Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Andrew Neil tears apart SNP Finance Minister John Swinney, this is an epic crash of the GE2015 election , hat tip to blog reader Freddy for finding pure gold


Anonymous said...

can you imagine an isiot like that on the world stage? Bloody hell, our country would be a laughing stock.

Smudge said...

Typical NATZ,,, blame Westminster for everything, even when they, ( the NATZ) have the responsibility for the subjects Swinney was asked about by Andrew Neil. SNPSTV would have given him a much easier interview, well, they would wouldn't they. God help Scotland with that fool in charge of the wallet. I wonder whether Swinney knows what happened to Alex Salmond's unaccounted for, £54.000 that many people very often enquire about in newspaper comment columns? hmmm.

Terry Summers said...

The SNP leadership have been given an easy ride by the Scottish media. Interviewers and journalists have been cowed by the cybernat and rentamob elements of the SNP. It is well past time that the likes of Neill and Paxman had a good go at Sturgeon, Hosie and Swinney.

Anonymous said...

he reminds me of Pike from Dads Army
Any thoughts about this guy
Georgie boy


is he a crank?


Anonymous said...

Total and utter destruction. I have never heard such a load of bollocks coming from a politician.

It's on a par with Ed Balls destruction 2 weeks ago on Radio 4. In fact, it's worse. And that is saying something.

If Swinney is giving these reasons for interfering in Westminster, the SNP are going to make a complete arse of themselves.

No wonder he doesn't stand at Westminster. He wouldn't last 5 minutes.

G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

Craig Murray wouldn't say crank, say he was duped by SNP.