Monday, March 9, 2015

Scottish Doctor brands unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s Government as inept after receiving an email asking him to ‘save the planet’, SNP political stunt backfires spectacularly as Doctor says: ‘the SNP are causing the lights to go out due to economic illiteracy and anti-nuclear phobia’. As I said sooner or later, everyone comes round to the George Laird view

Dear All

Did you ever watch the movie, ‘Animal House’; it starred actors John Belushi and Kevin Bacon among others.

At the end the Deltas, the ‘frat house’ decide after being expelled to wreck the home coming parade.

As the carnage ensued Kevin Bacon, in the midst of chaos tries to tell everyone that everything is alright before being stamped by the crowd.

Not a bad movie for its day.

The year 2015, we have another person who can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’, that would be SNP MSP Shona Robison, her claim to fame is that she is unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘pal’, and as her pal she was appointed to be Health Sec. Nicola Sturgeon is on a mission to appoint women to positions of power, the idea is to convince women voters that Sturgeon believes in female equality.

Its bullshit, the concept revolves around the Sturgeon idea that if you have ‘tits and a vagina’, you are somehow especially endowed with brains. Like many of Sturgeon’s idea it is flawed, if you look are her tenure at health, having a pair of tits and vagina didn’t help her out as the NHS is a shambles.

As a patient I can see this, and so can those who are working on the factory floor, sometimes called the ‘sharp end’.

Now, a doctor has decided to speak up and accused the Health Minister Shona Robison of ineptitude. The reason for saying this is because in the middle of a full blown crisis, Robison is asking frontline NHS staff to help “save the planet” by switching off lights.

Medics tend to be rather more focused on ‘saving lives’!

The frontline medic pointed out quite rightly the health service was in chaos under the SNP. At present they are struggling to cope with issues including bed blocking, delays in A&E and winter flu.

When the email came through to support the Earth Hour event, a doctor, who works in the Highlands thought this must be satire. He quipped should he ask Robison whether she wanted him to “switch off a vaccine fridge or a ventilator”.

No substitute for comedy in medicine, apparently it does wonders to perks patients up!

He said:

“I get a daily flood of emails from the centre to distract me from patient care. I thought this one was a satire, but it has really truly been cascaded through NHS Scotland today to the front line troops like me. It made me see red, it is beyond a joke. The SNP minister of health is wanting me to switch my electricity off for an hour for world solidarity. It is often asked ‘what planet are these people on?’, but this is beyond a joke, while they cause the lights to go out with economic illiteracy and anti-nuclear phobia. She must be on planet Zog”.

Planet Zog isn’t a planet but is a mythical place in outer space where the really dumb bastards are said to come from because no one can believe someone so stupid can come from Earth.

Depending how strongly you feel Planet Zog you could venture they have an outposts in Glasgow and Dundee

The Doctor added;

“The whole system is falling apart. If we had received a letter saying, ‘Well done, you are coping with enormous pressures’ that would have made sense.”

Not wishing to have doubt of his highly educated unhappiness, he stressed it was “inept” of the Scottish Government to seek the goodwill of front line staff for a “political stunt”.

You may remember, I have commented on the lack of talent in the Scottish National Party and the use of gimmicks instead of dealing with the real problems and issues. The Doctor also referred to the famous quote about the First World War and accurately described what many people know about this inept SNP Government, “lions led by donkeys”.

Could you imagine how bad Scotland would be if these people had totally control of this country? It would be like a combination of Zimbabwe and North Korean with a dash of East Germany Stasi thrown in to remove colour.

Robison said in an email that Scotland joined hundreds of millions of people in 162 countries in participating last year.

Oh joy!

The email added:

“All public bodies in Scotland have a vital leadership role to play in reducing carbon emissions and engaging with local communities - please join the Scottish Government and pledge your support for tackling climate change. You may also wish to consider how to encourage your staff to get involved.”

What about the use of a whip?

During my time in hospital in December, the Staff was rushed off their feet, constantly on the move through-out the entire day. My observations were that more nursing and auxiliary nursing staff is needed; this was after looking at what was going on for the best part of a week.

The Scottish NHS needs more nurses, it needs reformed; it needs to get bed blocking reduced to get a faster turn around.

This type of work is all getting held up by the Scottish Government because they cannot see passed their own noses; they need others to do their thinking for them since they are all about hype and spin.

New NHS figures revealed that the country’s A&E departments were missing their waiting time target of treating 95 per cent of patients within four hours by wide margins.

One wonders if unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and Shona Robison will attend anatomy class 101 so that a medic can explain to them that mental function is in no way improved by having ‘tits and a vagina’.

Yet again another epic Sturgeon failure of leadership!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I have a relative who has been seeing a consultant for over 10 years. My relative had to delay an operation for a few months (it's non-essential but neither is it cosmetic). The consultant said that the operation would have to be cancelled then rescheduled, rather that simply delayed. The reason is that if a Scottish NHS Trust exceeds a target for an operation - even if the patient makes a definite decision to do so - the Trust is fined. I'm being deliberately vague as there as those out there who like to attack NHS staff for failing to toe the party line.

The NHS has limited resources. Everyone accepts this. But to drain even more resources by fining a trust when they have no responsibility for missing a target is pathetic.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I hope your relative gets their op soon and makes a full recovery.

Accountability I am in favour of, but fining isn't the way as you rightly point out.


Anonymous said...

Dead right George. Having tits and a vagina does not equate to brain power. Brains' power maybe.

For years the SNP have been trying to form a brain with droves of rudimentary tits and a big vagina from the North East. They've obviously been unsuccessful though. There's another big vagina in Perth and he's about as popular as bacon on a mosque door handle because he spends all his time fighting for his cause and nothing for the good folks of Perth.

Perhaps Shona Robison might like to arrange her Earth hours when the wind is calm. Mind you, being without electricity is no problem for Eck because he controls EVERYONE with string. Can you remember the way Brains from Thunderbirds head used to bob around as he talked ? Reminds me of someone, can't quite place them though. Close your eyes and you could probably cast the whole SNP. The villian called the Hood from S Asia, he was a nasty piece of work. A corrupt individual trying to take your money in an underhand way, to finance his future in a far away land. He was always caught in the end.