Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alex Salmond; the man who appears not to be welcome in the SNP, humiliated, tossed into a corner, his event not mentioned in Conference agenda, not mentioned in Nicola Sturgeon’s key note speech, Nicola Sturgeon’s shows her ignoble side by trying to steal his laurels, she is completely lacking in class and no ‘statesman’

Dear All

It seems the ‘unity’ of the Scottish National Party has been rather laid bare as more information is now coming out of the estrangement between Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon’s attempts to sideline him at the SNP conference are the sign of an insecure woman who understands only too well her unpopularity is becoming more recognisable.

Sturgeon thinks if she ‘hogs the limelight’ that somehow as if by a miracle she will be will become ‘Snow white’ instead of the haggard crone she has become.

The Govanhill protest march to her office is ample proof her ‘reign of hell’ has a limited time span.

Although Sturgeon allowed Salmond use the main hall of Glasgow’s SECC to conduct a question-and-answer session about his new book, he was shunted onto a small podium to the right of the hall.

Rather than being a ‘stateswoman’; which she is not, her complete lack of class was only to graphically on display here.

I said Sturgeon was ‘common’ in previous blog posts; she just reinforces my point, and yet again proves, George Laird right again.

History is appearing to be re-written in the SNP as Salmond’s lunchtime session was not mentioned in the conference agenda. Alex Salmond maybe yesterday’s man in every sense of the word, but the disrespect by Sturgeon shows what an ugly personality Sturgeon has, no sense of loyalty, no sense of common decency and no respect.

I don’t even like Salmond so I have no side to support on this issue.

When Alex Salmond took to the main stage because punters couldn’t hear him, thousands of delegates cheered the roof off. There are now two leaders of the SNP, and Sturgeon is the firmly the second choice and she knows it.

A bitter Nicola Sturgeon has also refused to confirm whether he would even be part of her negotiating team if a deal is available to be done with Labour over any power-sharing arrangement.

Nicola Sturgeon is repeatedly stating she would be leading any talks with the Labour Party, and as an aside said that she hoped her predecessor managed to win the Gordon seat.

I bet she does!

Personally I am hoping that Alex Salmond gets his ‘Michael Portillo’ moment in Gordon and gets stuffed by Christine Jardine, the Lib Dem.

Another sign that Alex Salmond is not wanted anymore is when Sturgeon failed to mention him during her keynote address to the conference.

That’s important.

It seems that Nicola doesn’t have generosity of spirit either but instead is just as mean spirited and nasty as ever.

After five days of trying to reassert her crumbling leadership after Salmond made a fool of himself, Sturgeon must know that she faces a challenger for her leadership when it all comes crashing down round her ears.

Everyone will be looking at Salmond when she makes a decision.

Yesterday on the blog someone posted how there is unease about Sturgeon’s women only short lists, apparently Nicola’s future policy of discrimination doesn’t sit well with certain members.

If you are a guy in the Scottish National Party, what are you doing following ‘Tampax Tommy’?

My nickname for Sturgeon as she campaigns on tampons, obviously on this issue, ‘blood will flow’!

Where is the self respect of the male members?

Equality in her version of the SNP means pro active discrimination of men.

In an interview Sturgeon told Sky News’s Murnaghan programme that Salmond was “very firmly on my team”, she doesn’t have a team, she runs a ‘rat ship’, her ‘team’ are all getting something out of it, bought and paid for, this appears to be the way that Nicola gets ‘allies’.

Alex Salmond is now very much the loose cannon, a bull in a China shop, snubbed, humiliated and cast adrift like an old woolly jumper that has seen better days.

He effectively is getting wiped from the SNP’s history.

Time for a quote:

“If you are white working class and heterosexual, you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire”!

Alex Salmond should have read my blog.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie said...

George, if everybody in the SNP dictatorship at Holyrood was "allowed"to speak the TRUTH, there would be no one left at all. I never believe a word these liars say anyway, whether it's about lying over oil, over Europe, or lying over everything just to attract votes. Many people are now beginning the SNP for what they are,,,, un-trustworthy liars.

Anonymous said...

Think it was me who you were referring to George. I don't belong to any party and I tend to view all parties as fairly as possible. I did have a contact who was utterly reliable, hence a bit of insider knowledge. However things have changed so that source has dried up.

As you rightly point out, Sturgeon is being disrespectful to Salmond. However people view him, he is responsible for the SNP's surge over the past few years. She should have acknowledged this. If I remember rightly, she was on a losing ticket for the leadership not so many years ago.

Sturgeon is on a loser now whatever happens in May. Don't win enough seats - she's history. Win a lot of seats, Salmond has a powerful base to control the party.

The image of Sturgeon the Puppet is remarkably accurate!

Anonymous said...

You know George, I think some politicians have mental issues. Look at Salmond in the last year or so. He's not shuffling with a full deck. He's starting to get that Blair Bush look. Has god spoken to him too I wonder. Why has Hosie started to take off his specs on the telly. Is that supposed to make him more genuine. Genuinely glaikit more like. Sturgeon is stressed max and their party is starting to show cracks. I mean can you imagine Sturgeon making a decision like taking back our Falkland Islands for example. She couldn't arrange a day trip to Rothesay.

The SNP should never have been allowed to gain the dominance they have. I mean they are only there because Labour let their guard down. If the SNP win Scotland as a platform to independence, we are going to be so screwed and have austerity like never before, once reality bites. Scots people will probably emigrate FFS. There will be no Union to write a fat check to sort out the mess. Importing 25,000 + Islamic immigrants each year, like the SNP wants to do, is not going to cover it. Scotland will loose its population of Scottish descent. Free speech has gone in our country for sure, just to accommodate the foreigner and their religion. I hate the SNP Union breakers with an unholy vigour....I hate how Europe has changed with political correctness this past decade.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had decided that in the event of a vote for independence, we would leave Scotland and move to England - no big deal as we live only 7 miles from the border!! Our relief at the No majority has disappeared like snow off a dyke in the sun as we hear the continual harping of the pro independence people about how it is 'only a matter of time' till Scotland gains independence. We will not be waiting for that day and should the SNP hold the balance of power in Westminster post May we will be looking to move South. As already stated, to afford all the goodies that Sturgeon has promised taxation will have to rise. Who are you going to tax? The likes of the Weir's who bankrolled the SNP's referendum campaign, will have their monies salted away safely and you cannot tax people on benefits. That only leaves those of us in the middle. Whilst not objecting to paying my fair share I'm damned if I will pay for more Gaelic signs when fewer than 2% of the population can speak/ understand the language. There were no sound fiscal policies from the SNP prior to the referendum and nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

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