Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon demands full fiscal autonomy, this means people in Scotland would lose an extra £1,200, there would be financial chaos, budgets would be slashed and vulnerable people would suffer, all because Nicola Sturgeon can’t count and has a huge chip on her shoulder, anyone still unsure she doesn’t represent the interests of working class Scots?

Dear All

How would you like to earn less money?

How would you like to wait longer for hospital treatment?

How would you like to see your chances of securing a job get longer?

How would you like to pay more for food and energy?

Most Scottish people would immediately say No!

No matter what way unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tries to slice it up that Scotland is a ‘rich country’, the fact of the matter is that official figures show Scotland's deficit in 2013/14 was 8.1 per cent of GDP compared to the UK's 5.6 per cent.

This means because there are recognisable problems in Scotland, Westminster ensures that Scots get £1,200 more spending in public spending than counterparts elsewhere in the UK.

And it is right that we do so, we have problems which require extra help; most people across the political divide accept this, even if some aren’t particularly happy about it. The UK Parliament pools resources and where possible tries to strike the right balance as London and the South East have such a congregation of wealth.

Scotland receives £1,200 per person more despite its finances increasingly lagging behind the rest of the UK.

How does unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP try to screw you using official figures to foster hatred and grievance in Scotland?

This is done by using selective figures and then leaving out others to paint a distorted picture.

The Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures for 2013/14 show Scotland generated £10,100 per head in taxes for the Exchequer when North Sea oil is included, £400 more than the UK average.

At this point, the Sturgeon spin and deception machine armed with this information just stops. When you know you are paying more than English, the SNP hope you will not look beyond this statement and accept they are ‘standing up for Scotland’ for you.

If you don’t believe their “version” and read further, you will see that spending for Scots is £12,500 per person, around £1,200 per head higher than in the UK. So, in this instance telling the truth doesn’t paint the full picture. Some people would be minded to call that deception, one thing it is on their part is gross stupidity but they sincerely hope that you are stupid.

When you ‘do the math’ this means that Scotland was £800 per person deeper in the red.

So, what happens when you go into the red financially in Government?

You cut budgets which leads to poorer services which generally affect the most vulnerable in society.

At present on day-to-day spending, the gulf between the Scottish and UK deficits has increased compared to the previous year.

Next year, you can find out how bad this actually is when those figures come out as the collapse in the oil price is thrown into the mix. And remember the oil price, which the SNP had banked their independence bid on stood at more than $100 per barrel. It has since fallen through the floor to a price hovering around the $50 a barrel.

Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said the figures clear show how Scotland would be much better off in the UK.

The SNP are demanding full fiscal autonomy, making the Scottish Parliament responsible for all taxation and spending north of the Border.

So, does that mean a land of milk and honey?

No, it means ‘austerity max’, if they get their way it would require the equivalent of a 15p increase in income tax according to the IFS and then the SNP would use this extra hardship placed on the Scottish people to blame Westminster for their deliberate failure.

Scotland needs the Barnett formula, that doesn’t mean everyone should be happy about how the system operates but if we didn’t have it, there would be chaos in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon are trying to use the government to sown the seeds of dissent to try and generate another independence referendum. Sturgeon can bang on about her key general election demand of full fiscal autonomy but she won’t get it. Having lost the independence referendum she and the SNP want to try and bankrupt the country by putting it deeper into the red.

She argues wrongly the gap could be closed by increasing economic growth north of the Border generated using additional borrowing.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland is a prosperous country – our proposition is that it will be in an even stronger position if we gain the greater powers that we need to grow our economy faster, create more jobs and boost our revenues. I believe in Scotland being independent – I believe that today as strongly as I believed it in the referendum campaign. Short of independence, I believe we should have full fiscal autonomy and I will continue to argue that case."

Presumably she is talking about her bank account which gets £143,000 of taxpayers money put into it. When you add her income and her husband’s income together each year the Sturgeon household in the East End of Glasgow rake in about £250,000 a year being ‘social justice champions’ for the poor (that’s sarcasm).

Alistair Carmichael, the Scottish Secretary, said:

“Today’s figures will force the long overdue retirement of a number of economic myths used by those who argue for Scotland leaving the UK. There is no way to avoid these hard facts and attempting to do so would simply be irresponsible.”

Danny Alexander added:

“Today’s figures show that Scotland’s borrowing was £800 per head higher than the UK average last year: that’s £800 more that an independent Scotland would have to tax every man, woman and child.”

Fiscal Affairs Scotland, an economic think tank, forecast that Scotland’s deficit would increase to £13.9 billion this year thanks to the drop in oil price.

And in what must make for depressing news that is said to last until the start of the next decade. The UK on the other hand is projected to have a surplus by 2018/19, whether that actually happens, remains to be seen because other factors come into play as the UK is part of the global market.

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Lib Dem leader, said:

“Nationalists promised us a second oil boom to win the referendum but our schools, hospitals and universities would be feeling the ramifications of an oil slump."

What happened to the Nationalist promise by Alex Salmond of a ‘second oil boom’?

It was bullshit to hoodwink the people of Scotland, just like it was bullshit on automatic EU entry, and that the rest of the UK would be forced into a currency union with Scotland if it had voted for independence.

Given Nicola Sturgeon’s has been shown up as economically illiterate, the other main political parties were quick to point how Sturgeon, Scotland’s future would be very bleak under ‘austerity max’.

Labour leader Jim Murphy said:

“It’s a cruel irony that after years of claiming that they alone stand up for Scotland, the SNP’s own figures have exposed the fact their plan for full fiscal autonomy would impose austerity-max on our country.”

Gavin Brown, the Scottish Tory finance spokesman, said:

“The SNP wants full fiscal autonomy, and as we can see from these figures that would mean absolute chaos for Scotland’s finances.”
At present Team Sturgeon is making a big deal about how smart they are and how ‘women will sort things out now Nicola Sturgeon is in charge’.

What do we know, well, we know Nicola can’t run a health service, can’t run a government properly, can’t count properly and is economically illiterate.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are demanding full fiscal autonomy, I assume that no one in Westminster government is mental enough to assist her, let her stew in her own juices and sink, already she is acting like a crackpot with her gender equality discrimination policy.

Sturgeon is acting more like Robert Mugabe as time passes, however is it doubtful her reign will last as long as his, sooner or later Sturgeon will bring down the Nationalist cause.

Finally, what Nicola Sturgeon wants is to take Scotland out of the economic security of the UK and into economic insecurity. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I agree with you George, she will singlehandedly sink the nationalists. When will she start to do the job she's paid for? Instead she's feeding the feeble minded among us. Where is that £300,000 Salmond said I was worth? Another blatant lie to feed the above and oh how they believed it
Remember the world's biggest oilfield?
Shh, it's still a secret.

Anonymous said...

Great post. As someone living on the other side of the border I would be absolutely fuming at these figures if I lived in Scotland.

The most depressing fact is that I doubt very much whether they will make even the slightest bit of difference to the GE polls. It almost feels like a bunch of turkeys intent on voting for Christmas.

The nationalists have injected so much poison and hatred regarding Westminster and the English in general. Lying, generally deceiving the public and downright financial illiteracy appear to be the modus operandi of the nationalists which they appear to get away with impunity.

Whilst I was initially pleased with the NO vote I’m now seriously having my doubts now and can only dread to think of the damage these imbeciles could wreak on the UK economy if they ever went into coalition with Labour.

Anonymous said...

Another point worth considering is the level of subsidy that wind farms receive. Does Sturgeon also want to be responsible for fully funding the subsidies?

Talk about a bottomless pit with no conceivable benefit to the Scottish citizen.

You are correct about the big chip on the shoulder. But a bit unfair as she is a balanced individual - she has one on each.....

Anonymous said...

100% George. The thing I can't get my head around is why the SNP manage to fool around half the population into voting for them. It's quite incredible the level of gross incompetence, that the SNP financial lightweights display, for fiscal management and responsibility. Are they tripping on LSD or something ?

One consolation will be if the SNP do get their way in Westminster, it won't take very long before the electorate realise the mistake they made in voting for them. SNP support will decline sharply. Battle damage repairs will be needed to fix the remaining, austerity max, carnage left over though.

I actually think they might be in for another shock when the election results come in. More and more people are rejecting the lefty extremist SNP. They all think it's going to be a breeze, well I'm not convinced. Sturgeons face at FMQ's, displayed big stress. She is flapping about with a face like fizz. Keep it up Nic. Is she private or NHS I wonder ?

Save Scotland. Lets vote the useless SNP out. You know it makes sense.

Sherbie. said...

This is turning into a dangerous situation with Sturgeon running the Rat Ship. There are hidden rocks ahead that she is steering us all into. I read today that SNPTV are having a TV debate with party leaders in Scotland, excluding the Greens. Well, when you see the arse Natallie Bennett made of an interview last week on LBC radio, I can't see Patrick Harvie doing any better. Anyway, I just hope that Alex Salmond's puppet , Nicola Sturgeon has the same "car crash result, although i expect biased SNPTV to have a majority of "CLAPPY YAPPY NATS, planted in the audience to dance to Sturgeon's tune. I certainly wont watch her rubbish act anyway, I'll leave that to the blinkered sheep that'll follow her over the nearest cliff.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon would wreck Scotland , see people suffer and then trick them into voting for indy George. Busted flush in my opinion her time along with Salmond has gone.

Good article by you as is the norm.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Salmond jumped ship post-indy ref - all the lies unravelling before their eyes!

NHYes - the sure fire way to ruin our NHS!

Vote SNP, get s***e!

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon really does have contempt for working class Scots George, good article by you mate, keep publishing away.

Sherbie. said...

This hateful female Sturgeon "INSULTED" Scotland's troops, by 'snubbing" the Afghanistan Memorial Service. The families friends and relatives of the troops are apalled at the ignorance of this chip on the shoulder individual, Sturgeon. I would urge all family, friends and relatives of ALL service men and women, NOT to vote for this extremist, divisive, hateful racist group called the SNP. They care not one iota about Scotland.

Biggles said...

Nicola is worse than a clown, a clown entertains