Friday, March 27, 2015

‘Tampax Tommy’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tries to re-invent herself as Tampax campaigner to get the women’s vote, in local news she prompts the BBC to ask her who is the leader of the Scottish National Party; it’s still Alex Salmond, Sturgeon’s crumbling authority forces her to say, “I am the leader of the SNP”, is that right dear, you’ve got nothing!

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister is feeling more than a tad insecure and needy these days; and as such has been forced to issue a statement that ‘I'm SNP leader, not Alex Salmond’.

Who is she trying to convince….. herself?

At present Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is giving a series of interviews were he says he effectively going to be calling the shots of what the SNP MPs will do and demand, to put the Labour Party in as the next Westminster Government.

So, who is in charge, Salmond or proxy puppet Nicola Sturgeon?

Who cares and really does it matter?

If you look at the picture, you can see how some commentators see the Salmond/Sturgeon relationship, the classic sock puppet story.

The fact that Sturgeon is forced to reassert her crumbing authority publicly is a sign of massive weakness on her part, it looks to me that even she doesn’t believe in her own authority, and let’s face it, if you had her as a boss; you would want to do your own thing anyway.

How you respect someone so obviously lacking in class, ability, strategy and is so common?

Alex Salmond is doing her a favour by undermined her hootsman demands for propping up a minority Labour government after the general election. The SNP bubble is going to bust and when it does, she can tag Salmond with the blame. It seems that Sturgeon has no use for her predecessor who she says is merely a member of her “team”.

“Merely a member of her “team”, obviously being the poodle of Salmond for so many years has possibly caused tensions.

Sturgeon blurted out:

“I’m leading the SNP campaign” so why doesn’t Sturgeon simply remove Salmond as a candidate then?

Lack of political balls is my assessment, sure Nicola is okay as the pasty in the Salmond gang, but in the cold light of day, her bottle has crashed. When Salmond said he wanted to ship out to Westminster having taken the petted lip after getting crushed in the Scottish independence referendum, she must have thought, clear run at being leader.

But the Alex Salmond Party has two leaders, Sturgeon and then Salmond, whom people will look over to see if ‘poodle’ Sturgeon is doing the right thing. 

Salmond is shouting the odds that he would install Ed Miliband in Downing Street regardless of whether a power-sharing deal was reached.

Working on a knighthood from the Labour Party?

At present Salmond is also trying to flog his ‘Mein Banff’ book which has dropped in price to £6.49, his book has fallen faster than an oil price crash!

Alex Salmond loves the limelight and is strutting about portrayed himself as the potential kingmaker of Westminster.

May 8th, the SNP isn’t going to do as well as Salmond thinks they will, on a national level voters will realise that Sturgeon and Salmond cannot deliver on their hollow promises.

Don’t get conned people, Sturgeon can deliver nothing.

In the spirit of complete bad will, Salmond said Nationalist MPs would keep David Cameron out of power even if Labour refuses to accept any of their demands. It is highly doubtful that if Labour does hold the most seats but there is no overall majority in a hung parliament, they would climb into bed with Nationalists.

As to the current strategy by ‘Team Sturgeon’ that she would table huge concessions in return for supporting a minority Labour government. The delusion is laughable, and the punt to scrap Trident as a ‘red line’ is pure student union politics, the sign of a backward looking party.

Salmond told the Spectator while drinking pink champagne, that he would “win amendments” to future Labour Budgets. Maybe he has had too much pink champagne and it has gone to his head, no one will be taking him seriously, his time is over!

The chapter on another referendum he has also floated is complete nonsense.

In elections, there is a certain amount of scaremongering, Salmond is positioning the SNP for a big and ultimately hard fall much like 2010 and his woeful ‘elect a people’s champion’. Salmond says that Nationalist MPs in a hung parliament would attempt to bring down any Tory minority government by voting against its Queen’s Speech.

He gets two hits, pushing his ‘Mein Banff’ book for extra pennies and sticking it to Sturgeon.

While Alex Salmond is busy issuing threats about holding a minority Labour government to ransom unless they dance to his tune, Scotland’s unpopular First Minister is wrapped up in the ‘tampax pad’ tax and making herself look quite ridiculous. No wonder Salmond is ignoring her, let Nicola campaign on the ‘tampax tax’, discriminate against men in her own party and seeing her female cronies attempt to get seats to portray themselves as Nationalists.  

In the 1980’s Tommy Sheridan campaigned on the Poll tax and made a name for himself; in 2015, we have a ‘Tampax Tommy’ in the shape of Nicola Sturgeon storming the barricades.

To show how desperate Sturgeon is to be seen as a ‘force’, she prompted the BBC to ask her about Salmond dominating the news.

She said:

“The SNP is a team. I am the leader of the SNP. I’m leading the SNP campaign”.

What kind of man with any self respect campaigns on fanny pads?

One wonders if during the BBC interview whether the sad lonely and pathetic figure that is Ms. Sturgeon with her black eyes was clutching a pack of tampons to her chest as she bleated out a near teary plea of ‘I am the SNP leader, it’s me, it’s me, it’s me’.

One can only imagine Alex Salmond running around thinking:

‘She’s got nothing, victory on her ass, bitch, she’s got nothing’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George, this article reflects exactly what I think (and probably many others).

Salmond is back to his old tricks again. He doesn't give a shit about Sturgeon. What he is doing is undermining her authority, as he knows he will probably get about 20 MPs into Westminster. Once there, he'll get bugger all done and Sturgeon will be the fall girl. Then the way is clear for him to return to the leadership.

There is no one else in the party that can pull the party together.

Sturgeon should have grown a pair and booted him into touch. However, the SNP is full of enemies (as with other parties) and she cannot risk this.

Salmond is the SNPs strongest asset and greatest liability, but he does not have the sense to see this. The party faithful cling to him because there is no alternative. Labour and the Conservatives have alternatives who could command authority - the SNP does not.

That picture is bloody hilarious btw!

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I agree with your assessment, Salmond is it seems is biding his time.

Glad you like the picture, I try to ensure readers are both informed and entertained.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sturgeon says SNP reps will have backbone and guts not one of their MSPs has had backbone or guts to break the whip at Holyrood since 2007!

Anonymous said...

George, I'd have a look at Wings Scotland's latest article. Seems that Sturgeon's "equality" policy has even upset the diehards there.

I give her 12 months, especially since Salmond appears to be running things now.