Bay Glasgow can’t stop popping by this world famous blog to read about university corruption et al among the senior management staff.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the human rights abusing University should make this information freely available.

Everyone is entitled to know Glasgow University operates a secret policy of discrimination.

Here are some of the IP addresses of university staff who have stopped by., IP address, IP address

Anon user, IP address,, IP address, IP address, IP address, IP address, IP address, IP address, IP address, IP address

anon user, IP address

In some cases, the same people have made repeated visits.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to inform staff of the human rights abusing Glasgow University that I intend to out the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli to every MSP at Holyrood.

Spread the word, after the summer recess is over and at the start of the new political year, every MSP will be getting a letter and two university documents which show how deep corruption goes at the University of Guantanamo Bay.

When Anton Muscatelli turns up at Holyrood in the future, every MSP will know he discriminates against working class Scottish people.

It will be a historic event; people need to know;

he condones bullying,

he condones discrimination,

he condones malpractice,

he condones harassment,

he condones criminal fraud.

This can be read here.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

‘Daft workie come good’ John Prescott wants to be next Labour treasurer, in government he made an arse of every department he was put in charge of

Dear All

Daft workie come good and Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott says he wants to be the next Labour Party treasurer.

As everyone one knows in politics, every time Prescott was given a Government department to run, he arsed it up and in the end every single one was taken away from him.

Prescott who has since stepped down as an MP said party members had persuaded him to stand.

A joke perhaps on their part, taking the pish out of an idiot!

In a rare moment of 'vision' he said the job was about "getting the money in".


With the added bonus of increasing membership and pledged to create a "vibrant mass membership party".

He is kidding himself, let us not forget that people are not that stupid, even rank and file Labour members walked as the party was taken over by champagne socialists in the pockets of the rich.

The treasurer is an elected role, but I suspect that Prescott really is all about wanting a position on Labour's ruling National Executive Committee.

With big business going Tory, Prescott thinks that by creeping back to the unions, he can get them to stump up money for party funds after Blair and Brown sidelined them for years.

For other political parties, Prescott in power is a godsend, you want a nut lacking ambition fronting the Labour ragbag of trash.

The era of Prescott’s act of the daft workie come good has ended long ago, he is the comic who no one laughs at.

The last joke, he maybe the guy with the Labour begging bowl that can’t get a nickel.

Prescott for treasurer!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, May 24, 2010

Human rights abusing Glasgow University gets begging bowl out for Vet fund appeal, ‘Not one penny more’, Glasgow isn't paying up for Bearsden

Dear All

There I was walking along when the bus passed; on the back was a poster from the human rights abusing Glasgow University.

It was a begging poster asking that people contribute money.

Despite getting ample amounts of taxpayer money to live a life of luxury, the University of Guantanamo Bay people are so greedy that they want more.

They are just squalid.

The appeal is fronted by the despicable Englishman Peter Holmes who discriminated against working class Scots.

He doesn’t even live in Glasgow but wants us to pay up for Bearsden!

As Vice-Principal, he allowed bullying, discrimination and institutional fraud to take place and did nothing.

This can be read here.

And now he is Chairman of the Vet begging bowl appeal.

When an employee, I did two years at the University Vet School in the late 1980’s, the place smelled to high heaven of shit.

At that time cattle were slaughtered in the open in full view of anyone passing, including visitors dropping off their animals.

The cattle would be taken to an area, shot through the head with a bolt gun; a rod would be inserted to scramble their brains. After that they would be hung up by the hoofs and gutted.

Their guts would be pulled out and land on the concrete base.

So, I say to you, ‘Not one penny more’, they have already been given your money by the state.

Every penny you give means they can divert cash to fund the greedy senior management in the main campus.

Don’t be taken for a donkey.

They have been given enough money and are required by law to care for the animals, they currently have.

Let the Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the human rights abusing Glasgow University manage the taxpayer money already given, he is paid enough.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gay Activists want SNP Government to withhold aid to women and children in Malawi, since when was bullying and threat incorporated in human rights?

Dear All

Malawi isn't Scotland.

Recently, I wrote this post;

The jist of it was that the Scottish Government has to learn that human rights don’t allow us to force our beliefs on others by way of threat to withdraw essential aid.

But like every hot potato, it has popped back up, with pressure on the Scottish Government to use its special relationship with Malawi to help overturn the conviction of two men sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour for being gay.

Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga shouldn’t be in prison.

In the west such a thing is ridiculous as people have equality but the rights invested here in Scotland under the Human Rights Act don’t apply to the same extent in Malawi.

Now, Gay activists say that all future aid payments to the country from Scotland should be dependent on reform of human rights in the African country.

This is wrong.

Why should people who preach about human rights think it is appropriate to inflict pain and suffering on others?

The Scottish Government gives aid money to ease suffering, such money shouldn’t come with strings or our morality attached.

If change is going to take place in Malawi, it must be by will of the people, not external threats.

Ross Stevenson, director of Pride Glasgow, said;

“We urge the Scottish and UK governments to enter talks with Malawi officials in ensuring that aid and other support given to the country is linked to reform for equalities and human rights and to offer support in doing this.”

This is nonsense; if they don’t change then they are denied aid?

Carl Watt, director of Stonewall Scotland takes a much more politically astute position when he says;

“We would expect MSPs and the Scottish Government to use our relationship with Malawi to bring pressure to bear, and we very much hope that is what is happening.”

Fiona Culture and External Affairs Minister has taken up the case of the two men imprisoned and has tried to persuade Malawi’s government to release the men however she stopped short of calling for human rights reform.

She said;

“Quite clearly it is a fundamental breach of human rights and I raised the subject of human rights in general with the Malawi government when I visited in February. And also this week I have written to raise my concerns. But we are not going to turn our backs on children who need food, women who are dying in maternity and also those suffering from HIV and Aids.”

Fiona Hyslop should continue her dialogue with the Malawi Government but the answer of those people who are seeking to stop aid for women and children must be fundamental no.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Party to target SNP Ministers in Holyrood elections, the SNP need to rethink how their political economy works, money, resources and people

Dear All

It seems that the Labour Party has a hit list of SNP Ministers.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, Minister for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford and Schools Minister Keith Brown will face determined challenges to hold their first past the post seats in Holyrood from the Labour Party.

Some SNP Ministers at present hold seats with slim majorities of less than 1,400.

The Labour idea is supposed to tie up money and resources in those areas.

It seems that the SNP will need to rethink their political economics very carefully.

Money, resources and people are the political reality which needs to be addressed.

The Westminster election was a disaster for Glasgow SNP.

7 losses out of 7 seats!

This is because people are stuck in the mindset of defending their little bit of unviable ‘turf’.

Political sacrifice maybe the unpalatable truth that SNP branches have to swallow to get ahead in Glasgow.

If you don’t have a foothold you have nothing.

As I previously said change is needed.

But change didn’t happen, there is a lack of will, of course everyone wants to win but are people prepared to do what it takes?

Not at present, Glasgow SNP needs to run a Glasgow campaign to connect with Glasgow voters.

Is there a strategy by the SNP to win Glasgow?

Not that I can see.

There are 10 first past the post seats in Glasgow, the SNP hold one, all others held by the Labour Party.

There is also additional regional list MSP seats, 4 held by the SNP, 1 each held by the Tories and the Green Party.

16 seats up for grabs for Holyrood!

The Holyrood system delivered 5 seats to the SNP, 1 FPTP and 4 Glasgow list seats.

In the event the Labour Party takes all 10, then there will be additional pressure on the regional list.

The SNP need to do targeted seats, not blanket bombing which is getting nowhere.

They had 1 MP in Glasgow, a good one in John Mason, now they have no MPs in Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Lack of success forces Annabel Goldie and her Elderly Tory MSPs to look over their shoulders, Tories want a cull, doesn’t solve the Tory problems

Dear All

We are told repeatedly that older people are valuable because they have knowledge and experience which younger people lack.

So, it surprising that the Tory Party in Scotland are putting Scotland’s Tory MSPs under pressure to stand down at the next Holyrood election.

The sudden rush has been prompted by the retirement of Bill Aitken.

The idea is that ‘new’ blood flood in which will increase the Tory Party’s fortunes in Scotland.

It won’t.

As many of the Tory list MSP approach 65, a senior Tory has opined that this is a wake-up call to some of the party’s 16 MSPs.

The source says;

“We have lots of good young ­candidates and we are at a time when we need people who will fight for every inch of Conservative territory in Scotland, not folk who are looking for four quiet years before they retire”.

Three Tories stick out, not because of talent but because of exposure, Davena Rankin, Richard ‘goofy’ Cook and Ruth Davidson.

One thing they have in common is getting soundly defeated by their opponents so the list is their best chance of becoming a politician.

Some people are just not electable.

As well as MSPs seats up for grab, ex MI6 spy Andrew Fulton is considering his options.

And of course there is ‘Goldiewatch’, when will Annabel Goldie go, at 60, she has struggled to make the Tories relevant but she has had little to work with, everyone hates Tories in Scotland.

To show the clear out isn’t restricted to the elderly, Michael Crow who gets £100k a year as director of communications hasn’t set the heather on fire.

Easily forgettable and probably slated for the chop, in a job that requires ideas, he doesn’t even have a barrel to scrap.

And not the brains to make a barrel either; he is cannon fodder.

He has nothing to crow about!

Tories can’t connect with the people of Scotland because of the abuses of the past.

I guess Goldie and her Glee club should keep looking over their shoulders the future is bleak.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)

The Greenock Mural of one boy stabbing another, incredibly bad judgement and incredibly bad taste by the SNP Government

Dear All

Here is a picture of the mural stuck up in Greenock.

It is as a resident said;

"I've heard of bad taste and bad judgment - but this is off the dial."

He’s right.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

English John retires to be replaced by English Pete as head of the ‘Scottish’ Civil Service, Scotland still ruled by proxy from England

Dear All

Scotland’s top civil servant has resigned a day after he was heavily criticised by a Scottish Parliament committee for the second time.

So, having ‘retired’, you may expect to see Sir John Elvidge reappear at some time in future as the former chief civil servant, the scotch pervert Sir Muir Russell did.

Russell ‘retired’ and walked straight into a job as Principal of the human rights abusing University of Guantanamo Bay Glasgow.

Currently Muir Russell is the chair of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland.

A man who was involved in covering up criminal fraud in a charity gets to appoint judges.

You can read about his activities here.

Having spent seven years in the post Elvidge is claiming he is going so his replacement could take charge before next year’s Holyrood elections.

This seems a weak answer, perhaps he sees no future if the Labour Party wins the majority of seats.

Last year he was criticised by Holyrood’s Public Audit Committee whose convener Labour MSP Hugh Henry had accused him of delivering a “huge amount of bulls**t” over evidence on the resignation of Transport Scotland’s chief executive Dr Malcolm Reed.

Reed’s severance pay-off was doubled to more than £61,000, but the committee found no robust reason for the increase.

So, being a ‘good’ team player, I expect Elvidge to return somewhere to top up his pension in some quango or other.

That is the way it works in corrupt Britain.

Elvidge’s replacement is Peter Housden, currently permanent secretary to the Department of Communities and Local Government at Westminster.

So, English John is replaced by English Peter, the appointment highlights why Scotland needs to be independent.

Scotland is controlled by England through proxy.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The ‘Right hand of Gord’ has spoken, Iraq war was a “mistake” and “wrong”, Ed Balls insults British people’s intelligence, opportunism at its worst

Dear All

The ‘Right hand of Gord’ has spoken!

Brown’s Balls, one of the Candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party has criticised the decision to invade Iraq.

The former children's secretary has said the war was a "mistake" and was "wrong".

So, one thing which strikes you about this odd statement is the timing of it, Balls has seen the light?

This "road to Damascus conversion” is meaningless and way too late, people are dead, men women and children butchered.

And the best that Brown’s Balls can come up with is it was a “mistake”.

So, what about putting forward a policy of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan to save British lives?

No, that part of the “road to Damascus” isn’t even being travelled, not even on a day out!

Balls’ statement is nothing sheer opportunism because of the leadership election and will be seen as such.

Who is this directed towards, the left of the party, are these people so stupid to buy into this crap?

I would suspect they are in some measure.

Balls in an interview with The Daily Telegraph said;

"We shouldn't have changed our argument from international law to regime change in a non-transparent way. It was an error for which we as a country paid a heavy price, and for which many people paid with their lives."

He later told the BBC;

"There wasn't the evidence to justify going to war and, in retrospect, we shouldn't have done it and I think it's very important that we say that."

This so disingenuous to the soldiers and families of the illegal wars to use an election to spin this, these converts had their mouths firmly shut and that is the reality, they went along to get along.

Anti War Campaigner Rose Gentile from Pollok, Glasgow said;

"It's an insult to the families just now."

The Labour leadership contest is shaping up as expected, pure squalid.

The ‘Right hand of Gord’ has made a fool of himself because no one of any intelligence would buy this crap.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, May 21, 2010

Precious and Florence Mhango need your help to stay in Scotland, 27th May they go to the High Court in London, write to David Cameron

Dear All

It’s Friday, the weekend approaches and everyone goes mental.

But before you all troop out the door, I would ask you to do the right thing.

I have blogged on the case of Precious and Florence Mhango, they have a hearing in the High Court in London on the 27th May; they need your help and support.

Today, I sent this email below to Prime Minister David Cameron who will hopefully do the right and allow them leave to remain.

Precious and her mum need more help than I can give, they need everyone.

So, please drop him and Theresa May a line seeking their support.

Here is my email

Dear Mr. Cameron

Firstly, I would to apologise for sending this to your email address, the Number 10 contact email wouldn’t allow me to fit this entire message on it.

I am writing to you concerning the case of Precious and Florence Mhango.

They are a mother and child from Malawi who have been in this country claiming asylum.

I believe there are strong moral, legal and compassionate grounds for granting them leave to remain in this country.

You and your party have been talking about fairness through-out the General Election but as we both know fairness hasn’t been high on the Labour agenda.

Precious Mhango has lived in this country in Scotland since she was three years old.

She knows nowhere else, it would be a despicable act to deport her and her mother who has been adopted by the local community of Cranhill, Glasgow.

I like to think we are better than that.

On the legal argument, if Precious is sent back, she is danger of being removed from her mother by her husband’s family and possibly subjected to female circumcision.

The Human Rights Act is designed to help little girls such as Precious but like any law, it is useless unless you can access it.

There is also a compassionate argument, so much has been done in Scotland by ordinary people who have stepped up to the plate to help.

You said that you had a vision of ‘big society’, this is an example.

Britain is broken, recently we have seen a court decision to grant a terrorist the right to remain but we are in the process of kicking out two people, a mother and daughter who are decent and deserve their chance and our protection.

So, I am asking you to please have a word with Theresa May and stop the legal proceedings against them taking place.

The date of their hearing Thursday 27th May in the High Court in London.

In a court of law, sometimes justice isn’t always done.

This would be more than a gesture to the people of Scotland.


So, I say to you who read my blog, Britain is corrupt but we can chose not to be.

Helping others in need isn’t a crime, it’s a duty.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University
**update here is a auto reply**
Thank you for your e-mail. Now that David Cameron is the Prime Minister, this e-mail address has been suspended. If you would like to contact the Prime Minister, please do so by following the guidance on the Number 10 website:

Labour MP Jim Sheridan claims new expenses system 'vindictive' and ‘discriminatory’ against poorer MPs, IPSA was set up by Labour!

Dear All

When you say the words ‘expenses’ and ‘Westminster’ it is very hard to generate any sympathy for MPs because of what has transpired.

The new Commons expenses system is "cumbersome and vindictive", this is the verdict of Labour MP Jim Sheridan.

He claims politicians will be left out of pocket and may have to "sack staff" because of new measures brought in by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

Poor politicians he says will be discriminated against because they will have to pay money upfront and claim it back which could take three to four weeks.

Sheridan said;

"I didn't enter politics to make money but neither did I enter politics to subsidise my job and I should not be asked to pay upfront money that I then have to wait three, four weeks to get back."

It seems a fair point.

Expenses in my opinion should be split, MPs’ personal expenses and office costs should be handled as separate issues.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) is a knee jerk Labour creation which begs the question why he didn’t speak out effectively before?

It is run by Sir Ian Kennedy, described by Alistair Campbell as (Labour) ‘party people’.

MPs should be issued with two Government credit cards which all expenses incurred during the course of their tenure are put through.

One for the running of their office and another for personal expenses, on top of that any staff should be directly paid by the House of Commons.

It seems that the new fairytale of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) needs to put back on the drawing board.

Yet again, another Labour creation which is a complete mess, they clowns can’t get anything right.

I don’t think Sheridan will move the public by his tale of woe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tesco Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy joins growing list of people and organisations supporting SNP Government call for minimum pricing on alcohol

Dear All

I think people know that there is no magic bullet to tackle Scotland’s alcohol culture but a start must be made somewhere.

Supermarket giant Tesco is now supporting the call for a minimum price on alcohol which is proposed by the SNP Government.

Tesco joins the list of people supporting SNP policy; all four UK Chief Medical Officers, the BMA, the police, the pub trade and some alcohol producers.

It is rather surprising as Tesco has always seemed pro Labour in its outlook but times change and the new political reality is Labour is in opposition on both sides of the Scotland/England border.

How serious has the shift been Tesco’s chief executive, Sir Terry Leahy, said binge drinking is one of the most serious issues facing the UK?

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said;

"There's growing support for the policy, including from all four UK Chief Medical Officers, the BMA, the police, the pub trade and some influential alcohol producers, as well as Tesco. This coalition demonstrates that our policy has support from a wide range of bodies who are convinced by the overwhelming evidence and weight of opinion in favour of minimum pricing. Crucially Tesco have reached their position after consultation with customers, demonstrating that there is also consumer support for change. Like me, they believe that it's wrong that you can buy alcohol in supermarkets for less than the cost of bottled water."

With the people on board wanting something done about anti social behaviour fuelled by drink it is only the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories who are holding to an untenable position.

If these parties want to be relevant to the Scottish people they really need to join with the SNP Government rather than sitting on the sidelines and sneering.

People want change and it is only the SNP which breaking new ground on this matter.

Nicola Sturgeon added;

"Minimum pricing is not a magic bullet but is a step in the right direction."

It seems the Labour Party opposition et al is rooted firmly in the past.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Commonwealth Games bill, £523 million; Glasgow Labour Party has given us massive debt, Council tax bills will rise and sports facilities will close

Dear All

It was always going to be a costly failure that would provide little benefit for the people of Glasgow.

Yes, it is the Commonwealth Games.

The cost of hosting the ‘white elephant of the north’ in Glasgow in 2014 has topped half a billion pounds.

The price tag hung around the citizens of Glasgow’s neck is now £523 million; it has risen by £70m since November.

And that figure which is a drain is going to rise.

This shows the stupidity of voting for the Glasgow Labour Party, 20% of the final bill is coming out of the pockets of the people of this city.

80% is being provided by the SNP Government.

The Glasgow Labour Party has ripped off the people of Glasgow.

We have seen already cuts in schools, community centres and sports facilities made by the Glasgow Labour Party.

Tag along with this an academic report unveiled today which dismisses claims about the health and economic benefits of multi-sport events such as 2014 or the London 2012 Olympics.

Analysis has shown in some 54 studies that there is little evidence that major multi-sports events delivered health or socioeconomic benefits.

If health and fitness and sport are truly to be for all then the Labour Council of shame has done the people a great disservice.

These things have to be built from the grassroots up, and there isn’t the talent and expertise in Labour Party controlled Culture and Sport to achieve this.

The benefits of the Commonwealth Games maybe that contracts end up in the hands of Labour Party donors, members, family and friends.

Labour seem keen to promote big capital projects which have no real benefits like GARL and the Commonwealth Games.

After the games are finished given the cuts will any of the venues be operated by Glasgow City Council given the closure of sports facilities across the city?

Is there a plan in place post Games?

Or will it be like Iraq after the invasion, chaos with Labour Councillors of shame saying that ‘lessons will have to be learnt’ after they close these facilities for not being financially viable?

Professor Brian Ashcroft, director of the Fraser of Allander Institute at Strathclyde University flags up an indication of the future disaster by saying it was a matter of concern that inflation was only being factored in now.

The legacy of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 for the people will not be a revival in sport and health and fitness, just a massive debt which will be coming out of their pockets because of the Glasgow Labour Party’s failure to manage properly.

Given the state of Culture and Sport, does anyone seriously believe they could manage world class facilities?

Take the George Laird challenge, go along and see the hole that is the free weights room at the Kelvinhall, the international arena, a Culture and Sport flagship venue.

It is squalid, unfit for purpose and like an abandoned outhouse, it is an insight into how Bridget McConnell runs sport in Glasgow, badly.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diane Abbott says; “I looked at the Labour leadership candidates and it just seemed wrong”, she isn’t the solution to the Labour Party’s problems

Dear All

Madness, sheer madness, Labour MP Diane Abbott wants to throw her hat into the ring for the leadership of the Labour Party.

When I read this little gem, I thought WHAT!

Across the country, jaws must be falling on the floor as I type.

She has no chance; I would even be surprised if she can get the votes to get on the ballot paper.

Diane Abbott is a leftwing backbencher with a right wing attitude to money as her earnings, declared on the register of interests show only too well.

High profile but not leader material, she sits on the This Week programme with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil.

She has an unfortunate habit of showing her displeasures with guests who disagree with her which in my opinion would make her very difficult to deal with among her colleagues.

The thing which might kill her chances is the immigration debate, she says;

"If we are going to have a debate about immigration, I am the child of immigrants. Don’t the millions of British people who are the children of immigrants have a voice in this debate also?"

In a previous This Week programme she related a story of how she rounded on a constituent who raised the subject.

That was a glimpse of how polarised she is on this subject.

I suspect she would be unable to deal with the immigration issue effectively and would further weaken Labour’s support.

Rather than being a unity candidate for the country and the party, she would be fracture candidate.

Here are some Diane Abbot quotes lifted from Wikipedia;

"The British invented racism".


In 1996 Abbott was accused of racism when she suggested that "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" in her local hospital in West London were unsuitable as nurses because they "may never have met a black person before".

A Future Leader of Britain!

I don’t think so, too much baggage, have a read here.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie has unveiled the new frontbench team of the damned ahead of Holyrood election, no one cares

Dear All

It seems that Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie has unveiled the new frontbench team.

Think of it as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

The line up is mostly a case of who?

Former leader David McLetchie will be campaign manager, the same role he held in Scotland at the recent Westminster elections.

That was a disaster, just one seat returned out of 59.

Hardly a whizz or forward planner.

Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP John Lamont becomes justice spokesman, he takes over from Bill Aitken.

Deputy leader Murdo Fraser becomes health spokesman.

In a recent Newsight Scotland interview, he was savaged by Dr Kate Pickering for being in denial about Tory failure in Scotland.

He performed very badly.

Derek Brownlee remains party finance spokesman.

This means he will continue to sit in Newsnight Scotland interviews, lean back in his chair and sneer on the sidelines.

He is also tasked with a policy development brief.

Liz Smith takes over the education brief.

Annabel Goldie remains as leader of the damned.

She said;

"We are looking ahead to the Scottish Parliament elections next year and this team will take us to those elections and beyond. I have charged this new team to look to the future, come up with radical and new policies and build on our successes of the past three years, where we secured a number of key Conservative policies, including 1,000 extra police and cuts in business rates. The Conservatives have a lot to offer Scotland and have delivered real benefits over the past three years. We need to make our case to the Scottish electorate and I believe that with this new team we will be able to make that case in a strong and positive manner."

Sorry she is delusional.

She is unable to address the Tory problem, the legacy of Thatcher which dominates the minds of the people of Scotland.

Tackling the hatred of the past may provide answers for a future.

But Tories can’t do acts of faith when it comes to ordinary working class Scottish people, they are a nest of vipers as former Tory PPC Heather McLeod said recently.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

If the Tories want the Human Rights Act to function better, then they need to take their argument to the European Parliament to amend the Convention

Dear All

There has been much talk from the Tories before the Westminster election of tampering with the Human Rights Act 1998.

The Act is not the problem but the people who make decisions under it.

Tories wanted to scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights but regardless of that, they couldn’t change the fact that the rights contained are still available via the European Court.

So, the issue is will the Tories try and reform Human Rights at the source?

The source being the European Parliament!

This question doesn’t appear to flash up on the political radar from what I can tell from any political party.

Recently the case of Al-Qaeda operative Abid Naseer who won a case which stop him from be deported to Pakistan flagged up why the European Parliament need to revisit the Convention on Human Rights.

This decision was wrong in the Abid Naseer case.

The state has a right to deport him but was unsuccessful because his defence used an argument which in a nutshell was ‘what if’.

What if he was sent back to Pakistan and was tortured, this wasn’t evidence but subjective opinion and therefore had no place or merit in the case.

Human Rights are important, they are supposed to stop abuse but the application has allowed them to become a criminal’s charter to circumvent justice.

Abid Naseer used article 2 and 3 to escape justice.


Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in the execution of a sentence of a court following his conviction of a crime for which this penalty is provided by law.

Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary:
(a) in defence of any person from unlawful violence;
(b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent escape of a person lawfully detained;
(c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

However, Article 8.2 on private and family life states;

There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

This section in my opinion gave the Special Immigration Appeals Commission the right to deport Abid Naseer back to Pakistan.

Nick Clegg has warned that any government tampering with the Human Rights Act “did so at its peril”.

This was echoed by Senior LibDem figures now in government who added they would resign rather than be part of a Government that ditched the Human Rights Act.

So, a number of things must be done politically.

David Cameron and the Tories have to seek EU wide support to review the Convention of Human Rights and there needs to be better training of those who use the legislation in the UK.

At present the Tories have backed away from tampering with the Human Rights Act because I feel they haven’t fully thought through how the Act should be amended in order to protect the rights of the individual.

But the Human Rights Act isn’t solely about the rights of the individual but also the rights that the state can exercise. Very little weight has been given to that part of the Act.

The Act shouldn’t be used by the state as a rubber stamp to allow them to get away with anything.

This is one debate that needs to be EU wide because although there is a lot of good in the Act, there is also a lot of scope to allow others to make incredibly bad decisions in its name.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Angry students and staff call on corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli to resign as Principal from human rights abusing Glasgow University

Dear All

The banner says it all, Muscatelli Must Go!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli currently Principal of the human rights abusing University of Glasgow is facing calls to resign.

It was a mistake that someone who supports institutional abuse against Scottish working class people should have been appointed in the first place.

Now, Lecturers have given unanimous backing for a ballot on industrial action in a emergency meeting of more than 300 Glasgow University academics.

It seems that corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is taking the cowards way out like the scotch pervert Muir Russell before him; sack the staff to cuts costs.

It would be too much for the staff to expect him to come up with plans to generate profit even although he is supposed to be regarded as some hotshot economics guru.

Another myth which when push comes to shove falls apart.

Recently another part of University of Guantanamo Bay history was closed as the Hetherington Research Club was forced to shut.

Muscatelli couldn’t even save the local tuck shop for post grad students.

A bone of contention is while the university is shedding teaching jobs the bloated senior management positions are on the increase.

More positions at the trough of Glasgow University mafia top table, whose pals are they?

Which social networks are they apart of; the Association of University Administrators, the Royal Society of Edinburgh or is another failure within the university being promoted up because they have been a sycophant?

David Anderson, president of the university branch of UCU Scotland, said;

“The support for industrial action against targeted redundancies was overwhelming. The university must now immediately withdraw the threat of redundancies or we have no choice but to move to ballot on industrial action. These cuts are unnecessary and are being done by the back door to force staff out. The university is operating at a surplus overall and recruiting to senior management posts.”

Laura Law, president of the Student Representative Council said;

“The general view is that the university management are acting without proper consultation with staff or students.”

The SRC is very much a toothless tiger so it is surprising that they would see to protect jobs when in the past they had a history of failure to defend students’ rights.

Some people must want to bolster their CV!

It seems that as University of Guantanamo Bay heads towards industrial action, Muscatelli and senior management will continue to coin in the taxpayers’ money to feather their own nest.

Muscatelli couldn’t save the university tuck shop; can people really expect him to save jobs?

He is the third-highest-paid Principal with a combined salary package of £283,000 but he isn’t a man of integrity.

Muscatelli must go for a number of reasons, some of which which can be found here.

Is it not time to throw out the trash?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University