Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon unveils new ‘11,000 jobs a year’ plan, what happened to the 10,000 a year women being placed into highly paid jobs to fund childcare, in the immortal words of Karen Dunbar, “I smell shite”, so is it 21,000 jobs a year Nicola when you include the women?

Dear All

Do you remember the SNP promise to get 100,000 women into high paid jobs as part of their strategy to pay for childcare?

What happened to it?

In order to get the childcare policy to pay its way, women needed to earn about £42,000 a year.

What happened to it?

Nothing happened!

Now unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is back with a new con trick, plans for Scotland to match the best nations in Europe.

Get this; Sturgeon is bragging that 11,000 jobs a year could be created inside 10 years, by boosting productivity by 0.1 per cent.

So, does this include the 10,000 women into highly paid jobs to pay for childcare?

Laughingly Sturgeon launched her economic strategy for the coming years, the strategy will fail, one wonders is the main purpose that Sturgeon sees herself as having 10 years creaming in £143,000 a year.

Oh, and she also chipped in that these mystery jobs will help Scotland become a fairer society.

How does working at Tesco lead to a fairer society?

A while ago, I wrote about something called a ‘City Sovereign Fund’, the idea was part of a bigger idea regarding the creation of a new state banks run by Councils in order to boost lending to small businesses.

Sturgeon’s idea is the includes the creation of a Scottish Business Development bank to work directly with smaller firms, my idea is available to read on this blog after going a search.

Note the date, September 2011.

Note the date, September 2013.

Sturgeon says the strategy draws on “international evidence” and has been backed by experts.


Is that right Nicola, you have access to experts, I thought your crew just nicked other people’s ideas.

Sturgeon also stated Scotland’s place in the EU is critical to the future of the economy.

No, it is not, this is her trying to position herself for another Scottish referendum if there is a successful bid by Ukip to take Britain out of Europe.

The Sturgeon ‘economic strategy’ looks suspiciously like a political grievance strategy.

Perhaps someone should ask how many of the 10,000 women, that Nicola Sturgeon placed in highly paid jobs as part of the childcare strategy, does that strategy exist anyone or has it been binned!

Sturgeon added:

“All of us know that Scotland is a country of vast potential. We have a strong international reputation; great natural resources; and the most highly educated workforce in Europe. It is time to stop inequality from holding us back. Instead we must help individuals and companies to flourish, in every part of the country.”

Maybe one day, Scotland’s unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’ Government will be able to come up with an idea all by themselves instead of nicking other people’s ideas and using them.

As I said earlier, research my ‘City Sovereign Fund’ idea and draw your own conclusions, incidentally, Pollok is in Glasgow, which is in Scotland which remains part of the UK, so it’s not international.

Just some info for those interested in map reading!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

given that the fuckwits underspent by £444 million this comes as no surprise



Anonymous said...

Daily pronouncements now.
A seriously deluded wishlist.
How long til the drones have a moment of clarity?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“Daily pronouncements now”.

Trying to hog the limelight with the press.

“A seriously deluded wishlist”.

Student politics!

“How long til the drones have a moment of clarity?”

When the punters cotton on to being taken for mugs and decide to abandon ship, then things won’t look so rosy in the Garden for Nicola’s construct of a fairytale.


Tony Craig said...

it's all lies from the Nats as per usual George, who is still unaware they are liars? Good wee post here, like it.

Anonymous said...

11,00 jobs created by sturgeon what a load of cobblers Geo, would the jobs be for her pals.