Friday, April 24, 2015

‘Queen of Rats’, The SNP are the cybernats, the cybernats are the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon backs ‘hate’ candidate Neil Hay in Westminster election by refusing to remove him, the message from Sturgeon appears to be, ‘hate is okay, just don’t get caught’, anyone still wondering why she surrounds herself with kids now?

Dear All

Have you ever heard of the Nolan Principles?

They are the bench mark for setting standards in public life for Politicians. One of the principles that people entering public life are supposed to have is leadership. Regular readers know that for some considerable time that I have commented on the fact that the Scottish National Party is a ‘rat ship’.

Some people in the cybernat community including the current poster boy of Nationalist abuse Piers Doughty-Brown have disliked me for ‘writing him up’ on the blog for his despicable antics regarding Margaret Curran.

He was wrong.

Piers Doughty-Brown is just a symptom of the disease that infects Nationalism in Scotland. Although credit where credit is due, it appears for the moment that rather than continuing his ‘crusade’ against Margaret Curran when she was doing doorstep canvassing, he moved onto public events involving Jim Murphy.

Nothing wrong in heckling at a public event, if you pop your head over the parapet, you are effectively saying ‘come ahead’. That being said, you should use judgment at all times, people have the right to run their events to get out their message, bottom line is that everyone should have a free and fair election.

If heckling is your thing, and it can be good fun, then election night in the counting hall as the result is announced is an excellent place to ‘rip the utter pish’ out of the opposition. Hustings are another good place for those interested in being vocal, but the ‘chair’ must be respected, so if they tell you sit your ass down, then you sit your ass down.    

The Scottish National Party for years have claimed that the cybernats are nothing to do with them, the reality is however very different.

If you do a bit of digging, which I had to do, you can find out that these people doing the abuse are connected to the SNP leadership despite trying to be anonymous.

As people know, I have no time for unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, she is common, lacks class, has a massive chip on her shoulder, and isn’t a leader of men.

Leadership is a serious responsibility, if you have someone who is ill prepared, lacks decency or doesn’t care, it is a recipe for disaster. The person at the top ‘sets the standard’, people take their lead from them, if that person is a piece of shit, then the rest below will become embolden to act as if they had some kind of green light.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a leader that is fairly obvious, leadership isn’t about just accepting the ‘glory’, which seems to be the hallmark of Ms Sturgeon’s leadership, she appears to being in ‘love’ with being liked, a very shallow and needy woman, leadership is about accepting the other baggage that goes with it.

Sturgeon has refused to sack an SNP election candidate called Neil Hay after he was exposed for posting online messages which branded No voters “traitors.” On 22 October 2012 in a tweet he likened supporters of Scotland staying in the UK to “Quislings”. Quisling was a Second World War 2 term used as an insult from the name of the Nazi collaborator who headed the puppet Norwegian government.

Neil Hay was posting under the anonymous name Paco McSheepie.

What does it say that Neil Hay was posting under an anonymous name, it show that he is at heart a coward like many people in the Scottish National Party. A cowardly piece of shit that patently doesn’t the courage of his own convictions just about sums him up. Another of his gems was the mocking of elderly voters for “barely knowing their own name”. After the indy defeat, some of the Nationalists blamed the elderly for voting no.

In a statement Hay said:

“The words in these old tweets were poorly chosen, and I apologise for any offence caused. They are not in keeping with the way I would express myself now.”

Oh, isn’t there an election on?

At present the current Nationalist line is that this is an ‘old account’,  the bad news for Neil Hay is that Edinburgh Evening News after some digging discovered the account was used earlier this month, and was only deleted after the paper approached the SNP about it.

So, what should have Nicola Sturgeon have done?

Firstly, she should have suspended him, after reviewing the evidence, and that means reading Hay’s entire tweets from when he became an approved SNP candidate.

If any of the tweets were written during this period, she should have removed him as an SNP candidate, leaving him if he so wished to continue his campaign alone.

Sturgeon should have then banned any current SNP member from taking part in his campaign, and if he was elected, she should state that for the entire life of the next Westminster Parliament, he would be an independent.

So, what did Nicola Sturgeon do?

Well, she did the ‘cheap talk’ of apologising in Parliament which is really meaningless; then she decided to play the blame game after the matter was raised by Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale.

Sturgeon said:

“I would invite Kezia Dugdale before she comes to me lecturing me on what she expects me to do about SNP members - can I politely suggest that she puts her own house in order first.”

Labour Deputy Leader Kezia Dugdale said this wasn’t enough; however she should accept that this is all she is getting.

Nicola Sturgeon has in my mind absolutely no integrity, and speaking of people getting their ‘house in order’, perhaps she should start with her own home in Baillieston, Glasgow.

A good place to clean house is to start to have a rather large word with husband Peter Murrell. After that rather frank discussion with hubby, she should next move onto the people in her Glasgow Southside clique, namely the odious Natalie McGarry who is standing in Glasgow East. She is another person who should have been removed as an SNP Candidate but wasn’t, it seems that if you are a ‘good pal’ of Sturgeon you can’t be removed.   

The victims of Nationalist abuse are piling up, in one sense; it gives the Court system a run of business which they possibly didn’t bank on. Victims include journalists and participants in TV debates; women seem to be a special target of the abuse from the Nationalist camp.

Neil Hay is the SNP’s Edinburgh South candidate, if there is any justice left in Scotland, the people of Edinburgh South should send the Labour Candidate Ian Murray to Westminster.

Although, the focus is on Neil Hay, the real focus should be on Nicola Sturgeon, why is she so lacking in the fundamental requirements of leadership, she surrounds herself with sycophants who are as equally as poisonous as Neil Hay, her party is effectively a cult top heavy with idiots.  

Eventually people in Scotland will come to the George Laird view as has happened many times before; sadly it may transpire that some of the worst type of Nationalist pond life might slip through the net.

I supported tactical voting very early on; I did so because there is something incredibly rotten at the core of Scottish society, it is the Scottish National Party.

The SNP is a ‘rat ship’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Freddy said...

I await the comments on this piece of work George . I'm sure when the queen of hate see's it that it will keep her mood pleasant. As for surrounding herself with kids she reminds me of the childsnatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on a PR exercise.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

Maybe Piers will pop by to protest his innocence again.

And do a bit bit of threatening again as well.


Don Quixote said...

Mr Laird,
I see it is to be business as usual, with lies, deception and false accusations being the order of the day, throughout your tawdry little blog. I insist that you stop associating the good name of the SNP with your sleazy and underhand campaign.
The Don has spoken.

Sherbie said...

The rat ship SNP only decided to ditch Nicola Sturgeon's "close friend" and "serial wife beating thug" and former SNP MSP Bill Walker, after he was found guilty of 22 counts of domestic abuse, going back nearly 3 decades. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Only then did the SNP dictatorship decide to throw him out. You might not get away with anything if your imprisoned, but you'll get away with more or less anything else, recent cases, such as the cowardly, insulting Neil Hay. Who'd want an offensive mouthpiece like that as your MP,,,, yuk!!!! He should be removed, but Sturgeon wont allow that, she hasn't got the guts. She is quick to pounce on anyone else, but she'll protect the Nat clique.

G Laird said...

Dear Don

“Mr Laird,
I see it is to be business as usual, with lies, deception and false accusations being the order of the day, throughout your tawdry little blog”.

Duncan McLean, I have to say, some time ago, I had a critic called Hamish, he regularly through-out the Scottish indy debate tried to score a point on me.

He failed.

“I insist that you stop associating the good name of the SNP with your sleazy and underhand campaign.

The Don has spoken”.

I am not running a sleazy and underhand campaign, I don’t post anonymously like Neil Hay who is very much right at the heart of the SNP either, this rather puts your joke of “good name of the SNP” into context I think.

Take the blinkers off.


Freddy said...

My god the Don has spoken who do you think you are Marlon Brando. I think this blog is getting to you probably because to paraphrase another star " you can't handle the truth" but feel free to comment again i'm sure the regular readers enjoy seeing your vitriol. I wonder if you're the other bald dude trying again only too scared to use your real name. :)

Anonymous said...

Hay is a disgrace and not fit to hold any public office. Deliberately hiding under a false identity to then verbally abuse those who he wishes to represent is the actions of a immature troll.

He should have been sacked. Doesn't matter what party he's from, the same applies to all.

Sturgeon won't kick him out because Edinburgh South is a fairly marginal seat. If he wins the seat, then the local media should hound him and constantly remind the electorate what sort of person he is. He does work for a pensioners charity! They are now investigating. With any luck, they'll boot him into touch.

Anonymous said...

Mustn't forget that foul mouthed Mhairi Black, the 20yr old snp politics student. Even snp supporters have comnented on her facebook page that she's not fit to stand and should be expelled from the party. Surprisingly enough unpopular nicola, the queen rat, hasn't done anything.

Anonymous said...

Poor Don he just needs to bite the cybernat pillow......and shut the fuck up, twat

Another excellent article full of pith wit and observation Georgieboy


northards said...

Your own language leaves a lot to be desired. Blogs like this add nothing to reasoned argument. It seems to me you are just another empty headed person looking for something to be offended about.

Anonymous said...

northards or is that retard?

If you have such a low opinion of this blog, why are you here?



Anonymous said...

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G Laird said...

Dear Northards

"Your own language leaves a lot to be desired. Blogs like this add nothing to reasoned argument. It seems to me you are just another empty headed person looking for something to be offended about".

You are entitled to your opinion, of course language can be used for dramatic effect to enhance a point, also I reject the empty headed person gib, I am the 'dumb fuck' who proposed the National Police force while in the SNP in September 2010.

And the SNP fucked that up by changing my idea.


Anonymous said...

Noticed one thing. The so called "professional" nationalist support websites haven't said a thing about Hay unless challenged. Quick to criticise, impossibly slow to admit.
And when they admit he was at fault, they either make his offensive tweets to be "banter" or start wittering on about the bloody msm and BBC.

danny said...

great blog, one of thr best reads in scottish politics, keep up the good work.

Don Quixote said...

I beseech you without procrastination, to retract your rancid, cretinous and defamatory baldist comments.
By decree of The Don.

Don Quixote said...

Commiserations Crookie,
In spite of your superlatively unsurpassed endeavours.
The Don refuses to bite.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts Georgie boy?

Ibrox Loyal
34 mins · Edited ·
Rangers Supporters Trust Statement r.e Sectarian Comments from SNP's Brendan O'Hara:
"We are extremely concerned to read reports of SNP Argyll and Bute candidate, Brendan O'Hara's use of the sectarian term "Hun" to describe Rangers supporters. We also do not consider the response of the SNP to Mr O'Hara's bigoted comments to be appropriate.
The SNP has introduced legislation in the form of the Offensive Behaviour at Football bill which has seen young football fans jailed for precisely the type of language used by Mr O'Hara.
For the avoidance of doubt we vehemently disagree with this approach to sectarian issues but the SNP clearly do not. Despite widespread condemnation they pushed through their draconian and inconsistent legislation. Against that backdrop, the idea that they consider a man who uses sectarian language as an appropriate person to represent them in the UK Parliament is quite astounding.
In an ideal world the voters in Argyll and Bute would decide whether Mr O'Hara is suitable to represent them following his multiple sectarian outbursts, but this is Scotland 2015 and the SNP should play by their own rules. Their response claims Mr O'Hara simply used a derogatory term for Rangers fans. He did not.
He used a sectarian term which is widely used in Northern Ireland and the West of Scotland to describe those perceived to be Protestants.
The hypocrisy of the SNP position - which appears to be summed up as do as we say not as we do - is plain for all to see. They are happy to see young men jailed for such mistakes but think it is appropriate for their own candidate to simply apologise.
Mr O'Hara should resign or be removed as a candidate and the SNP should show people that their approach to sectarianism does not begin and end with victimisation of football fans."
Like · Comment · Share · 1091421


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

I said for some considerable time that there was an elecment in the SNP which I dubbed sein fein lite.

This just shows that the SNP is a 'rat ship', the people really need to wake up.


Sherbie said...

Anyone know anything more about the IT fraud story linked to Nicola Sturgeon? It was in the Daily Express today. The police are believed to be carrying out an investigation.

Anonymous said...

Mr Laird what of this?

East Lothian SNP candidate George Kerevan quoted in Scotsman today saying he would push for FFA & "independence would follow as the UK economy implodes".

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled and deeply offended being referred to as "hun" by the SNP. Mr O'Hara is obviously not acceptable to represent any political party, nevermind the SNP, in parliament or otherwise. The man is clearly a bigot. This of course is typical of the double standards from the SNP. The SNP will of course do nothing. This will only endorse their double standards. From this episode, we can only determine that Mr O'Hara and probably most of the SNP, are unable to "do the bouncy."

Anonymous said...


· 56 mins 56 minutes ago

WATCH: in a closed door meeting Stewart Hosie gave the game away on the SNP's plans for a second referendum: …


Embedded image permalink

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I had to delete a comment of yours, as it could have been a problem for me.


s said...

Hosie? that useless dipstick didn't even turn up for a vote on the bedroom tax,,, hypocrite Hosie!!

Freddy said...

No bother you won't see me having open letters and ranting about it George it's your blog your rules etc.

Anonymous said...

young Swinny wrecks his maws car

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

As you know I am fairly open, if you make a claim saying a person is x,y,z, the law says it is up to you to prove.

If you can't you may end up forking out a hefty chuck of change.

Best safe than sorry is my motto, thanks for understanding.