Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alex Salmond; the man who appears not to be welcome in the SNP, humiliated, tossed into a corner, his event not mentioned in Conference agenda, not mentioned in Nicola Sturgeon’s key note speech, Nicola Sturgeon’s shows her ignoble side by trying to steal his laurels, she is completely lacking in class and no ‘statesman’

Dear All

It seems the ‘unity’ of the Scottish National Party has been rather laid bare as more information is now coming out of the estrangement between Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon’s attempts to sideline him at the SNP conference are the sign of an insecure woman who understands only too well her unpopularity is becoming more recognisable.

Sturgeon thinks if she ‘hogs the limelight’ that somehow as if by a miracle she will be will become ‘Snow white’ instead of the haggard crone she has become.

The Govanhill protest march to her office is ample proof her ‘reign of hell’ has a limited time span.

Although Sturgeon allowed Salmond use the main hall of Glasgow’s SECC to conduct a question-and-answer session about his new book, he was shunted onto a small podium to the right of the hall.

Rather than being a ‘stateswoman’; which she is not, her complete lack of class was only to graphically on display here.

I said Sturgeon was ‘common’ in previous blog posts; she just reinforces my point, and yet again proves, George Laird right again.

History is appearing to be re-written in the SNP as Salmond’s lunchtime session was not mentioned in the conference agenda. Alex Salmond maybe yesterday’s man in every sense of the word, but the disrespect by Sturgeon shows what an ugly personality Sturgeon has, no sense of loyalty, no sense of common decency and no respect.

I don’t even like Salmond so I have no side to support on this issue.

When Alex Salmond took to the main stage because punters couldn’t hear him, thousands of delegates cheered the roof off. There are now two leaders of the SNP, and Sturgeon is the firmly the second choice and she knows it.

A bitter Nicola Sturgeon has also refused to confirm whether he would even be part of her negotiating team if a deal is available to be done with Labour over any power-sharing arrangement.

Nicola Sturgeon is repeatedly stating she would be leading any talks with the Labour Party, and as an aside said that she hoped her predecessor managed to win the Gordon seat.

I bet she does!

Personally I am hoping that Alex Salmond gets his ‘Michael Portillo’ moment in Gordon and gets stuffed by Christine Jardine, the Lib Dem.

Another sign that Alex Salmond is not wanted anymore is when Sturgeon failed to mention him during her keynote address to the conference.

That’s important.

It seems that Nicola doesn’t have generosity of spirit either but instead is just as mean spirited and nasty as ever.

After five days of trying to reassert her crumbling leadership after Salmond made a fool of himself, Sturgeon must know that she faces a challenger for her leadership when it all comes crashing down round her ears.

Everyone will be looking at Salmond when she makes a decision.

Yesterday on the blog someone posted how there is unease about Sturgeon’s women only short lists, apparently Nicola’s future policy of discrimination doesn’t sit well with certain members.

If you are a guy in the Scottish National Party, what are you doing following ‘Tampax Tommy’?

My nickname for Sturgeon as she campaigns on tampons, obviously on this issue, ‘blood will flow’!

Where is the self respect of the male members?

Equality in her version of the SNP means pro active discrimination of men.

In an interview Sturgeon told Sky News’s Murnaghan programme that Salmond was “very firmly on my team”, she doesn’t have a team, she runs a ‘rat ship’, her ‘team’ are all getting something out of it, bought and paid for, this appears to be the way that Nicola gets ‘allies’.

Alex Salmond is now very much the loose cannon, a bull in a China shop, snubbed, humiliated and cast adrift like an old woolly jumper that has seen better days.

He effectively is getting wiped from the SNP’s history.

Time for a quote:

“If you are white working class and heterosexual, you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire”!

Alex Salmond should have read my blog.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, March 30, 2015

‘War of the Rats’, Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon uses her first SNP Conference to publicly humiliate Alex Salmond, apparently Salmond has been bumped down to the level of a ‘daftie’, the SNP ‘rat ship’ sailing into troubled waters

Dear All

I have continually said the Scottish National Party is a ‘rat ship’, the idea of loyalty is alien to them; these people are in for themselves. If you do a bit of digging into their backgrounds and family, it is easily proven. The SNP is made up for various little ‘families’ who all share out the paid elected positions and candidacies.

The SNP have one goal; that is independence, which in part explains why they are unable to govern properly, health, education and justice, all a shambles! 

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond took a massive huff when he was easily defeated in the Scottish independence referendum. It was terribly funny to see him sulk and throw in the towel so quickly. But let us be clear, he and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon represented a danger to the economic security of Scotland and its people.

Salmond had to go!

Out of 32 areas contested, he won 4, 4 out of 32 is a massive snubbing by the Scottish public.

Since the referendum, the ‘defeated man’ of Scottish politics has been looking for a purpose in life, ‘literacy masturbation’ is okay but you can’t do it all day. Anyway Salmond has decided he wants to go back to Westminster as an MP. Alex Salmond loves the limelight, he is an attention seeker, since he won’t get it at Holyrood; he wants a new platform. Since the European Elections have come and gone, the choices were limited.

For four days running, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to repeatedly assert that she and not Alex Salmond is in charge of the SNP. Why does Nicola Sturgeon think she is in charge of the Alex Salmond Party or as some described it; the SNP Cult. It is because she was crowned leader when no one else dared to stand against her?

As I said, there is no such thing as loyalty in the SNP; you may remember at every conference Salmond and Sturgeon used to do the hugging and kissing stuff on stage. This was to make people believe every thing was cosy in the ‘rat ship’ and that they were a united party.

Take if from me, the SNP is far from a united party.
On the first day of the SNP Conference in Glasgow at the weekend, Sturgeon uses the conference to state she will decide the party's demands, while Salmond does the "day-to-day" work at the Commons.

‘There maybe be trouble ahead, but while there is moonlight….’.

Isn’t it terrible, two utterly false people falling out about who is the ‘Cult leader’?

Sturgeon says if there is a hung parliament after the general election, she leads.

The message from Sturgeon at the ‘cult’ conference is to offer the ‘hand of friendship’ to England, she is playing ‘good cop’ while Salmond is doing the opposite.

‘Good cop/ bad cop’ only works in the movies.

The English already know that Salmond and Sturgeon cannot be trusted, so the attempt to fool them is frankly rather crude stuff indeed.

So, what does the unpopular ‘hand of friendship’ want in return?

This will get a laugh; Sturgeon wants reform of the House of Lords which the SNP say is “indefensible” and the introduction of proportional representation for Commons elections.

On the first issue, the Lords transition is an ongoing process and as to proportional representation, I think we can safely say; she is onto plums, the mainstream parties of Labour and Conservatives will never entertain this idea.

As to the Salmond/ Sturgeon relationship, she says his interventions over the past week have complemented hers, which is the biggest pile of shit I have heard last week. If that was the case, Sturgeon wouldn’t be screaming into ever microphone and news outlet that she is in charge.

The latest attempt to reassert her crumbling leadership came after Salmond undermined her supposed “red line” conditions.

The price for propping up a minority Labour government was said to be scrapping the renewal of Trident.

No chance.

Alex Salmond blurted out SNP MPs would install Ed Miliband in Downing Street even if their demands were ignored.

Two messages both of which are equally worthless, the SNP are irrelevant, it is only a matter of time before people realise that the ‘bubble’ is going to burst, and what is in a bubble?

Just hot air!

While Salmond is guzzling the pink champagne making threats, demands and saying SNP will be a destructive force at Westminster, Sturgeon tact is offering “friendship and solidarity”, May 8th sees this nonsense end rather spectacularly in failure.

As to Sturgeon saying:

“I’ve got a fairly developed idea in my head of what our tactics and what our objectives will be”, at present according to a poll, Labour is poised to have a majority. If the poll is correct and Labour end up winning with 345 seats, the Nationalists bandwagon hits the buffers.

Although lots of people joined the SNP, the party hasn’t widened it selection of candidates, it is still a wee nasty clique. So, there is no change of direction of any real note. During the independence campaign, business people were concerned about the lack of proper economic plans, this prompted Jim Sillars to say that there would be a ‘day of reckoning’.  

One FTSE 100 chief executive said:

“Their language of intimidation towards business during the (independence) referendum was loathsome.”

Sturgeon’s attempt at ‘cuddly fascism’ will not yield results expected either.

I read online that a senior SNP Activist has apparently experienced the type of hostility that the party experienced 30 years ago. 

Bad news for them as the silent majority it seems don’t want to be silent any longer.

They have a message for Nicola Sturgeon and Co, it is straight forward and uncomplicated….. ‘fuck off’! 

SNP Conference is always a stage managed event as such here will be no dissent, stepping outside the bubble, the SNP will be seeing a different Scotland emerging. Already unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has seen voters march to her office to complain about the Govanhill ghetto. And they will be back as Sturgeon and her wee gang drag their asses with mealy mouth words.

Finally, the thing about anger is that it builds.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 27, 2015

‘Tampax Tommy’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tries to re-invent herself as Tampax campaigner to get the women’s vote, in local news she prompts the BBC to ask her who is the leader of the Scottish National Party; it’s still Alex Salmond, Sturgeon’s crumbling authority forces her to say, “I am the leader of the SNP”, is that right dear, you’ve got nothing!

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister is feeling more than a tad insecure and needy these days; and as such has been forced to issue a statement that ‘I'm SNP leader, not Alex Salmond’.

Who is she trying to convince….. herself?

At present Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is giving a series of interviews were he says he effectively going to be calling the shots of what the SNP MPs will do and demand, to put the Labour Party in as the next Westminster Government.

So, who is in charge, Salmond or proxy puppet Nicola Sturgeon?

Who cares and really does it matter?

If you look at the picture, you can see how some commentators see the Salmond/Sturgeon relationship, the classic sock puppet story.

The fact that Sturgeon is forced to reassert her crumbing authority publicly is a sign of massive weakness on her part, it looks to me that even she doesn’t believe in her own authority, and let’s face it, if you had her as a boss; you would want to do your own thing anyway.

How you respect someone so obviously lacking in class, ability, strategy and is so common?

Alex Salmond is doing her a favour by undermined her hootsman demands for propping up a minority Labour government after the general election. The SNP bubble is going to bust and when it does, she can tag Salmond with the blame. It seems that Sturgeon has no use for her predecessor who she says is merely a member of her “team”.

“Merely a member of her “team”, obviously being the poodle of Salmond for so many years has possibly caused tensions.

Sturgeon blurted out:

“I’m leading the SNP campaign” so why doesn’t Sturgeon simply remove Salmond as a candidate then?

Lack of political balls is my assessment, sure Nicola is okay as the pasty in the Salmond gang, but in the cold light of day, her bottle has crashed. When Salmond said he wanted to ship out to Westminster having taken the petted lip after getting crushed in the Scottish independence referendum, she must have thought, clear run at being leader.

But the Alex Salmond Party has two leaders, Sturgeon and then Salmond, whom people will look over to see if ‘poodle’ Sturgeon is doing the right thing. 

Salmond is shouting the odds that he would install Ed Miliband in Downing Street regardless of whether a power-sharing deal was reached.

Working on a knighthood from the Labour Party?

At present Salmond is also trying to flog his ‘Mein Banff’ book which has dropped in price to £6.49, his book has fallen faster than an oil price crash!

Alex Salmond loves the limelight and is strutting about portrayed himself as the potential kingmaker of Westminster.

May 8th, the SNP isn’t going to do as well as Salmond thinks they will, on a national level voters will realise that Sturgeon and Salmond cannot deliver on their hollow promises.

Don’t get conned people, Sturgeon can deliver nothing.

In the spirit of complete bad will, Salmond said Nationalist MPs would keep David Cameron out of power even if Labour refuses to accept any of their demands. It is highly doubtful that if Labour does hold the most seats but there is no overall majority in a hung parliament, they would climb into bed with Nationalists.

As to the current strategy by ‘Team Sturgeon’ that she would table huge concessions in return for supporting a minority Labour government. The delusion is laughable, and the punt to scrap Trident as a ‘red line’ is pure student union politics, the sign of a backward looking party.

Salmond told the Spectator while drinking pink champagne, that he would “win amendments” to future Labour Budgets. Maybe he has had too much pink champagne and it has gone to his head, no one will be taking him seriously, his time is over!

The chapter on another referendum he has also floated is complete nonsense.

In elections, there is a certain amount of scaremongering, Salmond is positioning the SNP for a big and ultimately hard fall much like 2010 and his woeful ‘elect a people’s champion’. Salmond says that Nationalist MPs in a hung parliament would attempt to bring down any Tory minority government by voting against its Queen’s Speech.

He gets two hits, pushing his ‘Mein Banff’ book for extra pennies and sticking it to Sturgeon.

While Alex Salmond is busy issuing threats about holding a minority Labour government to ransom unless they dance to his tune, Scotland’s unpopular First Minister is wrapped up in the ‘tampax pad’ tax and making herself look quite ridiculous. No wonder Salmond is ignoring her, let Nicola campaign on the ‘tampax tax’, discriminate against men in her own party and seeing her female cronies attempt to get seats to portray themselves as Nationalists.  

In the 1980’s Tommy Sheridan campaigned on the Poll tax and made a name for himself; in 2015, we have a ‘Tampax Tommy’ in the shape of Nicola Sturgeon storming the barricades.

To show how desperate Sturgeon is to be seen as a ‘force’, she prompted the BBC to ask her about Salmond dominating the news.

She said:

“The SNP is a team. I am the leader of the SNP. I’m leading the SNP campaign”.

What kind of man with any self respect campaigns on fanny pads?

One wonders if during the BBC interview whether the sad lonely and pathetic figure that is Ms. Sturgeon with her black eyes was clutching a pack of tampons to her chest as she bleated out a near teary plea of ‘I am the SNP leader, it’s me, it’s me, it’s me’.

One can only imagine Alex Salmond running around thinking:

‘She’s got nothing, victory on her ass, bitch, she’s got nothing’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sees her ‘gender balance’ experiment crash on the rocks as Angela Constance goofs on new education bill, branded ‘futile’ and ‘irrelevant’ by education expert, Sturgeon’s inept SNP Government outed yet again!

Dear All

Having had several donkeys occupying the role as SNP Education Sec, the last under the Alex Salmond regime being Mike Russell, who was woefully inept, you might have expected that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon would try and raise the SNP game.

What does she do, she appoints another donkey in the shape of Angela Constance.

Anyway, the SNP has come up with an new Education Bill, now you might think that educational experts would welcome new measures to help students to achieve and prosper.

But no!

Professor Lindsay Paterson says the Scottish Government’s Education Bill “won’t achieve much” and is "irrelevant" to raising standards.

In previous blog posts, you will have caught I said that the SNP don’t do law well, and that there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

Both these observations have borne out to be true.

So, what is wrong with the Bill?

Well according to Professor Lindsay Paterson said it contains no proposals for how local authorities should tackle an “extremely difficult” long-term problem of raising standards.

Do you see what I mean about a lack of talent, this crap is like someone offering you a hot pie and when you try to eat it, you find out it is cold and when the crust is lifted up there is no filling inside.

Creating a legal obligation for the worst schools to improve would make no difference, because firstly, teachers are already doing “the best they can” for their children and secondly, education isn’t solely a matter for teachers. If the pupils don’t get the right support and engagement then legal obligation or not; it fails them in every sense!

This legislation is pointless and reminds me of the movie ‘Downfall’, you may remember Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler issuing orders for armies that had been wiped out to attack.

In the World at War series, someone who was close to Hitler said the Fuhrer used to wave his arms about saying ‘attack here, attack there, and took no account of practical difficulties’. Well that is what the backward SNP is like; they don’t have a clue what they are doing or what is expecting of them; so they just bumble along making it up.    

Professor Paterson is correct when he says Scottish ministers should conduct in-depth research, this echoes what I said on occasion regarding some of the rubbish being spout out by the SNP re their wisdom on justice.

To have such an expert as Professor Paterson speak is something that the SNP should be concerned about, and then listen to, on top of this Scotland’s councils back his concerns.

Teaching is a massive job, and I speak as a former teacher at Glasgow University where I taught fitness in my youth.

One of the ‘rights’ of the new Bill is that parents of preschool children are to be given the right to request primary lessons in Gaelic.

I know of only one person who speaks Gaelic, and if Sturgeon and Constance think that there will be a massive uptake for this they are going to be sadly mistaken.

Prof Paterson said:

“Proposing a law to outlaw inequality is futile. This is a declaration of intent but a law does not create any new knowledge about how to reduce inequalities or understand why some schools or pupils underperform. It’s doing something irrelevant. Is the Scottish Government saying there are certain teachers who are resisting that knowledge and are not doing the best they can for their children?”

Good points.

So, instead of effective law, we have a declaration of intent, we have had a ‘Declaration of Cineworld’, and we all know how that turn out, rather badly for the Scottish National Party.

This Bill is a paper shuffling exercise nothing more, it is ‘working with partners’ nonsense, be seen to be doing something when nothing is actually happening.

Only 3.9 per cent of pupils in Scotland's most deprived communities managed to get three A grades in their Higher exams compared to 24.2 per cent in the wealthiest places.

So, can this be fixed?

The answer is yes, it is a matter of culture.

Pupils will response to a culture that they can invest in mentality, my time at Glasgow University as a teacher was successful. I realised early on, remembering something wasn’t enough, they had to understand it and be able to analyse. Consequently I taught the elite of the university because I made them the elite, in fact the teaching staff used to ask my training partners for advice.

Unveiling the Bill, Angela Constance, the Scottish Education Minister, said:

“This Government is absolutely committed to ensuring Scotland is the best place to grow up, with every child given the best chance to succeed, and the provisions of this Bill will help us achieve that aspiration.”

How does the fact that there are no proposals in the Bill achieve that?

Simple things impress simple people!

I have said in the past, the people in the SNP have a habit of dumping shit on others and leave them to sort it out, this Bill is another classic example of this modus operandi.

Liz Smith, Scottish Tory young people spokesman, said:

“These are the usual hard words from the Scottish Government on a critical issue, without a single idea of how to turn these words into action. It’s all very well coming up with a legal requirement, but as we’ve seen with patient waiting times, it hardly guarantees success.”

Some time ago, I came up with the idea of community colleges run out of schools where people could sign and get extra education; the money could be funded from different sources.

Type into Google; ‘George Laird’ and ‘Community Colleges’ if you wish to see some of my back posts on this subject. It is time that Scotland moved towards a different education system, four tier education. Primary, secondary, community college, higher and further education model!

An idea I also had was for Japanese style cramming after school sessions, this idea has been very successful in Japan for pupils who are keen to set themselves on a career path. A teacher, one of whom I know does additional teaching for her pupils who are learning languages so their grades are pretty good, why, because they are properly motivated. The pupils can see results but more than that they have a sense of direction and loyalty, they aren’t going to let their teacher down.

This Bill should be halted in its tracks and farmed out to several universities to set up working groups, once something meaningful has been thrashed out; then bring it back to Holyrood so a consensus can be reached.

Just yesterday on the blog, I wrote:

“The Quiet No blog shows in detail how cronyism operates which has resulted in the SNP being a political vacuum not just of ideas but also of a work ethic”.

It really is a political vacuum because this Education Bill as Professor Lindsay Paterson says is ‘futile’ and ‘irrelevant’.

Finally, I also wrote yesterday on the current Sturgeon mantra that ‘SNP women will get things done’, what did Angela Constance achieve, other than flag up her ignorance of education, demonstrate that she can’t provide solutions and then to cap it all, passes the buck onto others to do her work!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

‘Shamed into helping heterosexuals’, Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sees 300 angry protesters march to her Constituency office to complain, given two thirds of SNP elected representatives in the area are women, why is the Govanhill ghetto such a shithole, seems ‘SNP women will get things done' is a load of verbal masturbation

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ‘represents’ Glasgow Southside as an MSP. Part of the constituency is Govanhill which I have mentioned from time to time on the blog.

Here is a link where I touch on Govanhill in passing about how unpopular Nicola Sturgeon operates.

This was written Saturday, November 9, 2013.

George Laird right again!

The point I was making and continue to make is that Nicola Sturgeon is a user of people, she and the rest of the SNP don’t care about working class people.

It is all an act, its farce, its all pantomine.

If you take the time, you can also find other less than glowing references to the area online under SNP rule, so what is Govanhill like under the Sturgeon Empire?

It is a rundown shithole which Nicola Sturgeon has neglected, the term that best describes it, is ghetto.

Rubbish piling up, rats in houses, fleas in beds. Place stinking like an open sewer full of fermented piss, dog shit in the streets, muggings, rapes, assaults, thieving, prostitutes and criminal gangs operating. There is a bad atmosphere around the place which makes it unsafe for the law abiding residents.

In 2011, I spent 16 days working on Nicola Sturgeon’s election campaign. I got around Govanhill and other places and saw for myself what it is like; it isn’t an area I would wish to stay in. On one day, I spent time trying to talk a bad injured woman who had been attacked with a weapon and then stitched up by the hospital, to seek further help from the social services.

Her wounds were horrific and she could hardly walk.

I honestly believed the lie by the Nationalists that they stood for fairness, equality and social justice, and that they would help people like this woman. Later on I found out that the lie went to the very top of the SNP leadership, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon cannot be trusted.

As graphically demonstrated by the Scottish independence referendum! 

Sturgeon has milked the public purse on all four tits, and if you read the ‘The Quiet No’ blog, what you can see, is that the SNP is a clique, not a political party in any real sense of the word despite being registered with the Electoral Commission.

The Quiet No blog shows in detail how cronyism operates which has resulted in the SNP being a political vacuum not just of ideas but also of a work ethic.

Check it out by clicking on this link to see who is milking the taxpayer and who they are related to.

And please bear in mind this is a limited list, there are others.

The SNP leadership really has ‘taken the cunt’ out of Scotland’s working class population, and it is time that working class people said, ‘enough’s enough’. 

In October 2013, I stood as an independent candidate in the Govan by-election, through-out that campaign the women of Govan who I spoke to, had a clear view of what they thought of Nicola Sturgeon and how she operates.

Funny enough, this rather differs from the crafted PR media image of the ‘happy caring Sturgeons’ in their £400,000 home in the East End of Glasgow who fight for social justice.

The women of Govan said Nicola Sturgeon is an “arsehole”!

Not as a passing comment or throwaway remark, but with a deep seated passion. 

In the first link to this post above, you will notice that Sturgeon isn’t doing anything and isn’t saving anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, jobs or community, she just doesn’t give a shit in my opinion but she does care about blaming others and trying to create an image.

Is it not time that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister started to turn the big microscope on herself?

Time for a quote:

“If you are white working class and heterosexual you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire”.

George Laird

Anyway in Govanhill, the residents are appearing to be getting the same view of Nicola Sturgeon as the women in Govan.

So, what is it like in the Govanhill ghetto?
Frances Stojilkovic, a care assistant with Cordia, said:

"It's an absolute disgrace what's happened to Govanhill and nothing has been done about it. For a long time there's been a big problem with rubbish being dumped everywhere, which has now caused an infestation of rats. I moved away from Govanhill and so have loads of other people. I still have family living there, including my mother so I'm in the area all the time. Crime is a big problem; too, many of the residents don't feel safe. My friend's mum has stayed in Govanhill all her life but she's scared to go out alone because she feels the place is not safe. That's why we're having this march. I'm expecting around 300 people to join. We'll leave from Govanhill Park and march to Nicola Sturgeon's office on Pollokshaws Road where we will hand over the petition."

If Nicola Sturgeon is supposed to be this ‘great politician’, why is her area such a shithole?

Is it because Nicola’s been too busy over the last few years with the independence campaign and then there is the travelling up and down to London to project herself as some kind of political superstar.

Seriously look at Govanhill and then remind yourself that Nicola Sturgeon sat back and allow her SNP government to rob Glasgow of £370 million by cuts to Glasgow’s block grant over the years.

The lie of the SNP ‘standing up for Glasgow’ in all its glory is laid bare!

A mouthpiece for Sturgeon said:

"Nicola Sturgeon is aware of the petition and she'll be happy to speak with the petitioners."

If you look at the STV footage, you could be forgiven for thinking that happiness didn’t appear to be on her face, is it because it must have clicked with her that people are now tuning into the fact that they have been effectively abandoned.

A private Facebook page titled "Let's Save Govanhill" was created to help organise the protest march and for locals to share their experience of what some people call ‘GovanHell’.

Janette Morrison, of Dixon Road, recently posted a video on the page that shows about 12 large rats running round the garden of her tenement flat.

She said:

"I was hearing this noise, which I assumed was birds. However, it was only when I was taking my bins down to the bin shed that I saw these huge rats scampering around. I couldn't believe it, they were almost as big as cats and were so fat they were hopping rather than running.  They would pull the bins down and they even chewed a large hole into the bin shed. I can't go down there anymore. I wait for the bin lorry to come and run out with my bags."

The Campaign "Let's Save Govanhill" needs to start with the concept that they should be actively campaigning to get rid of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in 2016.

Nicola Sturgeon says that the SNP could hold the balance of power in May’s election, given that Sturgeon presides over an ‘open borders ghetto’ with rubbish piling up, rats in houses; fleas in beds. Place stinking like an open sewer full of piss, dog shit in the streets, muggings, rapes, assaults, thieving, prostitutes and criminal gangs operating.

I don’t think anyone in politics will be taken any lessons from her on how to run a country when she can’t manage a ghetto.

Finally, I am reminded of the John Major quote:

‘It is time to be a little less understanding, it is time to be a little less sympathetic’.

What we are seeing isn’t the end of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s career, but it is the start of the end, it is all downhill from here, she has lost the trust of the people in Govan, and she will lose the trust of the people of Govanhill.

You can’t con the people all of the time Nicola even in the ghetto!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Afzal Amin resigns as Conservative candidate in Dudley North, it is never a good strategy during an election to get into a dialogue with the EDL, it was a major error of judgment, can’t see Conservative HQ approving this or his logic, his mistake, his fault, his resignation

Dear All

You may have heard of the Nolan Principles, these are guidelines for how to act and behave in public office, when people stand as candidates for a political party they sign up to behave in a certain manner.

So, following the Nolan Principles during your campaign is a good benchmark to adopt.

No lying, no cheating, show leadership, have integrity etc etc etc.

When you stand for a party, you have to behave yourself, parties invest more than the £500 it costs for you to be their candidate. In some cases they plough thousands of pounds into winning, and then there is the time that the activists give up for you.

You therefore have responsibilities to the party, to the voters and to the people who come out to work on your campaign.

Afzal Amin was the Conservative candidate in Dudley North, until today, I had never heard of him, which isn’t unusual as most candidates tend to be anonymous prior to standing for election and in some cases after it, even when elected.

On the surface, he seems to have ticked all the right boxes, former army officer, served his country in Afghanistan and even taught Princes William and Harry. Dudley North is a key general election marginal, so you want someone who is a safe pair hands and who can exercise good judgment.

In my youth, I, on occasion used to train up people for Sandhurst, oh and to blow my own trumpet, 100% success rate.

It requires a lot of hard work to get into Sandhurst and for the most part, the quality of the officers is impressive. If you are going to get military education, this is the place to go.

It is steeped in history and tradition.

Afzal Amin has been suspended by the Conservatives after allegedly hatching a plot with far-right extremists to win votes by stirring up racial hatred. He is accused being in contact with the English Defence League (EDL). The English Defence League has a really bad reputation for their stance on Muslims; their style of protest is rather old fashioned and really doesn’t get them anywhere. In the main, they are shunned by all the mainstream political parties.

The story goes that the EDL was to have a march against a new “mega-mosque” in the seat of Dudley North and then for the march to be scrapped, this apparently would allow Mr. Amin to be the hero of hour.

Where this story gets really bizarre is that Afzal Amin allegedly promised that he would be an “unshakeable ally” for the EDL in parliament and help bring their views to the mainstream.

At this point, you have to stop and say…. eh?

This weird episode was apparently covertly filmed by the EDL which has led the Conservative Party to suspend Mr. Amin with immediate effect.

It is the right decision, even just reading this snippet, it is hard to wrap your head round why Mr. Amin could ever think this was a good idea in the first place, especially in the run up to a General election.

I couldn’t see anyone at Conservative HQ saying to him, ‘aye okay, get on with it and tell us how it went’, I mean it is like going to the Bingo Hall to see the grannies and have a chat and muffin.

A Conservative Party spokesman said:

“Following an emergency meeting it has been decided to suspend him as a candidate with immediate effect. The Conservative Party views this as a matter of extremely serious concern.”

In a statement on his website, Mr Amin said the footage had been “grossly misrepresented and present an inaccurate picture of the reality of what was happening. While the meetings were intended to be private and discreet, I made sure I involved Chief Superintendent Chris Johnson from the start and I made clear, which is evident in the recordings; that I refused to do anything illegal”.

I think people would also be rightly concerned about the judgment displayed in the first place.

Amin added:

“During a time of heated tensions between various communities in our country, it’s vital that we tackle these problems and take difficult, sometimes uncomfortable, steps. The potential for inter-communal violence has become a real threat to the destabilisation of our country and we must prevent this at all costs. I recognised this as an opportunity to promote better community cohesion. Politics requires an amount of bravery and using my experience as a strategist in Afghanistan, negotiating between pro-Taleban militias and the US military, I decided to use the same tactics to improve community relations here in my own country between the EDL and Muslim communities.”

This is Britain, not Afghanistan.

To add to this tale of woe, apparently Mr. Amin allegedly suggested that EDL members could be paid to canvass on his behalf. I don’t know about you but I cannot see too many happy smiling faces down at Conservative HQ if that had gone ahead. In fact, I would imagine that someone would be screaming blue murder and going what is called ‘radio rental’ for hours on end.

If you haven’t done canvassing, you tend to want people who are smartly dressed, able to articulate the party message and convey a certain image. Although an interest in politics helps, a friendly personality coupled with an attempt to answer questions is more effective. In general, the public aren’t politically well up on issues to do with politics, recently highlighted in a London School of Economics post. Sadly, the British public have a tendency to be tribal and just look at the slogans etc without going into any real depth, which is a pity because there is someone real tripe out there as candidates would have never had an original thought in their political lives.

In politics as well as law, if you mess up, you need to be able to have a good story, having read some of Afzal Amin’s version, I don’t see how any disciplinary hearing can over look his judgment in entering into a dialogue with the EDL.

How could he not work out that this had disaster written all over it during an election campaign?

Afzal Amin said: 

“If I could demonstrate to the people in Dudley that I can be a positive voice for community cohesion then that would help me a lot in the forthcoming election”.

If he wanted to a ‘positive voice for community cohesion’, he could quite easily do this by getting off his rear end and working hard, actions speak louder than words. You don’t have to favour a section of the community or make up stories, you just have to show that whoever comes through the door you will try your very best to help, this is the acid test.

The Conservatives will be choosing a new candidate for Dudley North, that is a racing certainty, I am sure that there must be a local person who is a safe pair of hands. Being a Westminster MP is a position of trust and carries with it a responsibility to act in professional manner. Afzal Amin isn’t going to Westminster in 2015, and I doubt many would disagree if his candidacy was scrubbed.

It seems his ‘mission’ was a failure to achieve all objectives, it is easily recognised in the military that proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, March 23, 2015

Open letter to Nick, you asked, “Please tell us more about the cover up by Nippy's husband and the circumstances behind it”, this is my experience as a working class person regarding how I was treated in the Scottish National Party, don’t be taken in by the lie the SNP stand for fairness, equality and social justice

Dear Nick

The wonder of email is that it can be archived.

On 03 September 2011 14:07:15 an email was sent to alex.salmond@snp.org, I was copied into this email, when I opened it up I thought it was the usual buy a t shirt, mug, donate money stuff that is normally sent to members.

Until I started reading, and then saw my name mentioned, I was reading that I was a victim of a smear campaign.

On 30 January 2012 14:04:00, Peter Murrell was sent this forwarded email and I was asking him for an investigation.

If you wonder why the delay between getting the email and complaining to Murrell, I was told to try two other people to register the complaint with.

Anyway the forwarded email stated two SNP members were calling me a sexual pervert.

Previous to contacting Murrell, I had also contacted an SNP Cllr Grant Thoms, my messages to him are archived on Facebook; however his replies have been removed and replaced by this message.

“This message has been temporarily removed until we can verify the sender's account”.

He pointed me in the direction of the two people to seek help within the Party when they did nothing, I then decided to see help from Nicola Sturgeon's husband.

I asked Peter Murrell, SNP Chief Executive for an investigation, and told him that I had spoken to someone who confirmed to me a smear campaign had been run against me.

So what did Peter Murrell do?

Nothing, no investigation like the other two people I had contacted, one of whom was  a government minister Derek Mackay (05 September 2011 13:27:28), it seem clear to me that I was being treated as a second class member in the SNP.

Murrell’s reasoning for doing nothing was the person who sent the email to me wasn’t an SNP member so he couldn’t do anything about investigating which is utter rubbish.

During this period, I had decided to put myself forward as a candidate, I was failed, failed on a lie, when I asked for the evidence used to support this lie, I was ignored. So, I had to put in a data subject access request. Peter Murrell wrote to me that he was SNP data controller in an email which I also archived. DSAR have a 40 day limit, this was broken, I got the request about 120 days after I put the request in, and the information requested re evidence wasn’t contained within it.

So far, I had been the victim of an alleged smear campaign confirmed to me in writing by a current member plus the email, and the SNP then broke the law re my DSAR.

During this period, an incident happened which went public and the attitude changed towards me in the SNP.

Soon after that episode the SNP tried to brand me homophobic in the shape of National Sec William Henderson, you can read the story in the Daily Record, I gave them the story.

Here are the contents of another email which I kept.

 George Laird (georgelaird@hotmail.com) 
20 March 2012 17:22:11
Peter Murrell (peter.murrell@snp.org)

Dear Peter

I understand from press reports that (name deleted) is no longer a SNP member.

He has drawn to my attention an issue by alleging that current members of Pollok SNP are allegedly saying I am a racist.

That is within your locus so I would like a formal investigation as per the SNP rules.

I would also draw to your attention my complaint that I sent to Derek MacKay MSP and Ian McCann regarding allegations that at the Maryhill & Springburn SNP Branch there was an alleged smear campaign conducted against me by members of that branch who alleged I was a sexual pervert.

I submitted this complaint about six months ago.

Has this been investigated?

If so, by whom and when? I would like a copy of all material relating to that investigation held in any format.

If it hasn't been investigated and I would like to know why I have been discriminated against and on what basis?

I would also like to know what is the status of my DSAR that I sent in since you are the data controller for the SNP.

Did you recieve the DSAR?

If you haven't then I wish to know immediately so I can resubmit it.

In my youth I taught children and young people as a fitness instructor, so I regard this matter as extremely serious and I would expect the SNP to do so as well.

Finally, given the contents of the (name deleted) email which has been sent to you and Alex Salmond, I am now calling for the suspension of (names deleted) pending a formal investigation by the Scottish National Party.



To recap how I was treated, I was smeared, third party witness to it plus the email sent to me and Alex Salmond, then forwarded to Peter Murrell, my complaints not investigation and ignored, SNP broke the law re my DSAR, and then the senior leadership tried to brand me homophobic.

So, when the SNP try and say they are the party of fairness, social justice and equality, I know they are liars and they are rotten to the core.

Don’t be conned by people like Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond that they are decent people and social justice campaigners; they can’t even bring fairness, social justice and equality to their own party.

Hope this helps, and for anyone who is interested, who is minded to threaten me with legal action from the SNP, I have kept all the emails archived from my time as a member of the SNP.

All of them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mein Banff: Lib Dem Paddy Ashdown savages Alex Salmond book by calling it 'literary masturbation', the first rule of writing political porn, make it sexy, what does Salmond do, he sticks a picture of large knob on the front cover, what’s that all about!

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond lost the Scottish independence referendum, while his two year campaign went on, he kept a record of the less than historic event which he has now turned into a book. 

Of course when you do a bit of scribbling you leave yourself open to other people looking at your work and forming their own opinions.

Everyone it seems is a budding critic!

Judging by the online comments I have seen, Alex Salmond’s book called “The Dream Will Never Die: 100 Days that Changed Scotland Forever” isn’t going to win any prizes.

On the critic front, Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader has entered the fray and said Salmond's account of the independence referendum campaign is the most self-congratulatory book in political history.

On a technical level, Salmond had a better operational campaign in comparison to the Better Together campaign.

Where it all went completely pear shaped was content, everything he and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon did in terms of strategic thinking was total bollocks and half arsed!

It seemed to me that Salmond thought that a ‘jolly fat man’ persona coupled with fake promises of nirvana would swing the vote. Detail replaced by spin, vision replaced by vacuum, and substance replaced by fables.     

Lord Ashdown has decided to pull no punches in his views of Alex Salmond’s book which he says is “longest exercise in literary masturbation since politics began”.

Politics is one of the oldest professions, next to prostitution and both have something in common, one day you have to retire because no one wants to buy what you are selling.

In Scotland ‘pulling your pud’ can have a therapeutic effect, however, given over 2 million Scots took Alex Salmond hard up the political rear end  on the 18th September 2014, it isn’t surprising that some of his body parts need a rest.

Like his brain. 

Alex Salmond convincingly lost the referendum by a huge majority; it wasn’t even close as the Nationalists would have you believe. The Yes side rather than having a convincing argument fell back on a racist anti English campaign which effectively said the Tories in England were to blame for all ills and woes of Scots. If you got conned into voted Yes by that racist campaign pushed by some people on the Yes side, you are probably feeling unclean now.  

Paddy Ashdown also attacks the book for what he describes as having a smug tone. Alex Salmond loves himself, he thinks he is smarter than he actually is; the truth is that he has no eye for detail, and his success is based on the failure of other parties who have lost their way. At certain times in history, political parties rise and fall, in the case of the SNP, they benefited from 2007 and the expenses scandal, that did for the Labour Party. When you don’t keep your house in order don’t be surprised when it collapses round your ears.

The former Liberal Democrat leader is in Scotland to attend the Scottish Lib Dem conference, among other things they will be talking about the party’s strategy for holding all 11 seats north of the Border. This won’t be an easy task which is why tactical voting is being flagged up to voters in Scotland.

During a briefing to the media Paddy Ashdown decided to change topic. On the way to the Conference, he had acquired a copy of Salmond’s book and said:

“I was reading Mr Salmond’s biography on the way up and it’s not very good, is it? It is in my view an extraordinary exercise in self-congratulation. I nearly said something else then. Come to think of it, actually … the longest exercise in literary masturbation”.

He then added:

“I speak not as a political leader in any way but just as a fellow author and critic.”

Lord Ashdown has written nine books, including a history of the French resistance; in contrast, 'literary masturbation' by Alex Salmond or ‘Mein Banff’ as some wags have decided to dub it is Alex Salmond’s first book.

And as anyone can tell you, if you want to be good at 'literary masturbation' you need a strong hand and plenty of ‘research material’ spread out so that you can mentally get the picture in your head. If you get writer’s block, don’t worry, just keep going and focus, once you ‘get in the zone’ you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get out of yourself. 'Literary masturbation' is best done at night with the curtains closed and others have gone to bed and a good wifi connection helps!

Clearly Lord Ashdown is less than impressed by 'literary masturbation' as are some other people, in one passage; Salmond tells a woman who is teary eyed that she should voted for independence. 

“I can’t wipe every tear from every person in the country. I just can’t”, opines Salmond, trying to portray himself as some kind of caring saviour of the masses.

But the reality is that he tried to screw everyone, but on the 18th September rather than riding to success on the backs of Scottish voters, it was his turn face the ‘day of judgment’ over his weak economic case.

‘Mein Banff’ is available to buy if you are gullible enough to fork out the cash, failing that you may opt for the cheaper option and read it or look at the pictures at a book store or library.

The book maybe of particular interest to a certain section of the community as it has a picture of a large knob on the front cover.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 20, 2015

Black Ops 2 - THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED CAMPER! (THE WORM), commentary by Thunder who should be a presenter on a tv gaming show, this is classic camping gaming done by a master

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has some explaining to do, why can’t her inept SNP Government count properly, SNP vastly overestimate the revenue from oil by 13 times, given no one is that stupid, many will assume deliberate con trick on Scots voters, even her own members!

Dear All

If you voted for independence and based your support on the information told to you by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, guess what?

You were conned.

New figures published by the Office for Budget Responsibility show the North Sea is only expected to generate £600 million next year.

So, let’s now look at what the SNP's prediction was that was going to deliver the land of ‘milk and honey’, they banded about a figure in the region of £7.9 billion. People on benefits thought they were getting huge increases, people thought they were getting nirvana.

The truth is when the music stop; Scotland would be decimated by cuts so deep that essential services would be seriously damaged. The poor would suffer; the sick and vulnerable would endure more pain than they could ever imagine.

And the SNP would blame English people for a ‘bad deal’ to further fuel anti English hate and try and secure a victory to run the first independent parliament under Alex Salmond.

People are now waking up to reality, cold reality that Salmond and Sturgeon tried to shaft them, the gap between the two figures is extraordinary to say the least.

Official figures from the impartial Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicted the true nature of revenue was more than 90 per cent lower than the Nationalists claimed.

90 per cent!

The White paper was a farce; it was rubbish cobbled together which should at a basic level the SNP leadership was entirely ignorant of what statehood means. Salmond and Sturegon built a house of straw which could stand a wisp of air resistance, the White Paper on independence predicted that between £6.8 billion and £7.9 billion would be generated to the public purse in that year.

13 times more than the OBR said, and add to that to sell the lie, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon also promised referendum voters that another “oil boom” was about to happen and that Scotland would be the Saudi Arabia of renewables. Wealth would be so great that the claim Scotland would be one of the wealthiest nations was banded about, which is pure fantasy.

What happened to the second oil boom?

It never came about, in fact nothing of any real significant economically promised to the punters has materialised, even from the Olympics where Salmond held Court in London which cost the Scottish taxpayer about £400,000 to hire a place from about 3 weeks, and hardly anyone came to visit either.

The price of oil has crashed, but the failure to be economically literate should concern most Scots, Nicola Sturgeon is now leader of the SNP Cult masquerading as a political party, she has access to the full resources of government, and time after time, we find the SNP can’t count, can’t plan, and can’t deliver when the need arises.

What Salmond and Sturgeon wanted to do was plunge Scotland into economic instability, at present Sturgeon wants total control over all taxes in Scotland which would be a disaster. Why would Scots leave economic stability to go to certain economic stability which would see Scots paying higher tax but not getting better services in return!

The Nationalists and their allies who come across as brainwashed don’t understand or care to understand what the political economy is and why people need to be educated towards informed choices but using the truth.

Lying played a role in the defeat of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon; they just couldn’t tell the truth when the crunch time came, and being continually exposed did for them. The problem with lying is that one you must always remember the lies and two; you need to try and ensure you don’t get caught out.

When you know the truth, you just immediately speak it… boom and it’s out there.

George Osborne used his last Budget before the general election to announce a £1.3 billion package of tax breaks and allowances. Whether this will result in raising the Conservatives tally of MPs in Scotland remains to be seen, but what is does show that the pooling of resources has yet again benefited Scotland. Of course yet again, this raises questions of reformed government, something that the Nationalists can’t get their heads around.

Because no one has a clue about statehood, the SNP jump from gimmick to gimmick as they believe they are being ‘strategic’ when the planning involved needs to be done for decades.

Norway wasn’t a success an overnight, it took about 25 years for them to get things into a manageable state and reap the benefits of their labour such as the magical oil fund. At present Scotland can’t have an oil fund, because the money is needed to maintain existing commitments!

Sir Ian Wood, the North Sea expert, led said the move by the Conservatives would minimise job losses and provide an “essential lifeline” to start rebuilding confidence and investment.

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Tory energy spokesman, said:

“We knew the SNP’s oil projections were fanciful. But today’s forecasts show even its most pessimistic prediction was out by more than ten times. That’s humiliating for a Scottish Government which claims to have economic credibility. Had Scotland voted Yes, we’d be staring down the barrel of a gun.”

With hammer about to fall and blow Scotland’s head off!

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman, said the figures also demonstrated the “devastating consequences” of the SNP’s general election demand for full fiscal autonomy.

It seems Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure as head of the SNP cult isn’t working out too well, truth pouring through the cracks, no answers to anything, when she does open her trap; people wait with bated breath to hear utter mince dressed up as ‘wisdom’.

The White Paper projections were based on $110 to fund ‘the dream which did die’, the price downturn was sharp and dramatic as oil went into freefall to below $60 a barrel. At present, the ‘master strategist’ Alex Salmond punting his book to the gullible has said the price will go up, no shit Sherlock, if I wait long enough and live long enough I will possibly see a monkey write the complete works of Shakespeare.

John Swinney, the Scottish Finance Minister and Deputy First Minister, said:

“Labour and Tories remain joined at the hip in talking Scotland down”.

Talking Scotland down, the Tories just gave £1.3 billion and helped save 80,000 jobs by input significant support. Perhaps John Swinney needs to stop being an SNP team player and stand up for Scotland to get Sturgeon to face the grim realities of life; she isn’t good enough to lead Scotland. Her latest oil will shortly bounce back to $100 is based on assumption of what goes down must come up, so when is the bounce coming?

Next week?

Next month?

Six months?

Can you imagine the gloating when Sturgeon gets it ‘right on one day’ then the SNP will hail her as an economic expert! The fact her ‘expertise’ rests on a volatile market which she is basically ignorant about, cannot control or even input into shows the level of stupidity in the Nationalist ranks, you might just as well stand beside her at a roulette table and let her call out numbers, soon or later, she will get one right.

Sturgeon is a depreciating asset to the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University