Friday, March 20, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has some explaining to do, why can’t her inept SNP Government count properly, SNP vastly overestimate the revenue from oil by 13 times, given no one is that stupid, many will assume deliberate con trick on Scots voters, even her own members!

Dear All

If you voted for independence and based your support on the information told to you by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, guess what?

You were conned.

New figures published by the Office for Budget Responsibility show the North Sea is only expected to generate £600 million next year.

So, let’s now look at what the SNP's prediction was that was going to deliver the land of ‘milk and honey’, they banded about a figure in the region of £7.9 billion. People on benefits thought they were getting huge increases, people thought they were getting nirvana.

The truth is when the music stop; Scotland would be decimated by cuts so deep that essential services would be seriously damaged. The poor would suffer; the sick and vulnerable would endure more pain than they could ever imagine.

And the SNP would blame English people for a ‘bad deal’ to further fuel anti English hate and try and secure a victory to run the first independent parliament under Alex Salmond.

People are now waking up to reality, cold reality that Salmond and Sturgeon tried to shaft them, the gap between the two figures is extraordinary to say the least.

Official figures from the impartial Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicted the true nature of revenue was more than 90 per cent lower than the Nationalists claimed.

90 per cent!

The White paper was a farce; it was rubbish cobbled together which should at a basic level the SNP leadership was entirely ignorant of what statehood means. Salmond and Sturegon built a house of straw which could stand a wisp of air resistance, the White Paper on independence predicted that between £6.8 billion and £7.9 billion would be generated to the public purse in that year.

13 times more than the OBR said, and add to that to sell the lie, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon also promised referendum voters that another “oil boom” was about to happen and that Scotland would be the Saudi Arabia of renewables. Wealth would be so great that the claim Scotland would be one of the wealthiest nations was banded about, which is pure fantasy.

What happened to the second oil boom?

It never came about, in fact nothing of any real significant economically promised to the punters has materialised, even from the Olympics where Salmond held Court in London which cost the Scottish taxpayer about £400,000 to hire a place from about 3 weeks, and hardly anyone came to visit either.

The price of oil has crashed, but the failure to be economically literate should concern most Scots, Nicola Sturgeon is now leader of the SNP Cult masquerading as a political party, she has access to the full resources of government, and time after time, we find the SNP can’t count, can’t plan, and can’t deliver when the need arises.

What Salmond and Sturgeon wanted to do was plunge Scotland into economic instability, at present Sturgeon wants total control over all taxes in Scotland which would be a disaster. Why would Scots leave economic stability to go to certain economic stability which would see Scots paying higher tax but not getting better services in return!

The Nationalists and their allies who come across as brainwashed don’t understand or care to understand what the political economy is and why people need to be educated towards informed choices but using the truth.

Lying played a role in the defeat of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon; they just couldn’t tell the truth when the crunch time came, and being continually exposed did for them. The problem with lying is that one you must always remember the lies and two; you need to try and ensure you don’t get caught out.

When you know the truth, you just immediately speak it… boom and it’s out there.

George Osborne used his last Budget before the general election to announce a £1.3 billion package of tax breaks and allowances. Whether this will result in raising the Conservatives tally of MPs in Scotland remains to be seen, but what is does show that the pooling of resources has yet again benefited Scotland. Of course yet again, this raises questions of reformed government, something that the Nationalists can’t get their heads around.

Because no one has a clue about statehood, the SNP jump from gimmick to gimmick as they believe they are being ‘strategic’ when the planning involved needs to be done for decades.

Norway wasn’t a success an overnight, it took about 25 years for them to get things into a manageable state and reap the benefits of their labour such as the magical oil fund. At present Scotland can’t have an oil fund, because the money is needed to maintain existing commitments!

Sir Ian Wood, the North Sea expert, led said the move by the Conservatives would minimise job losses and provide an “essential lifeline” to start rebuilding confidence and investment.

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Tory energy spokesman, said:

“We knew the SNP’s oil projections were fanciful. But today’s forecasts show even its most pessimistic prediction was out by more than ten times. That’s humiliating for a Scottish Government which claims to have economic credibility. Had Scotland voted Yes, we’d be staring down the barrel of a gun.”

With hammer about to fall and blow Scotland’s head off!

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman, said the figures also demonstrated the “devastating consequences” of the SNP’s general election demand for full fiscal autonomy.

It seems Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure as head of the SNP cult isn’t working out too well, truth pouring through the cracks, no answers to anything, when she does open her trap; people wait with bated breath to hear utter mince dressed up as ‘wisdom’.

The White Paper projections were based on $110 to fund ‘the dream which did die’, the price downturn was sharp and dramatic as oil went into freefall to below $60 a barrel. At present, the ‘master strategist’ Alex Salmond punting his book to the gullible has said the price will go up, no shit Sherlock, if I wait long enough and live long enough I will possibly see a monkey write the complete works of Shakespeare.

John Swinney, the Scottish Finance Minister and Deputy First Minister, said:

“Labour and Tories remain joined at the hip in talking Scotland down”.

Talking Scotland down, the Tories just gave £1.3 billion and helped save 80,000 jobs by input significant support. Perhaps John Swinney needs to stop being an SNP team player and stand up for Scotland to get Sturgeon to face the grim realities of life; she isn’t good enough to lead Scotland. Her latest oil will shortly bounce back to $100 is based on assumption of what goes down must come up, so when is the bounce coming?

Next week?

Next month?

Six months?

Can you imagine the gloating when Sturgeon gets it ‘right on one day’ then the SNP will hail her as an economic expert! The fact her ‘expertise’ rests on a volatile market which she is basically ignorant about, cannot control or even input into shows the level of stupidity in the Nationalist ranks, you might just as well stand beside her at a roulette table and let her call out numbers, soon or later, she will get one right.

Sturgeon is a depreciating asset to the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

You've heard about the "axis of evil" well we've got the "axis of idiots". In no particular order of fiscal incompetence - Fat man, the Sturgeon woman, Hosie and Swinney. They're like 4 chimps trying to fix a nuclear reactor. How any person can still support the SNP after all the lies, incompetence and shite they spout is beyond me. Who in their right mind would want to import 25,000 Islamic immigrants into Scotland each year FFS ? Tactically vote the SNP out everywhere. Tory in Perthshire N and Labour in Perthshire S. Save the Union. SNP OUT !

Freddy said...

I read a Sci Fi book about a room full of those chimps George cant for the life of me remember what it was but yes they do have more chance :)

Dip Stick said...

I can count maybe she can give me a job, plus I know where oil goes!!!!!

In cars! (rolls eyes)

Andrew said...

I see from this article:

that Sturgeon's parents benefited from Thatcher's right to buy scheme and their house is now worth £150k, up from a paltry 8k when it was bought.

Not bad wee deal eh from someone you hate with a passion? Sure she'll not mention that although a £142k profit is pretty good by anyone's standards. Nasty old Thatcher eh? Maybe Sturg-eon could redistribute that wealth back to the poor in her constituency perhaps? After all there are people struggling to get housing or live in sub-standard housing and are trying to get out to something better.

G Laird said...

Hi Andrew

I see Nicola as one of those people who likes to 'pull the ladder up', her interest in working class people is that they vote SNP, not social justice.