Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and SNP building a Neo Fascist Scotland, new video ad

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Anonymous said...

You couldn't make this up.

Rooms that Perth Islamic division use for their mosque, are located above the gleaming SNP Stasi office. How mutually convenient. Sharing a building "is" good though for keeping down costs because I'm sure the council tax must be quite high and of course, maintenance and heating etc etc, can't come cheap for the SNP. The SNP Stasi are always bragging of dramatic party membership increase. At least the new members know their donations are not wasted. Fuhrer Salmond and Islam, both need your money to spread the joint propaganda. Their "solution" must be funded. Ever noticed how gods and politicians need your hard earned cash to promise you an austerity free future and the knowledge your spiritual needs are fully covered in the "religions of peace".

I wonder, could the mosque apply for a grant to the Scottish Parliament funded, Muslim council of Scotland ? Perhaps, I don't know. I don't think they have to worry too much there though, because if they're smart, they might also apply for Scottish Government funding for minority religions like, the MEADS project in SNP controlled Perth and Kinross. Operating costs covered. Everyone's a winner then - aren't they ?! Nothing wasted - right ?! Perth and Kinross do need a large mosque complex and associated community area to accommodate the planned increase in Muslim population. Watch how fast the council go on that one. Oldest course in Scotland, North Inch, may be made into a nine holer because of funding. Islam "don't" golf !

Plans for an Islamic immigrant fuelled independent Scotland can be hammered out in their Perth "bunker" as the movement and "solution" spreads. I wonder how many SNP Islamic duplex bunkers there are in Scotland ? Please don't think that all the new hard working Scots Polish settlers are safe by voting for the Euro friendly SNP, wrong religion I'm afraid guys. You are just like the rest of us - screwed by the SNP Stasi. Many Polish have successfully settled in Scotland today but Fuhrer Salmond does not support you. He would rather appoint ministers of Pakistani heritage to the Scottish Parliament. He has to appoint them as no one would ever vote them in, that's for sure.

Tactically vote Tory or Labour in Perthshire as required. Oust the SNP. Oust useless Pete Wishart. Keep Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh out of Parliament full stop. Save the UNION this time and it will be safe for another 300 years. Prevent the further Islamisation of Scotland. It will just lead to greater division of the population. There will be blood. Where Islam takes hold, there is war. Let religion die out naturally in Scotland. Remember this song lyrics - "What we need is a great big melting pot, big enough to hold the world and all it's got, gonna stir it for a hundred years or more and turn out coffee coloured people by the score." This is what we need. A world without religion and peace among ALL mankind - and YES, Pakistan is most welcome. Remove religion and people are just people. The UK is crying out for a true middle of the road religious free movement in politics and government. Get religion tae fcuk !

I repeat. Tactically vote Tory or Labour in Perthshire as required. This is a good place to start for harmony.

You know it all makes sense.