Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon snubs the commemorative service at St Paul's Cathedral to honour and pay respects to those who fell in Afghanistan, 38 Scots died fighting to bring peace, stability and democracy to a country, but Nicola is too busy tweeting about her kitchen to try and get the ‘women’s vote, what a squalid little individual she is

Dear All

Recently unpopular Nicola Sturgeon stabbed her ‘sein fein lite’ group in the SNP in the back by doing a U turn on Trident as she seeks to get a deal with Labour.

The ‘sein fein lite’ group must have been gutted, there they were hoping to destroy the British Government as a world power and Sturgeon as is her nature rat them out.

You can imagine their tears, their hate and their anger.

Well, Nicola Sturgeon keeps saying she is a listening politician, well how overjoyed must her supporters be to see that Sturgeon snubbed the commemorative service at St Paul's Cathedral to honour and pay respects to those who fell in Afghanistan.

Scottish soldiers have died in Afghanistan but where was Nicola Sturgeon?

She was too busy tweeting about her kitchen and other shite.

I have continually said that Ms. Sturgeon lacks class and is common, I see her now as just an educated ned from Irvine.

There is as others correctly point out a breath-taking lack of respect, which amply showcases Ms Sturgeon's belittlement of soldiers who fought for, and died for their country, 38 of her fellow Scots among them.

If Scotland had gone independent, the SNP would have wanted Scottish units to transfer to her Scottish Armed Forces. It is doubtful many would go as it is common knowledge that there is a big hate campaign against Scottish soldiers who served in the British Forces.

As I said previously the SNP basically caters for and is interested in 4 types of people, everyone else in their opinion is basically scum to be used and discarded.

So, what are the preferential groups the SNP is interested in?

In no order of preference:

Sein fein lite

Rich people

The Nationalist lgbt community


I have stated in the past if you are a white working class and heterosexual you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire.

The SNP is a cult which is registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission so they can seize power for their own self advancement.

They have no sense of loyalty, no sense of patriotism and no sense of recognition for people who have served them.

Nicola Sturgeon not attending the commemorative service at St Paul's Cathedral speaks volumes about her personal integrity or lack of it.

Ms Sturgeon hasn't a single ounce of common decency, her tenure as First Minister is tainted and she will ultimately fail in that position. The SNP and Sturgeon don’t recognise that there is a world beyond their bubble and they aren’t Scotland despite trying to claim to be so.

The SNP talk of Patriotism, to them it is just a word to be used as a mechanism to try and garner votes, they don’t understand the meaning of the word, patriotism for them is getting people to work for them as cheap labour so people like Nicola Sturgeon can feather their nest, in her case to the tune of £143,000 a year plus expenses.

Is Sturgeon a ‘statesman’, the answer is no, could she be a world leader, the answer is no, what she is, is an embarrassment to Scotland, she has a position which requires her to act in a dignified way, it requires her to act like a lady even when she isn’t a lady.

Nicola Sturgeon simply can’t manage that task.

Fortunately, not all of Scotland shares her ultimately disrespectful lack of dignity and honour.

She has money, but money can’t buy her class, she has position, but the position can’t turn her into a ‘statesman’ and she has power, but she doesn’t know how to use power to benefit people other than her ‘allies’.

What a squalid little individual she is when the light is shined on her.

38 Scots have been killed in Afghanistan, where was Nicola?

When asked why she had not attended the service at St Paul’s, Sturgeon refused to answer.

She said:

‘Get in touch with my comms [press officers]’, before walking off.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else thinks the same. I'm ex-Forces, and she is - to put it bluntly - a fucking disgrace.

Whatever Salmond's faults, you can be damn sure he would have been there.

Had she been attending a charity function, or visiting a children's hospital, then this would have been acceptable. But a COSLA meeting?

Do you ever get a feeling that now she is the Leader, she has realised that she is simply out of her depth? "Speak to my comms" is an appalling brush off.

I remember seeing Tony Blair ambushed by a nurse at a visit. Ignoring is aides, he took time to listen to the nurse in private. OK, it was political grandstanding, but that is how a leader should behave in public.

Sending Keith Brown isn't the same. Yes, he served in the Falklands but this was a major event. Few people in Scotland would struggle to say who he is.

Even if she didn't personally want to go, she has to remember she represents the Scottish people, regardless of political affiliation.

I'd like Ruth Davidson to ask her at FMQ's why the COSLA meeting was so important. Why could John Swinney not go?

Why doesn't she just admit that the SNP has no time for the Armed Forces and join the Greens and disband them?

Rant over.

Smudge said...

Sturgeon is an UTER DISGRACE to the memory of all who served in Afghanistan. No wonder there is uproar within the families. If the world depended on he SNP to chip in with defence, they'd be in for a shock. I also noticed that useless SNP defence mouthpiece Angus Robertson MP has said nothing. Probably been told to shut up and "say nothing". All military families, friends and relations, please don't vote for this hateful SNP. Spread the word,, a vote for the SNP is a vote for hatred.

Anonymous said...

Surgeon's snub of the commemorative service, has really offended me. I served 12 years for my country and although I'd left prior to Iraq and Afghanistan, I would have stepped up to the mark like all other servicemen, had I been required to. Whether it was right or wrong is not in question. I think Gulf action was more than justified. You do your job 100%. These men and women gave 100%. The SNP should have been there to represent Scotland. End of !

This brings me to another related point. When on initial weapons training, I struggled to "cock, hook and look" after a gas stoppage. The Cpl gave me a hairdryer that would have melted your average politician. Really really REALLY offensive. Guess what ? Scots are hard as nails and I just got on with it. Took it on the chin and soon managed it in my sleep. Now here we have poor Humza Yousaf. Big bad UKIP man called him something he didn't like. Awww, diddums. MAN UP FFS ! Who wants a lousy politician that cries like a baby ? All the other parties jump on the bandwagon, in the hope to hoover up votes from UKIP. I hope Farage has the balls to brush this insignificant tosh off. Yousaf is just after the sympathy support. We all know this is the standard Muslim action - bleat islamophobia as loud as you can. I hope it backfires on him.

Anonymous said...

what does anyone expect from Sturgeon, what a vile creature. No surprises there, however she missed a trick to try and sell herself as a statesman as you said.

Anonymous said...

Would Nicola Sturgeon have gone if representatives from the Taliban had been present.

Anonymous said...

This will look and is very bad for Nippy, the families of servicemen are speaking out against her in the Daily Mail. Vile creature George, vile creature

Anonymous said...

This will look and is very bad for Nippy, the families of servicemen are speaking out against her in the Daily Mail. Vile creature George, vile creature

Anonymous said...

I was appalled when I read this news article about Nicola Sturgeon's complete lack of respect. She clearly doesn't have the stomach or the balls to lead from the front - GREAT leaders understand their responsibility to the WHOLE of the country they serve and represent regardless of how personally distasteful they may find some of the duties expected of them! Shame on you Nicola Sturgeon - you have failed Scotland, the UK, the fallen dead and their families especially the MOTHERS of those who have died AND you have failed women everywhere. Clearly another example of the SNP representing the 'Fur coat, no knickers' brigade!!

Allan Sutherland said...

Google humza yousaf muslim brotherhood

Allan Sutherland said...

Google humza yousaf muslim brotherhood

Anonymous said...

What was especially despicable about this entire episode.

Was the cybernats attempt to say that Ms Sturgeon had been attending a memorial service for the victims of Dunblane instead!

This was swiftly exposed for the sickening lie that it was, but the mere fact they tried to use this in her defence, is simply astonishing.

Are there no depths to which they will not sink?

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone really surprised that outrage by sturgeon? Not me that is for sure, vile little woman.

Anonymous said...

The cybernat sites - we know who they are - are totally obsessed with the BBC and the MSM.

No stories on the sharing of identity data, a proposal that should be of concern to every individual.

Not a peep about Sturgeon missing the memorial service until they felt forced to defend her.

Something has gone wrong with the SNP. I used to think Sturgeon was the best person to lead the SNP to the next step. I was wrong.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. She's crossed it.

Anonymous said...

she should hang her head in shame this is about fighting for your country .used to be if ex soldier came into pub after the war everyone wanted to buy them drinks now if you go in you get barred for being in british army .whether sturgeon likes it or notat the moment we are part of great Britain during 2 world wars scots irish English and welsh fought side by side and some gave there lives they didn'task wwhich country you were from even the gurkas fought beside us no wonder the country is in a state she couldn't show any respect for these brave men I don't want her making decinions for me .at least alec salmon had compassion which im afraid Nicola doesn't know the meaning of the word .at least there families know all scots are not like her as rabbie burns whaws like us not Nicola anyway

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Something has gone wrong with the SNP".

I have continually stated this over many years.

It is now a nasty vicious cult.


Anonymous said...

As an ex serviceman I feel more and more that I need to keep the fact that I served quiet. I lost an eye and have mental health problems, I used to say why, now I don't mention it and suffer in silence.

The Scottish Government has done nothing for us, scared to show us any respect in case it upsets there core voters. Shameful, sell out those willing to did for their country to keep scum on board!

Anonymous said...

That was worse than her not going . To say she was at Dunblane is just sickening

Anonymous said...

May you hang your head in shame,
Nicola Sturgeon.
Proud resident of Royal Wootton Bassett.