Monday, March 2, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon writes her own ‘report card’ but it’s the ‘boy in the politics class’, Ed Balls who passes her a note to tell her she is an irrelevance, her Trident demand is the politics of a crank

Dear All

One thing is a racing certainty is that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon won’t be calling the shots whoever wins the 2015 election.

Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for propping up a minority Labour government by demands for an extra £180 billion of public spending after the election will not happen whether it is a Tory or a Labour Government.

There will be an economic plan, but Sturgeon wouldn’t be getting any input because her demands are as Ed Balls says an irrelevance.

Recently Sturgeon marked 100 days as First Minister, you probably missed it because the Nationalists have nothing to celebrate and are doing a holding action to shore up their failures in areas such as health.

Shona Robison, Sturgeon’s pal is floundering as the NHS moves into deeper crisis as we now find out that kids aren’t getting prompt treatment now.

Not exactly a great ad for the SNP con trick on women voters, if you vote women in things gets done better. It is the fact you are female that things get done better it revolves around are you smart, committed and proactive.   

Sturgeon’s call for an extra £180 billion of public spending was never going to be listened to after the election, even in a hung Parliament; Labour MP Ed Balls declares the money demand as not a issue.

Britons will in the main either get a Tory economic plan or a Labour one.

As I previously said, there are no deals to be had by the SNP with Labour because this would undermine any chance of a Labour return to Holyrood as the majority party. If Ed Miliband was to do so, it would create internal division already seen as some in the Labour Party want the Scottish branch as a wholly separate entity.

The truth is in Scotland that Scots must vote Labour if they want a Labour Government. However, there are Scots who in this election will be using tactical voting so that in areas where the Conservatives are the main challenger to SNP, people are being as to vote Tory even if they have been voting Labour in the past. This has led to the rise of citizen activism where people involved in politics don’t have allegiance to the party they are a member but are focused on getting a particular candidate in as a stopper to the SNP.

Political Parties don’t like this as they have no control or influence in campaign groups based on the Better Together model but applied to elections rather than the referendum.

The days of ‘I am a Labour activist, I am a Tory activist’ are disappearing, you can see this on Twitter where in general, the ‘activists’ are more or less the paid officials or elected representatives.

So far in this election, the Labour and Tories haven’t exactly produced inspired campaigns in Scotland. So far, the ‘offer’ from Labour isn’t enough, it is well short of getting Labour voters to return to the fold and the Scottish Tories haven’t anything to sell to the working class in Scotland, so they aren’t even trying.

Sturgeon has said she would be willing to prop up a minority Ed Miliband government, this is what is called an informal confidence-and-supply basis, however the ‘price’ isn’t cheap and is very much the politics of the student union.

Her keynote demands are scrapping the renewal of Trident.

On that issue along there will be no deal, Britain gives up Trident and its seat the United Nations Security Council would be called into question, All the five permanent council members, America, Britain, France, China and Russia are all nuclear powers.

Another not willing to negotiate is the devolution of all tax powers.

As to ending austerity, that won’t be discussed either, Scotland won’t be getting a land of ‘milk and honey’ at the expense of the rest of the UK.

To mark, the 100 days of misfit Sturgeon crony ridden government, Nicola Sturgeon produced a “report card” of so called achievements.

Headed by “the first gender-balanced cabinet in the UK” and “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions.

To address the first one, gender-balanced, think big chip on shoulder, pro discrimination based on sex and promoting her female “pals” who receive a massive hike in pay.

As to the “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions, let us be absolutely clear on this aspect of Sturgeon’s reign…… so fuck!

If she won’t answer questions at FMQs, the plebs are going to be treated any different?

Nicola Sturgeon talking to the plebs is a scam, much like the SNP Cabinet touring the country, looking at them in a church hall is meaningless, they aren’t going to be involved in letting the public hear their private discussions like John Swinney saying pensions might not be affordable in an independent Scotland.

While in the SNP, I observed how Nicola Sturgeon would attend social events, and after giving a speech would rather quickly remove her body from the event.
She added on her 100 days, which if you think back is:

“I am very proud of the work myself and my team have done so far – but I am also clear that we have much more to do.”

Sturgeon is doing nothing in government of real significance, we have crackpot policies such as ‘mugabe’ style land grabs, she hasn’t fixed Police Scotland, the NHS is in deep crisis, money is deliberately held back from budgets forcing cuts to services, and the best Sturgeon can do is ‘brag’ about giving her female pals extra taxpayers cash and waffle on about spoon fed “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions.

Rather than Nicola Sturgeon writing her own ‘report card’ perhaps someone else should have a crack at it, who is less impressive by failure.    

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George you probably know about this 'Code of Silence' as you found out to your cost:


Irony of ironies' - Don't stand as an SNP politician if you are Independently minded:

SNP To Introduce Tough New Rules Requiring Strict Loyalty From MPs

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Such is the distrust that exists in the SNP, their elected are little more than cannon fodder to be used by the leadership.


Anonymous said...

We don't want MSP's to sit there at Holyrood nodding like Churchill dogs to everything. I can see why you got out. Hopefully you'll put your talents to good use to stop them gaining more seats at Westminster. Good Luck with your health.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words Georgegie boy the Hollie Greig case will see them ALL in jail