Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Former Pollokshields SNP branch convener Muhammad Shoaib, key figure in unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s own constituency branch defects to Labour Party claiming Nats really do want Tory election victory, seems Nicola’s alleged “popularity” is waning rather rapidly in the cold light of day

Dear All

There comes a point in politics when you have to walk away from a political party because it no longer represents you, your community or indeed the best interests of the Country.

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she is ‘standing up for Scotland’, but she doesn’t speak for me or indeed the majority of people in this country. At present Scotland is heading down a road, it isn’t the road to independence but rather it is the road to fascism.

Sturgeon and the SNP want to destroy Labour in Scotland, this is the fight that is going on in Scotland now, who represents the ‘left’, ironically the SNP isn’t a left of centre party but is a party of the centre right just wearing the clothes of the left for votes.

Yesterday I blogged on attempts to ‘gag’ BBC reporter James Cook by use of intimidation, we know that there is a Nationalist agenda to ‘gag’ people who work in the public sector and of course SNP elected officials are already ‘gagged’.

Some people might say that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is a control freak who is so insecure she cannot tolerate anyone having an opinion of their own.

Recently, ‘frenchgate’ hit the headlines involving Nicola Sturgeon, the story was carried by the press and Sturgeon denied the claims made against her that she wanted David Cameron back as Prime Minister.

Apparently she doesn’t in public.

If Nicola Sturgeon told me the time, I would want confirmation by a third party; that is because I don’t believe a word she says anymore. The Scottish independence campaign if anything showed how low some people would stoop to win votes.

Lying did for the Nationalists.

As ‘frenchgate’ raged about the place with Nicola Sturgeon trying desperately to be seen as a ‘victim’, I wondered how the SNP was going to try and sell that to the public when she is so unlikeable and false.

Now, as an added on to ‘frenchgate’, a prominent independence campaigner has defected to Labour because he is  said to be “furious” that SNP figures are secretly hoping for a Tory victory in the general election.

In reality, Sturgeon needs the Tories to be the ‘bogeyman’ in Scotland as it is doubtful she has a new template available to cast Ed Miliband in that role.

Muhammad Shoaib apparently used to be the Pollokshields SNP branch convener; I never met him on my travels in the party. As well as being an SNP member, he was an organiser of Asians for Independence.

His reason for resigning and leaving the party is that he says senior nationalists in Nicola Sturgeon’s own Glasgow constituency are privately backing David Cameron.

I am sure that David Cameron will be delighted with the endorsement, and several members of Nicola’s southside clique already socialise with Conservatives. It seems that the Conservatives are not as toxic as the Nationalists would have you believe. If you take the time to research, you can see Nicola’s crew and Scottish Conservatives sitting round the table together. If I was a Conservative I would be using this on election literature as much as possible to debunk the SNP. 

Muhammad Shoaib shared a platform with Sturgeon and Salmond during the referendum campaign so his leaving is a blow to Nicola Sturegon’s failing and crumbling leadership. And out of her constituency branch as well, oh the shame, Nicola loses another heterosexual. I guess #sexysocialism just doesn’t appear to be working for her. Of course, although in the post as First Minister for about only 6 months, she is looking remarkably aged and haggard.

The new claim of ‘SNP for Cameron’ comes just hours before the first televised debate between the main Scottish party leaders yesterday.

Mr Shoaib told the press:

“I have been a senior member of Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency for years and I am deeply saddened that many of my former colleagues in the SNP secretly hope for another Tory government. I have become more and more shocked that many in the SNP want to put the interests of the SNP before the interests of Scotland, and their secret hopes for a Tory government betray their true motives. I can no longer stay silent and stand idly by.

Who said the SNP were a party within a party and that the Nationalists put their personal interests before the interests of Scotland?

Okay, it was George Laird, as in George Laird right again.

Sooner or later, everyone comes around to the George Laird view, it may take some people slightly longer than others, but if they think things out, they will get to my position.

The SNP isn’t a political party, although it is registered as such, it is a cult. You only have to look at the candidate selection to see how certain people connected to the leadership always appear on the candidate lists. As I wrote in the past there are four types of people who become candidates or have influence in the party. The Quiet No blog recently did a mini breakdown on SNP elected members whose family members are now candidates.

But let us hear from Stewart Hosie, the SNP deputy leader.

He said at the weekend that he would not prefer a Tory government, perhaps it is because David Cameron famously and silently mouthed off to ‘fake Scot’ Angus Robertson:

“Will you fuck off”!

Angus Robertson didn’t thereby using up valuable oxygen in the House of Commons chamber.

Hosie in relation to this election said:

“This is definitely not a re-run of the referendum. This is about holding Westminster to account. We are an anti-Tory party, we are an anti-austerity party. We have offered Ed Miliband a deal."

On the first point, he is correct, as to holding Westminster to account, the ‘feeble six’ couldn’t be arsed before so why start now? As to be an anti-Tory party, Alex Salmond and the SNP climbed into bed with the Scottish Conservatives from 2007 to 2011, so that claim is bogus and disingenuous. As to being anti-austerity party, the SNP took a billion earmarked for the poor and disadvantaged, transferred the money elsewhere. As to offering Ed Miliband a ‘deal’, presumably this must refer to a ‘happy meal’ at McDonald’s because the Labour Party isn’t doing a deal with Sturgeon. Nicola Sturgeon was recently in the press saying Miliband needed to come to a decision as ‘time was running out’.

Sturgeon has tried to get Ed Miliband into bed politically prior to the vote, she was constantly rebuffed; no one believes she wants a Labour Government. Sturgeon has to deliver another referendum to her supporters, for that she needs David Cameron to deliver an in/out EU referendum.

As I understand it when the TV leader’s debate took place last night, the crowd wasn’t too happy about the prospect of a second referendum and made their views.

Muhammad Shoaib has decided to abandon the SNP, he won’t be the last, more people will finally get it into their heads that Sturegon doesn’t represent them, and then, get the hell out of dodge; the SNP is irrelevant in Scottish politics.

18TH September 2014 wasn’t just a No vote, it was a vote against the Nationalist party by the majority of Scots.

Despite the Nationalists doing ‘staged managed’ ‘spontaneous mobbing’ of Nicola Sturgeon, she isn’t popular. The trick of being photographed with kids is reminiscent of Alex Salmond surrounding himself with young people. You know the old saying, ‘never work with children and animals? Well, someone should have passed that gem onto Sturgeon; she isn’t the ‘mother of the nation’.

Muhammad Shoaib is now as I understand joined the Labour Party which makes his defection a double blow for Nicola Sturgeon. As to his claims, I am not surprised, it reminds me of the SNP crap re the pound, shout loudly about its ‘our pound’ and then plan to join the Euro to access the European Central Bank.

If unpopular Nicola Sturgeon wants to generate loyalty, someone better be put in charge of organising a queue so her ‘allies’ can be bought and paid for via Scottish taxpayer cash.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Freddy said...

Just an observation George but her make up artist must be sorely tested . It must be thrown on with a hawk and trowel .

Anonymous said...

NICE one Georgieboy a cult indeed

Helen N said...

I was very worried to see the printed response from Sturgeon's husband to Mr Shoaib's defection. It was to the extent that Mr Shoaib hadn't notified the SNP, so Murphy was making a grave mistake with the announcement! How bizarre a comment! A disgruntled key player dumps you and all you can say is that it can't have happened because he wasn't up with his administration? I see the latest comments were that the SNP rejected him first by refusing him a Candidature, so it is just sour grapes. Still no comment whatsoever on the substance of Mr Shoaib's crisis of conscience. First denial that it is happening, then attacking the credibility of the messenger. When does introspection and owning up to things begin with the SNP?

Anonymous said...

Her refusal to rule out another Referendum next year is a lethal mistake to make. It gives the (true) impression that the SNP don't give a shit about the "will of the Scottish people" and are only interested in themselves. Whatever the cost.

So if Sturgeon is planning for the SNP to sort out austerity at Westminster, how the hell will they manage that if they are intent on holding another bloody referendum.

Anyway, why is Sturgeon taking part in these debates? She isn't even contesting a Westminster seat. She is irrelevant. But then, the alternative would be Hosie.

Sherbie said...

Don't mention that arsehole Hosie. That waste of space didn't even turn up for the vote on the bedroom tax. That other "serial whinger" Angus Robertson along with to other SNP fuckers didn't turn up either. The tide will turn yet on this trash,,, hate 'em.

Anonymous said...

Unpopular NS, are you living in a different reality from everyone else?
Good to see your spiteful, ignorant rhetoric is still a niche market and that you've no more readers than when you started your bilious nonsense.