Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Alex Salmond accuses the impartial BBC of ‘imperial bias’ in his book, having taken the petted lip, he has cobbled together a load of rubbish to milk the gullible of their cash, ‘There is nothing worse than watching a fucking fat man weep’

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has used his new book called, “the Dream Shall Never Die: 100 Days that Change Scotland Forever” to accuse the BBC of “imperial bias”.

Imperial bias!

Nothing like stoking hatred to justify to the knuckle draggers that the reason and blame for losing the Scottish independence referendum lies with someone else other than Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Let’s get it right, they are the ones who fucked it all up!

The BBC rather than allowing themselves to be used as an SNP propaganda vehicle decided to uphold its code of impartiality despite the fact that Salmond wanted to shutdown the BBC in Scotland and replace it with a State broadcaster control by the SNP via the Scottish Government.

Time for a quote:

“Is it true that chicks fart if you blast them in the ass”?

This is from the movie, Dogma, however this has nothing to do with the article; I just thought I would put in it for entertainment purposes.

Now, here is the quote I want to use:

“There is nothing worse than watching a fucking fat man weep”!

Same movie, but it aptly describes the former First Minister who effectively is acting like a little bitch with a skint knee.

Why anyone would want to read Salmond’s version of the independence campaign is beyond me, he couldn’t be arsed to cobble together a decent story never mind a proper blueprint for a country.

For him, it was all about a ‘jolly fat man’ act and big smile of fake sincerity that he was your best pal. 

Promoting the diary in a newspaper interview, he said:

“In the last stages they sent up their London heavies to replay all the stories hanging about the referendum over the previous months. Broadcasters are supposed to remain impartial. You don’t achieve balance by presenting Armageddon from one side and letting the other side reply about why the earth is not going to shatter into fragments. It’s not balance to allow one side to reply to ridiculous allegations.”

Ridiculous allegations, does he mean pointing out the lies using the truth, is that what Salmond is talking about?

Did this fat fool forget all the lies the SNP leadership told and presented as fact to the public, like automatic EU membership, or the fable about having a currency union by attempting to use blackmail of withholding Scotland’s share of the national debt?

Salmond also said it was obvious that the “vast bulk of the written media” would be against independence.

Presumably the press thought that a country thrown into total chaos where there were no real credible economic plans was something worth fighting against. But it wasn’t just the media who were against Salmond and Sturgeon; the majority of the Scottish people were as well.

It seems that Alex Salmond isn’t the political mastermind that he likes to think he is, his campaign was tawdry and without substance, even people who support independence weren’t backing him to sell out their fellow countrymen and women.

Towards the end of the indy campaign Salmond clashed with Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, this prompted the wrath of the cybernats and the reporter was called a liar. The BBC was specifically targeted by nationalist protestors, organised, but what was interesting was none of the ‘faces’ of the SNP turned up. People can make their own minds up whether this was directed and controlled by nationalists behind the scenes.

If you took the time to see the BBC protestors, you could see that Scotland’s finest brains weren’t taking part outside the BBC’s offices in Glasgow’s Pacific Quay. Alex Salmond failed to condemn the demonstrations; which speaks volumes about this fat bitch and his integrity.

Another BBC person who fell foul of the Nationalists was Allegra Stratton, political editor of Newsnight. Salmond accused her of being on the side of the Better Together campaign.

Maybe she didn’t like Salmond personally which is understandable from where I stand, he is a hollow man without principles who like Sturgeon will do a U turn for votes.

In laying into someone else to blame; Salmond grassed up a civil servant called Robert Mackie. Named as the person that “leaked” information to the BBC over the Royal Bank of Scotland’s plans to relocate its headquarters to England in the event of a Yes vote!

Mackie is a press officer, press officers answer questions posed by the press; anyway Mackie was acting as head of Scottish referendum communications at the Treasury. The ‘evidence’ if you can call it that was Mackie’s link to Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign.

Mr Salmond wrote: "The Treasury official immediately responsible for the leak was Robert Mackie who is, coincidentally, the son of Catherine MacLeod - former special advisor to ex-chancellor Alistair Darling, leader of the No campaign. Mr Mackie's ultimate boss is Sir Nicholas Macpherson, the man who believed civil service impartiality did not apply to the referendum."

He added:

"It's as dramatic and clear-cut a breach of confidence as you'll find in terms of potentially market sensitive information.”

Get a life Salmond, Treasury spokesperson dismissed Salmond’s claims of a leak, saying that no press officer leaked information about RBS.

The RBS plan was confirmed in response to a question from a tabloid newspaper, adding:

“When HMT issued a statement about RBS's possible intentions, it was responding to a story in the Sun newspaper about Lloyd's contingency plans to move their registered HQ out of Scotland in the event of a 'Yes' vote, quoting an RBS source saying that RBS would almost certainly follow suit. It was clear that this story was likely to generate significant interest in - and uncertainty about - an issue with important implications for financial stability. In response, therefore, the Treasury press office confirmed its understanding of RBS's contingency planning. We judged that it was important to set this out - at a time when the UK financial markets were closed - given our overarching responsibility for maintaining financial stability in the UK. As this was outside normal office hours, this statement was issued by HMT's press officer on duty at the time acting on the instructions of senior HMT officials and ministers."

All above board and within the terms of the press officer’s duties, so there is no smoking gun; no lead pipe and no candlestick with fingerprints on it of a ‘crime’ that wasn’t committed.

Alex Johnstone, the Conservative MSP, said it appeared Salmond had still not come to terms with the decisive outcome of the referendum. Salmond’s book is purely for the gullible to milk them for their cash, if you expect anything like an apology forget it.

Salmond’s book is called: “the Dream Shall Never Die: 100 Days that Change Scotland Forever”, but I think a better title would be; ‘There is nothing worse than watching a fucking fat man weep, the bitch who couldn’t accept he lost the Scottish independence referendum’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I hope that you aren't spending good money buying a review copy George :). Lets hope it's virtually he last stand of a dicredited and loathsome individual.

G Laird said...


Salmond's book is going to be meaningless pap.

If he wants to milk his supporters then that's his business.

It won't say anything meaningful that is for sure.


Sherbie. said...

I hope we can buy the book soon in toilet roll form. I wouldn't even wipe my arse with it.
Another thing, it's a disgrace to see ex NHS failure, Scottish Troop snubbing/insulting, Nicola Sturgeon, being paid more than the Prime Minister. What an insult to hard working nurses, police personnel, the Armed Forces, etc etc. All these people and more work their butt of for nowhere near the type of money being paid to this failure Nicola Sturgeon. Don't mention foidbanks, poverty, or the poor again Sturgeon. You're a bigger, two faced leech than the rest of them put together. Get rid of Sturgeon and the corrupt, double standards party, that are the SNP NATZs.

Anonymous said...

Word has it Georgie boy that the fat incompetent fucker is just about to be outed over the Holly Greg cover up.



Anonymous said...

Fat man's gang are hypocrites. They rant on about independence and the very voters they pledge to help, he shafts them even more by selling his book to them. FFS, only the nats and twats are likely to buy it. This shows the contempt he has for the yes voters. Profiteering bastard. He must really hate them. If a cause or person is failing, they usually write a book about how great they were, just to screw every last drop of cash they can. Disgrace if you ask me.

As for tears George. I can't wait to see gormless Wishart holding them back after the Perth result. To sacrifice Perth N to the Tories is well worth a true splash of "Blue" to get the SNP extremists out of our lives. We better not enjoy ourselves by singing too much, Sturgeon will arrange a 4 month holiday on the SNP. Local Perth SNP council will probably build a mosque for spite and get useless Yousaf to open it. Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh will probably join Respect in Bradford or something, after Perthshire South VOTE LABOUR. I don't like the SNP.

Anonymous said...

I bet he doesn't mention in his book that a certain media mogul would be handed control of an independent Scottish broadcaster. Of course, the fact that Salmond met this individual on numerous occasions is purely a coincidence.

But it is always someone else's fault as far as the SNP is concerned. As to naming people in a book, it would be interesting if this ended up in court.

Taking on the media is a dangerous game. They are quite capable of destroying an individual's reputation if they so wish.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know book stores supplied shite like this

Anonymous said...

Bias - he should read the Sunday Herald and The National! That's bias on a near-daily basis.

Salmond had an almost unimpeded run at independence from the press, with virtually all Scottish papers declaring for no only in the last days of the campaign.

He had his chance, had free reign for 2 years, and came up with an awful white paper which answered nothing. He came up short in the referendum because of him, no one else.

Goes to show - Vote SNP, get sh**e!