Thursday, April 30, 2015

Behind the Mask, twisted sister, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says she would vote for Twitter troll candidate Neil Hay who compared Scots who support the Union to Nazi collaborators, Sturgeon seal of approval to cybernat abuse, vote tactically to get rid of bad rubbish

Dear All

One of the biggest lies in Scottish politics which has never been successfully challenged in my mind is the lie that the Scottish National Party stands for fairness, equality and social justice.

They don’t.

As I keep saying eventually the truth about people comes out, you might have to wait for it, in that period you may experience disappointment but truth will always out.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is a rat, her husband, Peter Murrell is a rat and she surrounds herself with rats.

The rat list is growing, you just have to let SNP Candidates speak and they will dig their own hole, no help from the opposition required other than being an audience.

No matter how many kids Sturgeon clings on to the fact is she isn’t a nice person, she never was, she is an angry wee Nat full of bile and hate, the mainstream press in Scotland don’t do any real digging because it is not in their interest and they don’t wish to be targeted.

You can understand why as these people have families.

Nicola Sturgeon has said she would vote for Twitter troll candidate Neil Hay, this tells you and anyone else what lays beneath the false front that Sturgeon puts up. She claims Neil Hay has learnt his lesson, so what is the lesson he learned?

Don’t get caught?

Keep your mouth shut and you can get an MP’s salary?

I don’t think in my opinion that Hay experienced any type of regret for what he done in much the same way as other SNP candidates who have been outed. The SNP just a damage limitation exercise, claiming their candidate or elected person are sorry and they have moved on, lessons learned.

In this election as many commentators have noticed Nicola Sturgeon is unable to answer the big questions, Eddy Mair certainly took her apart on her disgraceful record as Health Sec, she couldn’t defend her failures, because there was so much in year in year out.  

The latest person from the BBC to be attacked by the cybernats is Kaye Adams, her crime, conducting a BBC radio interview asking difficult questions of Nicola Sturgeon.

Hundreds of Nationalists took to Twitter to abuse Kaye Adams after the Radio Scotland phone-in with Sturgeon, accusing her of being rude, ignorant and of displaying an anti-SNP bias. In TV debates, you can’t fail to have noticed that Nicola Sturgeon is rude, ignorant and completely lacking in class as she talks over people. It seems when Nicola Sturgeon shouts people down her sycophantic cult followers think this is a sign of strength when it is in fact weakness and fear.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t stand up for Scotland and she doesn’t speak for Scotland.

Sturgeon effectively runs a cult with her husband which allows them to rake in the best part of a quarter of a million a year.

The fact she has said would still vote for a disgraced SNP candidate Neil Hay speaks volumes about her personal integrity, Hay who compared Scots who support the United Kingdom to Nazi collaborators. Hay is standing in a key marginal of Edinburgh South where Ian Murray is the Labour Candidate, his majority isn’t great.

One of the ridiculous demands that the SNP have floated is that broadcasting should be devolved to Holyrood. After the last few years of abuse which we now know can be traced back to the core of the SNP, devolved broadcasting is a non starter.  

One of the angry Nat mob on Twitter said:

“If the Scottish Government got control of the BBC in Scotland the likes of Kaye Adams will be history and that is why she is hostile.”

Threatening someone’s job security when they are an innocent person is a hallmark of the Nationalist community in Scotland.

A BBC Scotland spokesman said:

“Kaye’s interview was rigorous and fair. The interview is one of a series on the programme, featuring the leaders of the main parties. Each interview has been and will be conducted with equal fairness. The leaders are given the opportunity both to explain their thinking on matters of public concern and answer criticisms of it, but it is also Kaye’s role to put the questions on behalf of our listeners and support the members of the public who have called in to look for answers.”

What we can take from this sorry episode is a number of things, the BBC and other reporters are fair game for abuse, Nicola Sturgeon has given the green light to her nasty vile clique to abuse anyone, including opposition politicians, and the lie of equality, fairness and social justice is just an election gimmick, a tool to con the public.

The Scottish National Party is a rat ship, one in seven Scots as I blogged yesterday are voting tactically because they know or sense a general unease in Scottish politics, the like of which they have never felt before.

Nicola Sturgeon’s mask has slipped, the horrible nasty bitter person of old hasn’t learned the lessons of history, she like Alex Salmond just managed to cover it up for the cameras, but as I said in the end, the truth will always out!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

The problem is George the press are cowed and say nothing about it which is a disgracefull state of affairs . I saw some of the abuse on Effie Deans blog and i have no doubt that some of it is too vile to print. I imagine your mailbox could tell a story as well.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

It could be said that sometimes the Nat community have turned up to be how shall I put it, less than kind.

That being said, I was told the SNP do sit and read the blog and agree with some of what I say in private relating to cock ups by the SNP Govt.


Donald MacKenzie said...

It is disappointing when Nationalists attack the media when they are merely doing their job of challenging interviewees to justify their actions and policies.
The attacks seem to have the effect of making media "over careful" in their handling of the SNP and its politicians.
This validates the SNP bullying behaviour as it reduces the challenge that their leaders face.
We, that is the people of Scotland and the wider UK, NEED to investigate SNP activities and policies as thoroughly as the other parties. SNP complaints and protests should not limit enquiry.

Hun fae Perth said...

I never understand why politicians seem to think being seen around children is a good thing to do. No politician would have been allowed anywhere near my children, growing up. I reckon they just want to appear intelligent and "that" isn't possible for the heinous wee bile spouter Sturgeon. Definitely not - fandabiedosie.

It does make you wonder though, without getting carried away in conspiracy, just how far the SNP would officially go regarding retribution for anti party activity. Remember the threats from Shrek. He threatened every man and their dog. Vote spinning exercise I suspect. Surely the SNP do not plan a Robert Mugabe. Nothing would surprise me though.

Anonymous said...

None of the other parties has ever attacked the media for asking tough questions.

There is the occasional moment when the media does cross the line, but presenters like Kaye Adams do not get their job easily.
Live television is extremely demanding, and those who present are highly professional. You may not like some of them, but they have to be respected, not threatened so openly or in the case of Salmond, blaming them for his own failures.
I've been in a Question Time audience, and Dimbleby is extremely professional.
The SNP are demanding broadcasting be devolved to Holyrood. What they really mean is that they want Murdoch to take over. Today's English edition of the Sun absolutely tears the SNP apart, yet Sturgeon says zip, as does the cybernat community.
I am genuinely worried about the rise to power of the SNP. 4 years ago I voted for them and thought change was most definitely needed. Not I am against them. I don't see any party fit for power, although each party has some excellent politicians within. The SNP is a propaganda machine and does not tolerate dissent or criticism.
I'm half-expecting a law which criminalises criticism of the First Minister and the government. Some other countries have draconian laws. Don't be surprised if it happens here.
Next week, vote tactically. The SNP has to be reined in otherwise next year will see yet another referendum.

Sherbie. said...

I tell you this,, we've heard NOTHING from business leaders or the unions over this scandalous behaviour either. Have they "been threatened" by the SNZP to keep quiet, or haven't they got the guts. Scotland is in limbo again as Sturgeon and her nat clique try to cook the result. Scotland, in the long run really is doomed. The other day, we read that 200 British workers at Scotland's Environment Agency were sacked over a 3 or 4 month period, and replaced by "cheaper staff" from India, South America and Korea. These foreign workers are alleged to have entered the UK on Tier 2 Visas, designed only to be used by people coming to the UK ONLY to fill a position, that cannot be filled by settled workers. These claims, made by 2 former employees were passed on to NicolaSturgeon, who was challenged to explain why she "TOOK NO ACTION". Police Scotland's Economic Crimes Unit are investigating a raft of allegations, including fraud, Visa fraud, breaches of employment law and misconduct in public office. The IT unit at the Department of Agriculture, Farming and Rural Affairs where this fiasco happened, formally consisted of around 200 British experts, and there job was to create a £200 million online system for processing farming claims and agricultural subsidies. By March this year, almost ALL the staff were Tier 2 Visa holders from India, South America and Korea. Why is there SO VERY LITTLE of this mentioned in the newspapers? Where are the Unions on this disgraceful episode, and why did Nicola Sturgeon not take any action. Two weeks ago, Nicola Sturgeon said, "we need strong controls on immigration, and we need to make sure people do not get away with abusing the system the rest of us pay for". And then we get this,,, British workers sacked, and replaced by cheap labour from abroad, using Visas thay should not be using. All of this is available to read online,,, shocking. WHERE ARE THE UNIONS IN THIS!!

Anonymous said...

As an outsider I think that if the British government DID sanction another indyref, it'd only be through undemocratic bullying and threats. The nationalists would have to trash everything we in rUK have and of course, Scotland. In fact with all that would come before, another indyref would be the least of all our problems.

Good luck to you.