Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scotland’s publicly unelectable Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf plays the ‘race card’ against Ukip MEP David Coburn, seems people connected to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have track record of screaming racism

Dear All

Ukip MEP David Coburn likes to use comedy as part of his political interventions, sometimes it works; sometimes it fails.

In the case of publicly unelectable Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf, Coburn’s latest attempt at humour fell rather flat as he did a joke in ‘poor taste’, this was when he compared Humza Yousaf to Islamist terrorist Abu Hamza.

Humza Yousaf said he was hurt and offended by what he describes as an alleged "Islamophobic insult".

Later on, Humza Yousaf then said David Coburn's Islamophobic insult has caused serious offence and anger to the Muslim community in Scotland.

I find this hard to believe; perhaps he can provide documented proof.

Witness statements!

I believe Yousaf mentioned the figure of 77,000, I wonder how exactly he managed to collect the evidence so fast; did he go to each person’s door?

Now, lets turn to this ‘racism’ claim being bandied the place by the Nationalists, I suppose the first thing to ask is, has Humza Yousaf gone to Police Scotland and registered a complaint?

This is the acid test.

Having met Humza Yousaf on a few occasions, I doubt it, just in the same way that Whiteford, the SNP MP who said she had been threatened by Labour MP Ian Davidson, never generated a Police complaint from that either.

Why are elected SNP representatives avoiding the Police when they claim in effect they are victims of crime?

I believe many people won’t think that Ukip MEP David Coburn is racist as some Nationalists wish to claim, the SNP cult have a habit of trying to label people and smear them.

Particularly SNP members from one branch, Nicola Sturgeon’s Southside branch!

In fact Humza Yousaf’s own wife Gail Lythgoe ran a hate campaign against a Labour MP to try and get third parties to protest against him, while she sat in the background.

One wonders what action Humza Yousaf took in form of protesting her being in the SNP?

I think David Coburn hasn’t yet settled into the mindset of what being a politician entails, maybe he never will.

Apparently Yousaf has written to European Parliament president Martin Schulz calling for Mr Coburn's remarks to be investigated and for disciplinary action to be taken as appropriate.

I expect this to go nowhere.
David Coburn has since hit out at his critics, telling them accusations of racism came "from a party that is xenophobic against the English".

Tit for tat!

Nigel Farage said:

"I have not spoken to David Coburn about it. I can only guess he is either saying he is a terrorist or he is telling a joke in poor taste. I suspect it's the latter, he is telling a joke in poor taste."

He added:

"People do make mistakes and I don't think David Coburn should have done that. But am I going to get terribly exercised over it? No."

David Coburn can’t do comedy, that being said, lets now look at Humza Yousaf’s attempt at comedy or as he may describe it ‘serious politics’.

Publicly unelectable Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf has said Scotland’s place in the European Union (EU) is in grave danger. Apparently Yousaf is interested in referendums as long as the Scottish National Party agrees with them. In the mindset of the SNP, a referendum is a good thing if the SNP may get the result they want from the people.

In-out EU referendum could see Scotland “dragged out of Europe against our will” according to him.

So, who does he mean by Scotland?

Increasingly it appears the SNP see them as ‘Scotland’ which they are not.

Yousaf’s comedy turn is when he thinks that there must be a majority not just across the whole UK, but a majority in each constituent part of the UK - Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland - a ‘double majority’ to leave the EU.

Reserved issues like foreign policy remain the province of Westminster; the EU is a reserved matter. If you take his logic to its end, then the English should have had a vote on Scottish independence. This is because Scotland would have been dragged out of the UK, potentially against the rest of the other constituent parts agreement; he says leaving the EU would be disastrous in terms of the effect on jobs and investment.

Where is his proof?

Like most of the rubbish the SNP spout, it is just assumption.

What is assumption?

It is the mother of all fuck ups!

Humza Yousaf will be ignored, mainly because outside the SNP bubble surrounding unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, he is of little value to Scotland. If the majority of people in the UK wish to leave the EU; that is the sovereign will of the people.

So, is he saying that he is against the sovereign will of the people?  

Westminster isn’t dancing to Ukip’s anti-European tune; there is a wider movement who wish to see the UK develop other trading partners more effectively like the Commonwealth and the Americas. The SNP stance on the EU is dogma because they want EU membership to access the EU central bank and join the Euro.

Humza Yousaf hasn’t worked out the SNP are now irrelevant politically, they lost the Scottish independence referendum, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as I have previously blogged on has the task of leading the SNP into the political wilderness.

Yousaf said the EU accounts for almost half of all Scotland’s international exports, worth about £13 billion a year, while around 40 per cent of foreign companies in Scotland are EU-owned.

This is meaningless pap which doesn’t support his argument for staying in I feel, a reformed EU is also being bandied about the place, admittedly it is unlikely to happen before the EU referendum if there is a Conservative win in May.

Humza Yousaf is listed as Europe and international development minister, this is to give the impression that he is in effect Scotland’s foreign sec; it is meaningless pap as well. His post is just made up nonsense for an irrelevant hollow little man to strut about the place.

It seems that David Coburn and Humza Yousaf have something in common; both should leave out the unintentional comedy.

The only comedy I can see is that publicly unelectable Humza Yousaf employs a horrible nasty little odious git called Shona McAlpine who abused an Asian man while at an SNP selection meeting, and last time I checked still remains his employee.

I wonder; would Humza Yousaf have called what she did an attack on the whole of the Muslim Community?

And if so, why is she still working for him?

Finally, time for a quote:

“The European Union rightly prides itself on its promotion of tolerance and inclusion - something David Coburn's remarks are completely at odds with.”

Humza Yousaf.

Maybe he should start in his own parliamentary office and home before telling other people to get their shit in order.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


JF said...

Idiot! This is the man who called foul when the foreign office said he couldnt lead a 'Scottish delegation' to Gaza. Quite how there will be a jobs bombshell for an EU exit when there wouldnt have been one for a UK exit escapes me.

Anonymous said...

George. The EU is not going to be the same animal as it is now after the Grexit and France choose Marine Le Pen for President in 2017. It will happen because Islamic immigration into the EU will force countries to address this invasion very soon. They'll have to. The Krauts are turning on it now also and I predict that Germany will be the main country to save Europe from Islam. Bit of a far fetched twist but maybe not. Far right politics will reign everywhere and that is why the UK and Scottish parties are ALL anti UKIP. They are afraid, simple as that. The SNP in out Europe shite as a mandate for another referendum will be irrelevant after 2017, even if the Tories win and everyone votes to leave the EU. The SNP will have nothing to join unless a trade only deal. SNP independence for Scotland is dead and buried. It will never return. The SNP are washed up and many people are seeing this now. NO is the new YES.

Stop the mouthpiece for Islam in Scotland. Vote the SNP out everywhere. Look at this youtube report from CBN News - Welcome to Belgistan Muslim capital of Europe. It is a chilling sobering fact that this is going to be Glasgow in 20 to 40 years unless it's halted. No more booze, bacon or boobs. No more nothing except arse in the air facing Mecca. No more democracy, ever. WAKE UP FOLKS. VOTE THE SNP OUT NOW AND SAVE SCOTLAND. People need to see this stuff on the regular TV news. Not about how all the MSP's condemn a gay UKIP man cracking a mild joke or what Ruth Davidson eats. None of that stuff is either interesting or important to be taking up Scottish ministers time. Who gives a fuck who sticks what where legally. FFS sort out our real priorities and problems. The very reason news reports like this are censored, is exactly the same reason as the huge cover up of child rape by Pakistani Muslim men in England. Islamophobia shite. The biggest threat to Scotland is not the Tories, Labour etc. It is the Islamic controlled SNP bleating islamophobia. Vote them out !!

Anonymous said...

any sign of Humza Yousaf having called the Police yet George? Has he lost the number? Or did he never do it in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Well said ,the people of Scotland seem oblivious about The Islamic takeover of Europe.If SNP get their way they will do the same to Scotland.Do people not notice that they demand the host country to change to suit Islam.