Friday, March 13, 2015

The bloodless revolution, the time has come in UK politics for a radical change, broken and tired, we are seeing the decline of the main parties, federalism maybe just round the corner and the end of the United Kingdom as we know it is a serious possibility, Britain needs new centre right parties to have a modern democracy

Dear All

As the General Election approaches, the chaotic nature of the British political system is exposed for what it is broken, tired and in need of radical change.

It needs new parties being formed to break the existing monopoly.

You may ask is there any evidence to support things are broken, well the collapse of the main political parties in terms of voters, but more importantly in terms of members and especially activists.

Currently the Labour Party in Scotland is struggling in the polls, the Lib Dems and the Scottish Conservatives are at rock bottom despite Ruth Davidson saying her group had a bounce. If tactical voting takes place in this election, her bounce won’t come from Conservative voters but from others to shut the SNP out.

The system is broken because people, ordinary people are fed up with voting for parties who don’t listen to them, work for them and only serve their own narrow agenda, so far the people haven’t yet cottoned on to the con trick by the SNP, but they will over the next couple of years.

There is also talk about radical change, of rich people being punished, people made to pay their fair share and the continual promise of a fairer society.

You might as well learn the truth now, unless politics changes there will never be a fairer society, there will never be a party who stands up for your rights and enforces your rights while in government.

They leave that task to you.

An example of injustice, it took Shirley McKie, seven years to clear her name.

Last September Scotland was on the allegedly verge of a bloodless revolution but the ‘coup’ all went wrong because the people realised many things wrong with it, independence wasn’t on offer, the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon were untrustworthy and liars, and the SNP didn’t prepare Scotland for independence by doing the work.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon marched the miserable excuse for what passes for independence campaigners up to the hill and then marched them back down with their tails between their legs.

Salmond has written a book called, ‘the dream will never die’, a more apt title would be ‘the people of Scotland rejected me’.

At present there is a lot of talk about federalisation, if this happens it would be the end of the United Kingdom as we know it, Britain, then be the  ‘Commonwealth of Britain’ modelled on Canada.

Would this refresh our national politics?

The answer is no, the same people and parties would still try and prevail in the new system and nothing would change, a structural change without a cultural change is useless.

Politicians are despised and mistrusted by people and the country is in danger of becoming ungovernable.

Westminster is not fit for purpose and by the same token neither is Holyrood. As Westminster is the old-fashioned “boys’ club”, Holyrood has become the new fashioned “boys club”.

Michael Cockerell’s “Inside the Commons” four-part documentary on BBC2 last month shows how bad the political system is, archaic, time-wasting, and with pointless tradition that has nothing to do with running a modern democracy. 

Trivia is seen as an excuse for not dealing with the real issues and the problems.

Politicians still measure their “success” by selling you the line that they will oversee endless growth; as the only yardstick of success. You cannot have endless growth, this is impossible, sooner or later, there will be a downturn. Then they play the blame game, it is never their fault, it was the fault of the last lot, currently this is the game the SNP is playing regarding the Scottish health service.

The rise of UKIP and the SNP maybe seen by some as a new dawn, however, I don’t think at this time, either can change how politics is done in this country.

Ukip isn’t developed enough and the SNP is simply a cult.

If Britain ends up as a federal enterprise in the next few years, as the solution to EVEL, the experiment will be a failure unless new parties are formed to inject what politics has lacked for decades competition.

If you understand what a cartel is you get a sense of what the real problem actually is, the same people from the same type of background who are divorced from the reality of ordinary people.

At present politics is not ‘normal’, a by-product of this is groups being formed such as ‘United Against Separation’ and ‘Scotland in Union’, these groups have people in them who have different political views and membership of parties. Their goal is to preserve the Union, but later on they will also find they have another new task further down the line which they may want to take on board.

Changing the status quo!

And helping to develop new parties, probably towards 2020, if federalism is going to have any chance of success, new parties will need to be formed who are centre right.

By centre right that doesn’t mean ‘clones’ of the Conservative Party.

In Scotland, the SNP offer nothing, do nothing, and aspire to nothing but their own narrow self-interest; what unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her angry Nat clique don’t realise is that they are no longer relevant.

Scotland rejected them!

If they get success in this year’s Westminster election it is down to Labour’s failure to engage with people, not the record of the SNP in government. Scotland rejected Conservatism because of Thatcher’s uncaring attitude and indifference to the plight of Scots. The Labour Party in Scotland left their roots and that abandonment is reflected in the polls, the line, ‘I didn’t leave Labour; Labour left me’ has a ring of truth to it.

The British political system has exposed for what it is broken, tired and in need of radical change.

And there will be a tipping point, it won’t be populist policies that are the cause of change but the person who stands up and says that they will deliver the modern democracy that for so long has been the stuff of dreams and hope of the people.

At present no one can really claim, 'this is my government who is working for me'!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Good analysis of what is now a serious issue.

The main political parties are trying to please everyone. Not only is it unrealistic it is (to me anyway) bloody patronising.

The UK needs a new political force, but not the same old format. Let's get one with some definite policies and some honesty - "we can't fix everything but this is what we will prioritise first". That approach would be more attractive.

What we do not need is a federal state. The UK has problems, but split it up and everyone becomes irrelevant in global affairs.

Sherbie said...

Nicola Sturgeon should be ashamed of herself for snubbing the Afghanistan Memorial Service. She has also "SNUBBED" the relatives of Scots military personell who died in the conflict. This witch is not fit to govern Scotland!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right, we desperately need a non PC, non religious appeasing, center right party. We need to be able to call a spade a spade though.

Change to UK politics might come from a place you least expect and that's France. Marine Le Pen will change Europe for ever and fairly soon. Europe might separate into smaller clumps of states. Forget UKIP or Cameron's in out vote if he wins control. Both an irrelevance compared to Le Pen. It's all going to start with the Grexit though.

Wakey wakey voters ! Scotland's downfall will be voting for the SNP because people think they will fix Westminster austerity cuts. Well that is going to be NOTHING compared to the cuts required supporting the result of their planned increase in Islamic immigrants. They need Islam to support their independence plans.

Scots Polish do not want to change our culture or heritage. They just generally have a few beers and get on with it and contribute to benefit UK. I would say Polish immigration is very positive but they do not fit in with Salmonds plans. They are not wealthy enough to influence the SNP ideology. Don't be fooled Polish friends, in voting SNP. Just look at any other country in Europe with a flood of Islamic immigrants, the damage that has been caused to culture and heritage. Scots Polish friends should vote to keep the SNP out. It's in your interests also.

I suspect the whole UK will just degenerate further and further, afraid to say "boo to a goose" for fear of offending religious minority idiots, until the oil runs out in Saudi and Christianity disappears, leaving a few hardcore clergy in their garage on a Sunday. We need a party with balls and a leader not afraid to speak out. We need CLARKSON.

Vote SNP OUT in Perthshire. You know it makes mosque free sense.