Thursday, April 16, 2015

SNP campaign director Angus Robertson reveals himself to be a pro active ‘grass’ as he demands investigation of Labour Party members involved pro-Tory tactical voting campaign in Perth, I accuse ‘Wimbledon’ Angus of anti Scottish behaviour, no one likes a ‘tell tale’

Dear All

The SNP is cracking, ‘Tampax Tommy’, Nicola Sturgeon has flipped flopped on FFA, the Nats have gone radial rental on upping the hate, and fake Scot Angus Robertson is demanding a Labour Party investigation into its members.

Angus Robertson was the campaign director for the Scottish independence campaign, he blew it big style.

Now, he wants Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy to investigate Labour members have been involved in tactical voting in Perth to attempt to oust his buddy Pete Wishart.

The heat is on, tactical voting which is still in early development is seen as a threat to the Nationalists.

SNP campaign director Angus Robertson has reacted badly to reports that the political pressure group United Against Separation (UAS) has been getting a great reception in north Muirton area of Perth were Pete Wishart has been flapping since he has learned he is a target.

Pete Wishart has been close to political tears, so his buddy Angus has come along to attempt to stop Labour members in UAS promoting the Conservative Candidate Alexander Stewart.

Anyway, what’s it is to do with Robertson?

People have ‘the right’ to do their own thing and besides Ed Miliband is backing tactical voting in Scotland anyway, so what’s the problem?

Robertson said the move by UAS was “further embarrassment” for Jim Murphy.

How is it “further embarrassment”, I am sure that Jim Murphy wouldn’t have a problem with seeing Pete Wishart’s political ass roasted by the voters and dumped on the street.

Robertson is an act of desperation bleated:

“While the SNP is trying to lock the Tories out, Labour members are telling people to vote them in. Jim Murphy needs to investigate as a matter of urgency which of his members is campaigning to elect the Tories.”

Piss off and go on a ‘tampax’ demo Robertson.

We don’t need an 'fake Scot' telling proud Scots what to do in an election, and especially not some ‘tube’ from Wimbledon trying to pass himself off as one of us.

He continued:

“Labour’s credibility amongst people in Scotland has been irreparably damaged by the way they cosied up to the Tories during the referendum — and these revelations make clear that they’ve learned absolutely nothing.”

Stop whining for goodness, Robertson; anyone would think he had his trousers down at his ankles waiting to get blasted in the ass by people from a financially challenged and ethnically diverse background.

A spokesman for the Scottish Labour Party said:

“We want everyone to vote Labour. Our progressive polices will change Scotland for the better.”

Quite so ma’am!

And a tactical avoidance of the issue is the way to go, who takes notice of Angus Robertson anyway?

UAS are also were out in Dundee, which is the heartland of the Hosie clan last Sunday, urging residents there to vote Labour.

Andrew Skinner of UAS said the team made up of people from different parties and none would be handing out their literature in Fife and Angus in coming weeks. It seems UAS will be targeting hotspots to attempt to thwart to ensure Labour success.  

Andrew said:

“We’re targeting Gordon, Edinburgh and Glasgow this week but some of our members will be handing out leaflets in Fife and Angus over the forthcoming weeks. We can’t hit all the constituencies in numbers but I want to praise the Forward Together group who are doing a great job in Perth.”

Forward Together which has Victor Clements as a spokesman said:

“It is us that Pete Wishart particularly objects to as he is well aware that he is vulnerable here. It is us that unsettle him by setting up our gazebo right beside him on the High Street in Perth every Saturday”.

Snigger snigger, people like Wishart apparently don’t like competition, presumably because he doesn’t look like a rock star, however, if he tries acting, a slot could be found in a horror movie as a hillside strangler, obviously shot in black and white.

Victor Clements added:

“We cover two constituencies, Perth and North Perthshire, and Ochil and South Perthshire. In the former, we are advocating people vote for Alexander Stewart of the Conservatives, and in the latter, we are supporting the sitting Labour MP Gordon Banks. There is nothing new about this. People in Scotland ejected the Tories in the 1990s by tactical voting, but they are now turning their attention to the SNP and using the same tactics on them.”

As a co-op ‘tampax’ campaigner, Pete Wishart is unhappy about the fact in this election he may have to pay the ‘blood price’.

Pete should remember, no to Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, she has put his bawbees on the line; if you are going to standby a Sturgeon don’t be surprised when the lead starts flying. In this this election in Perth, there are two people to support in Perth, Gordon Banks of the Labour Party and Alexander Stewart of the Conservatives.

Finally, this move to ‘tell tales’ by Angus Robertson is totally anti Scottish behaviour, no one likes a ‘grass’.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Rays Day's / Ray's Daze said...

This clown is my MP. He didn't take kindly to my suggestion that as Englishmen exiled in Scotland we should stick together. He is known as Angus with a silent G.

Anonymous said...

Tactical voting ain't illegal, so Robertson can fuck off.

How about an investigation into the tactics by SNP members?

I hate Robertson, and he's worried in case Shrek makes a reappearance at Westminster, which will make him even more irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Since when was it anything to do with the snp who anyone votes for ? I can and will vote for any party i like .

Funny i cant remember any SNP idiot calling for an investigation when they were urging us to vote tactically to boot the Tories out of Scotland .

Whats wrong Angus dont you like a sharp dose of your own medicine ? Suck it up bitch!!!

On another note.....

George do you think the SNP will do as well as the polls suggest ?

There's seems to be alot of people out there who want to vote tactically and bearing in mind the cyber arseholes were urged to sign up for polls during the REF i dont think they are a true reflection of voting intentions .

Smudge said...

Whinging arsehole Angus Robertson is the MP for Moray. The only time you read about this clown is when he's blaming Westminster for this, or for that. He's the MP for the area I live in too Ray, but i'll NEVER class him as MY MP. Moray used to be a booming county. For better or worse, Moray was held by the Conservatives, it thrived big time. As a matter of fact, it used to be the constituency of Moray and Nairn, so AGNES Robertson is really only doing HALF the job. I hate Robertdon too, and the other useless Natz MSP idiot, Richard Lochhead

Freddy said...

I wonder if he has any canvassing figures George that might be the cause of his comments. I hope so, if he is bleating about labour party members fighting for the union, complaining about those people who are fighting the good fight something must be up. And of course nobody likes a grass as you say but it reminds me more of a petulant child pointing fingers and saying it was him miss :)

G Laird said...


It could be the case that the numbers don't stack up.


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"George do you think the SNP will do as well as the polls suggest ?"

too early to say.


Jamie said...

As the secretary for UAS and a Glasgow University graduate I can say that we are having a tremendous impact. This kind of reaction from the SNP is evidence of that. We are defending the union and advocating supporting any unionist party against the SNP and this unity is a threat to them, more so because it has come from ordinary citizens who have been pushed too far by the SNP. Labour/Tory/Lib Dem we really don't have a preference and have made a point of helping each of the parties. Country Before Party

Anonymous said...

Re. the polls, here's my prediction, guys:

1. Based upon what happened in the referendum, average the SNP share across the polls, and deduct 5 points. Let's be generous and give them 43%. That would put them, notionally, on 40 seats.

2. However, I would be deducting from the above 10 seats that they would win from Labour, and 5 seats from the Lib Dems, due to tactical voting and loyalty voting for the sitting MP. That would leave, according to my back-of-the-fag-packet calculations:

SNP: 35 seats

Labour: 26

Lib Dem: 6

Conservative: 2

(This doesn't assume that either Wishart or Robertson will be dislodged, and assumes Salmond will win in Gordon.)

Thus, it's my conclusion that, although this would obviously be a big win for the SNP, it's not going to be quite the victory they currently think. And neither is it going to be Armageddon for the others. Indeed, in such circumstances, the three Unionist parties will come out thinking they've actually won; and it might be just about enough to put Labour over the line nationally.

As for me, I'm voting tactically for the Conservatives in Angus to get the useless SNP guy Mike Weir out.

Cheers, Derek

Anonymous said...

Robertson could be in the unenviable position of being without Salmond in 4 weeks times. A letter to Private Eye from a Gordon constituent is saying that it's not all sweetness and light for Salmond there. I think tactical voting might just screw his return to Westminster up.

Then there was last night's "group hug". Sturgeon doesn't have a bloody clue how to be a politician. Not only has the SNP shown all their cards before any negotiation (ie we won't work with x,y and z), she's aligning herself openly with the fruitcakes of the Greens. Sturgeon also tried to mock Farage over immigration. Sorry doll, but being concerned over pressures on public services due to uncontrolled immigration is neither racist nor xenophobic.

No matter how many seats the SNP wins, they will have no negotiating powers whatsoever. Anything they try will be rebuffed.

Robertson is a political lightweight, and it shows whenever the SNP are challenged openly.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you, George.

Type in "Nicola sturgeon disaster" into Google, and you will only get a single page of answers. At the foot of the page is the message that entries have been removed under EU data protection laws.

Get a feeling that Sturgeon is now trying to limit what is said about her online? So much of open and transparent government.

Anonymous said...

Can you hear the desperation???? Hear it from all of you so-called Unionists! If a member of the Liebore party is actively telling people to vote Cons/Fib Dems to vote tactically, they will be removed from the party.. so your all wrong. Whistle blowing rather than grassing. H

Freddy said...

To anonymous 1 try it using a VPN set it to the US see if you get different results. As for the other Joker they wouldn't be making such a big thing about it unless it was worrying them which i think it is.