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Scottish independence: 36% of Scottish firms would consider relocating in event of a successful Scottish independence yes vote; ‘white collar flight’ continues a pace as business makes plans which don’t include Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in their future!

Dear All

It seems that the Nationalists have reacted very badly to the news that more than a third of Scottish companies would consider relocating outside Scotland in the event of independence.

The new poll is one in a long series of events that drive home a simple message to Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

The people of Scotland don't trust you.

And with the issue of trust being pushed more to the fore, how does Alex Salmond solve that problem?

Well, he can't, he is too far down the road to change tack now.

Presumably next time round someone might that substance is more important than spin, deception, misleading and stupidity.

Oh, and before I forget an A Team!

I previously blogged on 'white collar flight' of people packing up and shifting their assets, when you look coldly without emotion at what the Alex Salmond Party within the SNP put forward, you can't help but wonder.

What's the thinking?

Is it all based on mashed up Borgen episodes?  

Only 15% of those surveyed said an independent Scotland would be "beneficial" to their business.

45% of businesses said separation would be "harmful".

But the real kick in the nuts is that 75% said it was "essential" or "important" for their business that an independent Scotland remains in a currency union with the rest of the UK.

That means businesses want people to vote No.

But the idea of a currency union is dead in the water, it was never a realistic idea in the first place, it was a policy designed to be a 'vote catcher' to lock people into thinking that nothing has changed.

Independence regards of country means changes, not just superficial, each country has to play to its strengths.

The option of a currency union has been ruled out by Chancellor George Osborne, backed by Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders.

They have formed a pact, and this isn't a campaign tactic because they go into the General Election 2015 committed to this decision. So whoever wins won't be having talks on currency union. Another hint that No means No is when the UK Government guaranteed all UK debt after Salmond and Sturgeon issued their threat to renege on its share unless they get the pound.

The SNP is now the Scottish No Pound Party.

The companies who took part in the survey with combined sales worth more than £15 billion only took part on condition of anonymity regarding their views.

Nationalists have a habit of running a hate campaign against any business that speaks out, and not just businesses but people to.

Concerns about indy have surfaced by Scottish businesses in recent weeks.

Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Standard Life, Royal Bank of Scotland, Alliance Trust and Aggreko, all saying they aren't buying in to the poisonous vision of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

The heads of major oil companies Shell and BP have also stated they would like to see Scotland remain in the UK.

Isn't that terribly nice of them?

Blair McDougall, of Better Together said:

"The fact that so many businesses would consider relocating from Scotland if we left the UK is a big concern".

And across the street at Yes Salmond, they are having kittens, you can't have independence without taking the goodwill of the people with you.

Alex Salmond is no William Wallace.

McDougall added:

"This poll confirms what companies like Standard Life and Alliance Trust have already made clear. Independence would cost Scottish jobs and put up costs for families here. It's a risk we don't have to take. Being part of the UK single market is vital for Scottish businesses".

In a sense he is absolutely right England being our nearest neighbour is a sizeable market for Scotland's goods and services, a credible independence needs a comprehensive approach which the SNP havcen't bother their shirt about, their campaign is a loser, headed up by two people who are utterly incapable of looking at the big picture.

McDougall also said on business:  

"Today they have the strength, stability and security of the UK pound, with no barriers between them and their customers elsewhere in the UK. The only thing putting this at risk is Alex Salmond's obsession with independence."

Kenneth Gibson, SNP MSP whose wife never did a single day of activism at Pollok SNP when I was a member said:

"Business in Scotland clearly wants a currency union with the rest of the UK if there is a Yes vote, and that is exactly what the Scottish Government is proposing".

He sits on the Finance Committee at Holyrood and behind Salmond at FMQs banging the table like the little 'cheerleader' he is, Bill Walker was another loud character before his arse was thrown in a jail cell.

Gibson added:

"This survey puts further pressure on the UK Government to drop their bluff and bluster on the pound, which will be the currency of an independent Scotland within a sterling area."

Gibson isn't a rocket scientist however I do understand he is a very good at putting leaflets through doors.

As part of his defence he cited the 1,500 member pro-independence organisation Business for Scotland.

Who gives really cares about their opinion other than the SNP?

A Business for Scotland spokeswoman said:

"In line with the majority of businesses surveyed for the Mail on Sunday Survation Poll it clearly makes sense to have a sterling area after a Yes vote in September. This is in the interests of both Scotland and the rest of the UK."

However Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, whose company Ineos operates the Grangemouth oil refinery has joined the rammy to say that Scotland could be economically successful under independence.

He said:

"It will work whether Scotland is part of the UK or independent. It will work as an independent country in the same way that Switzerland works. You don't have to be big to be successful. Switzerland is small and it is very efficient and it has got one of the highest gross domestic products on the planet."

The Swiss don't have the same problems as Scotland, although people like to compare like with like, we are much closer to England than we actually are to anyone else in mainland Europe.

Although unpopular Nicola Sturgeon likes Borgen a television, we are nothing like Norway in temperament, to suggest so is bonkers.

There isn't a European cafe culture style existence to any great degree in Scotland.

Scottish Labour's Iain Gray MSP said:

"What is now becoming clear is that the SNP's ill-thought through proposals are increasing uncertainty and damaging business confidence in Scotland. Put simply, Alex Salmond's constitutional obsession is putting Scottish jobs at risk."

Quite so ma'am!

Mr Gray said that an intervention by Larry Fink, chairman and chief executive of the world's largest asset management company BlackRock, was "another blow" to First Minister Alex Salmond.

On the world stage, Scotland's 'jolly fa man' is like a dog being kicked about the place by the unionists, far from disapproving the public want to stick the boot in as well like a comic scene from the movie Airplane.

Commenting on independence, Mr Fink said:

"I assume there would be a different currency. One should assume that as a certainty - that would be my observation. How would you have an independent country and share a currency? That generally doesn't work - that's called the euro."

That being said, I am a big fan of the European Union, trouble is that the Euro doesn't work properly, the general concept of the idea has appeal but the application is seriously flawed.

Who would ever think that people such as the Greeks would suffer so badly because they could afford to pay their way. I cannot believe that anyone ever thought that their people would suffer so much austerity.

One thing is certain, Salmond and Sturgeon need to start working on an exit strategy so they can start playing the blame game.

They will be needing a pasty, applications should include a CV and a personal statement, the SNP welcomes people who take it 'up the political arse', mugs preferred.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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