Wednesday, March 25, 2015

‘Shamed into helping heterosexuals’, Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sees 300 angry protesters march to her Constituency office to complain, given two thirds of SNP elected representatives in the area are women, why is the Govanhill ghetto such a shithole, seems ‘SNP women will get things done' is a load of verbal masturbation

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ‘represents’ Glasgow Southside as an MSP. Part of the constituency is Govanhill which I have mentioned from time to time on the blog.

Here is a link where I touch on Govanhill in passing about how unpopular Nicola Sturgeon operates.

This was written Saturday, November 9, 2013.

George Laird right again!

The point I was making and continue to make is that Nicola Sturgeon is a user of people, she and the rest of the SNP don’t care about working class people.

It is all an act, its farce, its all pantomine.

If you take the time, you can also find other less than glowing references to the area online under SNP rule, so what is Govanhill like under the Sturgeon Empire?

It is a rundown shithole which Nicola Sturgeon has neglected, the term that best describes it, is ghetto.

Rubbish piling up, rats in houses, fleas in beds. Place stinking like an open sewer full of fermented piss, dog shit in the streets, muggings, rapes, assaults, thieving, prostitutes and criminal gangs operating. There is a bad atmosphere around the place which makes it unsafe for the law abiding residents.

In 2011, I spent 16 days working on Nicola Sturgeon’s election campaign. I got around Govanhill and other places and saw for myself what it is like; it isn’t an area I would wish to stay in. On one day, I spent time trying to talk a bad injured woman who had been attacked with a weapon and then stitched up by the hospital, to seek further help from the social services.

Her wounds were horrific and she could hardly walk.

I honestly believed the lie by the Nationalists that they stood for fairness, equality and social justice, and that they would help people like this woman. Later on I found out that the lie went to the very top of the SNP leadership, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon cannot be trusted.

As graphically demonstrated by the Scottish independence referendum! 

Sturgeon has milked the public purse on all four tits, and if you read the ‘The Quiet No’ blog, what you can see, is that the SNP is a clique, not a political party in any real sense of the word despite being registered with the Electoral Commission.

The Quiet No blog shows in detail how cronyism operates which has resulted in the SNP being a political vacuum not just of ideas but also of a work ethic.

Check it out by clicking on this link to see who is milking the taxpayer and who they are related to.

And please bear in mind this is a limited list, there are others.

The SNP leadership really has ‘taken the cunt’ out of Scotland’s working class population, and it is time that working class people said, ‘enough’s enough’. 

In October 2013, I stood as an independent candidate in the Govan by-election, through-out that campaign the women of Govan who I spoke to, had a clear view of what they thought of Nicola Sturgeon and how she operates.

Funny enough, this rather differs from the crafted PR media image of the ‘happy caring Sturgeons’ in their £400,000 home in the East End of Glasgow who fight for social justice.

The women of Govan said Nicola Sturgeon is an “arsehole”!

Not as a passing comment or throwaway remark, but with a deep seated passion. 

In the first link to this post above, you will notice that Sturgeon isn’t doing anything and isn’t saving anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, jobs or community, she just doesn’t give a shit in my opinion but she does care about blaming others and trying to create an image.

Is it not time that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister started to turn the big microscope on herself?

Time for a quote:

“If you are white working class and heterosexual you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire”.

George Laird

Anyway in Govanhill, the residents are appearing to be getting the same view of Nicola Sturgeon as the women in Govan.

So, what is it like in the Govanhill ghetto?
Frances Stojilkovic, a care assistant with Cordia, said:

"It's an absolute disgrace what's happened to Govanhill and nothing has been done about it. For a long time there's been a big problem with rubbish being dumped everywhere, which has now caused an infestation of rats. I moved away from Govanhill and so have loads of other people. I still have family living there, including my mother so I'm in the area all the time. Crime is a big problem; too, many of the residents don't feel safe. My friend's mum has stayed in Govanhill all her life but she's scared to go out alone because she feels the place is not safe. That's why we're having this march. I'm expecting around 300 people to join. We'll leave from Govanhill Park and march to Nicola Sturgeon's office on Pollokshaws Road where we will hand over the petition."

If Nicola Sturgeon is supposed to be this ‘great politician’, why is her area such a shithole?

Is it because Nicola’s been too busy over the last few years with the independence campaign and then there is the travelling up and down to London to project herself as some kind of political superstar.

Seriously look at Govanhill and then remind yourself that Nicola Sturgeon sat back and allow her SNP government to rob Glasgow of £370 million by cuts to Glasgow’s block grant over the years.

The lie of the SNP ‘standing up for Glasgow’ in all its glory is laid bare!

A mouthpiece for Sturgeon said:

"Nicola Sturgeon is aware of the petition and she'll be happy to speak with the petitioners."

If you look at the STV footage, you could be forgiven for thinking that happiness didn’t appear to be on her face, is it because it must have clicked with her that people are now tuning into the fact that they have been effectively abandoned.

A private Facebook page titled "Let's Save Govanhill" was created to help organise the protest march and for locals to share their experience of what some people call ‘GovanHell’.

Janette Morrison, of Dixon Road, recently posted a video on the page that shows about 12 large rats running round the garden of her tenement flat.

She said:

"I was hearing this noise, which I assumed was birds. However, it was only when I was taking my bins down to the bin shed that I saw these huge rats scampering around. I couldn't believe it, they were almost as big as cats and were so fat they were hopping rather than running.  They would pull the bins down and they even chewed a large hole into the bin shed. I can't go down there anymore. I wait for the bin lorry to come and run out with my bags."

The Campaign "Let's Save Govanhill" needs to start with the concept that they should be actively campaigning to get rid of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in 2016.

Nicola Sturgeon says that the SNP could hold the balance of power in May’s election, given that Sturgeon presides over an ‘open borders ghetto’ with rubbish piling up, rats in houses; fleas in beds. Place stinking like an open sewer full of piss, dog shit in the streets, muggings, rapes, assaults, thieving, prostitutes and criminal gangs operating.

I don’t think anyone in politics will be taken any lessons from her on how to run a country when she can’t manage a ghetto.

Finally, I am reminded of the John Major quote:

‘It is time to be a little less understanding, it is time to be a little less sympathetic’.

What we are seeing isn’t the end of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s career, but it is the start of the end, it is all downhill from here, she has lost the trust of the people in Govan, and she will lose the trust of the people of Govanhill.

You can’t con the people all of the time Nicola even in the ghetto!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

444 million underspend. How much of that could be used to alleviate this problem. I watched her last when news of the underspend was announced and next day blaming the English for foodbanks in Scotland. Why won't she tells us how much Prestwick is costing the taxpayer? Right enough I wouldn't believe her anyhow.

Anonymous said...

George you hit the nail on the head. How can you expect to run a country when you can't run a bath.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the article. Look at Salmond posturing as well. The two of them are prepared to screw the entire UK for what they want (NOT the will of the Scottish people).

That underspend is unforgivable. That would have probably solved the housing shortage at a stroke and paid for insultating existing homes.

But no - Sturgeon and the SNP clique hate Glasgow.

Sherbie. said...

There are foodbanks all over the world Nicky Stur, not only in Scotland. This mouthpiece always blames Westminster or the English for everything.
Stand on your own two feet for once Sturgeon. One thing's for sure, you'll always be a disaster for Scotland.

ben said...

does nippy help heterosexual men, yet to see the evidence of this. the SNP need to rename as the Scottish homosexual, women and muslim party asap.