Saturday, April 11, 2015

Terror on the streets of Scotland: Labour councillor John O’Kane threatened by Nationalist yob with chainsaw, ‘If you come over here, I am going to cut your fucking head off”, Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to Barrhead Scotland, Nationalist hate campaign against democracy boils over

Dear All

Terror on the streets of Scotland, you may have heard of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, basically it was some guy in mask who slices people up with a chainsaw, presumably because it was quick and easy.

And there is a lot of blood and screaming.

But that’s the movies, you don’t expect that when you are on the campaign trail that someone will threaten to cut your head.

As the ‘heat’ turns up on the Westminster election, the SNP supporters are getting more angry and vicious; in fact I had someone come to the blog to threaten me anonymously.

Apparently they are trying to scare me into silence by threats that I am being followed.

“Spies at every corner George, every corner xx”.

Classic Yestapo terror tactics!

In the last few days we have seen senior nationalists such as Angus MacNeil and Christina McKelvie involved in the Dawn Rodger’s affair, a rather nasty episode of vicious online hatred.

Labour councillor PAUL O'Kane was canvassing for leader Jim Murphy in the Auchenback estate in Barrhead.

No big deal, trot round the estate, pressing the flesh and beaming goodwill to all men and women. But things took a sinister turn when he was heckled by a resident who had SNP poster in his window.

Paul said:

“The man came to the front of his garden and started shouting at me because I had a suit and a rosette on”.

He added:

“He was saying ‘There’s the big Labour politician’, ‘Get away’, ‘Get out of here’. Then he picked up an electric saw, switched it on and shouted at me: ‘If you come over here, I am going to cut your fucking head off”.

After the incident, he said:

“It made a hell of a noise and it was quite frightening.”

So, we have had intimidation tactics used against women, politicians and bloggers such as me increasing at an alarming rate.

Paul, who represents Neilston, Uplawmoor & Newton Mearns North on East Renfrewshire Council added the Texas Chainsaw massacre yob had earlier taunted him with comments such as “You’re a red Tory”.

This is a Nationalist war cry which you can see online by doing a bit of digging.

Paul said:

“I’m used to vigorous political campaigning but that level of intimidation and threat is disturbing. It was as if he wanted to chase us out of town. That is completely undemocratic. And to threaten someone’s life really is disturbing and quite upsetting.”

Most people who assist political parties are volunteers; they give up their free time to help get things changed in their communities.

Among the volunteers with the Councillor was a 71-year-old man, the ‘Sons of Alex’ aren’t so brave after all, they like to pick easy victims to prey on.

One of the newspapers has tried to speak to the Nationalist supporter yesterday but he was not at home, perhaps he had a problem with his chainsaw and wanted to get it fixed.

Because it is summer, the man appears to be very busy with home decorating; the SNP poster in his window has also been removed. Maybe it clashed with his pictures of his fav football team, or maybe he wanted more light through the window to cheer himself up, Police visits can be very stressful.

Police Scotland confirmed the matter is under investigation.

A spokeswoman said:

“We can confirm we have received a complaint about a group of adults threatened on Divernia Way, Barrhead, on Monday. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Labour councillor PAUL O'Kane has survived this nasty incident, but there will be many more to come, the Nationalists are scared that people are waking up to tactical voting, even the ‘Rev’ Stu Campbell is blowing his trumpet in angst.

So, no Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the Auchenback estate in Barrhead, it is also doubtful there will be a movie since an electric chainsaw was used. After all how can you be a blood crazed manic if you have to constant knock on doors asking to use a plug while at the same time running down the street chasing people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

You know what is truly worrying? Before the Referendum, canvassers would go round the doors (well, not everywhere) but the abuse levels were relatively low.

Salmond stirred up the nationalist hatred and now it is reaching levels of potential violence. True, there are eejits on the other side, but the SNP supporters feel safe in displaying their allegiance.

How many "No Thanks" posters did you see in the windows last year? Very few, because it was likely to attract at best scorn and worst violence.

The SNP's campaign has polarised and divided Scotland for a generation. And this election and next year's Scottish elections will only make things worse.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts George?

Anonymous said...

Ah 'Joyous Civic' Nationalism at its finest.

I'm counting the days until someone is killed or hurt.

As you can see it happening.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon


Thoughts George?~"

I think some people are getting ahead of themselves, in the chainsaw incident, was this MI5?

Although the security services will have an interest in elections, I think it is silly to say they are involved in rigging.

Suspect their interest is more who gets elected from the point of view of national security.

I think Craig Murray although a decent read has got this rather badly wrong.

Expect this type of nonsense to get ramped up if the SNP don't do as well.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think so many of us now post anonymously?

I'm almost 50, and followed politics for years. I have never seen anything like the bile and hatred that is spewing out of Scotland like the past 3 years.

Yes, there have been clashes, sometimes violent, but they never lasted long. Now there is this continuous onslaught - partly due to the accessibility of social media, where one remark can destroy someone's life.

As another poster has commented, someone is going to get killed at this rate.

Fairdo's said...

Apropos your article relating to the incident in the Auchenback "estate" (I prefer to call it a scheme myself) and the apparent wielding of a chainsaw. I myself live in the Auchenback scheme and a veritable rumour factory it is. So, it is to my complete surprise that I have heard nothing in the scheme about such an incident ocurring. Nothing at all. If such an event had taken place, it would have undoubtedly been reported in the Barrhead News - a publication ravenous for scandal. And this is, I'm sure you'll agree, scandalous. As I say, the scheme is well known for it's wild-fire spreading of news and I'm sure I would have heard this related many times before I came across it in your esteemed publication. Nothing has reached my ears. I'd check your sources if I were you. Perhaps you can enlighten me as regards which branch of the constabulary is involved in any investigation? i shall be watching your website with interest.

G Laird said...


It was published in what is termed as the National press.

Police Scotland confirmed the matter is under investigation.

I guess you need to get the jungle telegraph fixed in the 'scheme'.