Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Labour MP Jim Murphy urges Scottish people to accept continual English Colonial rule and trust bent politicians

Dear All

Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy is calling on politicians of all parties to shore up the corrupt political establishment which has been exposed as rotten to the core.

In 2010, Murphy is asking for politicians to show “humility”.

Not a word however was mentioned about those who lie their head off and are still in public office.

To highlight his yule tide rant, he describes 2009 as Politicians suffering an “annus horribilis”.

The phrase already used by the Queen was joking misread as ‘horrible arse’ by some wags.

But then strong curry can do that to a person!

In the run up to the General Election Murphy stated;

“This coming election all politicians need to recognise the need to restore some of the credibility and trust that was lost in the political annus horribilis of 2009”.

That will only happen if ordinary people actually engage in politics and root out the corrupt, the stupid and the self serving.

These people have to go and that applies right across the political spectrum.

Murphy further added;

“We need to remember that the elector is the reason we stand for public office and, if successful, it is they who we serve.”

Talk about stretching the truth, the Labour Party only serves big business and no one else.

They are the party of class, of greed, of division and of hate.

The point of Murphy’s yule tide rant is exposed later on when he opines;

“politicians should focus on tackling the recession rather than the constitution”.

In others words, the Scottish people should continue to be ruled by their English Masters and forget about being a free country again.

The SNP administration at Holyrood has launched a white paper on the referendum for Scotland to have returned its own sovereignty.

This act will finally put an end to the sham of the English Empire masquerading under the title of the British Empire to hoodwink Scottish people.

The union of Scotland and England is dead, 2010 will not be the end but it is the end of the beginning of the process towards freedom.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China State Murder of mentally ill British man Almal Shaikh destroys goodwill and China/UK relations

Dear All

The Chinese Government has executed a British man.

Almal Shaikh from London was executed for drug smuggling.

The Chinese Government are a sovereign power who allows the death penalty, but in this case, they acted too much in haste.

In international diplomacy when the representatives of a foreign power come knocking on the door asking for leniency then good manners dictate they get the favour addressed.

That is how goodwill is built up.

This execution has done tremendous damage to British/ Chinese relations and to China’s standing in the international community.

What is also awful about the trial that Akmal Shaikh was put through was that he had to provide evidence of his mental illness.

Soohail and Nasir Shaikh, who travelled to China to visit their cousin in prison said;

"We are astonished at suggestions that Akmal himself should have provided evidence of his own fragile state of mind. We find it ludicrous that any mentally-ill person should be expected to provide this."

This seems to me to indicate that the Chinese system didn’t fully take into account the health of Almal Shaikh.

The case attracted cross party support with both Gordon Brown and David Cameron deploring the execution.

The British Government Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis said that the Government had made 27 representations to China in two years.

No one was listening.

The killing of an EU National, the first in 50 years is a major setback for China and the Chinese people.

In a threat to the British people, the Chinese Government said that criticism of the case would harm UK-China relations.

What relations?

A murder has been committed, state murder of a mentally ill man.

Human Rights work is all about going the extra mile to help others in trouble.

China never went the extra mile; it didn’t take the first step.

That is China’s weakness.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Does Tony Blair pay tax on his benefit in kind SO1 protection while he is doing commerical work?

Dear All

It costs the UK Taxpayers, £6,000,000 a year to protect a war criminal.

That is the continual cost to safeguard Tony Blair.

Blair recently was using his ‘I’m a man of god don’t you know’ to preach about going without to ordinary people.

Isn’t it time that the security was pulled from Blair for his foreign trips?

The countries making up Britain are in recession so Blair should shoulder the burden.

We are paying for Blair to line his pockets that is unacceptable.

On top of the money aspect is the time of 20 officers to protect him.

Now, people at Whitehall are increasing concerned at the costs, since Blair was forced out by the Brownite faction; he has pocketed £18,000,000.

When is Blair going to pay up for Britain?

He earns about £100,000 for speeches around the world; he isn’t short of a bob or two.

The Government should pull all security from Blair for his foreign business trips.

Does Blair declare this benefit in kind to the taxman?

That is an interesting question which I am sure people might be willing to ask officially as this relates to Blair’s private ‘Rent a Blair’ gigs.

I am wondering is tax due?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, December 28, 2009

Avid Mauchline reader visits Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University website at Xmas, damning indictment on dreadful television programming!

Dear All

The internet has reached as far as Mauchline, East Ayrshire.

That’s in Scotland.

Mauchline is a pretty little place which I have on occasion passed through on my travels about the place.

I am surprised that I have attracted a visitor from there.

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I don’t think I am that popular, it is just that the television this xmas has been dreadful.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Dr Martin Drennan refuses to resign in Catholic Church child sex scandal, he should be removed from office by the Pope

Dear All

Recently, I commented on the Murphy Report into Priests being involved in sexual abuse of children which the Catholic Church and authorities covered up.

It is my contention that those who covered up the abuse in the Catholic Church should go, all of them.

The fracturing of the breaking of trust has made their positions untenable.

So far, four bishops have stepped down.

A fifth named in the Murphy Report, the Bishop of Galway Dr Martin Drennan does not intend to resign, according to his diocesan communications manager Fr Seán McHugh.

If the Bishop of Galway doesn’t step down, he should be removed by the Pope.

This refusal is stopping the Church and the people of Ireland turning the necessary corner in the process of healing and moving forward.

The continual presence of Dr Martin Drennan reeks of arrogance and denial to face the problem, it isn’t going away.

He has to go.

If he won’t go voluntary then he should be formally sacked from his position.

Andrew Madden, one of the victims’ recently stated after the resignation of Bishop Donal Murray in relation to the other four Bishops named in the Murphy Report;

“Their continued presence in office is an insult to every child sexually abused by a priest in the Dublin Archdiocese.”

It is said that self sacrifice for the good of others is part of what the Catholic Church tries to teach others, in thinking about the wider community.

The Bishop of Galway should remember that lesson and go.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Joanna Lumley is named Briton of the Year, deservedly so!

Dear All

The Times has named Joanna Lumley as the Briton of the Year.

I have to agree.

Her campaign to support the Gurkhas was everything politics and politicians should be about, passionate about their cause.

So few actually are in reality!

Most are unwilling to stand up and be counted unless it conforms to the party line!

She stood up for people who had no voice and won.

Job done, she walked away.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

If knee jerk politics are the order of the day, it therefore falls that the SNP will get rid of Kevin Pringle and Rob Davidson

Dear All

‘Cheesegate, hold the fries’ has really caught the imagination of the Labour Party in the sticks of Dumfries and Galloway.

Ronnie Nicholson, a Labour councillor from Dumfries has decided to put a complaint into Permanent Secretary Sir John Elvidge regarding Kevin Pringle who works for the First Minister.

Nicholson as well as being a Councillor has been described as a “local low rent landlord” by Mark MacLachlan.

The Herald in the shape of Tom Gordon and Paul Hutcheon has done a sympathetic article about poor Kevin.

Pringle is said by colleagues to be 'exhausted' after running the SNP media operation for three years.

Is that an excuse for destroying MacLachlan’s career, too tired, too busy and too uncaring, a man weighed down by important matters?

Presumably since he is in communications he could have opened his mouth and asked for two assistants to share the burden.

Problem solved, yes it is really that simple.

As to the Labour complaint about Pringle’s role in ‘cheesegate’ it isn’t a resigning or firing matter.

It’s a slap on the wrist from Elvidge who is nothing more than a rubber stamp.

What is more serious for Pringle is the release of Mark MacLachlan’s email that showed Pringle drafted his resignation letter and suggested how the SNP should handle the affair.

This leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

If knee jerk politics are the order of the day, it therefore falls that the SNP will get rid of Kevin Pringle and Rob Davidson.

If not, does that send out a message to rank and file members that there is a difference between the party and those in power?

Loyalty of members put the SNP into Government.

As an SNP supporter, I am disgusted at the treatment of Mark MacLachlan; he was stupid but didn’t deserve to be sacked.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Party infighting reveals the 'Grubby Five' who want to oust Gordon Brown before General Election

Dear All

The Labour Party is imploding, five traitors have allegedly banded together to get rid of Gordon Brown.

Leading the charge is of course Jack Straw.

Straw is a Machiavellian character that has one ambition be on the winning side.

The names of the traitors are mostly the usual suspects,

Harriet Harmen who dreams of being Labour’s Thatcher, she would plunge this country in a decade of darkness.

David Miliband, the self styled heir to Blair, not leader material.

Alan Johnson, who believes his union links make him credible.

Alastair Darling, the puppet Chancellor who is rebel at not being allowed to do his job his way, a surprise but when you kick a dog long enough it will bit.

Jack Straw is always the ringleader, positioning himself with whoever will win.

The group has been given a catchy title, the ‘fearless five’ no doubt mimicking the ‘famous five’ of Enid Blyton.

Well this is ‘Five go mad’, Brown won’t go quietly despite his extensive personal unpopularity in Britain and abroad.

How unpopular is Brown?

Ordinary serving soldiers don’t want to shake his hand in theatre of operations and in hospitals; they draw the curtains when he turns up.

And then there is the country, fractured.

The Brown Praetorian Guard numbers just two, Ed Balls and his wife Yvette Cooper.

Mandelson has been pushed to the side by Brown in favour of Balls, who dreams of being Labour Leader.

On Brown’s side is the fact that although he is surrounded by Traitors, none have the courage to openly attack him and let the infighting spill into the public domain.

Ministerial salary is the barrier that holds back the tide, not loyalty, picking careerists serves a purpose in politics.

How out of touch are the Labour Party; one MP said;

“Jack only wants to do the best for Labour and for Gordon”.

Since when is getting kicked in the face the best for someone?

The bright spark added;

“If that means persuading Gordon it would be in everyone’s interest for him to step down before the Election, then so be it. No one wants to see him humiliated.”

It’s too late to step down, defeat is certain; the Labour Party has fractured the country so much that even the BNP is gaining ground.

The General Election may see the election of a BNP MP in the shape of Nick Griffin.

The ‘Fearless Five’ isn’t some kid’s adventure but the realisation that Britain is a corrupt country suffocating under careerists so desperate that fear has driven them mad as they struggle to survive the General Election.

The ‘Grubby Five’ have a bigger problem, staying elected.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

English media try to rig the General Election in Scotland by excluding the SNP, the Governing Party of Scotland from Leaders' debates

Dear All

I was planning to take the break but a story has prompted me to return early.

It is a story of English institutional corruption to freeze out the Scottish National Party from the leader’s debates.

So, what was the exact phrase that urged me to post?

The BBC is offering the leader of the Scottish Government the role of ‘commenting’ on the performance of Brown, Cameron and Clegg, effectively playing the role of the informed interested spectator.

The SNP in no uncertain terms should tell them that position is none negotiable; either Alex Salmond is on the same platform as any other leader or its court action.

At present the SNP is using the Freedom of Information Act to find out how the BBC, ITV and Sky done a deal on the series of party leaders’ debates.

The English controlled BBC has broken their own rules and the programmes should be barred by a court of law from being televised in Scotland without his presence on the platform.

There was no intention of fairness from the outset by the BBC.

So far the broadcasters have agreed terms only with Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats for a series of live “prime ministerial” debates during the election campaign.

In Scotland, the SNP is the party of Government.

The SNP should set the English controlled BBC a deadline, after that court action, protests and pickets of the BBC and STV in Glasgow.

The English media establishment is trying to rig the General election in favour of the Labour, Tory and Lib Dems parties to hold the status quo and freeze out other contenders as if they don’t matter.

Scotland has been silent enough.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Evacuate The Dance Floor- Cascada

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year

Dear All

Last post for this year!

So, merry xmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

I will be back tapping away in about 3 weeks’ time.

As Dave Allen would say;

‘may your God go with you’.

And with that, that was my blogging for 2009.

Hope you enjoyed it and if it gave you pause for thought then it was worthwhile.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Politics- New Zealand style

Senior SNP Councillor, Rob Davidson admits he lied to the press and public over Mark MacLachlan's blog, he should resign as SNP Group Leader

Dear All

Credibility in politics is important, after all any SNP member elected to public office must serve the public trust as well as their party.

If we can’t hold that simple standard then we don’t deserve to win at the ballot box.

Every member of the SNP must uphold this principle to the letter.

We don’t lie to the public.

Now, we have the situation that a Senior SNP Councillor, Rob Davidson has admitted he lied over his involvement in the internet diary of Mark Maclachlan.

Councillor Davidson told a local newspaper and effectively the public;

“I have already looked into the matter as far as my group is concerned and I am satisfied that no SNP councillor has been involved.”

Given that this was a lie, he should forthwith resign his position as SNP Group leader with immediate effect.

Mr. Davidson should reflect on the Seven Principles of Public Life:-

Selflessness – Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.

Integrity – Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

Objectivity – In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.

Accountability – Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

Openness – Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict informtion only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

Honesty – Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

Leadership - Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

Rob Davidson has since been damned by his own hand in an email he sent to Mark MacLachlan;

“I wonder if you might like to draw attention on your blog to the fact that Scottish Labour’s general secretary (Councillor Colin Smyth) was expelled from full council for offensive conduct and refusing to respect the chair. “It might also be a good one for ‘black ops’ to note the fact that no women present voted any other way than to exclude him. This one needs you to work your magic – I can’t go that far myself.”

The time for living in denial appears to be over.

Mr. Davidson has since issued this statement;

“It was an error of judgement which I deeply regret. It was not a clever thing to do. I stand by what I said in the email but I should have made a public statement.”

He can start his apology to the public and the SNP by tendering his resignation as SNP Group Leader followed by a three month suspension from the party.

It is beginning to look like the campaign to vilify Mark MacLachlan has backfired badly.

Finally, some people should remember that the Scottish National Party is supposed to stick up for people who can't fight for themselves.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Linkin Park- Somewhere I belong

Linkin Park - Faint

Moira Stuart should return to BBC news broadcasting, the BBC needs the best candidate, so they should go get her back

Dear All

The BBC is to hire some ‘old broads’ to read the news, sheer tokenism after they kicked them out the door in the first place.

Director General Mark Thompson has given news chiefs 12 months to recruit at least one woman in that age group to counter growing claims of ageism at the broadcaster.

12 months, don’t BBC personnel still have Moira Stuart’s details on file?

Let us look at the facts and a subjective opinion.

Moira Stuart is experienced, professional and excellent.

She was also badly treated.

In 2007; the BBC quite wrongly forced out a 'deeply hurt' Miss Stuart who had done more than 30 years service when she was dropped from her news reading role.

The BBC should send the Director General round personally and no matter how long it takes beg her to return.

And no shouldn’t be taken for an answer, Moira Stuart represents much more than a face reading the news to British society, she is a icon and role model.

It is sad but it was only after Moira Stuart was gone that she was really appreciated.

By chance I happened to see a recording of the programme, ‘I have got news for you’ which she guest hosted. She was fantastic, it was the star quality that the current crop don’t have, wit and timing and her interaction with guests was one of the best episodes I have seen.

So, I would hope that the BBC would do what it takes and rise to the challenge and offer her the loyalty she demonstrated over more than 30 years service.

She should be employed because she is the best.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Florence and Precious Mhango back home to Glasgow

Labour Party anger at SNP Government not supporting a bias unionist press, the Labour Party should pay for their own mouthpieces

Dear All

The SNP Government has upset the opposition parties at Holyrood because they plan to take advertising away from newspapers.

With a corrupt media, I see no reason for the Scottish Government to prop these people up who are effectively in bed with the Labour Party.

Finance Secretary John Swinney wants local councils to use online advertising for public notices; this has an additional benefit as it will save money.

There is no real reason not to use Government and Council websites for these purposes.

The Labour Party are outraged; their media pals are going to be hit.

Pauline McNeill is Labour’s culture spokeswoman, said whineing the plans would take “vital revenue” away from the newspaper industry.

She added;

“The Scottish Government must rethink these proposals to avoid irreversibly damaging local papers which are important employers in communities across Scotland and a vital part of the media spectrum”.

What a load of mealy mouth crap.

McNeil further added;

“If the SNP is as committed to supporting the newspaper industry, as it says it is, then it must not go through with these damaging plans.”

Given that the Labour Party wasn’t standing up for other industries, why is it as soon as their ‘attack dogs’ and mouth pieces are in danger they find their voice?

Tim Blott, managing director of the Herald & Times Group or the Daily Labour Press release said;

“Many Scots will lose out if this legislation goes through”.

But not enough ordinary working class Scots though to make a difference.

Unhappy Tim added;

“I should add that the UK Government in its response last month to the Scottish Affairs Committee’s Report Crisis in the Scottish Press Industry stated its view ‘that there should not be a policy of publishing public notices only online. While notifying bodies have a duty to be efficient, they must also use appropriate means to reach their target audience, and should not adopt a policy of publishing online simply to save money’.”

Well, I would take a different view, that the Scottish Government should be putting money in the pockets of bias newspapers in bed with the Labour Party.

The Scottish MSM hasn’t demonstrated by any means fairness, as the Herald Group and Douglas Fraser aptly showed in the run up to the May 2007 elections.

My complaint is that the SNP Government should have addressed this matter long ago.

John Swinney using the economic argument insisted switching to online would provide “more cost effective public information”.

But the additional benefit is that public funds aren’t propping up a bias media.

The Government’s consultation on the proposals runs until ­February 12.

My view is, give them nothing, they can go to their Labour Party pals to bale them out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Another soldier dies in Afghanistan, Labour Government's legacy of death continues, bring the troops home now!

Dear All

Another British soldier from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, has been killed in Afghanistan.

This is a tragic death and my sympathy is with his family for their loss.

The soldier died from his wounds sustained in a blast while on foot patrol in the Nad-e-Ali area of central Helmand on Saturday.

A total of 240 UK service personnel have died in Afghanistan since 2001, too many brave men have lost their lives for a worthless cause, including 103 this year.

Everyone should take up the call to bring the British Forces safely home to the UK.

The war in Afghanistan is unwinnable; it is only the stubbornness of the Labour Government that stands between keeping the troops safe.

British Forces have suffered a huge list of causalities and dead this year; we can only help them by campaigning for their return and donating to charities such as Erskine Hospital.

If you can spare time or donate money, then you will be helping a lot of people who would be truly grateful.

Our soldiers deserve better.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

In the season of goodwill, don't forget to punish the wicked, you only get so many chances to do good deeds

Dear All

It is the season of goodwill but let us not forget to punish the wicked.

A spam email came into my email account offering riches to this humble Glaswegian.

But I want to share, so please contact the email address below and yank this clown’s chain and use up his time and money.

Every email you send to him asking for information stops crime.

So start a conversation, act dense, Glasgow Labour Councillor or something similar will suffice for the purposes of this experiment and see how long you can keep him working when he is trying to con you.

From Support desk (

An Iraqi made a fixed deposit of 44.5m usd in my bank branch and he died with his entire family leaving behind no next of kin,am ready to share 50/50 with you if you choose to stand as my deceased client next of kin. Pls indicate by sending the following below to show your interest.


Your response with the requested information should be sent to reach me at my personal email address below:

Yours Truly,
Dr.Cheunge Eric Li.

The halfwit’s IP address is that put him in Amsterdam, Holland.

And remember, its wrong name, wrong address, wrong everything and make a note of it for future correspondence.

Then when you are done, enjoy xmas.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tory MP Julie Kirkbride gives Bromsgrove constituents, a xmas present, she is actually going to stand down.

Dear All


At the high of the expenses scandal, a golden couple emerged Andrew Mackay and Julie Kirkbride.

Poster children of how rotten and morally corrupt Westminister has become in the eyes of the public.

It was said that Conservative MP Julie Kirkbride was reconsidering standing again after declaring she would quit.

Now, she has given her Bromsgrove constituents, a xmas present, she is actually going to stand down.

But if you think you have seen the last of the ‘golden couple’ please think again, they will be back somewhere after a Tory victory, quangoland awaits.

Ms Kirkbride said;

"I want to take this opportunity to confirm to you, my constituents, that I will not be representing you all after the next general election. I am sad to be leaving but this is entirely my decision. I would like to wish my association the very best of luck as they find my successor in the new year."

And she was on target to get slotted because ordinary people had started an anti Kirkbride campaign in her area.

The Tories said;

"It's Julie's own decision. She has talked to David Cameron about it, but it's her own decision."

I assume that stating it twice is for the really dense but I go on the theory don’t trust a Tory as far as you can throw them.

Kirkbride doesn’t retire in anything other than disgrace.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Minister Mike Russell calls Mark MacLachlan 'a liar' so he is now committed to suing him in a court of law, it's gone too far now

Dear All

Is the SNP Education Minister Mike Russell calling his former employee, Mark MacLachlan a liar?

Mike Russell has put into the public domain that he will sue Mark MacLachlan if he repeats what he says are "unfounded" allegations against him.

The allegations are already out in the public domain, so why isn’t he suing him now?

MSP Mike Russell says he doesn’t respond to threats so why is he issuing them?

I call on Mike Russell to sort out his problem, the SNP didn’t employ Mark MacLachlan; he did, this is his turkey.

We now have the bizarre situation that Mike Russell has reported himself to the Standards Commissioner in an attempt to clear his name over allegations that he was involved with a malicious blog.

I don’t recall Mark MacLachlan stating that Mike Russell was involved in his blog.

So, is Mike Russell asking the Standards Commissioner to rule on conversations between Mike Russell and Mark MacLachlan?

How does the Standards Commissioner rule on an issue where there is no recorded evidence?

How does someone prove a negative?

The Standards Commissioner can’t prove Mike Russell is guilty or innocent.

And since when is a subjective opinion have the same value as evidence?

Will the Standards Commissioner look at Mike Russell calling Mark MacLachlan a liar?

Mike Russell has made the allegation, so I would like to see the evidence that proves that Mark MacLachlan is a liar.

Mike Russell is become the story rather than killing it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Florence and Precious Mhango released from detention return home to Glasgow.

Dear All

I would just like to say well done to all those who campaigned for Florence and Precious Mhango.

You have been successful.

I have been informed that not only have Florence and Precious Mhango been released but that they have brought them home to Glasgow.

Here is what SNP MSP Anne McLaughlin who led the campaign on behalf of Florence and Precious wrote;

“Dear All

I am emailing all friends in my address book because it’s quicker than doing it individually.

Most of you will be aware of the campaign to save Florence and ten year old Precious Mhango from deportation and detention. I am delighted to report that last night they were released pending a judicial review some time next year. It is not yet clear if this came about because the Home Office dropped their objections as we asked them to do or if it was simply a high court decision. We’ll know soon.

However, right now it’s immaterial. The important thing is that they arrived in Glasgow in the early hours of this morning, exhausted but happy. They are no longer locked up and have just been given the best Christmas present imaginable.

I wanted to let you know and to thank all of you who wrote to the home office, sent donations for the judicial review, prayed or just sent your best wishes. It all worked! I’ll be in touch with the full picture when I know where we have to go from here. Meantime, I’m sure they’d want me to pass on their best wishes for a very merry Christmas”.

Merry xmas and a happy new year, Florence and Precious.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bishop Donal Murray resigns from post in Irish Church Scandal, he should have been sacked, it is an insult to the victims of abuse

Dear All

The Irish Church paedophile scandal has claimed a high profile casualty in the form of Bishop Donal Murray.

I was considering writing ‘high profile victim’ but the facts speak from themselves of his disgraceful behaviour.

Pope Benedict XVI has rightly accepted Bishop Murray’s resignation.

Bishop Murray is the first senior church figure to go over the devastating Murphy report into the sexual abuse of children by priests in the Dublin archdiocese but he should not be the last.

What is disgusting is that the Murphy report uncovered evidence of more than 170 clerics involved in child sex abuse as far back as to 1940.

The culture of secrecy stinks.

Donal Murray is accused of mishandling complaints and failing to reinvestigate suspicions against a paedophile priest.

The Murphy report is damning for the Catholic Church in a country steeped in religious tradition.

Murray has since apologised to his congregation at St John’s Cathedral in Limerick.

He said;

“I humbly apologise once again to all who were abused as little children."

I would suggest that statement would fall on deaf ears given his intransigence of their plight and his refusal to do his job properly.

He shouldn’t have been allowed the dignity of resignation but have been sacked.

Andrew Madden is one of the victims of abuse urged that four other bishops implicated in the Murphy report have to also go.

Jim Moriarty, Martin Drennan, Eamonn Walsh and Ray Field were based in Dublin at the time of the cover-up but haven’t tenured their resignations and remain in post.

Madden stated;

"Their continued presence in office is an insult to every child sexually abused by a priest in the Dublin Archdiocese.”

It would be very difficult to argue with such a statement.

Madden added;

“They display a contemptible level of arrogance and a shocking lack of humility."

And these are supposed to be ‘Men of God’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Essex Tory MP Benard Jenkin asked to pay back £63,250 because he rented a flat from his sister in law, must be nice to spread cash within the family

Dear All

You knew it was coming, some MP don’t want to pay their expenses back after receiving their letters from Sir Thomas Legg.

At 3 pm today the deadline to lodge appeals against demands that they repay money closes.

Then the fight begins.

The most intense fight in Westminister history, the ‘Battle of Legg’ will begin.

Unlike Star Wars, there won’t be heroes on both sides, where money is involved heroism doesn’t apply.

Bernard Jenkin is a Tory MP who faces the biggest bill, £63,250 for claiming for rent on a property owned by his sister-in-law.

Lucky for him that his sister in law had a place for rent and lucky for her that Jenkins was available to rent!

To the outsider, the public looking at this, it looks sleazy, looks morally corrupt and more importantly Jenkin never thought of how bad this looks.

Essex North Boy said;

“I am lodging an appeal. There is no question being raised by Sir Thomas about my integrity and honesty. I will pay back whatever is finally decided.”

There is just a question of exercising poor judgment.

In the movie, The Great Escape, at the end there is a line, “they shot 50”.

Funny enough 50 MPs are preparing to challenge the claims at the Westminister stalag.

And the propaganda war has started Tory backbencher, Roger Gale has launched a furious assault Sir Thomas Legg.

His accusation is accusing him of “dishonesty” and “knowingly releasing false information”.

So, it turns nasty, the man who is brought into to fix a mess is being turned on by the very people who are suppose to espouse public values.

Gale represents Thanet North and is not happy being asked to fork over £2,100 claimed for mobile phone bills and nearly £400 in rent for a London flat.

To show that no love is lost between Sir Thomas Legg and himself, Gale stated;

“Legg knows perfectly well that the Green Book was revised in April 2005, and issued in June. My claims (for mobile bills) were all made between 2004 and mid 2005, and so were entirely proper claims. He knows all that. He knows that it was perfectly in order for me to claim that money in the way that I did, and he has completely ignored it.”

Gale misses the point; it is the rules and the application of the rules that has brought the House of Commons and its members into disrepute.

A spokesman for the Legg review declined to comment as throwing mud doesn’t help the situation.

Gordon Brown and David Cameron have urged their MPs to accept the conclusions of Sir Thomas’s review because there is no upside for them doing anything else.

There is going to be a General Election soon.

So, for those who don’t want to pay a penny back, the Commons authorities have warned that MPs who don’t cough up could have money docked from future payments of allowances, salary or pension.

Either way the money is coming back.

So, even if the some money comes back, this will not solve the problem of trust with the public, the culture may have been exposed but the people remain.

Hardly a ring endorsement of the political class!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Ex University of Glasgow medic blames 'uneducated' people for Scotland's poor health record, so what are we paying him for?

Dear All

World exclusive, I don’t speak Japanese.

I never learned it, was never taught it and never had the opportunity.

So, is this my fault, the fault of my parents or the fault of the education system?

Dr. Harry Burns is a qualified medical doctor from the University of Glasgow currently Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

Mr. Burns has stated that poor parenting may be partly to blame for Scotland’s appalling health record.

May be?

Hardly definitive is it, it begs the question why state a subjective opinion, either state a fact or don’t bother exercising your mouth.

Parenting skills aren’t taught, people muddle through, is there a course that Burns is aware of that teaches parents about improving health of their children?

Do Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell and the Labour Council of shame run courses?

The question that springs immediately to mind is why Burns should seek to transfer blame on those who have no training or experience whatsoever.

The blame lies in education, it lies with those professionals that people meet at various stages of their lives.

So what makes a good parent?

I would suggest stability, education, employment and a sense of well being.

If you live in the Labour Party created gerrymandered ghettos of Glasgow, you don’t have life chances, education is poor, opportunities don’t exist and hope is abandoned.

That is the Labour Party legacy of Glasgow nurtured and generated over decades to try and keep Glasgow a Labour fiefdom.

While the Labour Party preaches aspiration, they practice denial.

So as Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Burns should lay the blame in the appropriate place, those professionals who didn’t do their jobs properly.

The ones that muddled through, the ones that didn’t care and the ones who got their jobs through cronyism!

Dr Harry Burns, chief medical officer of Scotland is may be one of the reasons for Scotland’s poor health record.

But like others at his Alma Mater, he wants to shift the blame away from himself.

How every University of Glasgow of him!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Education is in part all about problem solving, SNP Minister Mike Russell should sort his problem out now or resign

Dear All

The Mark MacLachlan episode is a PR disaster for the SNP.

And the worst is, it was a storm in a teacup, future chip paper wrappers.

Over at Yapping Yousuf, the poor lad is overwhelmed by this early xmas present from the SNP.

He said;

“It's not often that I'm lost for words but I genuinely don't know what to say following the release of emails between Cybernat blogger Mark Maclachlan and Mike Russell with following revelations”.

With the Labour Party it usually revolves around calling for people to resign from Ministerial Office.

Yousuf clearly enjoying himself stated that Mark MacLachlan is

1/ Accusing Mike Russell knew of the blog and helped getting photographs for it

2/ Russell allegedly also suggested the shocking smear about a married MSP picking up young men as well as the smears of Scottish Labour General Secretary Colin Smyth

3/ Mark tried to use his interview with the Sunday Times as leverage to get a public job in a quango.

So, a stupid little event has been blown completely out of proportion.

Kevin Pringle, I keep hearing that name in the SNP as if he is something special, allegedly stuck his oar in.

Thanks Kevin, you really achieved something “special” on this.

Kevin Pringle is alleged to have written a resignation letter and claimed it was from Mark MacLachlan, without his permission, that is deception.

Did he think this won’t come out?

Maybe Alex Salmond needs a new advisor!

I have read the redacted emails from Mark MacLachlan and Mike Russell, I was previously unhappy about Mike Russell’s performance in this matter; his stock just went into liquidation.

It maybe that Alex Salmond needs to personally take charge and sort out this mess as for Mike Russell.

Type up a resignation letter and hand it in.

Finally, I have a lot of sympathy for Alex Salmond, there is he running around like mad 24/7 for all of us and he can’t trust people to keep their feet out of their mouth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moral maze question, two foreigners, Principal Anton Muscatelli covered up fraud and Precious Mhango innocent, which one should be deported?

Dear All

Come xmas time, the pressure is on in the season of goodwill to do the right thing, people make more of it at this time of year than any other.

But there are 52 weeks in a year.

So for those who stop by my little blog, I am asking you to do the right thing, write to Alan Johnson, Home Sec and ask for the release of Precious and Florence Mhango from detention and send them back home to Cranhill Glasgow.

I spent years doing charity work helping others for free and one of the things I have learned in my travels is that there is a hard core minority in the world, rotten to the core.

The people who don’t care about the rights of others who reach positions of power and who take delight in making people’s lives as unpleasant as possible, such as scum like Julie Ommer, Director of the Sport and Recreation Service, University of Glasgow, a bitter twisted nasty individual.

She is a liar; a bully and a thief who was involved in criminal fraud at a publicly funded charity were she currently works.

People like her and University of Glasgow Principal Anton Muscatelli represent part of a hardcore minority that like to deny ordinary people their rights while trying to present to the world they are decent individuals, the truth is quite different.

Anton Muscatelli is a team player, in my case that means doing nothing when criminal fraud is directly reported to him and doing nothing when the University of Glasgow covers it up.

The story of them and their involvement in criminal fraud can be found here.

Both Julie Ommer and Anton Muscatelli are pondlife.

But just as scum like Ommer and Muscatelli pollute Scottish society there are good people worth helping too.

Precious and Florence Mhango need your help and that of your family and friends.

I sent an email to the Home Office today asking Alan Johnson to help them but their problem is they have no real status and power so your help is needed now!

Here is the email I sent Alan Johnson below;

Dear Mr Johnson

I am writing to you to ask for the release from detention of Florence and Precious (Tionge) Mhango.

Precious Mhango and her mother are from Malawi but have become part of the Cranhill Community in Glasgow.

I am sure that others have contacted you in the hope that you will show compassion and return these people back to the Cranhill Community that has adopted them but I would like to add my protest at their detention.

Precious is 10 years old, for the last seven years she has known only Scotland as her home, it is I would say given the passage of time where she belongs.

Legally, I am sure your department is within the rules to kick her and her mother out of the UK; it is after all, the easiest thing to do it requires little thought and is time effective.

Precious and her mother are currently held in Yarls Wood, a detention centre, the decent thing to do is release them, grant them leave to remain and allow them to make a life here.

At present there has been an application for a judicial review but as we know in a court whoever tells the best story wins.

This little girl deserves better than the hope that her QC can tell a good story.

I would appeal to you to have her and her mother returned to Dungavel and then released back into the community so that they can spend xmas where the belong along side their neighbours and friends.

Give them the time to make their case, the arguments which they will present are worthy of presentation.

As always you have a choice here, I hope that you choose to do what I consider to be the right thing, return them to Glasgow.

All you have to do is instruct a civil servant and it’s off your desk.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Great ATM robberies of Ireland show a sense showmanship and style but these guys aren't Robin Hood and the Merry Men

Dear All

People in Ireland are doing through a spate of ‘great ATM digger robberies’ at present.

A typical ATM can hold easily about £100,000.

Enterprising crooks have hit on the idea of turning up at the banks and shops with their mechanical digger ripping the ATM out, loading it on to a van and doing a runner.

So far the 18 ATMs have been targeted causing damage to several banks and shops.

At present, no-one has been charged but the Police state they are following genuine lines of inquiry.

Glyn Roberts for Northern Ireland retailers said;

"There is now not a week that goes by that another small business owner is the victim of an ATM robbery and serious questions need to be asked as to why no arrests have been made in relation to any of these attacks."

How hard is it to spot a digger going down the street?

It’s big!

One robbery at 3 am in Templepatrick on the main road to Belfast International Airport must have attracted attention.

It can only be a matter of time before the crooks get caught because although they have hit on a novel idea, there are only so many possible locations they can target. This means that a taskforce will be able to narrow down possible sites because of access.

These guys will eventually get caught as their luck will surely run out; then there is the problem of getting rid of the cash.

A reward of up to £25,000 is being offered for anyone who can help catch the criminals targeting cash machines in Northern Ireland.

Giving the number of robberies, £25,000, the reward offer is so pitiful that you would be better to apply for a job with the crooks!

£150,000 sounds tasty enough to move lips.

These robberies although serious have a certain comic value, the poor taking from the rich and keeping to themselves!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Serial Murderer Peter Tobin convicted of third murder, he should forfeit the right to ever be released from prison

Dear All

The Angelika Kluk murder shocked Glasgow and led to the conviction of a man called Peter Tobin.

Tobin had a history of being an evil man, served ten years in prison for a double rape committed in 1993 of two 14 year old schoolgirls who were acting as babysitters for him.

Now, Serial killer Peter Tobin has been jailed for life for murdering 18-year-old Dinah McNicol.

This is his third murder of women and it is the Judge’s recommendation that life should mean life for Tobin.

Judging by his previous actions, it is hard not to disagree with the assessment that Peter Tobin is too dangerous to be allowed by into society.

All his murders have been brutal and premeditated against innocent people.

Judge Mr Justice Calvert-Smith told Tobin;

"This is the third time you have stood in the dock for murder. On all three occasions the evidence against you was overwhelming. Yet even now you refuse to come to terms with your guilt."

Tobin has steadfast refused to co-operate with police and showed no emotion as the jury of nine men and three women returned its unanimous verdict against him.

Tobin is divorced from society completely, rules and values for him don’t exist; he feels no remorse or regret for his actions.

The Tobin case flags up that it was a mistake not to monitor him more closely after his release from prison.

To that extent some of the blame should fall on the authorities who failed to understand the risk Tobin presented.

Dinah McNichol’s father, Ian McNicol, was in court to hear the verdict alongside the father of another of Tobin’s victims, Michael Hamilton.

Dinah McNicol's half-sister Sara Tizard said;

"After all these years, we at last know the truth and justice has prevailed. We would like to put the trial behind us and remember Dinah as the unique and inspiring daughter and sister that she was."

The only problem is that the extended waited caused so much damage.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gordon Brown's fake hand of friendship to British Forces is rejected as he tries to buy loyalty with helicopters

Dear All

The UK Labour Government has signaled that our troops will receive 22 new helicopters in Afghanistan.

To pay for the 22 helicopters, savage cuts will be introduced at the Ministry of Defence.

What does this mean?

It means that the Afghan war pull out from 2011 is completely bogus.

Bungling Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary said that the first 10 Chinooks would be deployed by 2013.

British Forces aren’t going anywhere but I expect more announcements of troops withdrawals to increase before the General Election as Gordon Brown and the Labour Party play the ‘I’m getting our boys home card’.

The MOD is effectively going to asset strip itself to continue to fund an unwinnable war, bases in Britain will close and jobs of thousands will be lost and then there is the British death toll to top it.

Some RAF stations are in doubt regarding staying open and squadrons are in danger of being mothballed.

National Audit Office is warned the military of a £36 billion deficit over the next 10 years.

The plan is a knee jerk reaction to mounting criticism that Labour and Gordon Brown have cut funding denying essential equipment being provided to the troops fighting Helmand and elsewhere.

It is short term and badly thought-out.

With budgets being slashed it appears that everything effectively is being done to just win a counter-insurgency campaign against the Taleban.

This would leave the British Forces incapable of responding to a conventional threat, effectively leaving British dependencies defenceless.

The Afghan war is unwinnable because the threat isn’t just a matter of taking on the counter-insurgency; it involves changing the culture of a people.

There is no real strategy for that objective.

To safe lives means withdrawal.
Gordon Brown is no war leader, he is total inept and out of his depth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Holyrood MSPs shouldn't employ family members but it would be morally wrong and a breach of their human rights to sack those already employed

Dear All

An independent report has recommended that MSPs should be banned from employing their relatives.

The view of the authors is that giving MSPs public funds to employ family members undermines public confidence in them and in Parliament as an institution.

The public perception it concludes is fuelling “public cynicism” and the expenses row doesn’t help either.

In Holyrood at present 26 MSPs employ their relatives, right across the political divide.

For those who are currently employed the issue of fairness and human rights arises, is it proper that they should be sacked from their current employment?

I would say the answer is no!

I would think given that public trust and perception is an issue new MSPs via their parties should commit themselves to not to employ family members if elected.

In one case, there is a situation where an MSP pays his wife as his parliamentary assistant, who is also a councillor and Prospective Westminister Candidate.

If elected she would be able to claim three salaries from the public purse.

If that is not a case that fuels public cynicism, I don’t know what is, hardly ethical I would put forward as an argument.

The review conducted by Sir Neil McIntosh has the MSP expenses scheme “robust” and gave it a generally clean bill of health.

The way round the proposed ban of employing relatives is of course that MSPs have their relatives swop jobs which I circumvent the principle that banninh seeks to uphold.


I would say that the sensible way forward is to allow those currently employed not to be affected but have the ban brought in to end the practice.

To dismiss someone currently working would be unfair, draconian and a breach of their human rights.

It would be appropriate to adopt the stance taken by the Welsh Assembly as I outlined above, it seems the fairness way forward and help build public trust.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Caroline Cartwright pleads guilty to ASBO breach, people will be able to enjoy xmas in peace

Dear All

It seems that Caroline Cartwright, the mad Sunderland shagger whose love making described as "murder" and "unnatural" has plead guilty to breaching her ASBO order.

Ms. Cartwright attracted a lot of press and complains because of the noise she made in the passions of love.

The neighbours, the local postman and a woman taking her child to school all complained about the noise.

Cartwright from Washington on Wearside, pleaded to three counts of breaching the Asbo.

She will face sentence on 18 January 2010.

Next door Rachel O'Connor, the chief complainer told the court she suffered living next door to the racket. She was frequently late for work because she couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep because of the noise.

Ms. O’Connor said;

"The noise sounds like they are both in considerable pain. I cannot describe the noise. I have never ever heard anything like it."

Which possible means that there could be a marketing opportunity if the couple were prepared to go the porno route?

After all, the old phrase, ‘what’s all the shouting about’ applies, I even gave them a catchy title, all they need is a producer and a camcorder and they are away with it.

Cartwright appealed against a noise abatement notice imposed in 2007 citing her human rights as a defence.

That defence presumably intimated by a lawyer at their Court hearing was bullshit.

Recorder Jeremy Freedman said of the racket;

"It certainly was intrusive and constituted a statutory nuisance”.

Well said sir!

Freedman added;

"It was clearly of a very disturbing nature and it was also compounded by the duration - this was not a one-off, it went on for hours at a time. It is further compounded by the frequency of the episode, virtually every night."

So, now even a leg to stand on then.

Sunderland City Council acting on complains stated to the Court that told they had recorded noise levels of up to 47 decibels using their equipment. They took the opportunity afford by Ms. O’Connor to installed the equipment in her house.

World Health Organisation guidelines state that 30 decibels is enough to cause sleep disturbance.

One has to feel sorry for Rachel O’Connor, she probably would have been better booking into one of the secret torture prisons operated by the United States of America at least they use music!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, December 14, 2009

Labour MP David Miliband and the Labour Government fight to conceal their part in the horrific torture of Binyam Mohamed from the British people

Dear All

The Binyam Mohamed case is a nasty case of British Government collusion in approved state torture, he was kidnapped and tortured horrifically, as the UK Labour Government sat back and did nothing to protect his rights.

As UK Labour Government screamed ‘we don’t approve of torture’ that was exactly what was going on and was known at senior level within the British Government.

Now the sycophantic British Government is trying to limit the PR damage of Binyam being subjected to torture by the use of scalpels or razor blades to repeatedly cut his penis and chest.

The basis of the British Government’s unhappiness is that they don’t want to upset the Americans who approved of the torture citing ‘national security’.

National security is the UK cover all to gag information that puts them and others in a bad light.

The British Government don’t want the people to know they were involved in sadistic torture because at election time, they want to appear whiter than white, the good guys, trying to build a better Britain.

But things are not going well of Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his high priced lawyers.

The judges aren’t playing ball, they want the entire truth to come out.

This has led to Miliband’s Lawyers mounting an extraordinary attack on the High Court judges who want to disclose material relating to allegations of torture involving the CIA.

Jonathan Sumption QC, for Miliband told the Court of Appeal that the judges’ stance was “both, in many respects, unnecessary and profoundly damaging to the interests of this country”.

Since when are the interests of this country protected by shielding people from the truth.

Are Miliband and the Labour Government not proud of what they have done?

What is Labour’s mantra, ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’!

For Miliband; Sumption made an extraordinary attack;

“I would go so far as to say their views were irresponsible.”

Since Mr Mohamed had now been released from detention in Guantanámo Bay, he was no longer affected by today’s legal proceedings which had “essentially been taken over to serve a wider, and in some respects, political agenda”.

The agenda is justice, natural justice that Binyam Mohamed was entitled and the very protections that society is based on, colour creed, religion play no part, it is one standard for all, no more and no less.

The full extent of the torture of Binyam Mohamed is a matter of public concern to the British people who have the right to know to the fullest extent the kind of people who seek to govern them.

The full facts have to be brought to the public domain.

And the last word on why the documents should be released goes to Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband;

“Being Jewish must have an influence on the way I think. I am the child of Jewish immigrants and that is a very important part of my identity. It would be wrong to pretend that I was brought up as part of the heart of Anglo-Jewry, but if you ask, do the community's values speak to me? Yes they do. My commitment to equality, social justice, freedom of expression and solidarity must in so many ways reflect my origins”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Silvio Berlusconi gets the verdict of the people, punched hard in the face, he needs better security or learn how to slip the jab

Dear All

Italian politics has always been a boisterous affair from ex strippers standing for parliament to a Prime Minister accused of bribery, corruption and tax fraud.

A thing however seem to be getting a little out of hand as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was punched in the face during a rally.

And punched hard, drawing blood!

A man has since been arrested after the assault on Silvio Berlusconi; he will be facing prison for this as it was caught on camera bang to rights.

Berlusconi was after the assault taken by car to hospital for treatment and kept in over night.

Berlusconi at some point faces trial on charges of bribery and corruption, there is also the issue of Tax Fraud, stripped of immunity from prosecution, things don’t look good.

On top of Berlusconi’s tales of woe, one of his Cabinet Ministers has been ordered to stand trial for corruption.

Raffaele Fitto, the minister for regional affairs is accused 500,000 euros (£450,000) in return for political favours.

I am sure that people will be interested in what his story will be.

The incident in Italy shows that politicians aren’t held in esteem as they used to be, the major failing for the Italian people is that they have to bite the bullet and remove these people from public life.

As for Berlusconi, he should learn to bob and weave down the gym and next time have better security or have the ability to slip the jab!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University