Monday, March 16, 2015

Anti SNP election ad 2015, No to Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, Vote tactically in 2015


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how the Scots voters can't see that the SNP are fighting a JIHAD. They are trying to fill Scotland with Muslims to secure a vote for independence. It's their long term plan to fuel their cause with Muslim voters. They may not have enough now but in 10 to 20 years the Muslim population will have exploded. This is their hedge fund. This is why they have been throwing OUR money at any Islamic cause overseas and propping up any Islamic charity here in Scotland. They want the Muslim vote. You don't see millions going to Poland or Polish candidates, because they're skint, just like us. Eck isn't stupid. The Islamic world are loaded and the SNP have invested in it using Pakistani bullshit, guile and the odd million here and there. This is why useless unelected Yousaf is in our Parliament. This is why Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh is a candidate anywhere for Westminster. They are taking the piss out of the true Scottish people. FFS WE MUST WAKE UP AND QUICKLY. They want us to elect them to give them a mandate for more Muslims in Scotland. The SNP have been galavanting round the world for investments above and beyond the call of duty.

The SNP are pro Hamas, an Islamic Palestinian terrorist organisation who have a big connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder if the SNP have any connection to the Muslim Brotherhood ? The Islamic world is anti Jewish and so are the SNP, hence support for Hamas. Look at all the Islamic related stunts they have pulled in the past, like Megrahi being released, boycott Israel campaign, 12 months for the mosque bacon assassins, endless photo shoots at Islamic events, Yousaf's attempt to fly to Gaza for publicity ( banned by FCO and very odd if you ask me ). Yousaf selling the Big Issue stunt. It's all bollocks. The reason folks is money and to win sympathy for the poor Muslims, so you won't mind them coming to a scheme near you.

The SNP only want independence and they do not care how they get it. They're going to sell your Kuffar ass down the river. If you want Tower Hamlets here in Scotland then vote for the SNP and you'll see austerity like never before.

Tactically vote Tory in Perthshire North and Labour in Perthshire South.


Anonymous said...

Are you right in the head??? Pro Islam? I suppose you havent seen the videos of snipers picking off palistinian children??? go join the BNP ya fuckin walloper. can't believe your trying to tell people to vote Tory in Scotland after the last 30 years of what Thatcher started and Cameron is trying to finish..... you will be paying for your treatment when you go get your head read, go bury your head in a Daily Record

Anonymous said...

There is also the links with fundamentalist Christian organisations. You only need to see where some of the money comes from, and the SNP conveniently ignore / dismiss some of their donors opposing their legislation.

The SNP was, I would imagine, once a party with a purpose. Now that they have tasted power they are extremely dangerous.

Some commentators criticise the Tories and Labour for their business donor links. But that has always been the case, no matter where in the world you go. Since most businesses will not bankroll the SNP, they are prepared to take the money from wherever and whoever they can.

What really scares me is he arselicking towards Putin. Are they prepared to do some deal with him?

Anonymous said...

" go join the BNP ya fuckin walloper " The BNP are a racist organisation which I do not support in any shape size or form. I condemn any such vile acts.

This is a far greater cause than just voting SNP because you hate the Tory party. Can you not see that the EU is about to morph into some other form and so Scotland wouldn't be able to suckle on the EU cash cow teat if it was independent and it wouldn't have the Union to fall back on. Scotland would be out of the EU, out of the Union, out of oil and out of money. FFS, 1 million Islamic migrants are not going to pay the bills. The ONLY way to go is Labour or Tory. Take your pick. A vote for the SNP is a vote for destruction on a huge scale. The only way Scotland will ever be independent is if the SNP import support and that is why Eck has been engineering the Muslim solution for years. Here's the truth. Have an independent Scotland that resembles Tower Hamlets and penniless, or a strong financial Union with Ed or Dave in a reformed trade EU. You choose !

Anonymous said...

I like this video, do more Geo, highlighting SNP as a backward looking cult

Anonymous said...

The snp will swamp scotland with muslims,to get more voters for them and because they need more people if they ever go it alaone.the trouble with this is the muslims will see it as a chance to takeover in scotland so it become islamic forever.