Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bad news for unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, publicly unelectable Humza Yousaf and Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, Scotland’s first black professor says the claim that Scots are more tolerant of immigration is a 'myth', the professor relies on evidence to support his views, but it proves SNP don’t stand up for Scots as a by-product

Dear All

Immigration is a good thing, too much immigration is however a bad thing, when that happens it affects everyone, regardless of colour, religion or nationality.

To speak out against immigration is to invite attack by a vocal hate minority who are keen to brand you as a ‘racist’.

No country can allow open door borders because it is a threat to both their economic security and internal cohesion within society.

The political perception that Scots are more tolerant of immigrants is a "myth", according to a Jamaican-born academic.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and publicly unelectable Humza Yousaf are out of step with what the majority of people in Scotland want on the immigration. It was the policy of the SNP to flood Scotland with immigrants as they want to set a target of one million.

Scotland’s infrastructure cannot cope at present with the number of people staying in Scotland so how can adding a million extra people help?

Quite simply, it cannot help and would lead to longer waiting times for people needing to access hospitals, GPs, jobs and housing.

Sir Geoff Palmer is professor emeritus at Heriot Watt University's school of life sciences; he became Scotland’s first black university professor in 1989, a landmark achievement for him which he should be rightly proud of.

He says that said politicians should set out the facts about Britain's attitude to immigrants regardless of the impact it might have on their own political careers.

What Sir Geoff Palmer fails to recognise is two things, firstly political parties have large numbers of minority people and others who are quite keen to scream ‘racism’ at anyone to further their own careers, and secondly most of the political class are what is termed ‘hollow men’. In politics, the ‘hollow men’ stand for nothing, they have no principles and no loyalty but to their own advancement.

Politics isn’t about whether you have merit, it is about does your face fit.

A new poll found that almost two thirds of people in Scotland think the level of immigration to Britain should be reduced. In the breakdown, 49 per cent said they wanted the figure cut which tallies with the same proportion as a poll conducted across the UK last year.

15 per cent said they wanted it stopped altogether.

To show how out of touch unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousaf and Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh are, they represent the views of just five per cent of Scots wanted immigration increased.

Given the number if five per cent, it seems that even within the ‘Braveheart’ brigade, there isn’t a desire to increase immigration.

Sir Geoff told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme how in the past when he was interviewed by former Tory Minister Sir Keith Joseph who was very prominent in Thatcher Government, Joseph told him he should “go back to the Caribbean and grow bananas”.

He added:

"That sort of prejudice no longer exists, but if you want to know whether prejudice exists against immigrants per se, just look around your office and see how many immigrants you have working next to you."

Interestingly Sir Geoff nailed it when he said the SNP wanted to increase immigration "for political reasons".

There is nothing like gerrymandering is there.

Sir Geoff added:

"I think politicians are worried about the fact that the British people, you know, are a bit sort of anti-foreigner and therefore they don't want to talk about it."

I wouldn’t say people are anti- foreigner that would be too blunt, most people recognise that controlled immigration adds to a country, most people’s object is based on loss of culture identity, no say how their country is being run and being anti being poor.

More people doesn’t mean, more jobs, and for those at the bottom of society it restricts choice.

The Professor did say:

"I think immigration and the attitude toward immigrants have improved, but I think the politicians or the civil servants that provide them with the figures, or what to say, are really balancing it against their political careers, and I think this should not be the case."

Alex Johnstone, the Tory MSP, said:

"Survey after survey shows there are no real differences between Scotland and England when it comes to attitudes on immigration.”

This is generally case; a person in Glasgow has the same life experiences as a person in Manchester in the main.

It is also no surprise that the poll found that those with a higher income were more likely to welcome immigration, and men were more positive than women.

You see it is very trendy in political circles and the rich to be positive about immigration because they never experience the downside that those at the bottom of society experience in trying to make headway in life.

Publicly unelectable Humza Yousaf, said Scotland needed skilled migrants because of the ageing population.

This is Humza Yousaf trying to shapeand control  the debate that those who would come are ‘skilled migrants’, do the Roma beggars on the streets of Glasgow represent that skill set?

As to Humza Yousaf’s idea that politicians needed to address public concerns about immigration, the SNP didn’t consult the people of Scotland about flooding the country with a million extra people. I think many people would see SNP Consultations for what they are, a complete sham.

Laughingly he said politicians should ‘help the debate’ rather than engaging in "kneejerk, populist" reactions.

If by help he means control it and only listen to those who support the SNP view, Scots don’t need that type of ‘help’.

As to his loaded question:

"I think if you ask most Scottish people and most people around the UK 'do they want to see high-skilled migration to fill gaps?' then the majority do not want to see that reduced.”

He says he “thinks” obviously he doesn’t think enough as two thirds of Scots want immigration reduced to improve their life chances. Humza Yousaf represents a very narrow view of Scottish opinion, nothing more, he like Nicola Sturgeon don’t represent the views of the working class in this country of whatever colour.

It is interesting that Sir Geoff Palmer can give his views on what has emerged as an election topic and he probably will not get attacked for it, other people who don’t have his status would be branded as ‘racist’.

The SNP don’t represent the views of the majority of Scots that is another one of the myths that the Scottish public really do need to wake up to.

Immigration needs to be controlled to ensure that people in Scotland have both economic and social cohesion with the community.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon may represent a ‘ghetto’ in Glasgow Southside but she wouldn’t be caught dead living there, Nicola stays on an expensive private housing estate in the East End of Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Good article. Immigration is an issue for some people, especially when there are unemployed people who simply cannot get a job despite trying.

Immigration can be of great benefit to the country. But only if it is controlled fairly and those who essential skills are let in, rather than opening the floodgates as the SNP want to do. A points system would be an excellent method, whilst also keeping the door open for genuine asylum seekers.

Even the most ardent nationalists need to accept this, rather than nodding in agreement every time one of the ministers opens their mouth. Blind acceptance that all is gospel truth is a dangerous breeding ground for intolerance.

Anonymous said...

And sadly, there's the problem. Those who make policy and the decisions don't live among ordinary working class scots.
27 days it took for a doctor's appointment. 7 langauges spoken in my 7 year olds class.
Everyday life in our big cities. However, I have made many good friends among our recent immigrants. But taking on another 24,000 a year? Train and spend the money to put today's citizens into these highly skilled jobs.

jF said...

See the GERS are out George Sturgeon bemoaning the fact Scots put £400 more in than the RUk, but brushes over the fact we get £1200 more out than the RUK. As they say across the pond 'do the math'!

Anonymous said...

Good article George.

The issues you've raised here are so important for Scotland's future. In fact they're way beyond the standard "vote for ME" crap we get each election. The SNP are without doubt, the biggest threat to Scotland's future, that has ever existed. Have you noticed how all the media are desperately trying to sell us immigration into Scotland ? Obviously engineered to make it as palatable as possible. It's a bare faced lie that we need huge immigration. SNP independence wise, without question but as part of the Union - NO WAY ! Pay people a decent wage and we'll look after our own. What's wrong with a little less profit in the directors pocket for a prosperous home grown Scotland. Educate and train our own kids. We are being sold a lie over immigrants, political correctness and ridiculous religious freedoms by a bunch of lefty tossers.

The SNP care about only one thing, independence. They don't care how they achieve that goal neither. They don't care about the long term future of Scotland and they don't care about the people, heritage or culture that will be eroded or even destroyed over time with Islamic immigrants. They don't care that Muhammad is the most popular baby boys name for the second year running in Glasgow. What does that instantly show ? Even a total numpty can figure that one out. This is just in Glasgow at present but further spread is inevitable. This wasn't mentioned on the baby names article in the BBC news Scotland tonight. How convenient. Imagine walking down your High street and every woman you pass has a black burqa covering their face. Unlikely ? Just look around other areas of the UK or Europe. This is not a joke, it's really happening. Controlled immigration is of course good. Limited to demand and strictly monitored. Not fruit and veg invaders increasing farmer Mc Browns bank account.

The SNP have been pulling out all stops to specifically target Islamic immigrants into Scotland. There's no limit to the extent of their treasonous acts. One idiot close to the SNP allegedly wanted to set up a caliphate in Scotland and had made plans. How true this is who knows but if there's even a shred of evidence to this, it's got to be the lowest the SNP would sink to sell out "our wee bit hill and glen". Google and get a shock. Eck and his minions must be suffering from some sort of twisted Stockholm syndrome over Islam ?

The SNP are always raving on about Scandinavia. Look what uncontrolled Islamic asylum seekers and immigrant numbers have done to Sweden. That's the future under the SNP. The countries major cities are unrecognisable in many areas now. Malmø, Gøteborg and Stockholm are experiencing a massive increase in rape committed by men of Asian heritage. They have no go areas and regular riots. Ask the Swedes how wonderful uncontrolled immigration has been for their country. What a disaster on an industrial scale. Devastating to Swedish families and Glasgow is sadly heading down that road. This is really happening folks.

The SNP are toxic and thankfully many more people waking up to this. Lets get rid of these extremist tossers and restore the boring but wonderful Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and now UKIP fiasco. VOTE THE SNP OUT !! You know it makes sense.

Freddy said...

Well said George I can see the value of skilled immigrants settling in the country and contributing to society. However I fail to see the intrinsic utility that Roma beggars bring to any country. They are a problem that should have been forseen and dealt with . I'm sure that most working class people would agree also .

G Laird said...

Dear Freddy

“Well said George I can see the value of skilled immigrants settling in the country and contributing to society”.

I think my opinions are a true reflection on how Scottish working class people would feel on this issue.

“However I fail to see the intrinsic utility that Roma beggars bring to any country”.

I see this is a social problem which could be fixed by the EU having an internal immigration policy, setting criteria for living in another EU country.

“They are a problem that should have been forseen and dealt with . I'm sure that most working class people would agree also”.

Years ago I came up with the EU internal immigration policy idea would address such a problem, it would be part of a wider EU reform which needs to happen.

Change is coming but we haven't reached that tipping point yet.