Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is so desperate to climb into bed politically with Ed Miliband that she does a U turn on Trident; Sturgeon has dropped demands that a minority Labour government must cancel a new Trident nuclear weapon, betraying her own members, SNP Trident policy now a total farce

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has done a U turn on Trident, the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

If you think back to her maiden speech as SNP leader last November, she told delegates at the party’s annual conference:

“conference, hear me loud and clear when I say this: they’d have to think again about putting a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons on the river Clyde.”

Well the Labour Party didn’t think again, they just told Nicola Sturgeon to get lost, there is no deal to be had regarding the Trident Nuclear missile system being renewed.

If you think back to May 2012, I was part of the Big Debate audience at the BBC, at that programme, I said the SNP needed to support being in Nato and also support Faslane remaining as a Nuclear base.

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’, First Minister and “strategic thinker” decided to back Nato but not a Nuclear Faslane.

At the referendum, the Scottish people spoke and rejected him and Nicola Sturgeon’s vision.

I, on the other hand, three years down the line have proved to be correct, after the SNP thinking they were going to be issuing demands, they are now finding out that they aren’t even part of the equation for Westminster.

There will be a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons on the river Clyde and this will secure jobs for people living in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon is now backing away from Trident as a ‘redline’ for the SNP, this shows yet again how out of her depth she is politically in matters relating to the global defence network which Nato plays a key role.

Oh how that must hurt the SNP’s Sein Fein lite and CND cliques within the party, sold out by Nicola Sturgeon and her wee gang, maybe they will be waking to the dawn of a new reality, they are just being used as menials.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is so desperate to get into bed politically with Ed Miliband that she is willing to drop anything in order to try and secure some kind of a win and concessions from a minority Labour government if it is elected.

So, what happened to the repeated calls in recent months that cancelling the £100bn replacement would be a critical issue for the party?

Like most people who don’t have any principles when they get big money, it was quietly forgotten by the Nats.

Fresh from betraying her own party members, and why not she is on about £143,000 a year, Sturegon argues that her party could comfortably vote for Labour policies on a case-by-case basis.

If you think that Labour gets free help you need to get a grip on reality, Sturgeon will try and squeeze Labour or withdraw support in an attempt to bring down the UK Government.

It was the SNP who in the late 1970’s ushered in the era of Margaret Thatcher which destroyed jobs for working class Scots in what was termed the ‘heavy industries’.

Sturgeon also implied she now saw Trident as a stand-alone question.

This means that the CND group within the SNP have no chance of realising their dream as the SNP has effectively abandoned the policy in all but name.

Sold down the river, the poor wee lambs!

Sturgeon has repeatedly said support for Labour means cancelling Trident’s replacement; she did this to bolster her standing among the SNP’s activist base, anti-nuclear campaigners and smaller left-wing parties.

Having mislead the public during the referendum, I wonder how many of her own party actually thought she would treat them with the same kind of contempt, they are seeing they have been used and treated as mugs!

Labour officials say privately there is no prospect of Miliband agreeing any deal with the SNP that forces him to cancel Trident.

Game over Sein Fein lite and CND in the SNP!

As well as Trident being a non starter, Miliband wouldn’t sign up to more powers that boosts the SNP’s chances for another majority government in 2016, and Milband has to think of the English domestic situation if he wins.

As to Sturgeon’s plan to make the SNP a centre-left force at Westminster forging alliances with the Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru and the English Green party, that lot might as well just go out and feed the pigeons, do the clubs and visit the sites.

Nothing will come of that one; the ‘grand coalition’ wouldn’t be so grand post election.

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is a busted flush no matter what
she does or even if the SNP increase the number of its MPs, Miliband won’t be dancing to her tune.

Finally, I find it highly amusing the some of the grievance groups who joined the SNP to foster their various wee agendas are now finding out that ‘comrade’ Sturgeon has stabbed them in the back.

I said in previous posts that Nicola Sturgeon is a rat.

Who can deny yet again, George Laird is right again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I think the Fuhrer has taken stock in his Aberdeenshire bunker. It's a double victory for Salmond. Not only does he keep the prospect of a deal with Ed alive, as a bonus he can avoid anything to do with the Green party. Imagine the fear and ridicule of being in cahoots with "big guns" Natalie Bennett and her tree hugging mob, especially with a cold. Nice body swerve there Eck. Big bomb brings big boom - brilliant. CND and the Greens are now bombed out. Never mind Bomber Harris - we've got bomber Eck. I always knew it's a deterrent, delivering huge influence.


Freddy said...

I wish Labour would come out and say no deals will be on the table George no matter the result. I would rather have both major uk parties finding some sort of consensus if that was it took rather than the tail wagging the dog.

Anonymous said...

Well said George, the snp is now just a cult, things will go very badly under wee nippy

Sherbie. said...

George, I kid you not, "car crash" Green mouthpiece Natallie Bennet wants "rodents" to be given "human rights",,, she wants to put a tax on "nappies",,, she wants horse racing and dog racing, "banned". She wants to see a "fleet of hospital ships", ready to he sent anywhere in the world, and the crazy wishlist goes on. This is all availabe to read online. These are the type of "idiots" that Nicola Sturgeon's NATZ wants to form a coalition with. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Not posted for a long time (serious family health issues), but I still read all the blogs, and enjoy your posts.

Sturgeon may win multiple seats at Westminster (not a bad thing to shake things up), but the prospect of Salmond back in Westminster is going to seriously damage the SNP.

You are absolutely correct - the SNP are useless when it comes to Defence policy. The Trident argument is not a major issue. Yes, everyone wants rid of them, but the rest of the world is not so accommodating.

The other Anonymous missed a third victory for Salmond. If he wins a Westminster seat he will be seen as the true leader of the SNP. And that will damage the party, although it will keep the rabid mob of cybernats happy I guess.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else starting to think that Ed Milliband is actually playing a bit of a blinder not dismissing a coalition with the SNP outright?

He's already got them to back down on one of their key demands.

Not a word from the nats in protest though. Trident was never any more important to them than foodbanks, poverty etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't see LAbour doing a deal with sturgeon, if so they would lose many seats at Hollywood 2016. It would be the start of real decline for them in Scotland for decades.

Terry Summers said...

with the exception of the Guardian, I haven't seen any mention in the press of the Opinium Poll which showed Labour and Conservative neck and neck UK wide, but more interestingly showing labour ahead of SNP in Scotland, 39% lab 32% SNP.
To view the detail download pdf and look at page 6.
It is a small sample from Scotland, but it is very different from the polls that are more widely quoted. Any theories?

Anonymous said...

YesNP have ditched opposition to trident, and have now told the Welsh where to go with regards to funding - Progressive politics abound in nationalist Scotland!

Nice to see that the Progressive Alliance between SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens fractured in little over a weekend.

The concern is though that people still don't see through the fact that the SNP are political opportunists in extremis, before the election.......

G Laird said...

Hi Terry

As you know the press has an agenda, this may explain why good results for Labour aren't breaking through.

The Herald and Sunday Herald are like a towncrier for the SNP at the moment.

Labour needs to up its game to hold seats.


Terry Summers said...

I agree, he media are building up Nichola Sturgeon, lots of puff pieces, nominated for woman of the Year etc. entertaining her every utterance, however fantastical as if it was given on tablets of stone. After the build up, usually, come th tearing down! I hope it happens in time for May 7th, after that would be too late.