Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Glasgow East Election special: SNP members ‘hunt’ down Labour Candidate Margaret Curran as they use intimidation and terror tactics against her and voters, in a sinister turn, odious SNP Candidate Natalie McGarry says Margaret is a “fair target for community justice”, didn't the Nazis encourage ‘community justice’ against Jews?

Dear All

The SNP is a ‘rat ship’; the Scottish independence referendum was a ‘dry run’ for the use of terror tactics against politicians and members of the public who spoke out against the SNP cult and how it operates.

Rather than putting a stop to it, the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon sat back and allowed their members and ‘allies’ to use intimidation, this is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess, the Nazi leaders of 1930’s Germany.

Adolf Hitler was a great fan of being photographed with German youth, in this Westminster 2015 election, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon it seems has an ‘emergency child’ to put out every time she does a ‘stage managed’ spontaneous ‘meet the people’ event. 

At the same time, Sturgeon’s SNP Activists have been using intimidation tactics in Glasgow East were the odious Natalie McGarry is the Nationalist candidate. In politics, it is quite wrong and utterly disgraceful to disrupt people’s attempts to stand for political office.

Margaret Curran was elected as the Labour MP in 2010 in Glasgow East, she fought a good campaign and deserved to win, I was campaigning at that time for John Mason of the SNP. Despite warning him that he was in danger of losing the seat on two distinct occasions, he didn’t address the issue and lost by circa 13,000 votes. In 2015, Margaret Curran is standing again, this time things are different, she is being ‘hunted’ by the SNP in one of the most sinister episodes in the history of Scottish politics.

Hunted by SNP members, it isn’t just intimidation of the candidate but also intimidation of voters. During the independence referendum in Pollok, I witnessed the recording of female BT activists by Nationalists, later on SNP Candidate Chris Stephens who was part of the Yes Scotland rabble was later removed by Silverburn security staff.

Why didn’t he stop the filming of a woman?

Another good question is why did he do nothing when an Asian man was abused at the Pollok SNP selection meeting?

Back to Glasgow East, the SNP members seem to think it is acceptable to follow Margaret Curran around, they think it is okay to film her, and when she goes to speak to a voter, they think it is okay to shout at her as she tries to engage with the public.    

When the incident happened one of the Labour campaign team tries to reason with the male SNP member called Piers Doughty-Brown.

He screams back:

“We’re in a public street – we don’t need permission.”

When asked to stop the intimidation tactics, the reply is:

“Are you a police officer? Then go away from me, and go away from me now.”

On his Facebook page, Piers Doughty-Brown wrote:

“Long day hunting with Helen Tennant, but it paid off in the end when we cornered Margaret Curran.”

When the incident became public, the odious Natalie McGarry said Mrs Curran was a “fair target for community justice”.

One wonders if Margaret Curran will get any more ‘community justice’ from SNP members, it rather looks at some point that violence will be coming down the track. If SNP members decide that violence is the way to go, they might reflect on the fact that there is always space in prisons and when a fight breaks out people have the legal right to defend themselves.

Frank McAveety, the Labour councillor said:

“People getting filmed is a regular feature. There’s been incidents where our street stalls have been filmed by two people simultaneously – one on foot, one in a car. We’ve had women canvassers intimidated by groups of men. They get shouted at – things like ‘you’re finished in this town’, like it was the Wild West or something. It’s targeted disruption, a very fevered atmosphere.”

It seems yet again the SNP really do love filming vulnerable women, single women are it seems easy prey for groups of men.

Interestingly, although the SNP continually claim that the cybernats are nothing to do with them; if you do a bit of research you can see one of the worst of the cybernats at a party with an SNP Minister. Although in public the SNP distanced themselves from the person, in private it is a different story. And of course, it is no surprise that the odious Natalie McGarry was at another event where that individual was socialising with elected SNP politicians.

Something to think about, a Scottish political editor says that one of his colleagues did a senior SNP person a favour at a difficult time and was asked what he wanted in return.

Call off the cybernats, he said. “It stopped overnight,” says the political editor.

I don’t think that will happen in Glasgow East for Margaret Curran.

In Glasgow East, my message to the people is simply this, Vote Margaret Curran.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Intimidating your opponents, or simply those you do not agree with, has sinister undertones.

I wonder how Ms McGarry would feel about her every movement in public being filmed.

I think that every time these individuals with the cameras show up, someone should call the police. Every time. That will become a focus on the SNP and Sturgeon. The fact that an official candidate condones such behaviour is extremely worrying. Not only that, it is inexcusable behaviour. Ms McGarry may be a member of the SNP, but she is seeking to be elected, where she will be expected to represent all of her constituents, regardless of political allegiance.

She has no place in either Parliament.

Sherbie said...

Oh No,, SNP state controlled STV interviewing odious Natallie McGarry Must be home from home for this NAT RAT PACK.

Stockton said...

How right you are. Back at a meeting for Independence which I attended there was a man filming a section of the attendees. "The ones who were not Independent voters". I at the time in a loud voice told them to stop filming to no avail. I DID NOT VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE, I thought there was a nasty feeling about how things were going. Where are the POLICE and why is there no arrests. As far as I know this is a free country with the right to vote your own way.

Caron Lindsay said...

I am no nationalist, but here's my take on it. Natalie's comments were, I think, not the best language she could have used, but it's not quite as bad as it first seems. https://caronlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/snp-candidate-says-politicians-are-a-fair-target-for-community-justice-and-why-that-scares-me/

G Laird said...

Dear Caron

Hi, thanks for dropping by and posting a link, I remember seeing you at one of Gordon Brewer's debates.


Anonymous said...

This story highlights the rank hypocrisy between the perceptions of confrontational journalism, whether it be by professional journalists or citizen journalists.

Had I and my comrade been colleagues of Dominic Littlewood (Don’t get done get Dom BBC) or part of Ester Ransoms’ crew, then we’d have been hailed as heroes.

Our style was absolutely no different than that employed by a plethora of investigative journalists challenging folk on a variety of different issues from mere peccadillos to rank vagaries.

Currently praise for our actions by far outweighs the bile, I'd aver the bile comes from those who don’t agree with the SNP, but would happily sit back with a tea and a fag to watch Dom et al do their thing.

Piers Doughty-Brown said...

I doubt George Laird has actually seen the video we made on the day, and it’s a sad day when a Human Rights Activist reports complete falsehoods about my actions on the day, i.e. that I screamed at the canvasser that challenged me, the video clearly demonstrates that didn’t happen.

I do acknowledge that my report in facebook used some clumsy language, however every day’s a learning day.

1) At no point during or before the challenge was the SNP mentioned. My political affiliation has been assumed by my critics, neither I nor my comrade wore any SNP paraphernalia; hence we could have been from any party, or simply unaffiliated activists.
2) I’d challenge any of you to find evidence of any political party support in any of my activities as an activist.
3) In all my political campaigning my motivation has always been related to the issue and my own beliefs, not the party.
4) No laws were broken on the day, by either of us.
5) To my mind there is a vast imbalance in the media access available to politicians; an access they abuse by using it as a conduit to feed the public their lies, (think referendum) and little opportunity for us the public to expose their lack of voracity. Hence the need (I feel) to employ the occasional public exposure.
6) During the referendum I was part of many direct actions, as were millions of the people of Scotland, inter alia; the protests at the BBC; the visit of the ‘Three Amigos’ to name just two. Are my critics suggesting those protests were also wrong?

To my mind, it’s a melancholy time if we’ve reached a political climate, where three minutes of discomfiture to a politician of questionable voracity outweighs the consequences of the blight their policies and lies bring to the people of Scotland i.e. the bedroom tax; austerity; anti-independence etc.
I look around myself to access where peaceful politics have really achieved this Country; indeed the UK as a whole? Well here’s just one.
More of the UKs population have died as a consequence of ATOS issues, than were killed in Afghanistan.
So when politicians are complicit in a policy that’s led to 1600 vulnerable folk dying (or committing suicide) versus 648 dying at war, I’m to sit on my hands and wait until peaceful debate has resolved the issue right?
Not gonna happen!

G Laird said...

Dear Piers

I feel that your post is worthy of a reply by me as an open letter.

Monday afternoon I will stick it up.

Oh and please post a link to your footage which I notice isn't on your youtube channel.