Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister sees support for second indyref collapse as new poll shows it is 19th out of 23 in the priorities of Scots, as Sturgeon screams ‘bairns not bombs’, Trident comes last, just like in 2010, the SNP leadership is sorely out of touch with the majority of Scotland, oh and the ‘tampax campaign’ is also dying a slow death

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond said that the Scottish independence was a ‘once in a generation’ event. The idea was to galvanise the maximum support possible in his attempt to win it.

Lying to Scots did for him; as soon as he was soundly defeated he resigned as First Minister.    

At present the current situation is that we are in the midst of a Westminster election with unpopular Nicola Sturgeon making bizarre claims which she cannot deliver on. Just like in the referendum, Nicola has no problem conning the electorate, her latest gimmick is to ‘guarantee’ that the SNP MPs in Westminster will protect the oil and gas industry.

That is such bollocks.

At the STV leaders' debate Which Nicola Sturgeon didn’t win, she hinted that the Nationalists could decide to propose another vote to break up the United Kingdom. In order to do this, the SNP would first need a majority win of seats in the Scottish Parliament. The second obstacle is that if David Cameron is back as Prime Minister, he will not sanction a second referendum. I would suspect that Ed Miliband would probably do likewise, this means a generation would need to pass before the SNP could get another. By that time, Salmond and Sturgeon would probably be either dead or out of front line politics.  

When the spectre of a second indyref was hinted during the debate, Sturgeon was loudly booed by the audience in Edinburgh. It seems yet again her supposed popularity doesn’t extend beyond carefully staged managed events.

According to a new poll a second independence referendum would rank 19th on a list of 23 priorities for Scotland’s voters. The Ipsos Mori poll for BBC Scotland is interesting because of the fact having talked about nothing else for two years solid, the public has moved on since September. 

During this campaign the SNP have been pushing their anti nuclear stance to get rid of Trident from Scotland, Trident came bottom of the list of voters concerns. In May 2012, I said the SNP needed to adopt Nato and keep Faslane as a nuclear submarine base, Salmond and Sturegon attempted a halfway house by just going as far as backing Nato membership.

The amusing thing about the poll was that the most popular policy was increasing the minimum wage for those aged over 21, who doesn’t like pay increases.

At present the kindest thing to say that politics in Scotland is in flux, a more accurate description is that a large section of the population being politically ignorant has gone mad. We are seeing one-track minds and mass groupthink associated with pro independence supporters who have been hoodwinked previously by false prophet Alex Salmond only to buy into another false prophet Nicola Sturgeon. Both of them offered a land of milk and honey, endless summers of nirvana, but the reality is that Scotland would end up in financial chaos; we would leave economic security or economic insecurity.

And if you think Sturgeon and Co can fix this, look at health, education, law and order, the big three departments of devolved state, all a shambles, the Scottish Government is just the SNP’s ‘toy’.

Let’s take education, 140,000 places have been cut in the college sector, the normal student of colleges is kids from working class backgrounds, they have been robbed of getting a foothold on the ladder to success. If you go one step up from college to university, you will find children in the poorest areas are hardly any more likely to attend university now than when Holyrood was set up in 1999.

8 years of SNP Government hasn’t delivered equality, in fact you could say it has delivered inequality as the SNP leadership have shown to be very much anti working class. So, we have some working class people supporting the SNP leaders and ironically the SNP leaders not supporting them.

If you are poor now in Scotland, you would be just poor in an independent Scotland. The tools to change Scotland to make it less unfair already exist, the SNP won’t use them. Nicola Sturgeon is happy to let your family live in squalor, and why shouldn’t she? Sturgeon’s family is milking being ‘social justice champions’ to the tune of £250,000 a year. And I am not counting in her other relatives who have accessed the public purse.

In a couple of weeks Sturgeon will publish a manifesto as other parties do, the difference is no matter how many seats the SNP win they cannot hold Westminster to ransom. Ordinary people of different parties and none came together to defeat the SNP, it is therefore not too much to ask the Westminster parties put country before party and if needs must, have a ‘grand coalition’.

In times of national emergency people come together to defeat a common enemy, differences are put aside, this is such a time, tactical voting is required so that the best placed candidate of whatever party which stands the most chance of defeating the SNP can be allowed to win.

While so many people of this country have been deluded and conned, yet again, the majority of Scots will have to step in help democracy flourish.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Anonymous said...

Sturgeon is losing the plot.

Trident is not such a major issue as they say. I know a couple of CND supporters who are genuine about their belief, but they don't claim to speak for everyone.

It really pisses me off when SNP representatives speak on "behalf of the people of Scotland". No they fucking don't. It's patronising crap that is almost as bad as the "common weal". FFS I wish they would speak plainly instead of half-arsed Scots. I'm a strong patriot but I don't want the SNP's version of independence. If I wanted that I'd emigrate to North Korea or Russia.

Keep up the good work George.

Anonymous said...

snp will implode soon

Anonymous said...

jesus Georgieboy how did you ever put up with these clowns?


G Laird said...

Dear Crookie

"jesus Georgieboy how did you ever put up with these clowns?"

I used to bite my tongue a lot, and also tried to steer them towards sense. When I did speak out it was to correct them as to why something they wanted to do was wrong.

Not an easy task.


Anonymous said...

But why did a smart guy like you join these loons? The weak minded have not chance against the cult

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"But why did a smart guy like you join these loons? The weak minded have not chance against the cult".

I believe them when they said they stood for social justice, to my complete surprise it turned out to be all lies.