Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BBC correspondent James Cook suffers the wrath of the ‘Sons of Alex’, in a rare move he strikes back over 'vicious abuse' from cybernats, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is part of the reason why Scotland is a divided country, Nationalist hatred spawned by the SNP ‘rat ship’ can’t be contained or controlled, too late for that bunny!

Dear All

I have been to a few BBC events, in general, well run and I have no complaints; the staff can’t do enough to make your time enjoyable. But not everyone likes the BBC, the SNP want to shut down if Scotland was independent, which speaks volumes about their concern for freedom of the press.

Nick Robinson, the BBC reporter was specifically targeted for a campaign of hatred during the independence referendum. When he became ill, the cybernats, or as I prefer to call them, the ‘Sons of Alex’, they were overjoyed that the reporter might have cancer and die.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spent decades fostering grudge, grievance and malcontent and like the genie out of the bottle, there is no putting it back in.

The latest BBC victim to feel the wrath of the ‘Sons’ is James Cook, he is a Scottish reporter, his crime is asking questions, apparently asking questions of the SNP leadership which is run as a ‘cult’ is verboten.

Anyway, James Cook has taken the rare step of challenging the “vicious abuse” he received from Nationalist supporters after asking Nicola Sturgeon about claims she wants the Tories to win the general election. I would say in my opinion, that the SNP would probably want a Tory victory; Sturgeon needs someone to be the villain which is how the SNP operate politically.

In the SNP it is ‘them versus us’, even within the party.

Shop soiled white hope Nicola Sturgeon obviously is playing the role ‘heroine’ of the Scots, the one problem is that Ms. Sturgeon is looking rather haggard these days.

Salmond says the BBC is a “national disgrace” and “akin to a wicked stepmother in a pantomime”.

I would opine; that if a role of a wicked stepmother needs to be filled, then unpopular Nicola Sturgeon fits the bill rather nicely.

Hate is nothing new on twitter, I suffered a hate campaign on twitter for campaigning against the SNP which is going to Glasgow Sheriff Court on the 29th October; the person arrested and charged has been previously outed in the press. 

Cook was attacked on Twitter by trolls and received “threatening” emails, which are being studied by the corporation. The BBC should make a documentary on this, and out everyone, and also involve the Police.

Alex Salmond and the SNP would dearly love control of broadcasting to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament which they control. In fact, just recently Salmond was demanding the BBC in Scotland transfer control so that its political coverage could be made more favourable to the SNP.

Never happen, the SNP don’t believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, this is typical in ‘cults’ where people are required to blindly follow the doctrine of the ‘messiah’.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon took to twitter to back BBC reporter James Cook, this was promptly ignored by the ‘Sons of Alex’, it seems not even her own supporters put any stock in Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership.

Finally, when the cybernats turn on Nicola Sturgeon, it will create a dilemma; who do the public root for, mind you I think many people in Scotland will settle for a ‘double knock out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    


Anonymous said...

Typical stuff by the cybernats. All James Cook did was to ask the question. When Sturgeon replied that the allegations were false, he did not try accuse her of lying, nor did he hint that the events really did happen.

Salmond is worse when he demands control of the BBC in Scotland. We all know what the outcome would be - a tartan version of Fox News.

The last thing we need is government control of broadcasting. There are sinister undertones in these demands.

I do not trust the SNP any more, at least not with the current leadership. They want full control of everything - broadcasting, "named persons" and sharing our data to everyman and his dog.

What's next? No opposition parties?

If the police are investigating the more offensive tweets / threats, will the Scottish Government keep its nose out?

Freddy said...

A BBC Doc about cybernat abuse etc would be good tv Mr Laird outing them for the sad individuals they are.

G Laird said...

Dear Freddy

It would be good for example for a BBC reporter to stand on a cybernat employers doorstep and ask one of the hate mob,'why did you call an innocent person a paedophile' with his boss looking on.