Wednesday, April 1, 2015

‘Joan of Pap’, Former PM Gordon Brown unearths that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon plans to give Scots 12 more months of austerity, Sturgeon caught out as a hypocrite; she screams stop austerity while at the same time planning it, is Sturgeon doing this to blame Westminster to try and win Holyrood 2016, have a think about it for a moment

Dear All

In 2008, I gave John Mason of the SNP help to win the Glasgow East seat, and he did so by 365 votes. In 2010, I went back to help him, but by that time the move was firmly back towards the Labour Party. The sense I had from 2009 till that election was that he hadn’t done enough to hold the seat; in fact I told him twice that he needed to do more.

He didn’t!

2010, Margaret Curran easily took the seat by about a 13,000 majority. Previously Margaret Curran was an MSP but decided to take the leap to Westminster, and it paid off for her.

Curran now faces off against the odious Natalie McGarry who is part of the Nicola Sturgeon Southside clique. McGarry doesn’t deserve to win, and for the record, she will be getting named in a criminal trial which takes place on the 29th October 2015, at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Natalie McGarry linked my blog to a hate account on twitter set up by someone she knows pretending to be me.

The press and public are cordially invited to attend this Court date.  

During the Scottish Referendum, I supported the Better Together Campaign in my area, why because I was campaigning to save the BBC, Govan Shipbuilders and the Scottish NHS. Funnily enough, I didn’t realise I was seriously ill and in need of their services to save my life while I was trying to save them.

So 2014 was a big year for me, helped to save Scotland and was nearly dead.

As they say, never a dull moment.

Through-out the 2015 Westminster election campaign, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has been screaming about how she wants to stop austerity.

Actions however speak louder than words, and the word is this, the SNP plan for 'zero additional spending' over the next year to ease austerity.

Yet again, the truth will out, and this home truth should be told to every single peron in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon is running a con trick. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has published Treasury documents and accused the Nationalists of being “willing accomplices” in austerity!

Nicola Sturgeon’s party are signed up to “zero additional spending” at Holyrood over the next year, Sturgeon literally is playing people for mugs. In contrast to this, the Labour Party has said, it would tax the rich to provide £800million more to boost the Scottish NHS, tackle poverty and create jobs.

I am voting Labour at this election for a number of reasons, firstly, the SNP is a ‘rat ship’; secondly the SNP in the shape of Humza Yousaf’s wife, Gail Lythgoe ran a hate campaign against Ian Davidson, thirdly the SNP are a fraud and con trick on the people of Scotland.

As is the way with the SNP, they rubbished Gordon Brown’s analysis as “ludicrous” but sadly for them, the former Pm was backed up by an independent expert.

Jonathan Portes, of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said:

“It is correct to say the SNP plan matches the current planned spending for 2015-16, whereas Labour have tax rises planned to boost spending.”

Last month unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was playing to the left wing crowd in London calling for an end to austerity and trying to build what some say is a progressive alliance. While Sturgeon bleats that Labour would have to abandon “failed” austerity policies to win SNP MPs’ support in a hung parliament, she is sitting doing nothing as the figures bare out.

A Treasury document, published on March 9 has revealed Sturgeon plans no additional spending this year, extra spending would not kick in until April 2016.

Sturgeon has signed up Scotland to another 12 months of austerity, as is the SNP; they will blame Westminster while at the same holding money by under spending their budget. In Nicola Sturgeon’s warped world, letting people suffer to get their votes is acceptable, we saw that the SNP had to be bounced into supporting measures to offset the ‘bedroom tax’.

On the campaign trail with odious Natalie McGarry in Glasgow East, Sturgeon said:

“SNP MPs can work with others to lock Cameron out of Downing Street and ensure Scotland’s priorities become priorities at Westminster.”

This is the same Conservative Government that saved Govan Shipbuilders; that provided additional spending of hundreds of millions for what the SNP termed ‘shovel ready projects’ and recently pumped £1.3 billion into shoring up the North Sea Oil industry in the latest budget.

Finally, now that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has been exposed as a hypocrite once against trying to con her fellow Scots, one can only wonder if her 12 months of extra austerity is to attempt to secure her being elected First Minster.

You can’t trust Nicola Sturgeon at any level, she is a rat.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Are they trying to squirrel money away and conjure up the bucks later. They do need to find a credible answer to their 7.6 Billion black hole economics though and not just a bunch of verbal shite from Swinney all the time. The tubes in the SNP can't keep borrowing year on year. Garbage SNP economics are not going to heat my wee house. My nose is turning even more blue at the thought. Bastards will rob our pension funds no doubt, just like the Belgian Government did to their people. The SNP are not really for us working folk. They're just fanatics, extremists and naive young kids, who couldn't give a fuck about anything other than their twisted quest for independence. Our Majesty the Queen should have them all hung for treason. I bags the lever. Best fiscal lever for Scotland ever.

There's many things that really scare me about the SNP but none more so than this progressive alliance. How can any sane person affiliate themselves to Natalie Bennett or that Welsh woman. You could easily believe that Bennett may have done some sort of time in Carstairs secure unit. I would probably bet the Welsh one believes in Dragons too. Total nutters they are, so it's no surprise that Sturgeon wants a pact with them.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the article and the first comment.

Friend at work today isn't really interested in politics, but did say that all the SNP now is a Salmond Cult and Sturgeon is an annoying git (that's the version suitable for family viewing).

With any luck during the leader's debate someone will ask Sturgeon if she truly is the leader of the SNP, or merely Salmond's puppet. That will produce the headline and image the SNP will be unable to shake off.

Anonymous said...

Even more scary is this....

I would like to know how many more schools in Scotland are allowing nationalist teachers to indoctrinate our children with Government approval?

As this is starting to look like those schools Birmingham that were 'infiltrated' by extremists....

There is nor room for politics of any kind being pushed on to impressionable 10 year old kids at school.

It's mind boggling a member of any party would do this....

Did the kids ask "unprompted" if Citizen Tommy and Miss Lorimer knew the pa cost of Trident to Scotland & how that compared to the underspend?

How would Nationalists feel then if the teacher was a Tory.

They'd feel happy with her views being taught I assume

Is this how it will be in Scotland?

Children politically indoctrinated, what next spying on their parents?

Then reporting on them to their 'named person'?

As its happened before....

Sherbie. said...

I hope and pray that thing go pear shaped for Sturgeon tonight,,,, karma.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog George - but what disturbs me about scottish politics - is that even you joined the SNP and campaigned for them! If you joined then what chance does the average Joe, fed a nice meal of anti english grievance, stand? Are politics that warped in Scotland, are Labour that bad. Are levels of education so poor that droves are able to join the 'cult' - I know that history teaches us that its quite possible to enslave a nation with nationalism but I thought the UK voter might see through it. hey ho.

Keep writing the blog

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“Love the blog George - but what disturbs me about scottish politics - is that even you joined the SNP and campaigned for them!”

Thank you for loving the blog, it is well read by the SNP but they don’t share your feelings.

I have been very open about my membership, but I was duped and I am willing to put my hand up to that, I never realised it was a cult, a party within a party.

“If you joined then what chance does the average Joe, fed a nice meal of anti english grievance, stand?”

That would come down to people like me educating as best I can, lots of people in the SNP are decent, but the problem is they aren’t in charge.

“Are politics that warped in Scotland, are Labour that bad”.

Politics are warped in Scotland and Labour has allowed themselves to get too cosy and slip, the clear out which I called for at Glasgow City Council proves my point.

Politics is about public service, that is why I want to be a politician, I am good at coming up with ideas.

“Are levels of education so poor that droves are able to join the 'cult' - I know that history teaches us that its quite possible to enslave a nation with nationalism but I thought the UK voter might see through it. hey ho”.

In Scotland, the Nationalist have whipped up hate, Scotland is now a divided country, people have been conned by the SNP, until they wise up, this country will remain in a dangerous state.