Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scotland in Union publish the Guide to tactical voting against the SNP, United Against Separation are put in work on the ground to ensure that Pete Wishart doesn’t return to Westminster, tactical voting is becoming this year’s must have information to beat unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Candidate Pete Wishart starts to feel the heat, is it all slipping away from the SNP now?

Dear All

As general readers know I am a bit of a blogger in Scotland, so anyway I was doing my normal thing, know what I saying when up pops someone and asks me would I like to join a BT Group.

I thought hmmm!

The person said;

‘we know that you don’t need us but we would really like you to join, and we need you’.

So, I decided to stick my head through the door so to speak and see the lie of the land. After being welcomed I found that people really liked my blog and the fact I had done my bit for keeping Scotland in the UK. The next thing I knew people were asking me to join other groups and give my advice on campaigning.

Apparently I am a team player after all!

One of the other groups which I am not in, but aware of is Scotland in Union, they are doing research and analysis which is always handy and they have connections to other people and groups.

Scotland in Union has launched a new campaign that gives Scots the information on how to vote tactically to stop an SNP landslide. At present, things in politics in Scotland are unbalanced; where clear and logical thinking is required some people have been swept along by emotion. The SNP at present is promising people heaven and earth to get some of the worst dross possible into Westminster. Yesterday I wrote about one of them, Natalie McGarry, who deserves not to win Glasgow East, in the Cowdenbeath by-election, she imploded the SNP vote by about 50%, even her local connections couldn’t stop people seeing the truth about her.

The truth being she is a dud!

The tactical voting guide in an ideal world wouldn’t be needed, it would be everyone for them; but at this juncture in Scottish history, it is needed, the general election in Scotland has to return the best placed candidate in each constituency to beat the SNP.

I would strongly urge people to pop along to the Scotland in Union website and have a read, as well as analysis, there is the bookmakers’ odds for the victor this time. If you want to try and have a punt down the bookies, the name of the Labour, Tory or Liberal Democrat candidate with the best chance of beating the Nationalists is highlighted in bold.

As well as Scotland in Union, there is also United Against Separation (UAS), this is the new kid on the block of political campaigning which is emerging as a frontrunner in ‘on the ground’ campaigning. UAS is seeking to unseat Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, using tactical voting.

Pete Wishart must be thinking how did I get so much attention and heat on my ass?

Well, Pete, have you considered it might be because of Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, a notorious carpetbagger who has been in more political parties than some people have pairs of shoes?

When you call down the rain, you have also got to deal with the mud.

United Against Separation (UAS) is a fairly open group, they have people from all strands of the political spectrum, Labour, Tory, Lib Dem members as well as people who are not in a political party. In what must be seen as an extraordinary move, UAS wants people who voted no to back the Tories. Andrew Skinner, of UAS, told the Dundee Courier it was a “tall order” to unseat Wishart who is defending a majority of 4,379 but the good news is that around 60 per cent of voters in Perth and Kinross rejected independence. And in more bad news of Pete Wishart, Andrew said the group was “really shocked at the positive reaction we got” in the North Muirton area of the seat.

Politics is a funny old game! I mean who would have thought a Tory revival in Scotland would be done by people in the Labour and Lib Dem Parties. As well as UAS wanting Pete Wishart to get shafted, up pops, Forward Together, they have been formed in the area to have a crack at Pete Wishart also. The analysis shows that the Conservative Candidate Alexander Stewart has the best chance of beating Mr Wishart in Perth and North Perthshire.

Go that Tory!

Personally, I have no ill will to Pete Wishart, if you have ever heard him ‘standing up for Scotland’ you will be drawn his unintentional comic touch, I mean who can talk such utter shite, keep a straight face and look like they believe it. Wishart even said once if I recall correctly that he wasn’t a ‘Nationalist’, well he isn’t a politician either in my opinion but that is another matter.

When it comes to Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, I will settle for her not getting elected if given a straight choice between Wishart and Shiekh, she is a Sturgeon crony or as some SNP describe the clique surrounding Sturgeon, part of ‘the sisterhood’. Tasmina doesn’t deserve to go to Westminster, just like she didn’t deserve to go to the European Parliament.

One of the things that needs to be pressed home by all the parties, is Nicola Sturgeon’s financial incompetent by wanting FFA, (Full Fiscal Autonomy), people are right to be concerned about the SNP’s plans to cut all financial ties with the UK. If anyone was dopey enough to give it to them, the country would be in chaos and unstable, this would also trigger problems in the rest of the UK and on the financial markets. Laughingly, it is said that the SNP want Full Fiscal Autonomy in the ‘good times’ but also a Barnett style ‘get out of jail free card’ when they mess up.

Maybe someone should tell unpopular Nicola Sturgeon it doesn’t work that way, its all or nothing.

Back to Pete Wishart who might be seeing the end of his political career if the wind is blowing in the right direction, he in an act of sheer desperation said to the press that traditional Labour voters would be “absolutely appalled” that party supporters are asking them to back the Tories.


The SNP keep saying there is no difference between Labour and the Conservatives, is that a lie Pete by the SNP leadership?

And becoming hysterical he called the campaign “bizarre and poorly thought out.”

Niet Comrade, us, proud Scots have a tradition of putting political boot to political ass, what has Pete Wishart done for Perth and North Perthshire, some people say sweet FA, and that is more than enough reason to give him the heave ho!

Finally, my advice to Pete Wishart if he loses, blame Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, and be quite vocal about it to Dundee SNP, after all, the Hosie clan might have an eye on moving into Bute House.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

They don't know the meaning of the word irony george, the fact that he is bleating about it means he knows that campaigning is having an effect. Hopefully he and others will be saying the people have spoken damm them , but i doubt it they will keep on bleating.

Anonymous said...

At time of writing the "Scotland in Union" website seems to have been taken down.

Could it be that the CyberNats are bit more worried than they're letting on?

P.S. Keep up the good work George! Reading your Blog fair makes ma day!

Anonymous said...

Tactical voting is definitely the best way forward. It would be brilliant to see a secure SNP MP ousted by a Tory. Only need to get 2,500 people who voted for anyone except Tory / SNP to vote Tory. Even if they eat into his majority that will worry them, since the popularity (so-called) of the SNP can only go one way now.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding superior, which I'm most definitely not, the majority ( not all ) of SNP supporters are fairly low down in the pecking order for brains. Most probably never payed attention at school. Hardly the calibre of people that can forge ahead with a new Scottish order. You can't run a prosperous country with SNP engineered Islamic immigrants, asylum seekers, indigenous pond life, juicers and heroin addicts for inhabitants. Swinney ain't gonna get much tax uptake from that bunch. Fiscal levers my ass. I reckon many will leave Scotland if the Nats take total control. I know I will. Labour and the Tories have no one else to blame but themselves for the rise to power of the SNP. It's quite frightening that they may actually control our very lives. These people are seriously nuts and must be stopped with tactical voting. This is a really serious issue and much more important than any single political party. I hate the SNP with extreme prejudice. Wishart's mob have done absolutely NOTHING for our wee Perth. Bunch of bastards the lot of them. Vote them out everywhere. You know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

A very good peice

bucksboy said...

Good read - thanks.